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"VKontakte" will block the ability to download pirated video - TVNZ

The creators of the social network

“VKontakte” have decided to fight the “pirates” . To do this, they developing technology that should prevent it from users to upload illegal video . This was the deputy general director Dmitry Mednikov RTR.

It is planned that the new system simply will not allow to upload the video file, the publication of which violates copyrights, write “Izvestia».

According to the developers, blocking pirated content will be similar to the technology Content ID. Thanks to the rights holder can register online movie as his property, and broadcasts do not allow other people to download the same video – even in modified form (eg, in another size or quality or cut fragments).

Note that similar technology has long been working on the popular website YouTube.

Recall from 1 August in Russia illegally blocked sites hosted television, video and film production. Right holder has the right to a trial and Roscomnadzor block access to any Internet resource that is in demand without giving access to the video.

This document establishes the legal basis and determines the order restricting access to information resources, which are distributed through cinema and TV films in violation of the exclusive rights.


Some pages YouTube banned in Russia

Some pages

video hosting YouTube have been made in the Unified Register domain names containing the information dissemination in Russia zaprescheno.Sdelano this was due to the requirement Epidemiology. The reasons for this decision are not yet known (Read more)

Flying near the Earth "twin" Chelyabinsk car - News project

Near-Earth flying “double” Chelyabinsk car

text: Alexander Temples /

published Sept. 30 ’13 10:46

Source: (AP Photo / Wakayama University Institute for Education on Space, HO

Russian experts spotted a 15-meter asteroid that nearly collided with the Earth. The trajectory of its flight ran lower than geostationary satellites.

Opening informed experts of the State Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University.

object was fixed network MASTER telescope, located on Lake Baikal. He flew over India and Indonesia in the night from 26 to 27 September. Only managed to do eight pictures of the object for which it was possible to calculate the trajectory, speed and size.

diameter of the object is about 15 meters – roughly the same size and have the car in Chelyabinsk, which fell in February 2013. Heavenly body was at the height of 11,300 feet at a speed of 16 kilometers per second.

While scientists can not say for sure if this object is an asteroid. It is possible that it was a piece of space debris or stage booster – but experts have not yet found among well-known man-made objects suitable “candidate” for the role.

Currently, astronomers have sent their data to the International Center for Research of minor planets, where the project was given the official “name» – MASD91. Perhaps, further analysis will shed light on the nature of this object, although at the moment the new observations are impossible – MASD91 too far off from our planet.

Recall the recent Spanish astronomers calculated the potential progenitor of the Chelyabinsk car – it was two hundred meter asteroid 2011 EO40 of Apollo Group.

The first start-up after the accident, "Proton-M" was a success - Reuters

The launch Proton-M satellite Astra 2E communication

MOSCOW, Sept. 30 – RIA Novosti. The first accident since the July launch of the “Proton-M” was successful: in orbit nominally launched a European telecommunications satellite Astra 2E, told RIA Novosti the Russian Federal Space Agency.

“There has been a separation of the spacecraft from the upper stage” Breeze-M “. Sputnik outsourced to the customer start-up – operator SES Astra”, – said the official.

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© Ser She

rocket “Proton-M” fell and exploded after launch. Shooting witness


“Proton-M” with three Russian navigation satellites “Glonass-M” fell on July 2 in the first minute launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The Commission of Inquiry PE came to the conclusion that a rocket was incorrectly set block angular rate sensors, which was the cause of the accident. To avoid such incidents in the future, the Federal Space Agency has decided to change the shape of the sensors. PE read the material >>

Astra 2E satellite weighing six tons manufactured by EADS Astrium (France) at the request of the satellite operator SES Astra (Luxembourg) on ??the Eurostar 3000 platform, which is active lifetime is 15 years. The spacecraft is designed for the retransmission of radio and television programs in both analog and digital formats, as well as providing mobile and internet connection subscribers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Contracted to run using rocket “Proton-M” concluded the satellite operator SES (Luxembourg) and venture International Launch Services Inc. (ILS), according to the website of the Center Khrunichev. The launch is Astra-2E was the sixth launch rocket “Proton” in 2013 and the 389th start in its flight history. ILS to launch the fifth in 2013, and 82 th starting rocket “Proton” from the beginning of its commercial operation in April 1996. The rocket “Proton” at the 23rd time was used to remove the payload Group SES. In addition, it is the 16th launch of “Proton” with the spacecraft, manufactured on the basis of platform Eurostar. It is also the 22 th start in 2013 with the Russian space centers.
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We sledgehammer can prishpandorit important block – Rogozin about the accident, “Proton”

As authorities responded to the failure of “Proton-M”

In early August, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin at a meeting of the commission to investigate the failure of the rocket “Proton-M”, criticized the structure and operation of the Russian space industry. According to the vice-premier, there are no clear objectives, structure is poorly managed, enterprises remains low technological discipline. Rogozin said that the time has come to discuss joint efforts in space and aviation industries. Read more >>

In early September, he said the consolidation of the space industry of Russia. According to Rogozin, it is planned that in the future the Joint Rocket and Space Corporation (ACCD) will include all the companies within the industry, and for the Russian Space Agency will remain the controlling functions of the federal body of executive power. Read more >>

Deputy Prime Dietrich Rogozin : “The problems in the aerospace industry so much that the government is just not right to give the industry an opportunity to figure them out on your own. needed here ongoing assistance to finally break the vicious circle of accidents and mishaps that with such annoyance discussed our entire society “.

What other emergency occurred in the space industry

7 August 2012 launch rocket “Proton-M”, launching into orbit of the Russian communications satellite “Express-MD2″ and Indonesian telecommunications spacecraft “Telkom-3″ ended abnormally due to malfunction of the upper stage ” Breeze-M “. Freelance launch rocket “Proton-M” was associated with the operation of the emergency booster “Briz-M”, which in turn was caused by a manufacturing problem: there was clogged highways boost extra fuel tanks of fuel, “Breeze-M”. Read more in Help RIA Novosti >>

“Missile Industry of the Russian Federation requires a deep reform”

Corresponding Member of the Russian Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics named Andrew, son of John : “Not very profound reform of the Russian space industry can not do, reform is long overdue, a decade ago, and it should no longer speak, and begin. Grounds for reform – the depletion of human capital in the industry, as well as its structure is inefficient. ” Read more >>

“Ambition great space empire is no longer backed up by a reliable foundation”

RIA Novosti commentator Konstantin Bogdanov : “This is called the loss of the ability to support high-tech infrastructure inherited. reason is that the space has got to Russia to mouth, and his throughout the Soviet Union did, Soviet engineers.’s their industry, not ours. ambitions Just great space empire, which used to consider myself Russia is no longer backed up by a solid foundation. ” Read more >>

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First, after an accident in July "Proton" communications satellite was launched from Baikonur - BBC

upper stage “Breeze-M” with a telecommunications satellite “Astra 2E” on Monday night was separated from the carrier rocket “Proton-M».

«After nine minutes after the start, in 01.47 MSK, separated from the carrier upper stage, which continued removal of the satellite to the target orbit in accordance with cyclogram flight” – told Itar-Tass , the press service Roscosmos.

Launch of “Proton-M” satellite took place from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in 01.38 MSK.

«The satellite into its target orbit is scheduled today at 10.50 MSK”, – explained the space agency.

Initially, the launch of the spacecraft was scheduled on July 21, 2013, but because of the accident the carrier rocket “Proton-M” with three satellites “Glonass-M”, which occurred on July 2 this year launch date “Astra 2E” repeatedly postponed.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Soyuz TMA-10M" delivered three astronauts to the ISS - BBC Russian

manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-10M” to the crew of a new expedition has successfully docked with the Russian segment of the International Space Station, according to the Mission Control Center.

The expedition – Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazan, and U.S. astronaut Michael Hopkins.

At the ISS is now working three astronauts: Russian Fyodor Yurchikhin, NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg and European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano.

planned duration of the new expedition will be 168 days. The crew will perform the scientific program of 35 experiments and conduct three spacewalks.

Joining the “Union” with the ISS on six hours after launch. This is the third manned spacecraft docked on a shortened six-hour scheme.

Invented elastic ceramics -

IMAGE retena Elasto & # x447; ceramics tion

Ceramics in the usual sense – it is a fragile material that is not borne of a strong influence from outside. Scientists from the University of Massachusetts have dispelled this view.

Researchers from the United States and Singapore have created a kind of ceramics that can be bent, without being afraid that it will break. Additionally, the uniqueness of the updated material is that the clay is capable of shape memory.

At this stage, the development of ceramics represents a microscopic hairs of material that are indistinguishable to the human eye. At the same time, scientists noticed that the hairs return to its original shape when exposed to high temperatures. The smaller the object, the more its elasticity and resilience to external shocks. Therefore, at this time is not known what new material will ultimately. According to preliminary estimates, the existing fiber can be bent by 7-8% of the original form of any number of times. At the same time, according to experts, if a large amount of flexing of the material, the deviation can be only 1%, and repeated bending will result in damage to the material. Work on in order to increase stability and elasticity of the material are in progress.


hair thickness is only 1 micron (micrometer), and that’s enough to start using it to create nano-and microdevices. For example, a wire made of ceramics updated will maintain the properties of this material, the flex and quickly to its original shape.

Valery Alexeev

Private truck Cygnus after a week delay dock with the ISS - Reuters

Mass-dimensional layout of the ship Cygnus, archive photo

MOSCOW, Sept. 29 – RIA Novosti. link private space truck Cygnus to the International Space Station (ISS), postponed last week due to a failure in the onboard software, is now scheduled for Sunday, all the ship’s systems are working properly, according to NASA and the company Orbital Sciences – developer of the device.

Cygnus spacecraft was launched into orbit on September 18. Rocket “Antares” successfully launched from Baikonur on Wallops Island, and experts have begun to carry out a series of tests the ship, in which it was found that these GPS, which passed the ship when trying to establish a direct link with the ISS differ from these estimates. Specialists have found the reason: the gap between data formats of time. Originally docking was delayed for two days, but then it was decided to postpone until Sunday due to docking, “the Union”, which was held successfully on 26 September.

For several days, the group of specialists working with Cygnus, developed, tested and loaded on board software “patch” that eliminate the discrepancy.

Friday night Cygnus was about 2.4 thousand kilometers behind the ISS, then he began a series of maneuvers that should bring it closer to the point of beginning of the station, which is located 4 kilometers below the ISS. After all the ship’s systems will be checked and all the experts will give “good” vehicle will rise to the next “step” – 1.5 kilometers, then 250 meters below the station. After a few more stops Cygnus gets to a point 12 meters away from the ISS.

Here, the European Astronaut Luca Parmitano with the assistance of NASA astronaut Carey Nyberg catch “Swan” manipulator station and then docked it to the docking port of the module Harmony. It is expected that the ship will be captured at 15.15 MSK, and at 19.20 docking is completed. The ship will stay in the ISS for about a month, then it will load debris and undock, after which it will enter the atmosphere and burn up.

Cygnus, developed by Orbital Sciences under contract with NASA to deliver cargo to the ISS, the second in the history of private space truck. The ship should be delivered to the ISS about 600 kilograms of cargo.

© Infographics

cargo spaceships

IPhone 5S deficit may persist until December -

opinions about the proportion of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in the first nine millions of smartphones that Apple sold in three days since the introduction of new products in stores divided. If you rely on the statistics of activation of new smartphones experts argued that the iPhone 5S was almost three times more popular, other sources suggest that this model had only three million copies, and the real potential demand was twice as much. Anyway, now iPhone 5S in the online Apple Store is available only with a waiting period to October, and in off-line stores in the U.S. smartphone certain modifications are available only in 35% of cases.

As explained


At the same time, experts KGI Securities argue that the opening party of the new iPhone has been divided between the two models are almost equally from 3.5 million to 4.5 million iPhone 5S, and from 4.5 to 5.5 million iPhone 5C. If it were not for the deficit of the model, the iPhone 5S could disperse more widely circulated suggests the source. Note that the iPhone 5C is now available in the online Apple store to wait for a period not exceeding 24 hours. Trailer of the news is reported that , that coming Monday, Tim Cook and billionaire Carl Icahn will meet to discuss plans for the latter in respect of shares of Apple. It is assumed that Icahn bought Apple stock worth about $ 2 billion, and this makes it a relatively large shareholder, but in the top ten, he still is not included, and against the background of the company’s capitalization of several hundred billion dollars a pack looks palely. Note that Icahn previously advocated a more active share buyback by the company, and it may be one of the topics that they will discuss with Cook at the business meeting.

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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c - the deficit will not be - piter-piter

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c - the deficit will not be

Apple Inc. announced the new terms of sales of new gadgets. In just the first three days were sold 9,000,000 units. Demand for these models is large enough and high level implementation proves it.

According to analysts, this demand can last until early December.

“Already, for everyone not smart enough. guess, though the company will cope with this problem. At the same time, the situation may be similar to its predecessor, as well as when the iPhone 5 is not able to achieve a balance in demand” – analyst Gene Munster.

If you compare the two models, it is worth paying attention to, is that iPhone 5s sold better than the iPhone 5c 3.7 times.

Friday, September 27, 2013

IPhone 5s deficit can not be avoided -

skeptical mood that iPhone sales will not be as big as before, dispelled the company Apple, reported record sales (9,000,000 units in the first three days) models of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The demand for new products is really great, resulting in the tubes is not enough for everyone. At the very least, it refers to the flagship machine, and the deficit it can last until the beginning of December, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster (Gene Munster).

Expert noted that Apple’s online store in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China have set deadlines for the supply of iPhone 5s for October 2013. The golden model in some places is not available at all (for example, in Japan).

new mobile brand Apple may repeat the fate of its predecessor. “At the time when online ordering iPhone 5 could not reach a balance in supply and demand until the beginning of December – says Munster. – Apparently, 5s follow in his footsteps”.

staff Piper Jaffray by examining stocks smartphone iPhone 5s in U.S. stores Apple Store, revealed the presence of this device is only 35% points across the country.

His study also conducted a market research firm KGI Securities. Her co-worker Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) argues that the opening party of the new iPhone has been divided between the two models are almost equally from 3.5 to 4.5 million units of iPhone 5s and 4.5-5.5 million iPhone 5c . If it were not for the lack of iPhone 5s, then this gadget might break up far more copies. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5c is now available in the online Apple store to wait for a period not exceeding 24 hours.

data analysts Localytics differ statistically from KGI Securities. According to their estimates, the United States smartphone iPhone 5s over the first weekend has sold 3.4 times more than the iPhone 5c.

The situation is similar in other countries globally selling iPhone 5s surpass iPhone sales 5c 3.7 times. Note that in some countries, the ratio in favor of more iPhone 5s. For example, in Japan, it is equal to 5:1.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that the figures Localytics based on the number of activated devices, whereas based on its own estimates are output. However, since the iPhone 5s is in short supply, any methods podccheta (activation, sales, production) will show similar results, added the expert.

on materials CNET News

Source: DailyComm

Scientists have confirmed all the opening for the year of Curiosity on Mars - Reuters

Picture of Mars, made rover Curiosity, archive photo

MOSCOW, Sept. 26 – RIA Novosti. Martian rock “Jake Matievich” rover studied during his first stop, formed from igneous rocks in the presence of liquid water, say scientists in one of the publications in Journal of Science, on the work of Curiosity on the Red Planet.

Since Curiosity landing on Mars in early August 2012, the rover had time to test all of its 10 scientific instruments in the case, including the Russian neutron detector DAN, laser a “chemical” and the camera ChemCam microlaboratory SAM. During this time, scientists have made several important discoveries, including the found traces of water and an organic matter in the soil, confirmed the possibility of life on early Mars and mapped the winds in Gale Crater.

Curiosity science team announced these findings after analyzing data transmitted rover on Earth, but its complete processing and preparation of scientific publications required time. As many as five teams planetary scientists working with Curiosity, took stock of the first phase of the rover on the surface of the Red Planet.

“Water Stone”

In the first article

Edward Stolper of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (USA) and his colleagues analyzed the chemical composition of the stone, “Jake Matievich,” which became the first “target” for the camera ChemCam, APXS spectrometer and other instruments rover.

Also, a preliminary analysis showed that it is extremely unusual piece of rock, analogues of which scientists have not yet encountered on Mars. Thus, it contains an unusually high proportion of the alkali metals, and is composed of mineral grains that are present on Earth, but are almost never found or missing on the Red Planet.

After re-analysis of data from APXS and ChemCam Stolper group found that “Jake” contains about 1-2% water. Taking into account the chemical composition of the stone, it makes it a close “cousin” of one of the earth’s rocks – the so-called mudzhierita, which is usually found on the volcanic islands on Earth or in underwater rift faults.

This fact suggests that the water is often met on ancient Mars, as on Earth mudzhierity formed only in the presence of liquid. In turn, this confirms that the Red Planet was much “friendlier” to life in the distant past than today.

in search of water

Pierre-Yves meslin from the Institute of Astrophysics and planetary scientists in Toulouse (France) and his colleagues compared the chemical composition of the soil of Mars, using data collected by the device and the camera CheMin ChemCam rover as it moves across the surface of the Red Planet. In total, the researchers analyzed the composition and structure of the 139 plots of soil, allowing them to distinguish two main types of soil.

The first one consists of finely milled fragments of the main species formed in the deep layers of the mantle, and contains a relatively large proportion of magnesium and calcium. The second group consists of acidic soils and rocks contains predominantly coarse grains with a high concentration of aluminum, quartz, and other compounds that include silicon. On the other hand, the main common feature of these soils was that all of the samples contained hydrogen and water.

According to scientists, the soil and the atmosphere of Mars are not exchanged water, as evidenced by the absence of differences in the concentration of hydrogen ions in the inner and outer layers of the soil during the day and night. This also means that the water in the soil Mars chemically bound to other compounds and this gives us hope that the frozen liquid or even water can be hidden at great depths.

Secrets “Rocky nest”

third group of planetary scientists led by David Blake of NASA’s Ames Research Center (USA) conducted an unusual study by examining the structure of the sandy soil on the site of the second stop of Curiosity, the so-called “Rocky’s Nest”, in micrographs obtained by cameras and laboratories at SAM aboard the rover.

According to scientists, the soil in the “rocky nest” about half consists of milled fragments of basalt and other rocks, particle size not exceeding 150 micrometers. Another major component of a mixture of amorphous materials, which contain iron, water, oxygen, carbon oxides, sulfur and chlorine.

The authors note that the deposits of sand in the “rocky nest” are very similar in texture and chemical composition of the soil at Gusev Crater and Meridiani plateau, where they worked Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. This suggests that such “dunes” are formed on the same principles as the equator of Mars, and at high latitudes.

Their counterparts led by David Bisch from Indiana University in Bloomington (USA) made a map of minerals in the “rocky nest” with the device CheMin, preliminary results of which were announced in October last year.

Scientists have confirmed that the soil in this part of Mars are similar to the volcanic tuff from the Hawaiian Islands, and also found that contains a set of glass beads, which could arise as a result of a meteorite near the “Rocky Nest” and the spreading of molten drops of Martian volcanic rocks.

main question

In the most recent

Laurie Leshin of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy (USA) and colleagues reported about one of the greatest discoveries of Curiosity – detection of organics on Mars, as NASA announced in early December 2012.

This conclusion scientists came after the spread soil samples from the “Rocky Nest” in a chemical laboratory inside the rover and the “enlightened” them using a mass spectrometer. In addition to the previously observed Perchlorate, researchers found in samples of a large amount of water, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. Judging from the low decomposition temperature, they were the source of the molecule of cyanic acid, hydrogen sulphide and unknown organic compounds.

Overall, the scientists were able to confirm the scientific community and to all the discoveries, which they claimed in the first year of Curiosity on Mars. Detection of water and organics on Mars really shows that life could have arisen on it in the past, but its possible traces of it will be extremely difficult to find with Curiosity because of the lack of tools on board. On the other hand, this problem will be the main mission of NASA’s next rover that will be sent to Mars in 2020.

© Infographics

Mars Rover Curiosity: year of operation on Mars

Martian pyramid poured water - BBC

Scientists have published data on the results of the first one hundred days of stay Curiosity rover on the planet. The waters there were fewer than expected, but the surprise came from new minerals found on Earth.

planetary scientists studying the surface of Mars based on data from Mars Rover Curiosity, first results of more than a year’s work of the device on the surface of the planet.

in Friday’s issue of the journal Science published an article of the five groups of researchers studying the composition of Martian rocks. After landing on the surface of 6 August 2012, the rover after that for 100 Martian days covered 500 meters. On his way caught two unusual geological structures that have attracted the attention of scientists.

Finished recording volunteers to Mars, called home Earthlings

born on Mars, to Mars and back

Scientists have proved version of Martian origin of life on Earth. I want to colonize the planet by then to get up at all, remained … ?

first appeared piramidopodobnaya lump photograph of which was obtained at the 46 th day of travel. At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory decided to call it a stone-M Jake after Jake Matievich NASA engineer, developed the rover. Jake M became the first stone on which the work of the scientists tested the X-ray spectrometer, illuminating the breed alpha particles to determine its elemental composition.

analysis showed that the lump is a piece mudzhierita – formerly the breed is not found on the surface of Mars.

These basalts are found on Earth, usually on islands in the oceans and continental faults. According to Martin Fisk, a scientist from the University of Oregon and co-author of the work, these rocks are formed deep in the earth in the presence of water. “They are formed deep within the earth from magma that crystallized in the presence of one or two percent of the water. Crystals precipitated from the magma, but that does not crystallize, it becomes mudzhieritom, which then rises to the surface with the eruption of volcanoes, “- says Fisk.

On ancient Mars was bor - a key element for the origin of life

Borat could revive the ancient Mars

meteorite from Mars, has flown to Antarctica, brought to Earth boron, not previously encountered in the bodies beyond Earth. His connection to play … ?

In another study, researchers presented data contactless remote studies of Martian soil using the device ChemCam, which heats the rock laser and monitors the composition of the vaporized material. During his travels half a kilometer rover ran across a variety of soils, and the main finding was that all samples of dust and sand had low concentrations of water. “We realized it literally from the first shot of the laser on the Red Planet” – says Roger Viens working with ChemCam.

Although the headlines of press releases, scientists have traditionally used the word “water”, but in reality it is not about free water, and the proportion of hydrogen in the composition of species present, for example in the form of hydrates .

soil analysis carried out by more than a hundred sites sand dunes Roknest showed approximately the same hydrogen content – 1-3%. Furthermore, using ChemCam possible to establish two basic types of soils – fine-grained. Fine-grained dust covers most of the surface of Mars, and is the basic “holder” of hydrogen found.

Fans spotted on Mars Soviet probe

Excavation of the Soviet space program

later, 52 years later Yuri Gagarin’s flight into the world of scientific media have just two posts that are directly associated with the Russian successes in the development of … ?

According to scientists, it is stored in it most of the hydrogen, which is (in a slightly higher concentrations) was recorded earlier on board the orbital mission, Mars Odyssey.

dug deeper

In a separate experiment rover dug soil and water content is measured at beginning of the experiment and after some time. Found that freshly ground dries up – the hydrogen concentration therein does not decrease with time. “In principle, future astronauts could extract water for their needs, warming the soil” – suggests Viens.
Researcher David Bish, using data from X-ray spectrometer CheMin, found that 71% of the lining area Roknest rocks are of volcanic origin. With him agrees David Black, who, using a different X-ray technique to estimate the density of basalt much lower – only 55%.

analysis of the water content and volatile matter in the soil is devoted to the work carried out on the basis of the instrument SAM (team leader – Laurie Leshin). This device is studying rock samples by heating them and exploring the escaping gases (called pyrolysis). In addition to oxygen, carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds found in rocks of the significant content of chlorate and perchlorate, previously found in the North Pole.


SAM was analyzed and the ratio of hydrogen isotopes in dedicated carbon upon heating water and carbon dioxide. It turned out that the ratio of power that was previously obtained in studies of soil samples. This indicates that between the rarefied Martian atmosphere and surface of the planet is a constant exchange. “The ratio of isotopes of hydrogen and carbon supports the idea that the dust flying around the planet, comes into contact with certain gases in the atmosphere” – believes Leshin.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Russian chemist can get a Nobel Prize - BFM.Ru

V & # x43B; adimir Fokin. F , mapping: Vladimir Fokin. Photo:

Valery Fokin 42. Dark brown hair, light eyes, marital status does not advertise. He was born in Nizhny Novgorod, 20 years ago, graduated from the local department of chemistry, and in 1998, has already received a doctorate at the University of Southern California. After opened a laboratory in the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla (California) – one of the most renowned medical institutions in the United States.

That’s what told Business FM Director of Bio-Business Incubator MIPT Oleg Korzinov “Valery Fokin I know a long time, and we even discussed until 2012 and did some chemical projects in the field of drug development. And he’s right after for some internship program went to America, having worked in several places. And then hit the Scripps ».

Last year Fokin became a visiting professor in the department “Innovative Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology” MIPT. The scientist came there with his teacher, Nobel laureate in chemistry Barry Sharpless. He oversees the MIPT laboratory to develop innovative medicines, and Fokin became engaged in chemical direction, said Business FM Head of innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology MIPT Andrey Ivashchenko:

«For them, basic scientists, the applicability and implementation at the head of the corner. Barry then told us a joke – there are all running around, he’s a Nobel laureate, and he then said Valera’s future winner. He was among the ten most cited chemists decade. And Valera, he recently flew out of Russia, I spoke with him, he does not like the hype, because it is clear that this is not the Nobel Prize, but only a prediction, so is it calmly ».

Fokin one of the best chemists of the decade. Now he is committed to creating new molecules that may in the future be the basis of drugs, including those from different viruses and cancer.

Scientists have collected more than a hundred thousand signatures against the law on the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Lighthouse

Scientists have collected more than a hundred thousand signatures against the law on the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and was taken to the presidential administration. This was reported by “Interfax” chairman unions Academy of Sciences Viktor Kalinushkin.

He noted that the collection of signatures against the law of resonance was in a number of regions of Russia last month and a half and started back to the autumn session of the State Duma.

Recall September 18, the lower house of parliament passed a law on the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences. And yesterday, the Federation Council approved it. Now the document must be received by signature by the head of state.

Under the project, the organization under the jurisdiction of the Academy of Sciences, will go to the jurisdiction of the Federal Agency for Property Management Sciences.

Oxygen appeared in Earth's atmosphere for 3 billion years ago - News project

oxygen appeared in Earth’s atmosphere for 3 billion years ago

text: Alexander Temples /

published Sept. 25 ’13 23:17


Geologists have determined that the oxygen present in the atmosphere of the Earth most of its history. Therefore, the first photosynthetic organisms arose much earlier than is commonly believed.

This is stated in the article Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen, published in a recent issue of the journal Nature.

is estimated that nearly half of its 4.5-billion stories Land held without oxygen atmosphere. For the first time in a tangible amount of oxygen appeared on Earth during the so-called revolution of oxygen about 2.3 billion years ago – it began to allocate photosynthetic bacteria. On increasing the concentration of oxygen speak oxidized species in the period for the first time appear in the fossil record.

However, the authors found that oxygen was fed to atmosphere at 700 million years earlier. This is evidenced by the analysis of samples paleopochvy age 3 billion years old, collected in South Africa. The scientists found that the observed reduction in paleosol isotope content of chromium-53. This shows the active oxidation processes in which the valency chromium in chromium III passed the valency IV.

fact that chromium-53 accumulates predominantly in the oxide form, and then washed IV chromium compound that reduces the total content of the isotope. Based on the characteristics of this process, geologists have calculated that 3 billion years ago, the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere was 3 for 10 in the minus fourth degree of current levels. Almost certainly he had a biogenic origin, as a result of purely abiotic processes as much O2 can not be formed.

«Our study shows that aerobic forms of life and photosynthesis, in which oxygen is liberated, appeared very early,” – said Sean Crowe, one of the authors of the work.

New ISS crew spent applause to the "Soyuz TMA-10M" - Reuters

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RIA Novosti.

rocket “Soyuz-FG” with the spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-10M” was launched with the first (“Gagarin”) site Baikonur cosmodrome. On board the ship – the crew of a new expedition to the International Space Station: Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazan, and NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins.

new expedition, like the previous two, went to the station on the “short” a six-hour scheme. At 01.08 MSK spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-10M” successfully separated from the third stage rocket “Soyuz-FG”. And in 05.33 MSK “Union” docked to the space station. Joining in the automatic mode.

At the ISS astronauts will perform three spacewalks. During the first Russians Kotov and Ryazan will make the Olympic torch.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"The successful launch of the iPhone in the history of ..." - BBC

Apple sold 9,000,000 new iPhone in three days – a record for a third surpassed forecasts. The company’s shares rose by 5%, showing the best result since July. Explain the success of the start of sales in China, according to analysts’ estimates, it accounted for 15% of shipments. In addition, for the first time sold two models of the new iPhone.

Apple Inc. released a long-awaited report on sales of new models of iPhone for the first three days. It turned out that the corporation has sold 9,000,000 iPhone – this is twice the previous record (in 2012 for the same time it has been sold 5 million iPhone 5) and higher than the wildest predictions of analysts (less than 8,000,000, the average forecast was 6,000,000). Record does not stop even forced restriction of shipment flagship iPhone 5s.

company first introduced the two models, as well as the first in the list of countries that will get the first iPhone, entered China (sales began in the U.S., Australia, UK, Germany, China and Hong Kong, Canada, Puerto Rico, Singapore, France and Japan ).

The report

Apple does not detail any of the countries or the model. Piper Jaffray analyst Munster Secretary assesses China’s contribution to the record sales of 15% quoted by agency Bloomberg .

The excitement for new products from Apple a little sleep, a deficit remains the

Gold Rush of Apple

day passed since the beginning of sales of two new smartphones from the company Apple – iPhone 5S and 5C. It seems the hype has remained only around one model … ?

Popularity apparently leads iPhone 5s – the excessive demand for it exceeded the originally scheduled delivery (especially popular housing gold color). Many of the orders placed in shops, postponed for a few weeks.

Characteristics of iPhone 5s – slim, almost twice faster processor (compared to the previous version) and Touch ID sensor for fingerprint recognition. Its price in the U.S. is $ 199 & ndash399 (with contract), however, the price of “gold” gadget on Ebay (without contract) is $ 1,000.

cheaper models, iPhone 5c, based on last year’s platform, and has a plastic housing (green, blue, pink, yellow and white colors). Its price in the United States with a contract starting at $ 99. Both devices run on the operating system iOS7.

According to Munster, only 9,000,000 of 3,500,000 accounted for iPhone 5c, and most of them have not yet sold out end-users, but only bought retail retailers.

However, the first three days of sales may give a distorted picture. “Obviously, people who enjoy idling in line with early Friday morning – a special kind of followers that are configured on the top model” – says CEO Ray Localytics Aggarwal, quoted by The Wall Street Journa l.

«It is the most successful iPhone launch ever, – stated the head of Apple Tim Cook. – This is an absolute record sales results in the first weekend. ” Cook also thanked the members for their patience and stressed that the company is working “tirelessly” to make an iPhone for everyone.

BlackBerry dismisses about 40% of the staff, and analysts predict withdrawal from the market of BlackBerry

BlackBerry threw the white flag

While Apple presents a new model IPhone, less successful Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones announced plans to cut about 40% of … ?

If we assume on the basis of the average price of iPhone $ 581 (as reported in the previous quarter, the lowest in 4.5 years), over the weekend Apple revenue was $ 5.2 billion, which is more than estimated over the company Blackberry, once set the tone in the smartphone market.

On Monday, there was news that Blackberry has agreed to sell the assets to a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd, for $ 4.7 billion 9,000,000 pieces – it’s also more than the Blackberry sold in the previous quarter (5.9 million). “There is only one point on which the Blackberry is in comparison to Apple – named after the fruit” – quips Mark Millan from Bloomberg.

This time the company Tim Cook has refused to publish the results of the first day of sales, so the release of the report over the weekend waiting for a special interest. Along with him the company issued another message – that the results of the quarter will be at the top end of previous forecasts (revenue forecast was $ 34 & ndash37 billion). On the iPhone accounted for more than 50% of the company.

After the release of the report on Monday quotes Apple jumped 5%, or $ 23.23, to $ 490.64. This is the highest daily increase since July.

the past few months, Apple has handed over the position in the smartphone market to competitors, in particular, Samsung. From the beginning, Apple shares fell 7.8%, while the S & P 500 rose by 19%. Home sales of the new model cheered analysts.

«Rumors of Apple’s death are greatly exaggerated», – says Oracle Investment Research analyst Lawrence Belter, advises investors to Apple.

On Wednesday, September 25, in 149 countries available fablet Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In Moscow, will begin selling its flagship smartphone LG G2.

LG has introduced a smartphone Vu 3 - piter-piter

LG has introduced a smartphone Vu 3

Gadget Vu 3 has a quad-core Snapdragon processor 800 with 2.3 GHz. Display 5.2-inch touch screen will become a real gem of a new device.

Among the main characteristics should note the presence of a 16 gigabyte flash drive, two gigabytes of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802. The main camera is a 13 megapixel camera and a front facing 2.1 allow you to shoot high-quality images. The device runs on the operating system of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

LG Vu 3 will be available in three colors. Green, black and white color will help determine the future owner of the new device.

specific date when it will be possible to buy a new gadget outside of South Korea, are unknown.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Russia will have to wait for iPhone - Vedomosti

For the first three days, has sold 9,000,000 new models of iPhone. This is more than expected, and could delay deliveries to other countries, including Russia

 Russia will have to wait for iPhone

Photo: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg

Apple announced that the new model of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c set a record: three days from September 20, sold 9,000,000 units. Analysts polled by Reuters, predicted that Apple prodact 6-7,7 million iPhone.

previous smartphone – iPhone 5 – a year earlier at the beginning of the sales sold in three days in the amount of 5 million, and the iPhone 4s in 2010 – in the amount of 4 million

« The demand for iPhone 5s than originally scheduled delivery, so many orders that were placed in the shops, is scheduled to deliver in the coming weeks”, – the report says Apple. According to company CEO Tim Cook cited the company, the most successful iPhone launch in the history of devices: Apple has already sold off all of the first batch of iPhone 5s. How popular model iPhone 5c, Cook did not say.

Two new models of iPhone – iPhone 5s and fiscal iPhone 5c – Apple unveiled on September 10. iPhone 5s is made of anodized aluminum and is equipped with a fingerprint reader. Housing iPhone 5c – plastic, it has a less powerful processor than the iPhone 5s. Apple for the first time broke the tradition and introduced iPhone 5s, not only in white and black, but also in gold. A plastic iPhone 5c is available in packages of five colors at once.

the first day of sales Business Insider reported that the demand for iPhone 5s in the golden body manufacturer has surpassed all expectations.

Most stores almost out of smartphones, some – one by one. Chinese retailers are already on the first day sales of the new iPhone said that they no longer have smartphones golden. Now smartphone sold in 11 countries, only Apple promises to cover 100 countries.

assumed that a cheaper iPhone 5c will be popular in developing countries, particularly in China, which Apple is betting. But it turned out that the price difference between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c – only $ 100. Analysts found the price of budget smartphone models are too high for emerging markets and quotes Apple began to fall, writes Reuters. But after yesterday’s announcement of record sales of iPhone stock again began to rise in price: at 20.00 MSK quotes have increased by 4.5% to $ 488.2 per share.

employee of one of the retailers said « Vedomosti” that supply the iPhone in Russia may begin as early as late October. A staff member other retailer believes that the high demand for the iPhone in the world may lead to the fact that deliveries to other countries, including Russia, will linger.

« We’ve heard that the iPhone could appear in Russia in late November – December – says the president Euroset “Alexander Malis. – But Russia – not a priority country for Apple, so it’s possible that the smartphone will go on sale later – as was the case with the iPhone 5 and 4s ». Lead Analyst, Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin also heard that the new iPhone will be sold in Russia in December. 9000000 – this is not the retail sale and shipment of stores and distributors, the real sales will be visible only in January, he says.

already seen that iPhone 5s in great demand, and plastic iPhone 5c – much less, said a top manager of Russian retail chain, and the supply, by contrast, is dominated by iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s – in short, obviously, in shops accumulate a large number of iPhone 5c. Therefore, the Russian buyers can offer first iPhone 5c.

Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Hackers from the Chaos Computer Club cracked the protection of Apple Touch ID - 3DNews

When Apple introduced the new iPhone with a fingerprint sensor Touch ID, many thought that this solution will help protect user data from unauthorized access.

However, experience has shown that this protection can be easily bypassed. In any case, it was possible to make the members of the Association of European hackers Chaos Computer Club. If you believe a hacker with the nickname Starbug, who is a member of the association, way of breaking these sensors has been described as early as 2004. In the case of the Touch ID simply need a copy of the fingerprint with higher resolution. In order to make a “fake key” for the sensor, it will take photo of a fingerprint with a glass surface with a resolution of 2400 dpi. Then this picture on a piece of latex to print imprint itself in the resolution of 1200 dpi.

other words, Touch ID is not an insurmountable obstacle for professional burglars. However, the above manipulations are much more complex than the old way of password cracking Apple, when you had a peep, which combination of four digits entered by the user. However, with the “complex” password, this method does not always work.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

3DNewsDrugieApple iPhone 5s: iceberg in the ocean, "Andro ... - 3DNews

people recently went fastidious: what kind of phone or go out – everyone is disappointing: the “Masterpiece” in the camera is still not done, smart coffee in the morning is not cooking, not darning socks, with the child and the dog for a walk and do not walk little different from the previous one. What he has twice the power that he has three times better screen and four times the speed of data transmission – no one cares, and should not be: it was too bad, kind of like just enough (actually none) .

Accordingly, all possible starts grumbling about the lack of innovation, new ideas, about the general stagnation of the smartphone market and the lack of the great visionaries. With Jobs, you know, this was not. Not surprisingly, the output iPhone 5s caused a particularly strong wildness. Where are our innovation? Pathetic fingerprint sensor – and that all that sposben Cook and his crew? Urgent return of Steve – he will bring back magic!

Apple shares sank, analysts have promised to lower demand for the new iPhone (and got in line to buy a couple), the media is against this background grumbled addition to the above topic – in general, the picture around the iPhone 5s there was bleak. There was no excitement. In the meantime, she is not the first time Apple has provided customers the opportunity to pre-order the new smartphone, saying it that the demand will be a record high and Foxconn simply can not cope with such a huge volume. This is where it gets really interesting: the iPhone 5s is good or bad? Is there enough innovation in it?

course, and so we would not pass by the announcement of the new device and would not miss a case to test it. But such contradictory input data makes it particularly fascinating and interesting. So, we have iPhone 5s 64 Gb, model A1457, Color Space Gray. Come on? Let’s go!

? # Design and stuff

Let’s start with the fact that the new iPhone has changed packaging. In place of the old strong box c isometric image of a smartphone has come even more minimalist, but less severe: the image on her iPhone screen is rotated to the user with a variety of bright and flat icons. Say good-bye and the amount of iOS 6, hello two-dimensionality of the iOS 7.

But the design of the machine … As it was just a year ago, the differences of the “five” from 4s were visible to the naked eye – try not to notice lengthen the body. C 5 and 5s harder: Dimensions smartphone has not changed one iota, as well as its weight – by the way, for the first time in the history of ayfonostroeniya. Although some differences are only visible from behind – there is a single LED flash was replaced by a double, and slightly changed the eye of the camera – and the front: on the site of the usual round button with a square boasted a fingerprint sensor, covered with sapphire crystal. All – visual changes were over.

So all in all apple lovers office product line managers can be slow to change their “five” to “five Es as the dollar” – if you do not look closely, no one would guess that you have in hand an old, taken from the production model. In general, the status will not be affected.

Oh, no, still have to buy a new one. The fact that there are three iPhone 5s color performance – and only one of them coincides with one of the former.

The white, that is, sorry, silver iPhone 5s on the “back” on the top and the bottom is white inserts, and between them – an array of bright anodized aluminum. The Golden that many to reduce the degree of pathos called “iPhone champagne”, all the same, just anodized aluminum painted in light golden. In iPhone Space Gray color glass inserts for all black, black and aluminum got a darker shade – actually the same Space Gray. Metal inserts on the sides of the same color as the mean “back».

Recall that the iPhone 5 is met in two colors: silver, white and asphalt-black. And silvery white just the same like the same 5s, with black “five” is much darker gray hero of our review, and the gold iPhones before the 5s met except that the Arab sheikhs who bought white and altered to your taste and to your own purse.

Overall, about design and nothing special to say: as you were, so you stayed. So why “es” – as the dollar.

? # Fingerprint Sensor

probably biometric sensor – the most notable of the differences between the new model from the old one. It’s no joke: the button “home”, which remained unchanged since the first iPhone, has now become a very different and acquired a new function. And it’s quite useful – it speeds up the use of an iPhone and – perhaps – also protects your data: spy password you can, but you have to borrow a finger – well, nothing. That is to say almost nothing. At least harder than podsmotet password.

So the fingerprint sensor is a capacitive sensor that allows you to read the unique pattern of lines of your finger. First of all it is necessary to make a good “sniff” your finger – so he learns it from different sides, and will have fewer failures in the future. By the way, Apple has turned out to make it work significantly more accurate than any of the laptops with the same sensor. There should be a finger led by 3-4 times, and are often missing a single attempt.

So far, the sensor can be used for two purposes: to quickly unlock your smartphone for purchase applications or content in stores Apple. Enter your password on the average once every three or four longer than your finger to touch the button “Home”, so that convenience is obvious. Out of it, this may sound frivolous – think of it, a second saved – but in reality turns out to be a very nice feature. So enjoyable that we may be prepared to advise not even look in the direction of iPhones without a fingerprint sensor.

sensor can remember several different fingers – it will come in handy if your kids, like all the other children in the world, love to play with your phone. A particularly useful that the purchase of applications with your finger and you can ban – this will give you some confidence that your child never spend all of your money in the next toy. Of course, if the fumes still do not know the password of the account iTunes.

In fact, the function of the type whose work is better to see once than a thousand words – so that watching videos.


? # Screen

mean the obvious characteristics of the display in the new iPhones completely changed compared to that established in the previous generation. It’s the same IPS-matrix with diagonal 4 in., 1136h640 and total pixel density of 326 dpi. Claimed Brightness – 500 cd / m 2 , contrast – 800:1. Viewing angles are amazing, perfect clarity, the picture on the screen looks great.

You could stop at this, but just for fun we dug a little deeper and tested displays iPhone 5 and 5s for the full program. And found out that these displays are not exactly the same – in short, in our copy of the new iPhone and the matrix itself was a bit better than the old, and it was set up a little more correct.

For example, the maximum brightness of the new model is slightly higher: 480 vs. 430 cd / m 2 . In this case, the luminosity of the black field is almost the same – thus contrast with iPhone 5s in the end is also higher – about 900:1 vs. 810:1. It is important that this is not the dynamic contrast ratio, and static totally honest – no tricky “uluchshayzerov” Apple has, unlike many competitors. And even if it were – in any case we have tested so as to have guaranteed an honest result.

was a little less uneven illumination: a display of the old iPhone, it is about 10%, for the display of a new – more than acceptable 5%. The color gamut is practically no different – in both cases covered 100% of the space sRGB: slight distortion of the shape of a triangle can be attributed to the negligence of our device – recall that we use Spyder4.

Gamma curves were a bit more correct. Not that we were serious claims to the light “blackout” medium-intensity colors in the display iPhone 5. But in the range of iPhone 5s a little more careful, and because the extra money for it will not take – such a change is welcome.

More seriously changed the color temperature of shades of gray: it was lower by about 1000 K, so that the image is noticeably warmer – in this case, it is a good thing. In contrast to the improvement of scales, which is difficult to grasp the naked eye, a warm picture very easy to see – just put the two devices side by side and compare.

Because Apple, obviously, there are several providers of displays for smart phones, we can not rule out the possibility that the difference in performance is not due to the evolution of the total display, but just the fact that our machines were equipped with matrices of different manufacturers. Both displays are, however, very, very good – although we tested iPhone 5s screen was definitely a little bit better.