Sunday, May 26, 2013

This computer Apple-1 in Germany, was sold for 516,000 euros - SayberCekyuriti.Ru

/ / / / – On Saturday, Breker German auction house sold one of the six working today Apple-1 computers. Sale was held at a record price of 516,000 euros or 671,400 dollars. According to experts, most of today in the world there are 44 computer Apple-1, but only six of them are still able to turn on.

Recall that the Apple-1 computers are the first commercial product of Apple. They were going to personally hand co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold for 666.66 dollars. Only the light produced over 200 Apple-1, each of them accompanied by a letter, in which Steve Jobs is personally guaranteed the authenticity of the computer.

Unlike other amateur computers of the time, which were sold as a kit for assembly , Apple I was fully assembled on a circuit board containing about 30 chips, for which he is considered by many the first full-fledged PC. However, for desktop PC users had to add the housing, power supply, keyboard, and monitor. Additional fee, provides a link with a cassette tape for data storage was released later at a price of $ 75.

Sold model was released January 19, 1978 and also has a letter signed by Steve Jobs. The letter Jobs said that Fred Hatfield (the first purchase Apple-1) may be for the extra $ 400 to buy a better motherboard, as well as in the future Apple-1 exchange for a fee on the model of Apple II 4K, which supported the incredible at the time 4 kilobyte memory. 4K version went on sale in June 1978 for 1,298 dollars.

In addition, in a letter to Jobs assured the buyer that he personally checked the Apple-1 before you buy and make sure it is working. The auction house also claims that before you put the model on sale, he was convinced that the computer is in working order and was not stolen.

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