Tuesday, March 24, 2015

US Army soldiers received new armor invisibility (video) – RosRegistr

Experts in the field of new types of armor for soldiers from the United States reported an innovative development of the squid. Scientists have developed equipment for soldiers from the protein of marine life.

The invention of American scientists has generated interest in the military, leaving every other soldiers had already hit on the idea of ​​acquiring such “accessory” to your form.

A typical soldier’s uniform in brown and green tones is efficient enough to hide from the enemy among the trees and grass, but only in the daytime. In the darkness, no camouflage will not protect soldiers from exposure to infrared radiation, and, accordingly, firing on them.

The American experts for the production of military ammunition explained. that of the protein squid they were able to produce unique stickers that protect soldiers from fixation devices and night vision TVs. The effect of the new Stripes 100 protsentnyy.Novinka be expected became the object of this hype. Many army units have already expressed their desire to take advantage of new development.

The idea of ​​developing innovative camouflage first appeared after the publication of statistics of death soldiers at night. Due to the use of night vision devices, it was just awesome. At that time, both day fighter perfectly simple camouflage masks, night rescued from the Imager is practically impossible.

Scientists used to create a thermal camouflage data biologists about the surprising properties reflectin. This protein, which is found in the skin of the squid. It is with the help of these sea creatures are able, if necessary, change their color.

The experts have created a special sticker for armor without any problems. Now, the difficulty is the activation mechanism of color correction. The solution was found by designing spetsplenkoy based on the same polymer backbone reflectin. Externally, the new product is like a skein tape. It also easily glued on top of the armor of a soldier. It is possible to produce large quantities in rolls and one-time use.

Source: Grivna.Info site.

Source: Grivna.Info.

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