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The taste and smell of food accelerate aging – Moskovsky Komsomolets

This was stated by South Korean researchers

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A team of researchers from South Korea, representing Phohansky University science and technology found that the taste and smell of different foods trigger mechanisms that accelerate the aging process and reduces life expectancy. However, as scientists say, this effect does not depend on whether the food is absorbed by those who feel its smell.

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The taste and smell are considered fairly closely related to each other feelings. As with other senses, they arise from living beings because in sensory neurons are activated by the body. Previously, it was also found that sensory neurons play a role in aging in many animals, but a direct link gustatory and olfactory sensations with how quickly a living being is aging, according to scientists, has not been studied too. It was known only that the damage to sensory neurons triggers activation of the anti-aging FOXO protein. Experts decided to hold a series of experiments on roundworms, or nematodes, to better understand the nature of this relationship

As the first experiment, the smell and taste of food provoked in roundworms the hormone called “insulin-6″ raising the level which reduces the FOXO activity and, consequently, accelerates aging. Further investigation revealed that a similar chain of events starts and if the work of sensory neurons involved in the formation of taste and olfactory sensations, activated artificially by using a special light, even if the nematode with nothing to eat.

Researchers They admit that they have received the conclusions can be applied not only to roundworms, but also to the people, even though such an assumption, of course, still requires further confirmation. The work of scientists published in the journal Genes & amp; Development.

This is not the first recent study in which scientists explore the mechanisms of human aging, resorting to experiments on nematodes. Recently, a team of specialists representing the Indiana University by studying roundworms could compile a list of substances on the basis of which it would be possible to create longevity and anti-aging drug.


Preeclampsia pregnant women learn to identify at an early stage and the analysis of urine – BBC News

The team of scientists from the MIPT, the Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology. Academician VI Kulakov, the Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics has developed an approach to create a method of non-invasive diagnosis of pregnant women suffering from serious complex diseases -. preeclampsia

Simply put, researchers found biomarkers in urine pregnant women, which signal a potential danger for the mother and her fetus. The diagnostic method is based on a urine test will allow in the future to identify the disease in its earliest stages

Pre-eclampsia -. it is a multisystem disorder arising in the second half of pregnancy and is characterized by hypertension and proteinuria (a significant increase in protein content in the urine of women) . In this state, the expectant mother suffers from headaches, swelling, fainting, and other unpleasant and sometimes dangerous symptoms. As a result, pre-eclampsia exposes the health and even the life of the expectant mother and her child at serious risk

“The symptoms of disease are ambiguous, so doctors rarely diagnose a” clean “preeclampsia But even if such a diagnosis is made, a new problem arises:.. The causes of this disorder is still unknown, so it is impossible to effectively deal with it “, – says Natalya Starodubtseva, an employee of the Department of molecular physics MIPT and head of the Laboratory of proteomics of human reproduction FGBU NC Agip them. VI Kulakov.

In other words, doctors are forced to prescribe supportive care, remove the symptoms, trying to delay the birth of a child, while balancing between the desire to give him more time for full fetal development (although it also suffers iz due to improper formation of the placenta) and the desire to preserve the mother’s health.

But medicine does not stand still. Once something goes wrong “on all fronts” of the body, it is logical to assume that the failure of systems at the molecular level piskhodit. The researchers decided to look for early signs of disease in the urine (a non-invasive, ie without interfering with the work of the body, the method is very convenient for examination expectant mothers).

It should be noted that even in the urine of a healthy person there is absolutely proteins. However, in very small concentrations. For physicians as one of the main symptoms of pre-eclampsia is a marked increase in the concentrations of these substances. The normal 0.03 g / l to the critical 0.3 g / l and higher

Scientists thinking may if peptides (pieces proteins), which are allocated among women suffering from preeclampsia carry information about the disease.

To identify potential biomarkers of peptides, the researchers compared the samples of three groups of patients of the Scientific center for Obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology. Academician VI Kulakov:. A woman with a normal pregnancy, with moderate to severe forms of preeclampsia

That is, the researchers wanted to compare not only the sick and the healthy pregnant women, but also to see how these or other associated biomarkers with severity of the condition. After processing the results of experiments 35 peptide biomarker of preeclampsia was found. Among them are, for example, fragments of alpha-1-antitrypsin (14 peptides), alpha-chains of collagen I and type III (6 peptides) and uromodulina (7 peptides).

“We were able to confirm the number of markers, . previously proposed foreign colleagues, as well as show off some new obvious need to check and confirm their significance is important that developed a non-invasive method has proven effective:. on this basis, you can develop a clinical diagnostic method “, – commented on the results of research Alex Kononikhin, Deputy head of the Laboratory ionic and molecular physics MIPT.

The article Russian scientists was published in the Journal of Proteomics.


Starting Wi-Fi in the underground of St. Petersburg was estimated at 1.8 billion rubles. – RBC

The launch of free Wi-Fi in the underground of St. Petersburg will require 1.8 billion rubles. – This amount of investment was announced at a meeting of the city council of the investment, according to “Fontanka”. Thus, the launch of Wi-Fi on five subway lines Petersburg will cost the same amount as the holding of wireless internet in the Moscow subway with 12 branches.

The launch of Wi-Fi interested companies “MaksimaTelekom”, wireless Internet operator Moscow subway, TASS. “We are ready to implement the project at their own expense, provided support from the city,” – said at a meeting of the General Director of the company Boris Volpe. St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko has supported the initiative of the operator, the agency said. At the same time, he noted that “should explore the possibility of competition for equipment metro Wi-Fi network, as there may be other investors».

Metropolitan of St. Petersburg announced a competition to launch Wi-Fi in the fall 2015, but he was declared invalid due to lack of applications. Thus in September 2015 the company « MaksimaTelekom » was ready to launch the network, wrote “Fontanka» , citing sources. The company did not satisfy the rental cost of infrastructure: underground offered to pay 14 million rubles. per month, but « MaksimaTelekom » insisted on the symbolic amount – for example, 1 rub. per month, the publication.

Now, city officials agreed that the value of the right network equipment placement in the metro need to reduce, told RBC representative “MaksimaTelekom” Ilya Grabowski. According to “Fontanka”, the chairman of the investment committee Irina Babyuk at the meeting said that the exemption of 90% on the rental of infrastructure will allow the investor to recoup the investment in eight years instead of 12. According to Grabowski, the question of a discount on the placement of equipment were asked to consider at the next meeting of the St. Petersburg government.

«MaksimaTelekom” started to build a network of free Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro in December, 2014. The company has agreed to invest in the project is 1.8 billion rubles. Among the owners of the former president “Sitronics” Sergey Aslanian, the names of other shareholders, it does not reveal.


Created machine translation of thoughts into words – Russian Newspaper

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Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley created a device that can translate thoughts into words, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the foreign media.

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It is reported that this was made possible as a result of many years of work, based on the analysis of brain activity – the researchers were compared his reaction when pronouncing, representation and perception of words


As a result, the car that monitors the activity of the temporal lobe of the head, was able to reproduce the word conceived by man. Unique design, scientists believe, make life easier for people with speech disorders.


Now, researchers intend to create an implantable device, decoding brain signals and reproducing the thoughts of a man with a sound machine.


Roscosmos explained the reason for the refusal of one of the batteries of the satellite “Resurs-P” – RBC

The reason for the refusal of one of the satellite’s solar panels “Resurs-P» № 3, launched in March from Baikonur, was an unintended impact on the opening mechanism or an error in the assembly of the mechanism. This “RIA Novosti” spokesman “Roskosmos»

«Battery opened not completely due to violations of the mechanical coupling fastening her sash” -. The spokesman said, noting that the defect is a single character, and in the future this will be taken into account.

The launch “Resurs-p” was held on March 13 at Baikonur with the help of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1b”. March 17, in spite of incomplete disclosure of one of the solar battery unit, was launched into sun-synchronous orbit.

The device, together with the previously launched spacecraft “Resurs-P» №1 and №2, as well as with ground stations receiving information “Resurs-P» №3 form a single comprehensive surveillance system.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Media learned of plans to ban officials and military use WhatsApp – RBC

Photo: DPA / TASS

The Ministry of economic development proposes to legislatively ban military and civil servants to use mobile applications, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram for official purposes. To exchange information they will be obliged to use Russian messengers for government agencies, the possibility of developing that in late April, was discussed at a meeting at the Presidential Adviser on the internet Herman Klimenko

Russian officials and military personnel are prohibited from working through correspondence Foreign mobile app developers. It is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the report of the Ministry of Economic Development.

As it became known publication, the Ministry has made a report with proposals on priority purchases of Russian software and hardware to President Vladimir Putin on May 26.

The Ministry proposes to establish a legislative ban on the use of civil servants and the military in service to a foreign software, including mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. It is also proposed to prohibit conduct a working conversation with mailboxes on Gmail.com.

According to the publication ministry spokesman Elena Lashkina, use only Russian messenger is scheduled for official purposes. According to her, this position is consistent with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as the development of the Internet Research Institute (IRI).

April 28 the possibility of creating a special messenger for government agencies was discussed at the president advisor meeting on the internet Herman Klimenko. Explore subjects were asked to Mail.Ru Group.

Also in the report of the Ministry of Economic Development to the President contains proposals to extend restrictions on the purchase of foreign software in state bodies.

As told “Kommersant” one of the civil servants, the use of foreign software for work correspondence rose especially sharply after numerous leaks of confidential information, organized by a group of hackers Shaltay Boltay.

In July 2014 Shaltay Boltay broke into a mailbox on Gmail.com Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and published his correspondence. It confirmed the authenticity of the newspaper “Vedomosti” two people whose letters were published.

In August 2014, hackers published a conversation with more than one account at Gmail.com and Yandex.ru, allegedly belonging to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The letters referred to a failed attempt to buy watches Casio G-Shock through the online store Amazon.com. On the same day the prime minister was hacked account on Twitter, where there was a message: “resign. It is a shame for the actions of the government. I’m sorry. »

In August 2015 Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev demanded that the governor to take action against officials who use foreign services Google, Yahoo and WhatsApp. Patrushev stressed that the use of officials to address issues of service resources located abroad, is a serious threat.

March 28, 2016 it became known that the Moscow police officer forbade send service information through instant messengers and social networks. As told RBC law enforcement source, the order on limiting communication messengers could be due to the fact that before it became known about the division of the police officers who share information via WhatsApp and Viber. Through messengers they received from superiors cleaning schedule and information about who and what positions should take.

In February 2016, “Radio Liberty” published an article, which contained correspondence which allegedly led Moscow investigators in WhatsApp and Viber application. It discusses the fabrication of criminal cases of car theft. The article pointed out that the correspondence fell into the hands of journalists after losing investigator phone.

Last November, an MP from the Communist Party Vadim Solovyov introduced the State Duma a draft law with the amendments to art. 17 of the Law “On State Civil Service in the Russian Federation.” Soloviev proposed to ban foreign officials to use instant messenger and search engines in order to ensure security of proprietary information. However, in March 2016 the State Duma rejected the bill.


World’s most powerful laser facility will be launched in Russia – RIA “VistaNews”

In the city of Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, construction of the most powerful laser system, which is engaged in the development of the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics. Estimated completion is expected in late 2017, to date production equipment is not far behind from the designated графика.

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The purpose of the destination laser system primarily is to conduct scientific experiments in the physics of high energy density. The dimensions of the high-tech building will be enormous – in the length of the building spread over more than 200 meters, and the height will not give 10-storey house. The installation will consist of 95% of the technologies developed by Russian engineers and scientists.

According to the calculations, the laser system output will generate 4.6 MJ, whereas similar devices located in the United States and France are able to produce not more than 2 MJ .


“Glonass-M” launched into an intermediate orbit to replenish navigation categories – TASS

MOSCOW, May 30. / TASS /. The upper stage “Fregat” in conjunction with a navigation satellite “GLONASS-M” at the estimated time cleanly separated from the third stage of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1b”, Tass reported in the management of Press and Information Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“Withdrawal spacecraft” Glonass-M “into orbit boost block” Frigate “will take several hours” – said the Defense Ministry

“Soyuz-2.1b” with the navigation satellite “GLONASS-M. “I was launched from the platform number 43 Plesetsk (Arkhangelsk region). Start was held at 11.45 MSK combat crews of the Space Forces Aerospace Forces, advised by the press service of the Defense Ministry and information.

“The general management of start-up carried the commander of the Space Forces, of aerospace forces, Lieutenant-General Alexander Golovko, who arrived at the launch site to monitor the preparation and launch of the GLONASS space apparatus “, – said the managing

All-launch operations and launch missiles took place in a normal mode.. Means ground automated control complex responsible for supervising the launch and support the flight, noted in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The rocket is taken to support ground-based Air and Space Forces (VKS), reported earlier in the management of Press and Information . Russia’s Defense Ministry
“space rocket” Soyuz-2.1b “is taken to support ground-based Chief test space center named after GS Titov VCS space forces,” – said in the Defense Ministry

. This is the second launch of the satellite “Glonass-M” and the third start of the middle class “Soyuz-2″ launch vehicle from Plesetsk this year. Flight tests of the space rocket complex “Soyuz-2″ began at Baikonur November 8, 2004. Over the past 12 years from Plesetsk was conducted 27 launches of carrier rockets “Soyuz-2″ steps 1a modernization, 1b and 1c.

The state corporation “Roscosmos” previously told that before the end of 2017 constellation of domestic navigation GLONASS system can fill up to eight satellites. At the same time for the launch can be used not only the “Union”, and heavy rocket “Proton-M”. According to the source TASS, in the space industry, the launch of “Proton” with up to three devices “Glonass” could take place before the end of 2016.

NPOA -. One of the largest Russian companies in the development and manufacture of systems management and electronic equipment for missile and space technology, automation of technological processes in industry. Provides full technological cycle of a unique automated systems and management systems are widely used in space, at sea, in oil and gas industry, metallurgy, energy, utilities and transport. In particular, the control system makes NPOA recent Russian carrier rocket “Soyuz-2″.


585 years ago, Joan of Arc was executed – BBC

In the heart of Paris, near the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens, the monument is a golden girl on a warhorse and a banner in his hand. Shine rider – national heroine of France Joan of Arc, which did not allow the country to die back in the XV century. Russian writer and philosopher Dmitry Merezhkovsky in 1938, on the eve of World War II, wrote the famous Maiden: “If Jeanne really saved France, then saved and Europe, as in the twentieth century has undoubtedly than the fifteenth century, that Europe is not without France “. Despite the fact that the available information about the life of Jeanne-Virgin lot of white spots, and if historical truth is, for a long time mixed with fiction, it still remains a favorite of the French, and one of the most interesting personalities in the history of the world.

Childhood, adolescence, war

Medievalists suggest that Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in the small village of Domremy in the north-east of France. Beginning of the XV century – the height of the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453) between England and France. French kingdom suffered huge losses and were close to complete defeat. The situation was aggravated treaty signed at Troyes in 1420 the wife of the King of France Isabella of Bavaria. According to the agreement, the English ruler after the death of Henry V Charles VI the Mad Valois (which occurred two years later) was declared heir to the French throne, despite the fact that Isabella and Charles VI’s son grew up. This agreement became the de facto merger of France to England, and

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country began to slowly break down into three parts: the south remained faithful to the Valois dynasty, north came under British control, and Burgundy, although it tried to maintain its independence, yet favored England

Future national heroine grew up in non-poor peasant family, and a child is not different from their peers: engaged in needlework, herding sheep and regularly attended church. Judging from the record of the court with records of interrogations of Joan of stories about her life, with 13 years, it has become constantly hear divine voices. It should be noted that the divine messengers among ordinary people in medieval Catholic Europe meet often: every self-respecting village could provide his visionary, or even two. Angels told the girl: “It is the Lord spared the French people. Joan, you must go to France! “After Joan began to hear voices, it has become even more likely to go to church and pray harder, trying to understand, from whom would these voices come.

Believing that she really must save France from the English, Jeanne began to urge parents to equip it in the path to the dauphin Charles VII, which is sure to give her an army. According to records found in his native village girl, Jeanne even forced to marry, so she settled down and began farming. However, divorce first wanted her new husband, who did not like him that Jeanne constantly denies execution of marital debt. Honeymooners managed to dissolve – for the Middle Ages, an event almost unprecedented

Realizing that parents she did not helpers, in 16 years the maiden ran out of the house in the nearby town of Vaucouleurs to a friend of his father. captain de Baudricourt. His Jeanne also requested help to meet the Dauphin.

At first, de Baudricourt quite ironically reacted to the stories of God’s ambassador, but after a while she agreed to give people and equipment. In 1429, going to Chinon Castle, along with two soldiers de Baudricourt, Jeanne security changed her dress for men’s suit and cut hair

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At this time, Charles VII had already told that to it is sent to a village girl, proclaimed itself the future savior of France. After consulting with the court, the young Valois decided to test the intruder almost as the “Battle of psychics” when she did come to Chinon, Dauphin hide and let the maiden herself looking for his king. Seeing the girl in the castle, many women at once decided that there is in it something demonic – simply because she was wearing a man’s dress. Jeanne was able to pass the test: barely crossed the threshold halls, she immediately identified Charles VII in the crowd. Take him away, the guest warmly whispered that the angels told her to make the Dauphin King of France. Valois rightly said: to get to Reims, where usually crowned French rulers, they have to go through the British troops besieging Orleans. Hearing this, Jeanne immediately

asked to give her an army, which it will lead to the liberation of Orleans: yes, the art of war, it is not trained and the sword in the hands did not hold, but it protect holy.

Such talk seemed to Charles VII is quite amusing, besides, he was obsessed with the desire to occupy the French throne, which he could not get it. In the late 1420′s French lands who have moved to the British after the Treaty of Troyes, drove the Duke of Bedford, regent for the infant Henry VI of, son of the deceased at the time of Henry V. About Charles VII was rumored that, even if the British leave France, he still do not have rights to the throne, as it is the illegitimate son of Charles VI the Mad and wanton born Isabella of Bavaria from the unknown duke. If his king crowned God’s messenger, thought Dauphin, it would be in the eyes of the people is a good sign that the power given to him from above.

In the next three weeks the best theologians have tried to establish, Whose voice is heard Jeanne, angels or demons. By the way, all the ecclesiastical courts the girl asked the same questions: they say angels in what language? How do they look? How are you called? And she always answered, of course, in French, because God is on the side of France, the angels have a beautiful appearance and fragrance, with me Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret. Yet evidence of “innocence” Joan was not enough, and it can burn even after the first interrogation in 1429. But then – most likely, at the personal request of the Dauphin – it truly recognized God’s messenger and was released to the world. This was followed by another procedure. In Chinon midwives invited to explore Joan as a girl who hear angelic voices, must be clean not only the spirit but also the body. When all necessary data have been collected, Charles VII finally gave Joan of Arc nine thousandth army, ordered her to forge armor and sent to Orleans

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Wanting to avoid bloodshed, Jeanne asked four times to send a letter on his behalf to the Duke of Bedford to ask for peace with France. All petitions regent refuses. Then the warrior had to lead the troops into battle.

May 4, 1429 the composition of the French troops had won the first major victory after many years of defeats in the Hundred Years War. This event not only helped to take some of the siege, but also significantly boosted the morale of the soldiers.

A few days later, on May 7 during a battle in the tower Turelley Jeanne was wounded above the clavicle, and the French drooped again . What is this God’s messengers such, they thought, if they are even in the armor is so easy to take a weapon? Independently of tearing wounds arrow virgin again sat on the horse and went out on the battlefield. By the way, as noted by the French soldiers, in the court of the Dauphin Jeanne, rather, flirting, talking about the inability to fight, in fact it is not so bad it was controlled with a weapon. May 8 was complete French victory over the English at Orleans, Joan of Arc then became known as the Virgin of Orleans. As promised, Jeanne crowned their king in Reims Cathedral. And for the victory of the new king asked for more horses and the abolition of taxes with the native village.

One of Orleans was not enough. To assert its superiority, the French had to release more and Paris. Knowing that the city is much better fortified Orleans Arc Charles VII asked to give her more soldiers. But, as historians note, the king refused to spend money on an increase in the army. Going up to the walls of Paris at the end of August 1429, with Jeanne collapsed and retreated with his army not numerous. Bearer of Arc was killed, but very young girl seriously wounded. From these military campaigns, she had to give up until they are cured. The French began to say that Joan too puffed up after the victory at Orleans Saints and now she does not help.

It is a pity that it is not our

In May 1430 Arc decided to help lift the siege Compiegne, who won the British accomplices – Burgundians. During one of the battles it captured and demanded for the release of 10 thousand livres -. A colossal sum for the standards

Valois refused to pay for the subjects, and in November 1430. it bought British

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By the way, God’s messenger claimed chief Inquisitor of France to give, but for less money. Later, one of his lieutenants – Jean Lemaitre – will be among the judges in the trial of the virgin of Orleans

After the transfer of Joan of Arc to the English in Rouen, a city in the north of France, held once a church court, who wore a conformable political. . “If the Church recognizes that led the troops, and was crowned at Reims in France, Charles of Valois kings of the girl possessed by demons, which will be for him and for the whole of France, shame!” – Says one of the extant records. According to historical documents, in all interrogations Jeanne acted boldly and optimistically, still persist that it is only on God and the angels, from which it will not give up. And one of the present soldiers if even exclaimed: “That’s a girl, it is a pity that it is not ours!” – Wrote French historian Gasquet

«heretic, verootstupnitsa, idolatress»

After a lot. proceedings ecclesiastical court sentenced Joan of Arc to death. There is an opinion that in the Middle Ages, all those who disagree with the Church immediately led to the fire. And if in respect of the alleged witches and wizards and could be the heretics, on the contrary, it was required to save from execution, forced to abandon their convictions and appeal to the canonical faith. Thus the Church asserted its primacy. Preserved appeal of Pope Innocent III to the inquisitors: “Faithful and agile people need to defraud heretic confession, promising him freedom from the fire»

They burned usually only the most implacable fanatics who are neither. under no circumstances renounced his views, such as Giordano Bruno.

Summing maiden to the fire, the judge again asked, not whether it wishes to submit to the Church, to which she once again refused. However, it is a death sentence was read, Joan suddenly started shouting that the total retracts and remains with the Church. She immediately slipped prepared in advance for such cases, the paper, the text of which she still could not read because of his illiteracy. It said the following: she pleaded guilty to intoxication and people will be kept for life in prison on bread and water. After the Maid of Orleans is something scribbled on a piece of her taken back to prison.

It is the first time a few years back was wearing a woman’s dress. However, less than a week, like Joan of Arc began to cry, saying that betrayed themselves and their faith, and to demand that it returned to the familiar male suit. The renunciation of renunciation to her no one could forgive. May 30, 1431 God’s messenger in the white miter with the word “heretic, verootstupnitsa, idolatress” again led to a fire in the area of ​​Rouen Old Market. There, in the presence of onlookers once again read out the verdict and lit a fire. By the way, some particularly humane executioners to cut the victim of torment hours underlay the fire dry straw – so sentenced may suffocate in the smoke before the fire gets to his body. However, on the day the scaffold specifically set too high, so that no one could reach it. At the time of the execution of Joan of Arc, presumably, it was only 19 years old

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life after death

penalty Witnesses recalled the miracles allegedly occurred in the last minutes of the life of virgin of Orleans: someone told me that he had seen a white dove, emitted from the mouth girl, someone saw in a flame of fire letters “Jesus”. After the execution of a heretic burned began to forget, but remember again, when in New Orleans in the late 1430′s showed up false Jeanne. The girl told all that God had raised her, and she believed. Impostor was like a true Jeanne, she skillfully jumped on a horse and with a gun.

The girl even recognized the brothers of this Maid of Orleans. Miraculously rescued heroine began to bestow jewels and bestow honors.

Nevertheless, the false Jeanne still caught some little things for which he later paid the price.

After the execution of Joan of Arc king Charles VII of France, apparently occasionally I felt pangs of conscience because he did nothing to save them from the cruel death that which elevated him to the throne. From 1452 he began to study, as one would say now, rehabilitation Maid of Orleans. Valois succeeded in re-examination of the case, and in 1456 with Jeanne was cleared of all charges of heresy.

For a long time its status as a saint and national heroine not subject to doubt, until the monarchy fell. Republicans first Maid of Orleans bound only by the royal power, and the cult of virginity – the vestiges of the past. In the middle of the XIX century, the French decided not matter which system supported Arc, most importantly, that she the heroine of the common people

In 1909, the Maid of Orleans was nicknamed Blessed.. Then there was talk constantly about the canonization of Joan of Arc, that proved to be very difficult.

According to the existing laws, to declare someone a saint, it is required to provide confirmation of the witnesses of the wonders .

Of course, in the twentieth century to find those who have seen the virgin, was impossible. However, its canonized based on the stories of two women of miraculous healings. After much prayer, ascended to the Maid of Orleans, one was able to cure the ulcer on the foot, and the other – to get rid of a heart murmur. In addition to its national French heroine constantly remembered during the First World War: the image of a woman-warrior has become very popular again, and often reproduced on posters. Decision of the Roman Catholic Church in 1920, Joan of Arc was declared a saint. Every year on May 8 France celebrates his favorite, remembering how the maiden led troops to the French freedom.

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In Russia, learned to assess the economy of space – Lenta.ru

The Russian company “Sovzond” presented the technology assessment of the economy around the world based on the analysis of large volumes of multi-temporal satellite images, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported. Their comparison allows you to evaluate the industrial and residential construction, deforestation, development of agricultural land and areas of mining, development of transport infrastructure.

As explained by the Deputy Director General of “Sovzond” Milan Elerdova, filming the Earth’s surface from space to compensate for the inaccuracy of the official statistical number of states that are not always available, poorly standardized, scattered and sometimes deliberately distorted. The photos are always objective, relevant and amenable to automated processing, which allows the output to obtain uniform results.

00:05 May 27, 2016

For example, the number can be estimated using information on the rate of increase in space multi-storey and low-rise residential development in any macro-region moved residents. Subsequently, possible to draw conclusions about the service infrastructure dynamics, adequacy or transport failure, energy, information network, provision of water, recreational resources of the population, to judge the degree to landscapes load.

In the same way, objectively defining trend of increasing or decreasing the areas of oil production and the number of pads of oil production in a number of countries – exporters of oil, it is possible to make predictions about the cost of a barrel in the current term

created by World Evolution system operates with images of the Earth surface, accumulated since the 1980′s.. According Elerdovoy now the service provides information on the entire territory of Russia (more than 17 million square kilometers), and shows the changes in the socio-economic structure of the Russian Federation for the period 2000-2014 years.

«to create a product for the analysis of the territory all over the world, we plan to attract investors. Because in this case we will focus on the enormous amounts of data – tens of petabytes – and, accordingly, a very impressive computational capabilities, “- said Elerdova. According to her, the service interested foreign partners and investors, but the company would prefer as a key partner to see Russian companies.

The program allows you to display the results of both natural and and man-made processes occurring since the beginning of the century to the present day . In July, the service will be available to Internet users online.


During the launch of “Glonass-M” satellite emergency situation has occurred – RBC

When fading “Glonass-M” navigation satellite from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region in the third stage “Soyuz-2.1b” carrier rocket has arisen an emergency situation. This was news agency TASS reported citing a source in the space industry.

itself failed on launch vehicle “Soyuz 2.1b” before separating the upper stage “Fregat”, a source told “Interfax” in the rocket space industry. “Engine [rocket] RD-0124 & lt; … & gt; shut down ahead of schedule “, – he said

The upper stage” Fregat “was able to successfully launch a satellite into target orbit” at the expense of its engines, “due to the fact that the unit worked a little longer than necessary.. “Currently, the state commission has been studying the causes of the incident,” – said the source TASS

Launch vehicle “Soyuz-2.1b” with the navigation satellite “GLONASS-M” was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on May 29 at 11:45. MSK. Start has been committed combat crews of the Space Forces air and space forces of Russia. This launch “Union-2.1b” is the third in 2016. A few hours after the satellite launch, it became known that he went into orbit at the specified time.

Last fault on a rocket “Soyuz” became known in April 2016. The first launches of carrier rockets “Soyuz-2.1a” from the cosmodrome Vostochny in the morning on April 27, a few minutes before the start of automation gave a retreat. Start was postponed for a day, and on April 28 «Soyuz-2.1a” with three spacecraft successfully launched from the Baikonur East.

After this unsuccessful start-up, Russian President Vladimir Putin reprimanded Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and severe reprimand the head of state corporation “Roscosmos” Igor Komarov. The reason for launching transport “Roskosmos” call deficiencies in the cable .


In Russia, we are going to run the world’s most powerful laser – VSE42 News

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Ufology noticed in the pictures from Mars “astronaut in a spacesuit” – REGNUM

Washington, May 30 2016, 11:38 – REGNUM Ufology (researchers involved in the study of unidentified flying objects), investigating the recent pictures of the rover Curiosity, noticed on one of the photos of the shadow cast by “an astronaut in a spacesuit,” reports Vistanews.

Photos from Mars have been posted at NASA. Ufology noticed that on them there is someone on whom wore the suit: it seems as if the astronaut secures equipment rover

According to ufologists, the human silhouette is marked by them in the pictures from Mars is not the first time.. Serious scientists have left no comments like “discovery».

As previously reported IA REGNUM , some paleontologists investigating the data obtained from Mars, believe that the red planet could support life . In the vicinity of the crater Huygens detected traces of the existence of potentially habitable ancient oceans.

Scientists believe that about 3.5 billion years ago, Mars had oceans and dense air atmosphere.

Read earlier in this story: NASA will send to Mars orbit in 2028

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Scientists: Reaction to quarrel predict future health problems – REGNUM

Washington, May 30 2016, 09:39 – REGNUM American scientists from the University of California to establish the degree of influence of the emotional reactions of people in the family quarrels on subsequent health problems, according to arXiv.org portal.

The researchers argue that the future of the state of human health in 20 years can be judged in his response to the 15-minute clash. During the experiment, scientists have provoked the conflict in couples and examined with their medical data.

It was found that the emotional, impulsive person is able to amass problems with blood pressure and calm, balanced person in a few years experience back problems, or other pain syndromes.

In addition, scientists have to the conclusion that the link between emotions in conflict with health problems are much more pronounced in men.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Launched from Plesetsk satellite “GLONASS-M” was taken into orbit – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, May 29 – RIA Novosti Launched carrier rocket “Soyuz-2″ satellite navigation “Glonass-M” successfully launched into orbit, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia The upper stage put the satellite into orbit at the specified time, the connection with the device already installed. As noted in the department, on-board system “Glonass-M” are operating normally.

Launch vehicle “Soyuz-2.1b” satellite “GLONASS-M” was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome at 11.45 MSK. This is the third start-middle-class “Soyuz-2″ launch vehicle from Plesetsk in 2016.

By the end of the year Russia plans to withdraw another seven satellites in orbit, “Glonass-M”, who will be part of the global system GLONASS.


VKS Russia have reduced the upper stage “Fregat” with the orbit of the satellite “Glonass-M” – RIA Novosti

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MOSCOW, May 29 -. RIA Novosti Staff chief test space center named after Titov reduced the upper stage “Fregat” with the target orbit spacecraft “Glonass-M” on the so-called graveyard orbit after its successful launch into orbit a rocket “Soyuz-2.1b” from Plesetsk, told RIA Novosti spokesman . information and the Ministry of defense

“Disposed” Frigate “was carried out by multiple inclusions of the propulsion system in order to make the accelerating pulse unit needed to slip it into orbit at an altitude of about 19.2 thousand kilometers,” – noted in the military.

experts have information about it in the main catalog of space objects and proceeded to the analysis and processing of coordinate and non-coordinate information about the new space object to taking it to support ground-based exploration of the main center of the space after the withdrawal of the upper stage environment Space VKS the troops.

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Russian Defense Ministry: satellite “GLONASS-M” successfully launched into orbit – TASS

MOSCOW, May 29. / TASS /. Russian navigation spacecraft “Glonass-M”, was launched today with the help of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1b” from Plesetsk (Arkhangelsk region), at the estimated time displayed on the target orbit and adopted by the management of land resources of the Main test space center named Mr. .FROM. . Titov Space Forces Aerospace Forces

“With the spacecraft” Glonass-M “. Installed and maintained stable telemetric communication onboard the spacecraft are functioning normally,” – reported today TASS in the press service of the management and information Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

When the unit is put into operation

“Glonass-M”, was launched from Plesetsk, will begin work next month, he told Tass source in the space industry.

“The spacecraft will undergo flight testing before commissioning before the end of June – beginning of July,” – said

The Russian upper stage “Fregat-MT. “. Profile

The Russian carrier rocket “Soyuz-ST”. Profile

Start in normal mode

“Soyuz-2.1b” was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome at 11:45 MSK.

10 minutes after the start of the space head part of the rocket in the upper stage “Fregat” and the navigation satellites “Glonass-M” cleanly separated from the third stage of the carrier. Later, the upper stage machinery brought into the calculated orbit.

The state corporation “Roscosmos” previously told that before the end of 2017 the national constellation GLONASS navigation system can fill up to eight satellites. At the same time for the launch can be used not only the “Union”, and heavy rocket “Proton-M”. According to the source TASS in the space industry, the launch of “Proton” with up to three devices GLONASS system could take place before the end of 2016.


Carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1b” satellite “GLONASS-M” was launched from Plesetsk – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, May 29 – RIA Novosti. Booster middle class “Soyuz-2.1b” with the navigation satellite “GLONASS-M” was launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region at 11.45 MSK, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to military, all-launch operations and launch the rocket itself passed normally. This is the third launch rocket from Plesetsk this type in 2016.

The general coordination of the launch rocket carried the commander of the Space Forces FSI Russian Lieutenant-General Alexander Golovko.

As reported later in the office, the upper stage “Fregat” satellite successfully separated from the rocket.

Output another satellite “GLONASS-M” on the orbit constellation should support the Russian GLONASS navigation system. As previously reported by the chief of department of navigation space systems of the state corporation “Roscosmos” Andrei Volkov, in addition to this start-up company plans to spend another seven before the end of the year.

The flight tests of space rocket complex “Soyuz-2″ began at the cosmodrome “Plesetsk” November 8, 2004 of the year. Over the past twelve years, from the northern cosmodrome conducted 27 launches of carrier rockets “Soyuz-2″ modernization phases 1a, 1b and 1c.

“Soyuz-2″ replaces the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U”, which was held on the operation of the Plesetsk Cosmodrome from 1973 to 2012.


Greece announced a unique discovery: the tomb of Aristotle found – NEWSru.com

Greek scientists 20 years after the start of the excavations have discovered the tomb of the great philosopher, the founder of formal logic of Aristotle. About his discovery they announced during the conference “Aristotle – 2400 years”, which was held in Thessaloniki, according to local broadcasting ERT .

 It clarifies that Aristotle’s tomb was discovered in 1996 during excavations at the home of a thinker in ancient Stagira (now the Olympics village in Halkidiki). However, when expressed only assumptions about its origin.

 Now the Greek archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis the conference announced that researchers have new data and strong evidence that this is the tomb of Aristotle.

 “We found the grave, found the altar, which was mentioned in ancient writings path that leads to the burial, is not far from the ancient city of Agora.”, – He said.

 Aristotle was born in Stagira in 384 BC. He was the first thinker who created a comprehensive system of philosophy. His concept including had a significant impact on the Christian – mostly Catholic – and Muslim theology.


In the field trips Aristotle with students smash archaeological park
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Scientists continue to search for the ancient library at Herculaneum, where masterpieces stored Aristotle, Euripides and Sophocles

// NEWSru.com // Culture // October 25, 2007

 British archivists in a medieval manuscript discovered fragments of texts of Aristotle and Archimedes

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NASA ISS Astronauts added an inflatable room – Lenta.ru

NASA astronauts launched to the International Space Station (ISS), an experimental inflatable module Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), intended for the accommodation of crews of orbital complex. This Saturday, 28 May, told Space.com.

The design of the spherical form could reveal at the second attempt. Astronauts Jeff Williams took it for more than seven hours. The process was coordinated by representatives of NASA and Bigelow Aerospace, developed module. In the expanded state the diameter of the module is 3.2 meters, and length – 3.96 meters. Volume -16 cubic meters.

00:05 April 24, 2016

00:57 July 25, 2015

It is noted that experts have completed a full module encapsulation. The pressure in the structure will be installed on the ISS pressure level, according to RIA Novosti. During the next week will be held check for leaks, only then Williams for the first time enter into the so-called inflatable room.

It is expected that within two years of the module will be tested for resistance to radiation, maintaining temperature and tightness.

The original work on the deployment of the module began on Thursday, May 26th. However, problems arose in the process – the design starts to unfold unevenly, and in addition, the pressure within the above normal. Experts decided to postpone the attempt.