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The high value of the hostel - BBC

sharp increase in fees for student accommodation was the result of collusion of university administrations and studsoyuzov not representing the interests of the majority of students. This is the conclusion reached by experts who discussed this issue in the Public Chamber. According to them, the representatives of many studsoyuzov received certain privileges for being approved price increases.

In the Public Chamber (OP) discussed the sharp rise in student dormitories, which caused a wave of outrage among students. After the entry into force of the new Law “On Education” in many Russian universities accommodation fees increased significantly. Most of these complaints were received from the House of the students of the Medical University. Pirogov, also known as the Second honey, which have now decided to charge for this service to more than 3500 rubles. month.

Director of the state policy in the field of education of children and youth Education and Science Alexander Stradze explained that the new law “On Education” took a fixed amount of payment for the hostel that used to be 5% of monthly stipends.

«In connection with the law are three rules on prices in the dorms. The amount of payment is established after discussion with the students councils and trade unions.

However, it is unclear

form of the agreement, so they often take advantage of this, including the Pirogov Medical University, where we were informed that charges for hostel is aligned with the student council. The fee for a hostel should be open and published on the site. In addition, there were five categories of students who are exempted from the payment – the orphans, the disabled and so on, “- said Stradze. According to him, the head of the Ministry of Education Dmitry Livanov was reprimanded by the rectors of universities, which increased the fee for accommodation in student dormitories.

According Stradze, today universities have all the tools to regulate the price of a hostel.

«The university has the right to choose the type of student, which can reduce the cost – for example, somewhere has already reduced fee for honors.

Also, the institution has the right to rank the dorms on the degree of comfort and quantity of services provided. However, in some schools, these additional services are imposed, “- said Stradze. The representative of the Ministry of Education said that the need to hold elections in student councils of universities. “Many universities are not studsoyuzy civilian militias, but appointed by the administration of the university,” – said Stradze.

agreed with it almost all members of the OP. “Most of the experts reported imitation of Student Councils. Students said that the student councils did not represent their interests and lobby for their interests only. And the administration of universities refers to the fact that the cost of hostels discussed with the students, “- said a member of ETA Irina Plescheva.

Most complaints to the OP to increase the price of the hostel came from the students of the Medical University. Pirogov. Last year, his students were paid 350-650 rubles. per month for a hostel, and this year – more than 3500 rubles., that is, the cost has increased by 10 times.

student university Love Tehmeneva told them how the fight against the university administration for reducing the cost of the hostel. More September 6 students demanded a meeting with the rector, but the meeting took place only on October 16. Rector, according to students, was unhappy with the fact that they made noise.

«Ministry of Education on October 2 sent a letter to the rector. Then on the University website posted a document in which it is painted, of which there is a price for a hostel.

Everyone was surprised by the list of services. By law, students are required to pay only for utilities, and here were included salary of some staff, care of carpets and other works and services “, – said the student.

Ministry of Education has directed a letter to the university, which said that “the transition to a new mechanism for determining the amount of payment for living room in a hostel there should not be a sharp increase in the said fees».

op raided the dorms Medical University. Pirogov. As a result of the rector of the Second honey Andrew Kamkina received a letter in which he accused the members of the House that they discredit the honor, dignity and business reputation of the university. As a result, Kamkin refused to participate in the “round table».

Students of the Second

honey written complaint to Rosobrnadzor. But Alexander Biserov of Rosobrnadzora reported that they had no complaints about the administration of the University is not, because from the point of view of the law “On education” institution failed to comply with all the requirements.

«I would advise students to have turned a statement that the student council, who agreed to increase fees for dorm illegitimate.

Law “On education” came into force on September 1. And many universities have decided to increase the fee in August. And doubt, as far as student public could participate in the discussion of these issues in August. We therefore call on student organizations to connect to the active work to defend their interests, “- said Biserov.

also found that in the discussion boards for a dorm at the Medical University them. Pirogov was attended by three students, two of whom do not live in the dorms. They signed the papers, which say that students do not mind the price increase.

Rector MUCTR. Vitaly Mendeleev Taptunov said that the standard fee for a dorm at them makes 400 rubles. “It would be nice if the registry were dormitories, and the state, bypassing the university conducted a repair in the dorms. Hostel – a sore point for any university, “- said the rector.

Assistant Rector of St. Petersburg State Economic and Trade University, Alexander SKRYPNIK in turn, said that the living conditions in their dorm “are acceptable and there is no particular complaints.” “In payment for the hostel went to rent premises and payment of utility bills. Total cost – 1600 rubles. month. Basic scholarship was 2,000 rubles. To this increase was mitigated. I understand that it is not very nice to have apprehended students, but there is no particular complaints, “- said Skrypnyk.

noteworthy that the OP had come to the meeting the chairman of the Student Council of the university Maria Usachova with the assistant rector refused. “Until now, the excitement among the students there – she said. – But you have to convey to students the full payment, because many students do not know what they pay for. ” When asked representatives of the Ministry of Education, which is regulated by payment instrument and how it coordinated with the Student Council, Assistant Rector chose to answer himself, saying that it coordinated with the former head of the Student Council, which Usachova changed recently. That’s why she does not know how the document is called, and he accepted.

Rector of the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service Gennady Lazarev, the address to which the Ministry of Education has directed a reprimand for a price increase, said his students are pleased dormitories. And the head of the Student Council of the university Xenia Skrobova said its shocking information that the institution of their complaints were received.

«we have no complaints there. Our students are fully satisfied with the situation.

fee hostel – from 2500 to 10 thousand rubles. Over 10 thousand rubles. students receive a single room is almost a luxury – told Skrobova. – I myself can not afford to live with his scholarship in a room. I grant 10 thousand rubles. In the living conditions in this room is the maid, electrical, bathroom ».

«When adopting the law” On education “, we talked about what would happen sharp rise in prices for accommodation in hostels – recalled the Ombudsman for students Artem chromium. – We are now collecting signatures for the return fee restrictions hostel on the site Have collected 53 thousand signatures. We understand that 5% of the scholarship, as it were, a small payment. We therefore agree that the cost of the hostel was dependent on the average wage in the region ».

Chromium also complained of fraud candid when discussing the cost of student housing in social networks.

«In social networks was an obvious cheat votes, as it turned out that the students are willing to pay the highest price. I do not know of such kamikaze “- said Hromov.

He said it was necessary to develop a practical, student councils in the elections held in public schools. In turn, Alexander Stradze of the Ministry of Education said that the agency will require of schools report about how the pricing of payment for the hostel.

Scientists have created a computer-video, allowing to "fly" over the surface of Mars -

Scientists created a computer-video, allowing to

European scientists have created a three-dimensional map of Mars. More precisely, they are “shot” video that allows the viewer to see the red planet from above, imagine yourself flying over it. To do this, they used the photos and data from the spacecraft Mars Express, more than 10 years ago, sent to Mars, according to the website of the European Space Agency (ESA).

three-dimensional landscape specialists ESA modeled together with the staff of German Aerospace Center. Pictures they used were made by a high resolution camera mounted on the Mars Express.

Photos transmitted spacecraft were the many photos of the same object taken from different angles. This allowed the scientists to create a fairly accurate map of the surface show the elevation changes, which formed the basis of computer graphics.

As a result, the resulting video, you can see the lava flows, huge mountains and dry riverbeds. Thus, according to scientists looking movie, you can take an unforgettable virtual trip to the red planet.

output video dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the unit mission Mars Express, which was launched from Earth, June 2, 2003. Since then, he has made around the world about 12.5 thousand turns, providing scientists with valuable data.

other spacecraft currently exploring Mars, Curiosity, has previously submitted color photos of the red planet and the first photo in 3D. Following this, the rover transmitted to Earth panorama of the surrounding area Gale crater, which landed. Pictures of landscapes surrounding Curiosity led to the first interactive panorama of Mars. It is clearly distinguishable rocky peaks at the edge of the crater, stones under the wheels of the rover, and even a kind.

sent to Mars DVD-ROM multimedia messaging

currently studying several orbiting Mars probes – the European Mars Express, as well as belonging to the NASA Mars Odyssey, running since 2001, and the newer Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). In the near future, November 18, they have to join another – American Sensor Maven, the purpose of which will determine the causes of the loss of most of its Mars atmosphere transmits

probe will conduct accurate measurements of the speed of these changes, which will allow scientists to determine what role they played in changing the Martian climate, and look into the past of the red planet. Another object of the Maven will liaise with the two rovers Curiosity and Opportunity, located on Mars.

with a probe to Mars will be sent to DVD-ROM multimedia messaging, said lead project scientist Bruce Yakovski. “We’ve got about 100,000 names, and hundreds of creative works from people who wanted to perpetuate his name and” fly “to Mars. To do this we had two competitions (Going to Mars) and selected the best works that have been recorded on a special DVD-ROM . “working” version of this drive was mounted on Maven week before its full build and fly with him to the “red planet” – said Yakovski (quoted by RIA “News”).

In 2016, a joint project of NASA and ESA will launch a spacecraft Mars Trace Gas Mission (TGM), which will also be a detailed study of the Martian atmosphere.



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Possible shortage of plates 2 and iPad Mini rumors about the hours iWatch - Computer Information Portal

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It is often slipped informal messages (or just rumors) that the delivery of the recently announced second-generation Tablet PC iPad Mini may initially be limited. Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook openly confirmed these fears.

culprit problems may display class Retina, which are all so eager to see in the iPad Mini 2, more precisely, a low percentage of production suitable for use displays. It is assumed that by the first quarter of next year, all problems will be resolved, but until then will have to suffer some kind of shortage of supply of tablets. Apple, however, has not even called the date of the start of their sales. It is still very rough on the November release. Rumors say on the subject of pre-orders beginning on November 1.


Meanwhile, other rumors about the Apple recall of the intended future release hours iWatch. We are talking about the possibility of their occurrence in the next year, and that Apple is close to a deal with LG to produce OLED-displays for hours.

While Apple never mentioned its desire to release a similar product, but numerous leaks say that the clock will be a device for fitness and home automation services. It is believed that the company already has tested the prototypes with a screen diagonal of 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 inches.

Author: Alex Altukhov • SOURCES: • Published: 30.10.2013

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The head of the union of Sciences: Institutions should expect massive cuts - RBC - RBC.Ru

Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) are waiting for massive cuts. This was announced today at a press conference at the RBC chairman of the trade union of workers of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor im.Prohorova Kalinushkin.

“It is clear that the government is thinking about massive reductions in the Russian Academy of Sciences. All of these words to raise the salaries of employees required funds. However, the state budget does not provide an increase in funding of Russian science. Which means that all this will be done within the existing budget” – he said.

According V.Kalinushkina, today in Russia, funding per researcher is about 35 thousand dollars, while in the western countries, the amount of 80 thousand dollars minimum. It is in order to allow Russia to comply with the West, he is sure that in the near future are expected mass layoffs.

“In two or three times. Moreover, both staff and entire institutions” – outraged the head of the union of scientists.

This situation, according to V.Kalinushkina, will lead to the fact that the country is only a few illustrative of laboratories that will demonstrate high-ranking officials, but these research centers will be funded.

V.Kalinushkin also criticized the words of the country’s leaders about the need to attract private business to science. “No country in the world there is no such, the private sector does not fund basic science,” – he stressed.

also V.Kalinushkin noted that in the academic world is now made up a tense situation. “We saw all the regulations, where no decisive say scientists are not provided. All the people will decide who is at the head of the agency. If he will listen to the scientific community, it’s good, but still the damage will be great. If not, then institutions will merge on the basis of cost per square meter, “- he concluded.

add that V.Kalinushkinym agree with other scholars invited to the conversation.

Recall RAS reform provoked heated debate in the scientific community. Discussion of the bill in the State Duma were protests and pickets scientists at the walls of the lower chamber. Despite this, the MPs agreed with the proposals to reform the Russian Academy of Sciences Education Minister Dmitry Livanov.

October 29, 2013

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The Olympic flame arrived at the Baikonur Cosmodrome - NA "Atmosphere"


Olympic flame arrived at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, astronauts brought the torch of the 38th expedition to the ISS – Russian Mikhail Tyurin, American Rick Mastracchio and Japanese Koichi Wakata , reports Asiareporter.

“At 8:14 am on November 7 planned start-up of a space rocket” Soyuz-FG “, which will bring the Olympic flame into orbit. On the same day the Olympic torch will be already in orbit, the 9th number will make it into space, and then the current leader of the expedition to the ISS Fedor Jurchihin bring him back to Earth. He returned with his crew on November 11, “- said in a statement.

known that the torch will even the logo Crew , Olympic symbols adorn the rocket and spacecraft.

the day of the start of the astronauts themselves will suffer the fire of the hotel, where they live, to the bus, he drove to the launch site. After the report of the chairman of the state commission they’ll carry the torch to the bus will transport to the launch pad, then delivered to the ship.

Recall , October 8 at the Red Square in Moscow, the Olympic flame was saying goodbye. His way is through Russia and ends February 7, 2014 in Sochi.

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The group Fleetwood Mac cancels world tour due to cancer, John McVie - BBC

After the European part of the world tour the band Fleetwood Mac cancel 14 concerts in Australia and New Zenlandii for diagnosing cancer in bassist John McVie, reports CNN News .

67-year-old John McVie starting cancer treatment.

«We regret that we can not play a scheduled concert. We hope that our fans will understand and adhere to the wishes all the best to John and his family, “- said in a statement the group.

Earlier it was reported that more than a million people will fight for tickets at the Glastonbury music festival in 2014, which had planned to make Fleetwood Mac.

VIP-poll: New iPhone - status or convenience? - Volga-Media - News Portal media holding Volgograd and

October 25, 2013

From October 25 to start selling the much-awaited gadget of Apple: the flagship iPhone 5S and colorful iPhone 5C.

Undoubtedly, in this age of high-tech want to keep up with the times. And for many, the phone has now become not just a chance to hear the right person from anywhere.

We decided to ask celebrities Volgograd, for which they need modern gadgets.

Gorbanov Andrew, former deputy head of the administration of Volgograd:

– First of all, any smart phone – it is a very handy thing, especially in business. You always have to hand the Internet, the opportunity to visit a particular site, find information, and so on. Second, you can safely exchange the necessary information (photos, videos, etc.) directly from the phone – says Andrey Gorbanov. – I always use my iPhones and because of work and a chat with friends on the web. To date gadgets – an indispensable thing that is always at hand.

Alexander Morozov, president of the non-state pension fund “Empire»:

– Personally, I quite normal “dialer”. If you want to access the Internet, send something and the like, so I have to have a laptop of this house, and at work – desktop computer – said Alexander Morozov. – I, frankly, am rarely out of work or at home, so I basically did not need any special gadget. Do not see the point of an iPhone for myself, well I live with a conventional cell phone.

Oleg Veretennikov, head coach of the Volgograd “Rotor»:

– I’m sure that in our time gadgets are simply irreplaceable. I myself have and iPhone, and aypad. The presence of these things is very convenient, because they are mobile, small in size and can be carried with you, it’s not always hunting to carry laptop or tablet is the same – spoke Oleg Veretennikov. – Of course, most all of the gadgets are needed to work: for example, the statistics after the game take off the Internet, and you can immediately see it.

Viktor Grigorov, Head of Traffic Police in Volgograd region:

– Any modern gadget these days – it is just like a drug. So get used to it, it is always at hand phone, and with it, the Internet and everything connected with it – shared Viktor Grigorov. – Of course, for today’s lifestyle, especially for such a small, but very useful thing desperately needs. I’m here with my iPhone? Almost never part. Sometimes even find myself on the fact that when he got home, instead of dinner, I start climbing the internet, something to read, and so on.

Nexus LTE 4 was certified Bluetooth SIG - 3DNews

Rumors of the LG on a version of “Google Phone» Nexus 4 with a fourth-generation networks supporting LTE, which appeared at the beginning of October, fully confirmed. The website includes Bluetooth SIG there was a message about the successful completion of the certification Nexus 4 LTE. Name of the new model is the same as the precursor Nexus 4 – LG-E960, but the description states that the network device supports LTE (LGE LTE Mobile Phone). Recall that the page on the certification Nexus 4, contains a network support 3G (LG 3G Mobile Phone).

Although the site Bluetooth SIG not describe the characteristics of Nexus 4 LTE, there is little doubt that in addition to the availability of support networks LTE, the new smartphone is almost identical to the parameters predecessor, although running Android 4.4 KitKat. Is expected to present a new product with a new version of the “Google Phone» Nexus 5 and OS Android 4.4 KitKat at the end of this month.

Smartphone Nexus 4, released in 2012, is equipped with a 4.7-inch IPS Plus-screen 720p True HD, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera with video recording with a resolution of 1080p, as well as 8 or 16 GB of flash memory.

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"Academic fortunate normal people" - BBC

What do they think about Michael Kotyukove scientists and former colleagues from the Ministry of Finance, as well as memorable than the head of Fano, working at home in Krasnoyarsk, figured out the science department “Gazety.Ru.”

«ignore the opinion of the scientific community»

Appointment of Deputy Finance Minister Mikhail Kotyukova at the head of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (Fano) Russian scientific community, with the exception, perhaps, only the RAS President Vladimir Fortova, perceived quite negatively.

«Once again, ignoring the opinion of the scientific community, now and in the selection of the head of Fano – said Professor Vyacheslav Vdovin, the former head of the trade union of the RAS. – There is no longer important status Fortova, yesterday in the Ministry of Education was a “round table”, which was attended by members of the two councils, and those whom the state gathered to consult on matters of science, they too were totally unaware for 19 hours, and in 21.00 seems to have a solution and it was assumed: that’s where, apparently, was in a hurry to meetings Lyudmila Ogorodova ».

Council for Science Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Chairman – Academician, rector of Moscow State University Alexei Khokhlov) issued an official statement in which it called on the authorities to actively cooperate with the scientific community.

Head of the Agency for the Management of property RAS appointed Michael Kotyukov

Science will manage the financier

Head of Agency research organizations became Deputy Finance Minister Mikhail Kotyukov. A little earlier, Deputy Education Minister Lyudmila Ogorodova said that … ?

«Due to the expected in the near future adoption of the Regulation on the Federal research organizations (Fano), and for the ongoing public discussion of his wish to re-emphasize the critical importance of the participation of the scientific community in making all the key decisions of Fano, and the availability of real working feedback – the document says. – We call to implement it in the decisions of government as Fano through active interaction with the Russian Academy of Sciences, and by the organization of Scientific Coordination Council of Fano. The Council shall consist of the active world-class scientists with the representation of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Fano, scientific and educational organizations subordinate Fano ».

Commenting on the appointment of Michael

Kotyukova, Vyacheslav Vdovin remembered the following anecdote: “Mom, who is Marx?” – “Marx, my child, it was such an economist.” – “As our aunt of Paradise?” – “No, child, aunt of Paradise – a senior economist!” “To say that he was disappointed by this decision of the authorities, I can not, – said Vdovin. – There was a reasonable expectation of something, the way it happened. Also not unexpected was the reaction of the main person who was supposed to protest, – Vladimir E. Fortova. Admitting that there was no agreement, other than a willingness to work, said nothing.

Return the situation in a reasonable direction at this stage with a non-zero probability, but not a very big can only be a total rejection of the scientific community, government policy in the sphere of science and of the destination – as its member.


not answered another question (while standing behind the line) and he that Putin has rejected the offer to lead the agency? Or rejected? If the latter – then do here and it’s time to put the membership card on the table. Deceived. If the first – that scientists should ask him to do it, academics and representatives of groups voted for him in the election, giving a mandate to the Academy as a combination of hundreds of institutions with nearly a hundred thousand employees and a half thousand members of the Academy, most of which, however, included in the the first set. In the new situation that the mandate is valid’m not ».

young, promising and sensible

head of the press service of the Ministry of Finance Denis Yesaulov Kotyukova commented on the appointment: “The ministry, he oversaw the social sphere, education, science and healthcare. Therefore not surprising that he was appointed to this position, no. He is well-versed in finance, the economy ».

The position of the scientific agency will be given to the government, without waiting for the discussion of

«Do not remain any academy or scientist»

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets did not wait when scientists will discuss the status of the Agency research organizations, and demanded on Wednesday to pass it … ?

Before joining the Ministry of Finance in 2010 Kotyukov worked in Krasnoyarsk, where in a short time has gone from specialist to a deputy governor. “It is fairly well-known person in the province. I can only describe it positively – said “the Newspaper” Michael Razvozhaev, deputy chief of staff for the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (formerly spokesman for the governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai). – Michael M. – a bright star in the firmament of the management of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a very responsible person. Why is he in such a relatively young age made such a brilliant career – it is because he has always been extremely rosaries professional in the tasks that set before him. The Ministry of Finance of the edge he quickly rose to the level of a specialist, then his head, was appointed deputy prime minister and from there went to the increase in the federal government.

He is a man of principle. He was one of those involved in the administration of the province’s new pay system, which translated groups of public institutions.

It was quite unpopular and difficult process, while he found the necessary arguments for people to understand what logic, efficiency and motivation for encouraging result. The result – no conflicts arose. Now moved to the edge of the new pay system, largely due to those things which at the time carried an edge of the Ministry of Finance under the leadership Kotyukova. As a young man, he is ready to propose new methods and arguments to defend them ».

«Kotyukov came under the Ministry of Finance Alexei Kudrin. He proved he is doing well. A young, promising and very intelligent man. The principle, therefore, the academics are very fortunate that such a person was appointed. Because it’s just a normal person, “- shared with” Gazetoy.Ru “a source familiar with the work of the Ministry of Finance Kotyukova Kudrin at the time.

Meanwhile, a year ago the financial activities of Kotyukova at the head of the regional Ministry of Finance expressed interest in the local competition authorities.

As stated FAS in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the purchase of equipment for the four dairy plants, the construction of which the regional government announced in 2009, was carried out with gross violations. “We called three names – Gnezdilov, Kotyukov, Shorohov – then said the deputy head Oleg Kharchenko, quoted by the website of the regional Federal Migration Service . – For the purchase of the equipment they have come up with a clever scheme that allowed not to hold the competition. ” According to the test, not to put to tender, public funds initially transferred to the state enterprise “Pine”, then the firm “Pine”, and from there they are in the form of euro went to Israel, where they were purchased “four stainless-steel vats.” In this case, two vats on the edge and did not.

«As a result of € 2,5 million is already nearing two years, somewhere swirling in Israel and work for someone else, and plants exist only virtually,” – said Kharchenko.

«From the official draw guilt was not proven. For it has not been answered, and all persons involved, which are in addition to Kotyukova are still working in their positions, “- told” “ colleagues from the local newspaper” ».

A month ago, the government announced , which failed to sue the Israeli company € 1,5 million “Israeli ARBEL company is obliged to return the Krasnoyarsk Territory € 1,5 million for the missing equipment for the two dairies. This decision was made by the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce in Russia “, – said the territorial government.

technical person or Siberian lumberjack

The editor of the newspaper “Troitsky variant”, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Stern suggested in an interview with “Gazety.Ru” that Kotyukov will perform purely technical functions: a “non-person who someone will translate instructions from above. I think the person in this position must still have an idea of ??what science is.

purely technical person – this means that all decisions will be made by someone else. And who – I do not know. And this is the most unpleasant thing.

The network is already discussing his appointment, saying that because of this man, then discuss his personality does not make sense ».

Vyacheslav Vdovin said that scientists – at least under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences of the trade union – will protest on the appointment: “We will support those members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who demand the convening of the general meeting: as stated in the law and interpretations to January 1, 2014 th all the same. And another meeting with the elected representatives of the teams, which were last able to speak to academics ».

Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences is entering a crucial phase: the beginning public discussion about the position of the agency, which may eventually become the Ministry of Science

«Congratulations to you, comrades, with the creation of the Ministry of Science»

draft resolution on the agency that will manage the assets of Russian Academy of Sciences, submitted for public discussion: as long as the document contains a number of ambiguities and … ?

Thus the scientist added that he understands the low probability “to stop the machine,” and said that scientists would “try to work with a designated leader.” “There are some very modest expectations – Vdovin said. – Somewhere nice that he has no academic degrees, including a “fake”, it is important to understand who will be with him and what all the same goals and objectives, and responsibilities are spelled out in the regulations of Fano. But the positive in the light of Mikhail Kotyukova is that he has little knowledge of the subject. Working in the Ministry of Finance is on the block, which includes the financing of Sciences, he has shown himself capabilities. The fact that professional characterized in that it is not visible, and as it is the case itself. We are well aware of certain problems which, if not professional approach financiers could significantly complicate the life of the scientific community in the light of the recent disturbances. For example, problems in the light of the entry into force FZ-253, with the status of the main motif of the payment of the RAS its content, the fundamental research program. So far everything went smoothly, and we continue to execute and get her the money. In light of the introduction from 1 September innovations in education law is not entirely correct as steel scholarships to our graduate students (our graduate not quite fit into the new reality) or the payment of allowances power scientists (they actually canceled), but nothing happened, and allowances we got though and we understand that by itself does nothing. Themselves grow only entropy, chaos. The order must be able to maintain.

And then authorized divisions of the Treasury, which led to yesterday, Mikhail Mikhailovich, exercise due professional ».

But some skepticism at the future leader of Fano Vdovin stated: “Although Kotyukov kind of like a lumberjack Siberian plain, still can not believe he will take and accept my invitation yesterday: come with your own eyes to see how it works and what the problem is really successful institution, or agree to take a ride with me through the Caucasus – look at what life is like Russian science in Karachay-Cherkessia, Dagestan and Chechnya. I’m afraid that it will begin to settle into their new office on Leninsky, 32 ».

On Friday afternoon, the position of the Fano will be taken at a cabinet meeting. On the eve of Deputy Minister of Education and Science, said Lyudmila Ogorodova , that within the framework of the provision at the agency will be established Research Coordination Council (but how great will be his authority, is not clear.) In addition, the agency will be subject not only to the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but all Russian scientific organizations. However, it is unknown whether there will, for example, Institute Kurchatovsky.

"Olympic" ISS crew flew to Baikonur - BBC News

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from Chkalovsky airfield outside Moscow to Baikonur today flew Expedition 38 crew to the ISS. Start “Soyuz” is scheduled for early November. Astronauts will have the most unusual job in the history of missions: to deliver to orbit the Olympic flame. It is known that the torch will be even in the logo of the crew, Olympic symbols adorn the rocket and spacecraft.

farewell ceremony of the main and backup crews short and uncomplicated. The traditional photo session against the stele depicting Vladimir Lenin and a five-minute press conference for journalists. Most of the crew, and will deliver to the ISS the Olympic torch, the three astronauts: Japanese Koichi Wakata, the American Richard Mastracchio and Russian commander Mikhail Tyurin. By the way, he was holding a symbol of upcoming games – uchuvstvovat in the Olympic torch relay in native Kolomna. Maybe that’s why his comments about the great event sounds so humdrum.

Farewell, farewell short – and on buses. The astronauts are sent to the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow, and from there on two planes at Baikonur, which will host the final preparations. Torch crew a few days ago from a person who was the first in history came out in open space, Aleksey Leonov. However, the symbol Games in Sochi will fly to the space center separately from the crew at the beginning of November.

Torch into orbit crew Mikhail Tyurin will deliver on November 7 at the Soyuz TMA-11, which, by the way, was decorated with symbols of the upcoming games – wrapped up the Olympic quilt. On board the ISS will take its own relay: no fire will carry the torch in all segments of the station, and two days later the cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazan, which are already on the ISS, will take with him into space. Return to earth the torch on November 11 with a crew of Fyodor Yurchikhin.

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