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In the night sky rose “Blue Moon” – a REGNUM


Moscow, 1 August 2015, 01:00 – REGNUM In the night from July 31 to August 1, came second in the calendar month full moon, the first was on July 2nd. This is a rare astronomical phenomenon called the “Blue Moon.” Satellite Earth that night so called not because of the color – the Moon looks usual, but because of the rarity of this natural phenomenon.

The English language has a stable idiom Once in a Blue Moon («once at the blue Moon “), it is used when talking about some very rare cases and improbable events. In such cases, the Russian language uses the expression “when the cancer on the mountain whistles” or “in Africa when the snow comes.” Note that the full moon heavenly body can actually be blue – when the Earth’s atmosphere have dust scatter the light.

Normally, between two full moons passes 29.53 days, which is slightly less than the average length of the calendar month. Thus, 2.7154, the accumulated additional full moon and you can not watch 12 full moons in a year, and 13.

Last “extra” full moon was recorded three years ago – in August 2012. Next 13th full moon rise 31 January 2018, but residents will be able to watch it all the time zones are not.

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Facebook showed the drone for distribution of free internet (video) – UNIAN

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Drone will fly at an altitude of 18,000 meters

The drone was called Aquila. It gets its power from solar panels, the car weighs less at the wing span comparable to the wingspan of Boeing-737 airliner, and can stay in the air for several months, reports Medusa.

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Also, Facebook managed to achieve high speed data transfer on the surface of the drone with lasers. Currently, the company managed to achieve data transfer rates of 10 gigabits per second.

According to the concept of Facebook, drones, handing the Internet in remote places, will fly at an altitude of 18,000 meters – that is, above the air corridors civil aircraft . It is assumed that the drones can stay in the air without landing for three months.

In addition to Facebook similar projects to provide access to the Internet in remote areas are planning to launch Google (the company is considering the use of special balloons) and private space company SpaceX. When it comes to SpaceX to launch a large number of satellites in Earth orbit.


The inhabitants of the earth will see the night “Blue Moon” – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, July 31 – RIA Novosti. The inhabitants of the Earth on the night of August 1, will be able to observe a unique astronomical phenomenon – “Blue Moon”, the website of NASA.

The very concept of ” blue moon “does not change the color of earth satellite. It is derived from the English idiomatic expression “once in a blue moon”, which means “very seldom, almost never”.

The full moon in the sky appears once a month, but in July of this phenomenon will occur in the second times. The first full moon of the Earth’s inhabitants could watch on July 2 and the second will take place on the night from July 31 to August 1.

Moon really blue hue can be seen very rarely necessary conditions for this – clouding the atmosphere with ash, dust or smoke, such as a volcanic eruption or a severe forest fire.


NASA announced the discovery of the closest to Earth exoplanet – RBC

The exoplanet HD 219134b

Photo: NASA

The orbital telescope NASA« Spitzer “and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii confirmed the existence of extrasolar planets similar to Earth, which is located at a distance of 21 light years from the sun. Thus, it is the closest planet to the solar system of this type.

The planet, called HD 219134b larger Earth 1.6 times. It was discovered in the system, located in the constellation Cassiopeia. The experts made it clear that life on this planet is not possible, as it runs too close to its star.

July 23 NASA announced the discovery of Earth-like planets around a star similar to the Sun orbiting telescope “Hubble”. This planet orbits its star in the “zone of life”, that is, the temperature and other conditions on it suggests the existence of living organisms.

The planet, called Kepler-452b, 60% larger than the Earth, and its mass the composition is unknown. Scientists have estimated her age 6 billion years. Year on this planet lasts 385 days, and its orbit is 5% longer than Earth’s. Open Planet is also a 5% further from its star Kepler-452 than the Earth from the sun.

«The 20th anniversary of the discovery, which proved the presence of planets orbiting other suns, a researcher at exoplanets” Kepler “discovered planet and the star, who are most similar to the Earth and the sun. This is an outstanding result, which makes us a step closer to finding Earth-2.0 “, – said the head of NASA science programs Gransfeld John.

Representatives of the agency hoped that Kepler-452b help to understand the future of the Earth and its environment . Analysts NASA admitted that the presence of the planet necessary ingredients for her life may be.


“Blue” moon, cancer, and Cardinal – BBC

The moon could become a blue, so even with the Sun – on the conditions under which it can occur, says science department “Gazety.Ru”, at the same time explaining the history of the origin of the expression “blue Moon “and recalling that the current” blue “moon – it’s just an image.

« Blue »moon hung over the news

Table two full moons per one month

– the first full moon – the second full moon
2001 – November 1 –
November 30, 2004 – July 2 – July 31
2007 – June 1 – June 30
2009 – December 2 – 31 December
2012 – August 2 – August 31
2015 – July 2 – July 31
2018 – January 2 – January 31
2018 – March 2 – March 31
2020 – October 1 – October 31
2023 – August 1 – 31
August 2026 – May 1 – May 31
2028 – December 2 – December 31

«Blue» moon rise on July 31, “” upcoming night Muscovites will be able to watch ” blue “moon”, “blue” moon hung over Russia “- such headlines are full of Russian media on Friday. Not far behind them and the English-language edition of “Blue” Moon: rare cosmic phenomenon will shine in the sky “,” Find “blue” moon tonight, “” rare “blue” moon completes the month. ”

Strictly speaking, the vast majority of messages contained the correct information it is: they said that the phenomenon of “blue” moon means a situation where one calendar month there are two full moon.

Let us explain: between two full moons – the lunar month – lasts 29.53 Earth days. And the average length of the calendar month (including leap year) of 30.4375 days. For 33 months, this difference “impinges” on a lunar month – and as a result it turns out that one calendar month falls just two full moons.

By the color of the moon, these calculations have nothing to do: if you already speak quite simply, it moves and moves itself, regardless of how the world is arranged calendar. That is, if the world one month lasted 60 days, the “blue” moon would be observed every month, and this, obviously, no one would have paid any attention to this everyday fact.

Next is “blue” moon will occur in January 2018.

«Subject stupid»

To discuss not whether this material is to go under the heading “obscurantism”, the Department of Science Correspondent “Gazety.Ru” attracted leading researcher SAI, author of regular astronomical surveys in “” Sergei Popov . He was questioned as to whether the news about the “blue” moon appearing in the media and what is their meaning: it is the spread of a certain obscurantism, or the awakening of interest in science?

Popov said that this is not obscurantism, but he would have it in place is not the news media staff wrote: “I’m just not interested and did not seem to matter».

«But someone might argue that the statement is still there, still about it will write, and so it is important to write intelligent lyrics, but the theme and foolish – continued Popov. – I guess I would say that the place such texts on Wikipedia, encyclopedias, etc. And then a reasonable person to see “bad news” on the subject, or he googled, or quickly stumble on the link in the resource encyclopedic-type social networks. Probably, if the news of de facto caused a stir in the “yellow” media, normally I would have limited the media briefs citing good encyclopedic resources (if any). And if they do not, then we can take the time to review, but then it and pour in Wikipedia. ”

Whistling cancer on the mountain after rain on Thursday

To call two full moon falling on one calendar month, the phrase “blue” moon happened in the English-speaking world. In English, the expression once in a blue moon is literally translated as “once when the blue moon”, but is set to “once in a hundred years”, “at once,” “never” or “rarely even.”

An analogue of this saying in Russian is the expression ” When cancer at Mount whistle “(that is, probably, as ever) or” after rain on Thursday ».

The earliest use of the term” blue moon “in the sense of something unattainable and incredible occurs in the collection «Rede me and be nott wrothe, for I say no thynge but trothe» (rough translation from the medieval English is: “Read my text and do not write another, for verily all that is said of me”), published in 1528. This book contains a very frivolous pamphlets against the Roman clergy and, in particular, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of the kingdom of England in 1515-1529, respectively.

 Portrait of Cardinal Wolsey in the University of Oxford (1526)
Portrait of Cardinal Wolsey in the University of Oxford (1526)


At this time, the throne was Henry VIII, who, with the blessing of Wolsey, preferred to have fun and to change wives (there is a famous film «Henry VIII and his six wives »), while the country’s real estate manager Wolsey.

Passage to the moon in this collection is as follows:

«Priests – as a cunning fox,
stake, they say that the moon is blue,
> believe we have these words ».

(translation Yana Hlyustovoy )

Can the moon be blue?

However, sometimes the moon in the sky can really take the color blue – and this not only the case when the observer looks at it through a blue filter. In 1950, residents of Alberta and British Columbia were groaning under the peat fires in the valley Chinchagi – Hay River inflow. This fire was the largest in the history of North America.

In addition to the environmental problems of the fire caused an interesting optical effect: The moon and the sun even acquired a distinct shade of blue.

This was due light scattering large (more than 1 micron – 0.000001 meter) particles released into the atmosphere by fire. Smoke from the fire spread to the northern half of the hemisphere. As a result, blue moon seen in the United States and even in Europe.


15:40 Experts explained the phenomenon of “Blue Moon» – BFM.Ru

evening of July 31 in the sky is expected second full moon this month

In the evening on July 31 in the sky anticipated second full moon in a month. This phenomenon is called “blue moon.” Specialists of the Moscow planetarium explained the nature of this phenomenon, See also: the media: the phenomenon of “Chelyabinsk car” appeared over Cuba and the United States noting that moon literally not be colored blue. Reported RT.

«In fact the moon last night of a special blue hue acquires. It will look the same as in the rest of the full moon of the year. It’s just beautiful figurative name, borrowed from the English expression «Once in a Blue Moon» , the equivalent of our expression “Once in a blue moon,” – said the head of the Moscow planetarium astronomical complex Jaroslav Turilov.

This astronomical event as a double full moon usually occurs every two to three years.


Scientists have found close to Earth exoplanet – Kommersant

US astronomers using the Spitzer Space Telescope have confirmed the discovery of exoplanets another stone, which exceeds the size of the Earth 1.6 times, the site of NASA. Exoplanet HD 219134b was discovered in the star system, located in the constellation Cassiopeia. As noted, the planet rotates too close to its star’s orbit, which reduces the chances of finding life on the planet. However, as the researchers note, the planet is our solar system are closer than others already open Earth-like planets.

Earlier “Kommersant” reported that US astronomers using the Kepler telescope discovered in the habitable zone of sun-like star exoplanet, the surface of which, presumably, there is liquid water. The object is called Kepler-452b, according to the website NASA. The planet is the second of exoplanets discovered the star Keprler-452, located in the constellation Cygnus. The distance to the star is 1,400 light-years, it is 20% brighter than the sun. Scientists believe at Kepler-452b can determine what fate awaits our planet billions of years, when the Sun will be hotter.


The NASA confirmed the discovery of the closest to Earth exoplanet – RIA Novosti

The exoplanet HD 219134b

© Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech

MOSCOW, July 31 – RIA Novosti. The closest to the Earth exoplanet discovered in the constellation Cassiopeia, according to national US space agency (NASA).

The planet HD 219134b is located at a distance of 21 light years from Earth. According to the NASA, the planet is 1.6 times larger than Earth by volume and 4.5 times heavier. The planet’s surface is hot, it melted at some sites. In HD 219134b has mountains, including volcanoes, scientists say.

Picture of the planetary family Kepler-138

© SETI Institute / Danielle Futselaar

The planet belongs to the class of” super-Earths. ” Terms her unsuitable for life, but HD 219134b is of great interest for the study.

“Such planets are worth their weight in gold, because they can be thoroughly explored. Exoplanet This will be one of the most popular for research in the coming decades “- said the member of the project data processing telescope” Spitzer “NASA Michael Werner (Michael Werner).

Star, around which the planet can be seen in the sky with the naked eye. It is able to detect due to darkening, it creates, passing in front of a star. This effect, scientists plan to use to find out whether there is in the atmosphere of HD 219134b, and what is its structure.

For the first time discovered a planet Italian telescope, “Galileo”. Recent discoveries have confirmed the data obtained by NASA using a telescope “Spitzer”.

Earlier, NASA reported the discovery of the planet Kepler-452b, which is similar in size to Earth and is in the “zone of habitat” star, very similar to the Sun . The solar system Kepler-452 is located at a distance of 1,400 light years away in the constellation Cygnus.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

“Rambler” to redesign the page News – Tourism of Turkey

Now, on the news page, you can find not only sample the day’s events, that is revision, however, and major events in the opinion of the readers.

Using updated version of “Rambler-news” readers may have at the moment. The individual blocks were rendered “subjects of development”, – the changes that occurred on the editor in chief of Search Engine Sergei Yakovlev .

In addition, the materials on the socio-political and economic issues are consolidated under “Analytics”.

« Rambler-news


The new design of the portal “Rambler-news” – Express-News

Post Image

30.07 | 21:44

Russian portal “Rambler” has undergone some changes in the design of “News” section. Now spaced section on “plot development”. Analytical materials in a separate block. Some materials can be found in the rating the “Reader’s Choice».

According to Chief Editor of “Rambler” Sergei Yakovlev, “now the news has appeared on the portal page. Also, the editor noted that henceforth photo reports and video news will be served in a wider format.

Now the reader will be able to see not only a picture of the day, made up the editorship, but also the most popular and important, according to readers. Materials on socio-political themes can now be found in the intelligence.

Earlier, the page “News” displays news presented on the main page Rambler.

«That is, Essentially, we can say that the “news” was not its main page, “- said Sergey Yakovlev.

Recall that in 2012, the media portal” Rambler “has become known as personalized news media portal. According to TNS, the audience “Rambler-news” for the year increased by 15%. Only in June it amounted to seven million people. Number of page views on “Rambler-news” for the six months in 2015 increased by 45% compared to the same period last year. The number of sessions increased by 40%, and the average duration of a session – by 26,5%.


Rovio has launched a continuation of the game Angry Birds – RBC

The Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment has announced the launch of the game Angry Birds 2. This is the first sequel to a series of mobile games, according to the website of the company.

The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, it is free, it is possible to built shopping.

The Angry Birds 2, you can choose which bird to shoot the pigs. In other games, they can be run in the order given. Developer improve the system level, it added the ability to play with others, brought the bird with new features. I changed and design – the developer added to the image depth and detail that were previously only in a cartoon or in the console game.

The first Angry Birds, in which the player is offered using a slingshot to shoot birds on the green pigs appeared in 2009 year since the company released 15 of its variations, not counting Angry Birds 2. According to Rovio, since 2009 a total game downloaded 3 billion times.


Scientists have discovered the nearest Earth-like extrasolar planets known – a REGNUM


Washington, July 31, 2015, 01:59 – REGNUM , astronomers using a telescope “Spitzer” confirmed the existence of exoplanets, similar on Earth, in the constellation Cassiopeia. The distance to the planet is 21 light-years, so it is our nearest Earth-like planets, the press service of NASA.

Planet 21 HD 9134b orbiting the star Gliese 892 in the constellation of Cassiopeia, which can be seen in the night sky with the naked eye near the North Star.

It is reported that discovered the planet is too close to the star to her could harbor life, though it is of great interest to scientists. 21 HD 9134b is a transit planet, that is, its location allows you to watch as it passes between the Earth and its star, and carry out various studies.

«exoplanets Transit worth their weight in gold, because we can describe their different options. This planet is one of the most actively studied in the coming decades, “- said Michael Werner, an expert from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

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About a thousand scientists signed a letter against development of killer robots – RBC Ukraine

About a thousand scientists, engineers and researchers signed a letter in which he warned of the dangers associated with the development of autonomous weapons systems. The letter will be presented to delegates of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, BBC Russia.

Among the signatories of the message – the physicist Stephen Hawking, the entrepreneur Elon Musk and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak.

Scientists warn the arms race, using artificial intelligence, can lead to unpredictable consequences.

“If you look at the benefits which have brought the use of computational methods in economics, health and other areas, it is enormous. With the development of artificial intelligence great hopes, but there are dangers, and I believe that with proper monitoring human results are generally positive, “- said the head of research at Microsoft, Eric Horvitz.


Mark Zuckerberg promised in 2016 to launch the Facebook application in virtual reality – BBC

The company Facebook in 2016, plans to launch a communications technology in three-dimensional virtual reality, according to The Verge .

This was at a conference on the financial result in the second quarter Facebook this year, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Under his plan, in the first half of 2016, Facebook will create a platform of virtual reality. Initially it will house games and video.

In the spring of 2014 Facebook has acquired a virtual reality helmet maker Oculus Rift – the company Oculus VR. Facebook plans to improve the technology and social networks to give users the ability to surf the Internet in the form of virtual reality.