Saturday, October 4, 2014

Russia postponed the start of the new lunar program two years ahead –

Launch of the Russian program for the development of the Moon automatic stations postponed for two years, reports Tass.

“They have moved to 2018 from 2016. This” Luna-Glob “and” Moon-orbit. “But the longer-shift” right “we do not want to admit. Important that in this decade we had three lunar project: “Luna-25″, “Luna-26″ and “Luna-27″, – said the director of the Space Research Institute (IKI) Leo Green reporters at the Days of Space Science in Moscow.

Scientist noted that such terms are defined in the proposed Roskosmos federal space program. SRI Director added that the decision to reduce the number of devices on the spacecraft “Luna-25″, in order to ease his landing on the surface of the Earth’s satellite.

Russian scientists have developed for the international project “Exo-Mars” unique system of lowering the rover on the surface of the Red Planet, said Leo Green.

“Our European colleagues want to get the most security for the rover, so that he could move out to the surface of Mars if appropriate in any direction. We have developed such a system. Decided that the two ramps will be made to help the rover will be able to pull off the landing platform, which is also set our instrumental complex, “- said Green.

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