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Moscow State University strengthened its position in the ranking of Times Higher Educatiion – BBC Russian

Moscow State University named after Lomonosov rose to 35 lines in the prestigious ranking of Times Higher Education.

The latest version of the rating of Moscow State University is located on 161 th position. Thus, for the year it rose just 35 lines: in last year’s ranking of the experts took the Moscow high school 196-th place.

The site Times Higher Education states that such progress MGU achieved largely due to the significant increase in the quality of teaching and research work. At the same time, Moscow State University is the only Russian university in the top 200 rankings.

Overall, the ratings were 13 educational institutions of Russia.

Among them were the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Peter the Great, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Novosibirsk State University and St. Petersburg State University.

The first place in the ranking for the fifth time in a row won the California Institute of Technology. Behind him settled Oxford and Stanford. At the same time Harvard has lost just four points, falling for a year from the second to sixth place.

THE experts make their ratings on the basis of 13 indicators. The most important are the academic and scientific reputation of the university, which are set by interviewing representatives of the academic community.


The program of the Russian part of the Internet will be ready for October 5 – REGNUM


Moscow, September 30, 2015, 23:15 – REGNUM According to the head of the Board of “Institute of the Internet” (IRI ) and founder Liveinternet Herman Klimenko , the final proposal for the formation of this program to be presented to the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration Vyacheslav Volodin and the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov October 5, according to Tass.

It is assumed that the task of long-term development of the Internet in Russia priority will be the development of four main areas: human capital (health, education, work); business environment (some sectors and segments of the Internet economy, industry, fuel and energy, transportation, finance, retail); State (public service and administration, security); as well as media and communication (media, media, internet advertising). Particular attention is paid to the program copyright protection in the network, the development of paid content consumption ecosystem, economic and tax incentives for new high-tech businesses in the Internet, as well as import substitution. In addition, the document sets out proposals for a national ranking of the influence of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the development of the economy.

Director of the Fund for the Development of Internet initiatives (FRII) Kirill Varlamov in the course of the meeting also noted that, in addition to the program, you need to create an inter-ministerial or supradepartmental body who have coordinated the activities in the field of various ministries and agencies, would handle the issues of development of complex projects and mechanisms to attract private and public investments. However, he did not elaborate on any specific proposals in this area may be involved. “Now there are a couple of ideas are discussed, it is too early to talk about any concrete forms”, – said Kirill Varlamov journalists.

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3:20 In the ranking of the best universities in the world included 13 Russian universities – REGNUM


Moscow, October 1, 2015, 03:20 – REGNUM Thirteen Russian universities in were among the 800 best universities in the world version of the British publication Times Higher Education. The best university in Russia thus became the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, who climbed 35 places compared with last year’s rating, and won this time the 161 place.

Also, the rating includes the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Peter the Great, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Kazan Federal University, National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Novosibirsk State University, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, National University of Science and Technology, Tomsk State University, Southern and Ural Federal University.

The first place in the ranking took the California Institute of Technology, also in the top three included Oxford and Stanford University.

Rating Times Higher Education is one of the world’s largest research academic reputation . The list contains the seven universities in dozens of countries. Earlier, the president of Russia has been tasked to 2020 in the first hundred rating includes at least five Russian universities.

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In Britain, will start operations on a uterus transplant – BBC Russian

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British doctors received permission for the first 10 operations to transplant the uterus. This became possible after the successful experience of such transplants in Sweden.

British Board of Medical Ethics gave permission to transplant the uterus in clinical trials, which will begin in the spring.

If the test is successful, the first a child born of a woman transplanted from a donor uterus may see the light at the end of 2017 or in 2018.

More than 100 women have been selected as potential recipients of donor uterus.

Operations will hold a team of doctors led by Richard Smith, a consultant gynecologist London Hospitals Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea, known in the world for its advanced center for gynecology and obstetrics.

According to him, infertility can result in tragedy for many families, but transplantation uterus gives hope to those for whom the only way out is still a surrogate mother or foster children.

Image caption When a donor uterus will no longer be needed, surgeons can remove it – in this case a woman does not need to take immunosuppressant drugs for life

About one in 5,000 women born without a uterus. In addition, some women it must be removed as a result of cancer.

What is the procedure?

  • The operation takes about six hours, the organ comes from a deceased donor whose heart is still working.
  • The recipient has to take immunosuppressant drugs after surgery and during pregnancy to prevent rejection of a transplanted uterus.
  • When a donor uterus will no longer be needed, surgeons can remove it. In this case, the woman will not have to take immunosuppressant drugs for life.
  • The estimated cost of the operation in the UK – about 40 thousand pounds (61,000 dollars).

“Hope for many families”

In an interview with BBC BBC Dr. Smith said that the uterus will be taken for transplant donors with “brain dead” but “living heart”.

“Many women have an innate desire to bear a child. This procedure has the potential to satisfy their desire,” – said Richard Smith.

Dr Smith is working on it Project for 19 years.

“For all these years to the project, we experienced many crisis moments … But when you meet women born without a uterus or those whose uterus has been removed for one reason or another, This harrowing experience, and that’s what gave us the strength to continue, “- said Dr. Smith.

” There is no doubt that for many couples infertility – it’s a disaster, “- he added.


Source: coosnovatel Twitter Jack Dorsey will be the CEO of the company – Kommersant

The new CEO will be its co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said According to the portal in the near future there will be an official confirmation of the appointment. It is noted that Mr. Dorsey acting CEO for about three months, joining the office immediately psle resignation of Dick Costolo June 11. As reported by “Kommersant”, the former head of the decision adopted on the Twitter service for the fight against the increase in audience. Recall the number of Twitter users is 271 million. However, according to the application microblogging service, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, some of them in boats that could harm the company’s revenues.

More jurisdiction microblogging bots read the material “b» «Twitter considered bad people».


Twitter is considering lifting restrictions on 140 marks for published messages – Ekho Moskvy radio station

 According to some sources, the company launched a project called “140 Plus”, in which discusses the various options to enhance the tweets.

 Removing the 140 character limit Twitter will help attract a new audience – told Tass Internet expert Alexander Kovalev.

 Earlier in August canceled the Twitter limit of 140 characters for personal messages.
 Twitter may lose some of your audience when removing the limit of 140 characters – told Tass journalist and blogger Ilya Varlamov: “With regard to the limitations of 140 characters in each tweet – it was originally a feature and uniqueness of Twitter, which, in principle, explains its popularity Unlike all other social networks. I would in any case would not, at first, to give in the form of Twitter from those 140 characters, it will deprive the social network of many users that were just used for the sake of brevity, and if this restriction is removed, there begins the competition with other social networks with the same Facebook. Fundamentally remove this restriction, I think, well, they will not, and it would kill the whole point, the whole concept of social networking in its current form. ”
 The restriction on the number of characters in published tweets is a key feature of the social network, enabling service to create your own style of compressed messages.


Vladimir Fortov: The most difficult thing in the reform of the Academy had not yet begun – Russian newspaper

What are the disadvantages revealed in the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences? How justified negative scenario, which scientists feared? Coming whether a large-scale reduction of scientists? How do the May presidential decree? On the main results of the reform State Academy of which was launched two years ago, the correspondent “RG” talking with the president of Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov.

When the beginning of the reforms, many scholars drew an apocalyptic scenario, up to the “death” of our science. How do you see the results of these two years?

Vladimir Fortov: I understand the concern of scientists. Then “not named, but known,” the architects of reform tried to eliminate the academy, to subdue her bureaucrats. But Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin intervened and stopped the zealous reformers. This allowed much to save and make the reform law is not so extreme. Important as it may sound strange, leaving the right for the Academy to study science.

See also

In these two years we have transferred all property to the management of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (Fano), combined three Academy adopted a new charter. This step was to science and scientists is relatively painless, because it was clearly stated in the law. It was clear that in terms of what to do. The hardest part begins only now, when it is necessary to make real, not paper improve the work of scientists. To them, and not managers-bureaucrats feel changes for the better. We’ll have to take severe administrative decisions that will affect the fate of tens of thousands of institutions and individuals, and ultimately – the future of Russian science.

Unfortunately, this second stage of the law is not clearly established. Our aim is to fulfill the decree of the Russian president in May 2012: to raise the percentage of Russian scientific publications to 2.44% (currently 2.07% – approx. Ed.), The share of GDP for science to 1.77% (currently 1.19% ) and the average salary in science – up to 200% in the region. This is a very ambitious task. But how to move him? We need to choose the optimal trajectory, not wasting time on scholastic debate, petty feuds and counterproductive confrontation. It is very important now, at the start of the second stage, to see and to eliminate those disadvantages, which appeared on the first stage of reform.

What is the most “significant”?

Vladimir Fortov: Scientists complain primarily to the sharp increase in bureaucracy, paperwork, formalism in management science. The number of different circulars, papers, orders increased many times. It has become part of the folklore research.

The strange formula of Fano

The Internet created walks managers Fano formula for calculating salaries of directors of institutions. The comments sounded puzzled …

Vladimir Fortov: The appearance of this “masterpiece” was criticized at the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences. The formula is obtained, the greater the institute staff and more money Institute develops, the better the work the Institute and its director, the higher the salary. This approach is possible for someone to crank-bureaucrat is acceptable, but not for the scientific organization. The academy has in its own world-class specific groups, for example, the Institute of High Pressure Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics. Landau, Mathematical Institute. Steklov. According to this formula, their directors will remain a penny a base salary of 30-40 thousand rubles. But the elite of our science.

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I’m meeting with the leaders of Fano, we are concerned about how to make an effective science. Solving the problem, these people act as they understand them, based on their experience and formal instruction. But academic science – a special body with the specificity. It was created for decades the best minds in Russia and around the world. And it is very difficult, coming from outside, to start managing such a complex organism.

I think here the root of various inconsistencies and misunderstandings. I think it’s growing pains Fano. As a result, we are losing valuable time to clarify and harmonize the seemingly obvious things. It makes science clumsy, she does not have time to take a new impetus, which is unacceptable in the current situation, when the realities in the country and the world impose us all special requirements.

Academics got the key

But like after the president agreed with the scientists and introduced the “two key” relationship RAS and Fano adjusted. Or problems remain?

Vladimir Fortov: We proposed the law clearly legally separate the functions of RAS and Fano. The Academy should do science, the agency – its funding, to manage the property. But in practice, it was adopted by a softer option. The principle of “two keys” is realized at a level substantially gentlemen’s agreements through regulations and agreements. And if differences remain, we, together with the Fano exit on the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. It helps a lot, “resolves” the difficult situation. But it’s still a “manual” control.

We all still have much to do to harmonize relations. But, I repeat, it is important that we are entering a new stage of reform, a far more complex and challenging. I have no doubt that the problem will grow in number and complexity. If we long to stagnate, we will lose the dynamics of development.

At the last conference of scientists, many resented the proposal of Ministry of Education to dramatically reduce base funding institutions, making a bet on bankruptcy. As a result, the number of employees will be reduced by 2-3 times. For a decision is made?

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Vladimir Fortov: The question now keenly debated. Contests – a good thing, but grants in all major countries are no more than 20-25 percent addition to the core funding to the “base”. We can not do science on the porch. For example, an outstanding mathematician Grigory Perelman years of quietly working on the great task and made a startling discovery without any grants. On the initiative of Ministry of Education need extra money. Who would be worth a try that idea in an experimental mode at several institutions.

The logic of the Ministry of Education is quite simple: now there is a large number of different competitions, and scientists are quite capable of at least one of them to win the grant. But the “base” allows someone who for years did not publish any articles, quietly sent every month in cash. Who needs such a science?

Vladimir Fortov: It is only at first glance, but in reality everything is not so simple. Every scientist, even Nobel Prize winners, can be very fruitful period, he makes a discovery and provides one article after another. And there are times when he thinks about the problem for a long time or in experiments some setbacks. What to do in these times of “stagnation”? To put it on the “starving”, as suggested by the officials? This is just a vivid example of a situation where people do not understand the specifics of the scientist, acting on the basis of their seemingly obvious to them, but destructive to the science of logic.

Relics of Science

At the same conference, you have turned to scientists asking for suggestions on how to increase the effectiveness of science. Otherwise, you will do it for others …

Vladimir Fortov: Stop reform impossible. After all, we are calling for a change two years ago. But to make it less painful, a more reasonable and effective – is yes! I should note that under the reform of the money we are given. We are reforming in a falling budget. At present real inflation is already very modest funds for science significantly reduced. But our problems do not disappear, they just compounded. For example, the depreciation of the scientific infrastructure – more than 80 percent, we relic instrument park, the trouble with the reagents, no housing, an alarming situation with youth, humiliating small pensions, poor social package. In this situation, the funding of science should not fall.

The law has set new ambitious goals Academy. In particular, the examination of major projects of national importance, scientific programs, coordination of basic research in the country, evaluation of the work of all state institutions, including universities, and more. This is a great and important work for the entire Academy.

Guide Ministry of Education says that the academy is set too long, not in a hurry to start this new functionality. And first of all it concerns the tasks related to the activities of the Russian Academy of Sciences expert.

Vladimir Fortov: It is not. RAS has always been leading in the basic sciences, and not only fundamental. Its scientists have always determined the development of science in the country. The most interesting and promising work of all scientific organizations were discussed with the participation of the Academy. Given its opinion to take all major decisions concerning the development of the country.

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And now, despite the obvious reorientation of cash flows to universities, institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences are absolute scientific leaders. They publish more than 50 percent of articles in prestigious journals, and on the effectiveness of the money invested in the first place in the world. Although the share of funding of academic institutions in total expenditure on science is less than 15 percent.

Do you know how many Academy of Sciences received the “top” in the year of various kinds of papers, where we are asked to evaluate different projects to make an examination, and so on. d.? More than 700! And in all areas – agriculture, medicine, energy, space, transport, history, defense, sociology, and the list goes on.

Recently, the president of the country were presented and received the approval of major projects for the solidary development of Siberia and the Far East by combined cycle power plants, according to a “smart” electricity grids, on the development of the northern areas of the modern economy, according to “resource” economy, agriculture and medicine. I’m not talking about a number of subjects of defense projects. List is easy to continue.

In general, with regard to examinations, since the time of Peter I was the main task of the Academy. Today we strengthen these functions in every way. To implement all the envisaged reform of the new features of the RAS, we need to seriously restructure the work within the academy. To make it more dynamic, more responsible, with specific deadlines and strict control of its operation. RAS transition to a new track is now engaged in all academic leadership.

On the property RAS many applicants

One of the painful issues – is an association of institutions, restructuring. Fano calls impressive numbers: over the year there was about a dozen of these “teams” teams, which included several institutions. Pending the application has more than 100 scientific organizations. Do not confuse that restructuring is accelerated pace?

Vladimir Fortov: It started without RAS. On the presidential council and I Academician Yevgeny Primakov expressed doubts about how this campaign began conducting. And the president supported us. He said that in this matter is very dangerous campaigning that the rush to chase the figure should not be. Who is restructured on the basis of the rules of “two keys”, that is, the RAS have to give their “go-ahead” for each such project. We believe that to create such teams should be only in case if they work much more effectively than any of those who entered into a new team. For us it is essential that union conducted only after checking the operation of institutions and change “age” of directors. This “after” rather than “up”.

See also

In the restructuring, there is another aspect. We should speak not only about the merger, but the division – separation of the institutions of promising new research groups with young employees with new ideas and fresh scientific subjects, young creative leaders. Its independent business – is a powerful incentive for talented young people, and such teams must help, not “cram” in large unwieldy structure. According to this way of always gone our predecessors, highlighting major institutions, dozens of new groups.

Of particular concern is the situation with the institutions in the region. There atomization of Regional Science. This is a serious danger. We have received information that in the regions there are many who want to make money and property to direct the Academy of Sciences. This can not be allowed. Moratorium president – a good response to such figures.

In this year’s rotation of directors of institutions. Many feared that it could lead almost to collapse, because it is necessary to replace about half of the “age” of leaders. How is this action? How to take into account the opinion of Russian Academy of Sciences?

See also

Vladimir Fortov: The candidate goes through several filters, rigid, and the last word – for the leaders of the RAS and Fano. Already I had to change dozens of new directors. How they will be successful? Who would say no. After all, they are just beginning. I hope that the candidates we were not wrong, but success depends on many factors. It is now extremely difficult to work as a director. Including due to sharply increased the bureaucratic burden, micromanagement at the top and more than modest funding. Not surprisingly, many of the most promising scientists tend to go to pure science, not the administration. I know them well.

So I again and again insist that each step of reform should be weighed repeatedly, approached very carefully in each case. By the way, a special commission will soon begin assessing the work of the institutions. It must be borne in mind that all of the assessment system, the criteria are designed for a situation in which the institutions, for example, the German Max Planck Society, is a long queue of those wishing to work there. Because there are all conditions to do science. We have today the situation is completely different. We have 30 years of science funded at a minimum, and now we want to bring it to the same requirements as those of our competitors from the rich and prosperous countries. Institutions, of course, it is necessary to assess, but given our specificity. Otherwise, in the pursuit of the figures can be breaking anything.

Infographics “RG”. Photo: Anton Perepletchikov

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Customers have told about five disadvantages of the new iPhone – RIA “swap”

Fans devices Aplle told us about the shortcomings of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. While the owners of gadgets left mostly positive reviews about his work, but judging by some of the comments, the smartphone has flaws, said “REN.TV».

 Customers have told about five disadvantages of the new iPhone

After the presentation devaysa users around the world have purchased about 13 million. copies . Note that in this time the company has set a record in sales of smartphones. Mostly owners iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus satisfied with 12-megapixel camera and a powerful processor, but some of their characteristics are not satisfied. Experts have compiled a list of shortcomings that, in the opinion of the owners of gadgets present in the new iPhone.

 Customers have told about five disadvantages of the new iPhone

The first thing that people are not satisfied with – is the battery life. The problem in such devices exist for a long time and the new device is no exception. Charging enough for one day, but when downloading a variety of applications this time may be shortened. The second point the owners of gadgets called design. They find that it is wrong to do rounded corners smartphone.

 Customers have told about five disadvantages of the new iPhone

iPhone fans argue that in this form of the device can easily fall out of your hands. Also, the owners are not satisfied with the application devices for the camera. The new smartphone will feature Live Photos, which is able to make a short video from multiple images. Owners gadgets stated that as a result of shooting takes a large amount of memory. Also gripe caused the phone memory.

 Customers have told about five disadvantages of the new iPhone

Owners of devices believe that the device must have at least 32GB. The last point, which did not satisfy the users – the cost of the gadget. Despite record sales the first day of the presentation, citizens argue that the cost of the smartphone too high. If a US citizen can earn per device per day, the resident of the capital of Ukraine should work 627 hours.

Tatiana Dorokhova


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

iPhone 6s in Russia will cost 57 thousand rubles, and 6s Plus – from 66 thousand rubles –

Sales of smartphones iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Russia will begin on October 9. The starting price of a model iPhone 6s memory 16 GB to 57 thousand rubles, 64 GB – 65 thousand rubles, 128 GB – 75 thousand rubles. Cost iPhone 6s Plus memory of 16 GB will be 66 thousand rubles, 64 GB – 75 thousand rubles, 128 GB – 84 thousand rubles.

According to the report Apple, on 9 October, sales of new iPhone also begin as early as 39 countries and the end of 2015 the number of countries in which the sale will amount to 130.

Earlier Monday, Apple reported it had sold more than 13 million upgraded sixth generation smartphone – iPhone 6s with a screen of 4.7 inches and iPhone6 ​​Plus screen of 5.5 inches – the first three days after the start of sales on September 25. Last week, sales of new products launched in 10 countries – the US, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Singapore and Puerto Rico.

In the autumn of last year, sales of a new iPhone in the first Three days were just over 10 million, but if China is not among the top ten countries. Analysts on average had expected this year last year’s record will be beaten, says “Interfax” .

“Sales of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were phenomenal and greatly surpassed the previous sales results in the first weekend in the history of Apple “, – said CEO Tim Cook. According to him, customers are already posted a review evaluated the technology 3D Touch (There are three degrees clicking on the screen) and LifePhotos (conversion of static shots in the living).

Apple shares rose on preliminary auction in New York on Monday 0.2% after the announcement of the sales data. From the beginning, the company’s capitalization increased by 3.9% to 654.2 billion dollars.

According to today “Kommersant” , in Russia this fall, there was a decrease in sales of new ” gray “iPhone, which was due to the unfavorable economic situation and negligible time difference between the beginning of the world and Russian sales.

In addition, compared to the price of the previous generation of the smartphone price of a new grew by about 80%, and the difference in consumer characteristics was not significant. This may adversely affect the sales of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Russia. Analysts suggest that the sales in units 6s will be 40% lower than sales of the iPhone 6, although revenue will grow by about 15%. However, retailers are ready to demand for the new iPhone, ordering a large batch of new devices all memory sizes and colors.

Smart phones will be sold in the Russian online store Apple, as well as in the salons of the partners of the corporation – “VimpelCom”, ” MegaFon “,” liaison “,” M. Video “, re: Store. Pre-orders will be taken from midnight on October 2. As expected, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will also be sold in the “Euroset”, “Eldorado” and MTS who buy the device from intermediaries.

As previously reported by “Kommersant”, the leader of the smartphone market in Russia on the end of July has become the main competitor to Apple – South Korea’s Samsung. The top 3 in terms of revenue were Samsung (25%), Apple (23,4%) and Lenovo (9,3%). In addition, Samsung has sold more than any smartphone unit shipments (18.8%), it was followed by Lenovo (10,8%) and Alcatel (9,2%).


The life cycle is completed RAS? – REGNUM


Moscow, September 29, 2015, 22:53 – REGNUM How much is the Pythagorean theorem, and is it possible to commercialize science why it is so important to the rejuvenation of the Academy of Sciences, the scientist – “over” or “under” the authority who should manage science – scientist or official, that such solidarity scientists, what are the priorities of the Russian science, why science should be the mass, the problem of financing research and position of institutions outside Moscow – these and other questions were the subject of discussion and debate at the Round Table IA REGNUM «What science does Russia need? – Two years of reforming the Russian Academy of Sciences ».

« Two years have passed since the signing of the law number 253 on the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and we can understand what happened, – Deputy President of the RAS Vladimir Ivanov , – we need to understand, is the expectation justified and where to go, especially since during this time the situation has changed not only in science but also in the world. ”

According to the scientist, it is important to decide what science needs Russia in connection with the new challenges and tasks. Assessing the outcome of reforming the Russian Academy of Sciences, he noted that the Academy of «world-class research organization actually turned into the scientific community» , which has neither the authority nor sufficient independence in choosing the direction of its activities.

«The average age of the scientists should be about 40 years old, – sure member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Oceanology. PP Shirshov, academician Robert Nigmatulin , – A science must be smart, advanced, secured instruments, a good resource base that is now terribly ».

According to the academician, Institute of Oceanology, forced to rent a court to be able to contain the fleet and to organize scientific expedition. Appeal to the head of the Russian Federation, in spite of these government orders, has not led to significant results. «This command is not executed, but since then has been two and a half years» , – stressed Robert Nigmatulin. He is convinced that science today requires real funding, as is the case in developed countries.

«How we became poor professor! I know what the salary we get the officials and the salary of a professor of Moscow State University – 10% of the salary of the deputy of the parliament. Even in Africa, such countries do not have this anti-record in the world! »

With regard to Academician Nigmatulin noted that the organization « should be conservative to all kinds of reorganizations ». However, changes are needed, chief among them – the rejuvenation of the academic staff.

«Currently, Russian Academy of Sciences, where the average age of 75 years, is unable to perform those functions which are assigned to it, – he stressed. – training of young people need to put the main task of the Russian Academy of Sciences ».

The problem of management of science has put at the round table Deputy Chairman of the Council for Science of the Ministry of Education and Science, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Askold Ivanchyk . According to him, the main issue of reform, which is to decide who will manage the science – scientists or officials. Since the basic science developed mainly for public funds, officials need to decide what to allocate their research, and which are not. Of course, this gives substantial powers to officials.

«It’s a global situation, all officials are trying to expand their influence, – said Askold Ivanchyk, – Scientists in other countries have been able to reflect these efforts. In Germany, for example, the scientific community is almost autonomously. In France, officials have played a much greater role in the management of science. But in any of the countries do not have a situation where officials decide everything, and now Russia – a country ».

A special scientific community caused outrage last innovation of the Ministry of Education – to take control of an independent foundation to support research RFFI (Russian Fund for Basic Research) and RHF (Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation).

«We are planning to meet with the heads of the funds, – said Askold Ivanchyk, – to consider their activities, but members of the Council and I am strongly opposed to including. We believe that Science Foundation research funding should be independent from the policy of the ministry of public policy. The only criterion for allocation of funding should be performance . This is an expert function that can take only the representatives of the scientific community ».

« dominance of the bureaucracy “in science are concerned and the supervisor of the Institute of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ruslan Grinberg .

«The number of reports, the number of criteria that need to be guided, the number of forms that need to be filled prohibitively» , – he said – but the most important thing – there is no escape from this. Regarding the commercialization of science, which insists officials, scientists noticed:

«How much cost the Pythagorean theorem? It does not cost anyone is not needed, nothing has changed. Maxwell’s equations are paid for all the costs of basic science all over the world for the next 200 years. I mean electricity. But the equations themselves are worthless. Understanding this phenomenon of fundamental science can not penetrate the souls of people who make decisions. ”

According to the scientist, we have developed the plutocracy – the realm of the rich, who are not interested in the existence of an independent science. «The whole world is happy with it – nobody wants Russian science in spite of all sorts of oohs-aahs what you were good in 50-60s» . Installation of current managers that should pay for everything – from the hospital to the grave – Ruslan Grinberg called old-fashioned and archaic. «If we do not show solidarity, the destruction of RAS becomes a fact».

About the Solidarity scientists and trade union activity of the RAS told its chairman, head of the laboratory of the Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences. AM Prokhorov Victor Kalinushkin . «The union works quite actively, fights, there is support» , – he said and added that to address the challenges posed by the President of Russia on import substitution and defense, need a mass science .

«not solve this kind of problem the small group of scientists, no matter how well they were equipped with. Now, unfortunately, there is a tendency opposite », – he said, stressing that the task of raising salaries scholar officials want to solve the simplest way: without increasing funding, and reducing the number of scientists.

«The professor then perhaps will receive, as a deputy, – said Victor Kalinushkin, – Only few of them will. Need a massive science problems need to ensure decent wages to solve not through mass reduction of scientists under the word that only 20% of scientists give 90% of production and 80% – a swamp, compote, jelly. It can not be done! After two years of reforming the Russian Academy of Sciences, due to the fact that a moratorium of two years, which stood at the head of Fano reasonable people who do not carry out any sudden movements, there is not much wrong. ”

However, the overall results of the reform and the state of the science, scientists estimated so: « Better not become anyone!»

Degrees discussion raised the Vice-President of Russian Nanotechnology Society, a mathematician at the world famous Institute of Applied Mathematics. MV Keldysh Gennady Malinetskii . Connecting three academies: medical, agricultural and RAS itself – into a single structure he called a chimera, a hybrid terrible

«… a snake, lion and goat . Well, the snake apparently – Medical Academy, the goat – the cattle, it Agricultural Academy, and the abode of scientific Lions – Russian Academy of Sciences. The stupidity and absurdity! This is a fundamentally different things. What makes the Russian Academy of Sciences, may need 50-100 years, it is a science with far sight, but what does the Academy of Medical Sciences, it is necessary today! »

He is outraged by the department of RAS institutes the Academy itself as if his head separated from his body. The merger of the institutions as absurd, for example, the connection into a single structure of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and the Institute of mathematical modeling.

«This is nonsense! Why should we reduce the variety? As they say specialists in control theory, one of the important things – the management of diversity. The variety – the power of the Academy of Sciences, is that it has regional institutions, different institutions, different approaches. Even at MSU five economics departments. And this is normal”.

According to the scientist, Fano decided to experimentally verify Lenin’s slogan that every cook can run the state.

«Can a pompohoz manage science – Assistant of the business? It is very important people – is the chairs, tables, everything to be swept. I am their deep respect, but in a nightmare could not have dreamed that thousands of institutions of the three academies will manage pompohozy! »

That from basic science to expect any immediate, fast results by According to the scientist, too absurd. He cited the words of Mstislav Keldysh, the head of the Academy of Sciences in the Soviet era, who was fond of quoting Francis Bacon: “A man who stumbles, but moving in the right direction, always overtake him who runs, but in the wrong direction.” The main directions and tasks of science today, says Gennady Malinetskii – is to ensure Russia’s defense industry, as well as an emphasis on biology, because the XXI century – the century of biology.

«Every dollar invested in the United States in the program” Human Genome “, gave $ 140 profit. No such development does not know! », – he stressed.

The country is facing the problem of medicine, as Russia – in the 124th place in the world in terms of health. And again, if the XX century was the century of the individual items, say, nuclear bombs, our century – a century systems. That is why we need to design the future. It regularly makes Japan every five years, a number of leading scientists and entrepreneurs carried indicative planning.

«They have taken our experience, – exclaims the scientist, recalling the Gosplan, – Now, let’s take the Japanese!»

« middle ground “in the relations between science and government officials tried to find a round table representative of the Republic of Buryatia in the Federation Council, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences Arnold Tulokhonov . He urged his colleagues not to be limited “Yaroslavna’s Lament” and to develop a document that could be presented for discussion by the senators. He noted that the lack of unity of science management, its spray between the Ministry of Education, Fano, research foundations, universities, etc., does not allow even to ask someone about the results of the reform.

«We faced the fact that in Russia is not responsible for Science » , – said Arnold Tulokhonov.

Speaking on the topic, what science needs Russia, he recalled Khrushchev, whom no one has ever considered an educated person. Nevertheless, Khrushchev in 1957 created the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences, realizing that developing Siberia without science is impossible. It was built in the ‘best in the world until now Akademgorodok “.

«Today the Head of State represents the priorities of Russia in the XXI century – the economic development of Siberia and the Far East, – noted the senator. – What makes Mr. Lebanon? My question is, what matters is reinforced by the words of President you, he can not answer. His eyes dreamboat – to close under the guise of inefficient universities and the Academy of Sciences in Tuva, Buryatia, Blagoveshchensk, Chita, etc. »

By the self-criticism called on the audience Deputy Director of the Institute for Systems Analysis Alexander Shvetsov .

«Adoption of the Federal Law number 253 – is the act that started the process of destruction, collapse of academic science in Russia. In this process, there is another side. We refer generally reproaches outside enemy we fully behind the ramparts, it is. But we must be self-critical – a large share of the blame for what happened Academy of Sciences. 20 years of reform were held with the leadership of the Academy of total immaturity. Consolidated position was not surrendered unconditionally. Two years ago, there was nothing unexpected. The objectives of the reform has been declared in the Yeltsin government. Boris Saltykov, who in the early 90′s implemented state policy in the field of science, admitted in the 2000s that even then, in the 90s, they made a conscious choice in favor of the American model of the organization of science. The goal was and the choice was made then. And the Academy of Sciences did not react, she rested on his laurels ».

Unfortunately, in the course of the discussion it became clear that, as noted by Academician Nigmatulin, not visible power in the Russian Academy of Sciences, which are able to reverse the trend . And Gennady Malinetskii general said that the Academy “rotten” and continues to hold the position of “sit right” pursued by the previous leadership of RAS. “Maybe it was over the life cycle of the RAS?”, – Said Alexander Shvetsov colleagues. In either case, all it is evident that the situation is difficult.

«We are standing at a fork, – summed up the discussion of the Deputy President of Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Ivanov, – , we came to a particular point of bifurcation, as mathematicians say, and need to understand where to go . Either we go the usual way, where we will dictate terms “Higher School of Economics”, Academy of National Economy – which, incidentally, took a big part in the preparation of ideology under the law number 253 – or will be accepted by other policies to ensure the sovereignty of the state in its entirety . Hence, it is necessary to determine which need science. In the first case, science is necessary only in the universities and elsewhere to prepare qualified consumers. In the second case, the science – the leading productive force, as is done in all developed powers ».

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President of the Academy of Sciences did not understand how to take the logarithm of the number of scientists in pieces – BBC

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences has summed up the two-year interim reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in the presence of the journalists spoke about the new initiatives to rejuvenate the Russian science.

Talking about the results of the reform, the President of Russian Academy of Sciences said the completion of the “big and heavy bureaucratic work” on the transfer of property management in the Russian Academy of Sciences Fano. In addition, he noted the importance of made in terms of consolidation of the three academies into one – one of the main points of the reform of Russian Academy of Sciences, started in the summer of 2013.

«We have kept that from our point of view, is the essence of the academy. It is the freedom of academic creativity, democracy, “- said the fort. According to him, Russian Academy of Sciences has become an important merit “as paradoxical as it sounds,” the fact that the Academy of Sciences can carry out scientific research. That is the question at the time was an occasion for a serious confrontation between academics and those who started the reform of Russian Academy of Sciences.

He proudly noted that the Academy uses only about 15% of all resources spent on science, and gives up to 60 % of scientific publications indexed in international scientific databases. And of the thousand most quoted Russian scientists half – members of the Academy of Sciences.

«What was written in the law [on reforming the Russian Academy of Sciences], we have carried out with accuracy and on time,” – said the fort. According to him, today the majority of the decisions taken by the country under examination RAS.

In the first step of the RAS task management was not convert it into a club of scientists; Now the second stage, which, according to Fortov, the law established “dull.”

«Our task – to make sure that everyone our step benefited scientist, not a bureaucrat, who is sitting nearby. We must be guided by the May presidential decrees, “- he said. It’s about bringing to a certain level of publications of Russian scientists in international journals, increase spending on research and development to 1.77% of gross domestic product (today – 1.17%), bringing the average wage level scientists to double the average salary in the region.

«For Moscow is 180 thousand. And today it is at the level of 40 thousand.” – said Forts.

One of those present Journalists asked the president of the RAS, what he thought of establishing an association of press services of RAS institutes.

«PR – one of the areas in which the RAS needs to be changed radically. We must explain to our society, what we need, what we do, what our favor. We must make sure that science was the focus of our press, “- Fortier said, admitting that transform the direction of the RAS is difficult, because in Soviet science especially in no need of being an autonomous part of the ideology.

On the need to “steer clear” of the old approaches to covering the work updated RAS Forts said earlier to online interview to “”. However, more than two years ago.

Meanwhile, the past six months were marked by other bright problems in relations with the Russian Academy of Sciences Fano. So, last May conference of scientists sharply raised the issue of restructuring, leading to the “stripping” of academic institutions in other departments, and replace base funding competitive.

In addition, scientists do not agree with the plans of Fano put at the head of the institutions are not respected scientists, and “effective management” unrelated to science. One of these episodes Fano confrontation with academics was the case with dismissal of the director Eric Galimov Geochemistry , followed by the Russian scientific world.

At the request of the correspondent of “Gazety.Ru” RAS President commented on recent scandalous proposals Fano caused heated discussion in the academic environment. Thus, in his letter of September 3, “On the illegal demand” Fano actually banned RAS interested in the activities of individual scientists without the knowledge of Fano.

In addition, Fano its document titled “Terms and conditions of the incentive payments heads of federal government budget institutions “actually proposed to replace the salary of directors of the institutions in the award,

Apply for this very ornate formula that caused the smile on the part of scientists.

«I think that it goes against the basic principles of the reform, where it is said that the Russian Academy of Sciences carries out scientific management, and economic and administrative – the prerogative of Fano. The interaction with the scientists should be in continuous operation, now we have worked this issue caused a stir, and soon you will know the result – said the fort. – We believe one hundred percent that the research team is to manage the scientist, the person at the forefront of scientific research. In such a post in any case can not be put managers.

If science will control managers, not scientists, it will be building will be a sign, but no science ».

According to him, the story itself to the formula of management salaries perfectly illustrates the situation where a person, far from science generates, to put it mildly, questionable ideas. “Ever since the school is known that the logarithm must be dimensionless quantities. A formula is taken to the root of the sum of the squares of scientists (in units) and the square of the allocated funds. We are against this “- said Forts.

In order to draw into science more young scientists, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Tuesday accepted a position on the new honors, which will be awarded to outstanding scientists working outside the academic institutions.

It is planned that the title of professor of Russian Academy of Sciences will be awarded to scientists actively engaged in research work, with serious scientific achievements. While the manual RAS are discussions to introduce an age limit for the award (up to 50 years) and how many scientists to nominate the first time, in order not to “dilute” the prestige of the award.

At the first stage it is planned that the title is not It will involve some payments. Its purpose – to attract young professionals to the RAS and their motivation to being affiliated with the Academy of Sciences, said academician, vice-rector of Moscow State University Alexei Khokhlov. In the future, I’m sure the president of Russian Academy of Sciences, may make payments to the holders of these titles. “I have no doubt that the money breakdown. Let’s first see how it will work, “- he said at the presidium.


“The Future of Russian Science” gathered at a forum in Sevastopol – REGNUM


Sevastopol, September 29, 2015, 17:48 – REGNUM Education Minister Dmitry Livanov said Sevastopol one of the largest industrial, intellectual and educational centers in Russia. The minister said at the opening of the forum “Future science – the science of the young” in Sevastopol.

«This is a significant scientific event held here is not accidental. Now, a new city’s economy, shape its future. Science and high technology will be certainly one of the priorities, so Sevastopol chosen to host the first international forum “, – he said.

«Here, the future of Russian science. Russian science will regain the position it occupies in the world 20-25 years ago, “- welcomed the young fellow professor at the University Southampton (UK) Alexey Kavokin.

Participants vividly reacted to his” best practices “: strengthen contacts and stay in touch with the Russian “scientific diaspora” abroad. “This is a bridge to the world of science, the integration of Russian science which is inevitable”, – he said.

«second – to have” healthy rudeness. ” Scientist should be a little boor in the best sense of the word – in dealing with the administration, for example. We must have a healthy audacity to refuse to fill papers – let them engaged in this work “, – he advised a renowned scholar.

To take part in the forum were selected 330 students from 124 universities in the country. 110 laureates of Young Scientists Youth Award of the President and Prime Minister will make presentations in various areas at the meetings of the sections. His lecture was about 40 leading scientists from Russia, Germany, Israel, Great Britain.

On the first day the participants of the Forum with a lecture delivered Nobel Prize in Physics Zhores Alferov. The lecture is devoted to the efficient generation and transformation of light. His lecture will hold a professor of the University of Southampton (UK) Alexey Kavokin, President of the Mediterranean Institute for Fundamental Physics Giuseppe Eram (Italy), Vice-President of the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton Professor Pavlos Lagudakis (UK) and others.

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Checked: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are not afraid of water –

Although Apple has never mentions the waterproofing of new iPhone, they quietly withstand hours of diving under the water, while maintaining all of its functions. Such an experience the author had a YouTube-channel Strahl Zach (Zach Straley). He plunged iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the tank with water, where they spent about an hour. After the “immersion” new smart phones remain operational. Do not hurt, according to the author, even the dynamics Port Lightning, 3.5-millimeter audio jack, and the display is not lost support 3D Touch.

And the next generation iPhone 7, according to AppleInsider citing sources, will be a truly water- and dust-proof. How it will be implemented, it is still unknown. It is possible that within the iPhone case 7 will be installed special silicone seals. Such a system already patented by Apple.

 And along with the iPhone 7 next year, could make his debut in a row and the second generation of smart watches Apple Watch. In his new отчёте Investor principal analyst at Cowen and Company Timothy Arcuri (Timothy Arcuri) said that the next generation Apple Watch will be released no earlier than mid-2016. He added that before the end of this year, sales of smart watches Apple reached 18 million copies, and the next year they will rise to 45 million.


NASA found “streams” on Mars allow colonists to create a greenhouse – RIA Novosti

It might look like the northern hemisphere of Mars in the distant past

© Photo: NASA / Villanueva / Mumma / Gallagher / Feimer et al

MOSCOW, September 29 – RIA News. Open recently salty streams on the surface of Mars, in principle, can be used as a source of water for future colonies on Mars, including irrigation planting in specially designed greenhouses on the equator, “the god of war,” said John Gransfild, Head scientific division of NASA.

Speaking at a press conference at NASA headquarters, devoted to confirming the discovery “salty streams” on the slopes of several craters on the equator of Mars, Gransfild noted that these water supplies markedly increase the value and future “habitability” of Mars colonists, which do not have to carry with them oxygen and water.

“Of course, just like plants on the surface of Mars will not grow – the atmospheric pressure at the surface is about the same, which would be on the top of Mount Everest height of three, and the leaves of plants will not be able to hold water. On the other hand, if the plants will grow to some greenhouse or in an inflatable house, if Mars is really a lot of water, it can be used for irrigation of plantations “, – said the former astronaut.

According to the Gransfilda, the implementation of these plans will open up a whole layer of new opportunities for the colonists – like a greenhouse will be not only a source of food, but also oxygen and many other things that are essential for the physical and psychological health of the future inhabitants of Mars.

Yesterday, NASA announced the discovery of the most compelling to date evidence of what is now on Mars there is liquid water, although very salty kind, based on the images and data collected by the cameras and instruments of the probe MRO in observations of craters in the vicinity of the equator of the Red Planet. In the near future as told Gransfild and his colleague Jim Green, director of NASA’s division planetologicheskogo, scientists will try to find a similar “salty streams” in the crater Gale, which is now the rover Curiosity.