Saturday, August 31, 2013 Muscovites will be recorded to the doctor remotely - TASS-Telecom

MOSCOW, August 29. / TASS-Telecom /. Department of Information Technology of the city of Moscow and the company has signed a cooperation agreement in the field of use of the interface system access remote recording to a doctor. The announcement was made today during the presentation of the system of electronic medical records in the CDC number 6, which had a Department of Information Technology and the Department of Health of the city of Moscow.

Thanks to the monitoring, the head physician outpatient centers can optimize the routing of patient flows, translating them from congested areas, for example, when writing an audiologist to other clinics within the same outpatient bush. “On-line you can see how this shrub prepared for an influx of patients,” – said the acting head of the CIO Artem Yermolaev.

For eighteen months the electronic record through the Moscow government services portal, mobile application infomats used 5 million Muscovites, he added.

The European spacecraft will conduct three more correct ISS orbit - Interfax


Zhukovsky (Moscow region). August 31. INTERFAX.RU – European Transfer Vehicle ATV-4 before undocking from the International Space Station (ISS) will hold three more altitude correction of its orbit, “Interfax-AVN” on Saturday in the representation of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Russia. “Correction of the altitude of the station still planned for September 13, 2 and 23 October,” – said the source. However, he pointed out, the exact number of corrections and date of the event – not final and are subject to change.

ATV Undocking from the ISS is scheduled for October 28. On Saturday, ATV-4 raised the ISS orbit by 0.8 km. “Everything went without any problems,” – said the representative of the ESA.

Born on Mars, to Mars and back - BBC

Scientists have proved version of Martian origin of life on Earth. I want to colonize the planet to get in line were the last hours.

At the conference “Goldschmidt 2013″, has just ended in Florence, it was stated that earthly life is likely to have originated on Mars and came to this planet with the local meteorites.

essence of this statement is not new – for transport of Martian life on Earth has been long. However, it has now been stated by quite a serious man – Professor Steven Benner of Uesthaymerovskogo Institute of Science and Technology (USA), – sounds much more categorical.

On Earth, says Benner, there were no conditions for the emergence of life on Mars, but they just were.

On planets close to the conditions for the binary stars life better

With two suns comfortable

planet with two suns of Tatooine type of “Star Wars” are better able to live in than others. It’s all about the rotation of the stars and the hard … ?

All matter

RNA that are today considered to have been the first in the world carriers of genetic information – for their formation from primary biobulona light alone and not heat, need more minerals containing all the necessary components. Key among them Professor Benner said boron and molybdenum.

Bohr, he argues, is necessary for the formation of the carbohydrate rings, and molybdenum helps collect these intermediate molecules to form ribose, a simple sugar, for the synthesis of RNA.

Bora, according to Benner, the crust is small, and that there would not be enough for the creation of the first components of the RNA. Molybdenum three billion years ago, like, enough … but not in a form that is required to create RNA.

«The problem is – says Benner – that influence the formation of early life could only strongly oxidized molybdenum, and on the earth in those days there was very little oxygen, so the minerals containing molybdenum necessary for the future life form was not ».

on Mars is three billion years ago were in the right quantities and boron, and molybdenum, and, most importantly, there was oxygen. Mars, says Benner, was better suited for the origin of life than Earth, but keep it on the surface, he could not – he did it for our planet.

On ancient Mars was bor - a key element for the origin of life

Borat could revive the ancient Mars

meteorite from Mars, has flown to Antarctica, brought to Earth boron, not previously encountered in the bodies beyond Earth. His connection to play … ?

So, wild, fantastic idea that Mars was once our home, suddenly began to take shape. It begins to look even wilder, more fantastic and at the same time is even more realistic shape, if you remember the fanatical desire of many representatives of humanity as soon as possible to begin the colonization of the Red Planet.

There is, for example, a private project Mars One , according to the plans of which the first settlers must be on Mars within ten years after the official start of the project – April 22, 2023. Joking aside, as stated on the website of the project, to head back to the first Martian “Mayflower” expressed a desire to have more than 165 thousand people.

This “Martian fever” started relatively recently, in 2010, with publication in the journal Journal of Cosmology article with the intriguing title “Boldly forward in permanent mission to Mars,” where authors planetary scientist Dirk Schulze-Makuch of Washington State University and cosmologist Paul Davies of Arizona State University, said it was time for the colonization of Mars.

main idea of ??this article was the fact that from the very beginning of the colonization of this should be done on an irrevocable basis – the astronaut who went there is a one way ticket, then there will remain there until his death, for the simple reason that it is a safe return many times more expensive than the rest of the mission.

NASA funded the creation of 3D-printer for the space food

Space pizza out of the printer

American company took astronauts to diversify the menu using the 3D-printer. Starting with the pizza, “first printer” want to move on … ?

The article provides an example of colonization regulations. First, there go two spacecraft with two astronauts in each. Once on the surface of the Red Planet, they are “a pillar of land”, that is, begin the development of a pre-selected caves, many of which are now found there, and engaged in the primary arrangement of the base. From the Earth to them regularly sent supplies, food, equipment, in short, all that is necessary for the survival, development and further development of the base. As its readiness to be sent to Mars, more and more specialists settlers – like the first four, they come here for good, without any hope of returning home.

Over time base is able to obtain water, food (here, by the way, can play an important role synthetic biology Craig Venter, the biologist, the first read through the human genome that is already interested in the project.) Eventually there comes a time when the base is a self-contained unit that does not need outside help. At this point, the authors of the article, the process of colonization of Mars will begin the countdown.

Academician Lev Zeleny, director of the Institute for Space Research, in a conversation with a reporter “Gazety.Ru” very skeptical attitude to the idea of ??the conquest of Mars today and so.

«To me this seems impossible today – he said – no finance or technical capabilities of mankind. Zero temperatures, lack of atmosphere, strong radiation, by the way, is more powerful than in space – it’s a little like those on the coast, which was once stuck “Mayflower».

If we add here a frenzied high cost of the project (the very first trip to Mars would cost many billions of dollars) and the lethal dangers lying in wait for the astronauts on the way to the Red Planet, then the possibility of its implementation in the foreseeable future, you can easily put the cross.

However, this cross for some reason does not bother anyone. Already at the time of publication of an article about the “ticket to Mars one-way” existed a very similar project of NASA, entitled “Starship century» (Hundred Year Starship).

Mars One project was quietly launched a year after the publication of the article, Schulze-Makusha and Davis, and today the project plans do not differ from the plans, set out in that article, is that they became more detailed prescription. In April of this year, Mars One announced the recruitment of volunteers, and by June, that number exceeded 85 thousand people. Another two months – and a hundred thousand! By the way, accepting applications from volunteers space ends on Saturday.

People like waiting for the people there and throw the cry: “Let’s do the impossible and let us strive to colonize Mars”, as immediately the call was picked up by many tens of thousands … romantics, adventurers, commit suicide? And we have no doubt the news that our homeland Mars, will spur even more “Martian fever».

Friday, August 30, 2013

Launching a new Russian module "Science" to the ISS is scheduled for April 25, 2014 - ITAR-TASS

MOSCOW, August 30. / ITAR-TASS /. Named the exact launch date of the new Russian multipurpose laboratory module / MLM / “Science” to the International Space Station.

“In October this year, in line with the plans of the corporation” Energia “, the module will be shipped to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. launch of” Science “to the ISS is scheduled for April 25, 2014,” – told Itar-Tass source in the Russian the space industry.

He added that “now all the necessary documents for this program, including the launch schedule, sent to the Federal Space Agency / Roskosmos / where they have to approve”.

With MLM to leave the space station created by the European Space Agency robotic arm ERA / European Robotic Arm /. The interviewee noted that “the first task of the European arm is to install a radiator of system power on MLM.” “Without it, the module” Science “does not get the full power and, therefore, can not function in full”, – he explained. “These works are planned for August 2014,” – said the source.

Before that, he was informed, during the period from April / after docking module to the ISS / to July, there will be three spacewalks “in order to verify and confirm the European arm of its performance”.

MLM “Science” is designed and created Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”. The module should ensure the development of the Russian segment of the ISS and conduct full-fledged research. With the arrival of the Russians module on the station will be a powerful laboratory and additional space for the storage of goods, the new “piers” for spaceships and vehicles. Currently, the “Science” is set manipulator ERA.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Biologists have grown in vitro brain - RBC - RBC.Ru

Scientists have grown a miniature human brain in vitro. Now, in their opinion, they will have the opportunity to observe the development of the uterus and they hope to expand their understanding of the neurological and psychological problems, writes The Guardian.

“Brain organelles” as small as a few millimeters up of layers of brain cells that resemble the structure of the brain in its embryonic stage. According to scientists, the organelles will be useful for biologists who study the changes that occur in the brain in schizophrenia or autism. Organelles can also be applied in the development and testing of drugs. “Until now, it was done with the help of animals in a laboratory or isolated pluripotent human cells,” – say the study’s authors.

Previously, scientists have created models of human organs in the laboratory, including the eyes, the pituitary gland and liver. In the new work of the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna were working brain cells from stem cells, they did it with the help of a gel-like matrix, which “re-creates conditions similar to those in the womb of man.” Several months later, the cells formed a sphere with a diameter of 3-4 mm. These “brain organelles” represent discrete areas that resemble the different areas in the early stages of development of the human brain. “These include the spinal cord, the ventral part (contains all the way to the front leading to the brain) and even the immature retina,” – says the study’s author Madeleine Lancaster.

According to co-author the work of Jurgen Knoblicha, “tests of brain cells in the structures showed that they were functional.” To demonstrate how effective the organelles can be used for disorders of the brain, a team of scientists, together with colleagues from the University of Edinburgh, brought up the brain tissue and to track the progress of microcephaly – a disease in which the human brain does not develop to normal size as a result of having mental problems. “When I watched the organelles, cells derived from a patient suffering from microcephaly, I immediately noticed that their size was much smaller than organelles derived from healthy cells,” – says M.Lankaster.

She explains this by the fact that the stem cells of the brain, usually through several stages of division, before finally turn into brain cells. However patients microcephaly stem cells begin to become too early brain cells, which leads to the depletion of brain cells.

“This study is exciting, enhances our ability to use cellular technology and provides an understanding of the brain mechanisms of disease and opens new avenues of treatment. Organelles bear a striking resemblance to the human brain,” – commented Zamel Kader of the Oxford hospitals.

Yu.Knoblich notes that the purpose of his team – growing more organelles and treatment of many diseases of the brain. While created a mini-brain can not reach large sizes, as nutrients and oxygen can not penetrate into the central parts without blood supply.

study by researchers published in the journal Nature.

August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ununpentium - a new element in the periodic table -

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