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Pluto may be the polar cap – NASA – Mirror of the Week

The researchers studied in more detail photos of the dwarf planet.

Pluton_polyarnaya cap ->

It seems that Pluto hides a lot of secrets

NASA scientists, after studying the images of Pluto, suggest that the bright area on the surface of the dwarf planet may be the polar cap. These pictures gave interplanetary probe “New Horizons”, which was launched by NASA in 2006. Pictures were taken of Pluto LORRI camera from a distance of 113 million. Km.

“Approaching the Pluto system, we begin to see the intriguing features such as a bright region near the visible pole of Pluto” – said the NASA John Gransfild.

NASA scientists expect that in July 14, 2015 a space probe mission “New Horizons” closer to the minimum distance to Pluto – 12.5 thousand km. The main purpose of the mission of this unit is a detailed study of the dwarf planet and all that is around her.

Earlier, the probe “New Horizons” were obtained the first color images of Pluto .

According to the materials: ZN.UA

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NASA probe passed new pictures of Pluto – TODAY

NASA probe Pluto passed new pictures Science and Technology Shooting allows you to see bright and dark areas on the surface of Pluto

NASA probe Pluto passed new pictures, photo NASA

Shooting allows you to see bright and dark areas on the surface of Pluto

The American spacecraft New Horizons, Pluto approaching, transmitted to Earth photographs of the planet that have been published on the website NASA.


Capture allows you to see bright and dark areas on the surface of Pluto. According to the interpretations of scholars, bright area on one of the poles may be the polar cap.


“When we get closer to Pluto, we begin to distinguish the intriguing features such as a bright region near the visible pole of Pluto” – leads words of Daily Mail Assistant Administrator of the Office of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington Gransfelda John (John Grunsfeld).


By the July 14, 2015 NASA space probe New Horizons is to get closer to the minimum distance to Pluto – 12.5 thousand kilometers.


The mission of New Horizons is a project of NASA. The cost of its implementation of more than 600 million dollars. The unit itself was launched into space 19 January 2006 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral on the launch vehicle Atlas V.


In the middle of April, New Horizons passed on Earth the first color pictures of Pluto, and before that was black and white photographs that were animated. The station also made a black-and-white images of satellites of Pluto – Charon, Hydra No one.


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The probe “Messenger” crashed into the surface of Mercury – BBC Russian

  • 30 April 2015


The American space probe “Messenger “who spent four years in orbit around Mercury, and more than a decade in space, down to the surface of Mercury, the press service of NASA.

The operation went according to plan. The probe crashed into the planet’s surface at a speed of 14,000 kilometers per hour, resulting in the Mercury formed a new crater the size of a tennis court.

According to the report, NASA, in the center of the flight control another 20 minutes fixed signals coming from the unit, but it was due to too great a distance from the Earth to Mercury.

In 2011, the “Messenger” went into orbit around Mercury, where he was to stay, according to the plans of NASA, during the year. His last fuel was spent on translation maneuver into an elliptical orbit on April 24.


Obtain unique images of Pluto – Utro.Ru

With the US space probe New Horizons, which made the first in the history of space exploration trip to the Pluto , the Earth passed color photos of the dwarf planet. The photos were taken with a probe distance of 113 million km, can be viewed at the NASA.

NASA Associate Director of Scientific Affairs John Gransfeld reports that managed to take a picture of the ice cap at the North Pole of the celestial body. In other images recorded large moon of Pluto – Charon.

“As we approach the device to Pluto, we begin to notice the intriguing details like bright spot near the visible pole of this mysterious planet” – Daily results Mail words of John Gransfelda.

According to him, the picture may have captured ice polar cap. In other images could see the largest moon of Pluto – Charon, but the other four, smaller size, while “left-overs”.

“After nine years of traveling New Horizons amazing to watch as Pluto which seems to point, when we look at it from the earth, taking concrete shape right before our eyes – said the scientific director of the project, a member of the Southwest Research Institute Alan Stern. – The first detailed images of the planet show that it has a complex surface “.

Scientists hope that on 15 July 2015 when the New Horizons will pass at a distance of 12.5 thousand. km of Pluto, they will get a new unique information. After a rapprochement with Pluto probe goes beyond the orbit of Neptune – to other objects in the Kuiper belt.

“You can not even imagine what discoveries await us next summer” – said the employee of the University Applied Physics Laboratory Hal Weaver of Johns Hopkins. In this lab was built a unique device, take a trip 19 January 2006 and since then has overcome in the space of about 5 billion kilometers. Now he came to the finish line and must fly at a minimum distance of Pluto in July this year.

It should be noted that the mission of New Horizons, NASA which cost more than $ 600 million, began nine years ago – machine launched into space January 19, 2006.

Note Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, American astronomer in 1930. He was considered the ninth planet of the solar system until 2006 after verification sizes has not been declared a dwarf. The diameter of Pluto – about 3 thousand. Km, while the diameter of the moon is about 3.5 thousand. Km.

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Russia’s central bank lowered its key interest rate to 12.5% ​​- the first channel

Final this week working day brought important news from the Central Bank – May 5, lowered the key rate. Its very name indicates the importance to the economy.

The final this week, working day brought important news from the Central Bank – May 5, lowered the key rate. Its very name indicates the importance to the economy.

The decision, which was expected. The fact that the key rate will be reduced, not only the analysts stated. Forecasts were from the Ministry of Finance, Minekonoma. It was the time to bet on a bet, and the foreign exchange markets do. With the increasing price of oil – the quotations at the highs for the year and over the last month – plus 20% (this was not from 2009), the ruble against the dollar last week moderately rose and fell, reacting to possible solutions to the Central Bank. Reaction to minus 1.5% from the rate was bright, but fast. The ruble went up and came back to the average of trades that experts perceive calmly ruble has found its level.

“We believe that for the remainder of this year, the ruble will fluctuate in the range of 50 to 55 per dollar and this corridor, this level we consider fair equilibrium for the ruble at current oil prices, “- said the chief economist of the” Deutsche Bank “Yaroslav Lissovolik.

The balance of the foreign exchange markets – one of the factors reducing the inflation. Three-percent rise in prices in January and February, May and April decreased to percent. Cheaper individual products, something of a household appliance, a popular electronics. And further, it is believed the Central Bank, inflation will not change the direction that will make it possible to move and stake down.

Each step for the economy – a breath of air. From the Central Bank key interest depends on the percentage of all other loans, including for businesses. With expensive borrowed money it is difficult to increase the pace of production. And 12.5%, in this sense, are still expensive. But as the trend in the lowering of the rates specified, experts believe that major customers long into debt, banks now will be able to give a more mild conditions.

“By the end of the year is theoretically possible that we will come to pre-crisis levels 8 8.25%. Unless, of course, there will be drastic changes in market conditions – for example, a sharp decline in oil prices, which will not allow such a step. Therefore, in principle, the prospects are quite optimistic, “- said the analyst,” Alpari “Daria Zhelanova.

On the legal and organizational assistance to small discussed at a meeting with President Boris Titov, the Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs. Vladimir Putin is expected to actively create conditions for the development of business and not rely solely on the new structure, which would be controlled by the process.

In. Putin: “Let’s begin, perhaps, with the State Council and the decisions that have been taken to support small and medium businesses. You have recently asked me questions related to the” straight line “, I would like to hear your opinion on how it is executed, what We agreed, and your suggestions about what to do in order to do everything was executed “.

” Most of all concerned, it is a question of the very “small” – a self-employed, who must be registered at the simple the scheme simply on presentation of a passport, that they could start work, to buy the patent, and no other additional requirements were not “- said Boris Titov.

Putin:” So we agreed that the patent was enough “.

” Nevertheless, there are various departments have different opinions on this subject: the Ministry of Finance and is, and the Pension Fund. Therefore, if you could, we would ask you to give consent to the formation of the interdepartmental working group. We could coordinate this group in order to find as soon as possible is already specific final solution to this issue “, – says B.Titov.

Putin:” I have one request to you is. You know that preparing an amnesty law in the field of entrepreneurship, the amnesty of capital, and would like to ask you today as part of your competence after this law is working, take an active part in controlling how it’s done. And if you see that executed improperly, so that we can react to it “.

B.Titov:” Of course, you need to work with each entrepreneur, and if there are any problems to know who to turn to with their problems “.

Putin” would know the address, you can go “.

By the way, for the development of small businesses in their field, in contrast from large, often take the money in banks as ordinary borrowers. The amounts are not the greatest. And it’s faster. Here, too, rates must now go down. But for different loans at different rates.

“This is most felt in such credit products, such as car loans and mortgages. For the retail segment of unsecured loans decline of 1.5% is not so much noticeable, and for long-term loans – this is a very significant move, “- says Anton Forty analyst” Finam “.

Another issue that occupy today Not everyone can. It’s not just a percentage. Lenders are tightening requirements for borrowers because of rising arrears on loans already made. For investors, by contrast, the doors are open. But interest rates on deposits are falling, which is also a key achievement. However, on the eve of Victory Day, a number of banks have made a special offer to customers. Up to 15 annual and reach higher in the near future will not be.

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The Bank of Russia has lowered its key interest rate from 14 to 12.5% ​​- New News

The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia has decided to reduce the key rate c 14,00% to 12,50% per annum, taking into account the weakening of inflationary risks, while maintaining a significant risk of cooling the economy, reports on the official website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

«In the face of February-April 2015 the ruble and a significant reduction in consumer demand monthly consumer price inflation declining, there are signs of stabilization in annual inflation,” – said in a statement.

According to the forecast of the Bank of Russia, slower growth in consumer prices will occur faster than previously expected. In particular, the annual inflation will fall to less than 8% a year until the target level of 4% in 2017.

It is also reported that the Bank of Russia expects the recovery of quarterly GDP growth rates of the Russian Federation after 2015 in terms of import substitution , easing domestic credit conditions and rising oil prices.

At the same time, the central bank noted a significant decline in GDP in the first quarter of 2015.

«While structural factors continue to exert a restraining influence on growth, reduction in production at present largely cyclical. This is evidenced by, inter alia, the observed decrease in capacity utilization and labor, as well as a slight increase in the unemployment rate, “- said in a statement the Central Bank.

In the middle of March, the Central Bank cut its key rate by 1 percentage point – up to 14%, . A Jan. 30 rate was reduced from 17% to 15%. Central Bank went to a chance, “given the changes in the balance of risks accelerating the growth of consumer prices and the cooling of the economy».

As a further weakening of inflationary risks, the Bank of Russia will be ready to continue the reduction in the key rate. The next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia, which will consider the question of the level of the key rate, scheduled for June 15, 2015.



New Horizons probe photographed the polar cap Pluto – BBC News

New pictures transmitted by the device “New Horizons”, the astronomers showed bright spot near one of the poles of Pluto. Scientists believe that this is a sign of the ice cap, but rather it will be able to find out just as you approach the probe to dwarf planet.

The pictures were taken in the period between 12-18 April 2015 at a distance of 113 million kilometers and demonstrated not only Pluto and its largest moon, Charon.

However, the main attention was paid to scientists Pluto. Its surface is a patchwork of light and dark areas of a diameter of several hundred kilometers. One of the polar regions, regardless of the rotation of the dwarf planet is very bright. Astronomers suggest that is responsible for this ice cap, actively reflect sunlight. However, while this is only a very shaky assumption.

“rarely seen in the pictures of the planets of the solar system such a low resolution so obvious surface features. We do not know whether to answer for the bright and dark areas of geological, topographical features, or composition of the surface, “- said Alan Stern (Alan Stern), a leading researcher of the New Horizons mission, the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder (Southwest Research Institute in Boulder).

Let’s add, that earlier the same quilt demonstrated pictures of the telescope “Hubble”, but even this cosmic monster is unable to provide a clear picture.

Now the probe New Horizons is located at a distance of 90 million kilometers and continues to approach the dwarf planet rendezvous is scheduled for July 2015.

In the future, new research and measurements will enable to find out what exactly is the polar cap Pluto. While it is supposed that the surface comprises a dwarf planet frozen nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane. Some compounds may evaporate and form a thin atmosphere.

The site of the journal Nature adds that the New Horizons mission specialists upload photos to on-board cameras 48 hours after their delivery to Earth. At the same time, scientists working in the mission “Rosetta” comet and study Churyumov-Gerasimenko, provide very limited access to the captured photos. Yesterday, April 29, 2015, the network has photos of one of the chambers of the probe, dated August-sentyabrёm 2014.


Probe NASA astronomer photographed with ashes sensation on Pluto – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Scientists saw the polar cap of the planet, which had not previously suspected

Today, at 12:14, Views: 2280

His journey to the Pluto probe New Horizons began back in 2006. In mid-April he was still far away from this planet – at a distance of 113 million. Km. However, the camera probe – LORRI – managed to “see” Pluto light area near the poles, which probably represents the polar cap. Details of the New Horizons space odyssey figured correspondent “MK”.

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Commenting on the journey of the probe, a spokesman for NASA John Gransfild noted that all the fun has only just begun: “As we approach the Pluto system, we begin to discover intriguing details such as a bright spot in our visual pole of Pluto. We are starting a great scientific journey that will help us understand this mysterious object in the sky ».

In addition to the mysterious polar cap LORRI camera was able to capture and largest moon of Pluto – Charon, which makes a complete orbit around the planet in about 6 5 days. However, the most interesting news from New Horizons, apparently, is expected in July, when the probe to Pluto will be selected on the minimum distance. Since July 14, it will be only 12 to 500 km. Then the probe will fly on to other objects in the so-called “Kuiper belt”, which includes Pluto.

The only pictures of Pluto, which was located, scientists have been made from Earth with a telescope Hubble, – says Ivan Moiseyev, director of the Space Policy Institute – This planet had not provided on routes probes exploring the Solar System. Therefore, data from New Horizons, of course, unique; experts calculated by the probe and get detailed information about the Pluto and its moons on. As for the ice cap of the planet, before the experts of its existence is not suspected. It was assumed that, due to the great distance from the sun Pluto it is entirely coated with a mixture of ice, dust and other substances. But, apparently, it is not so.

Pluto discovered in 1930 by the American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. Now a part of the capsule of his ashes is aboard New Horizons. This planet – the largest of all the objects “Kuiper Belt”, the famous scientist. Prior to 2006, Pluto was considered the ninth planet full of the solar system, but then the International Astronomical Congress declared it a dwarf planet. The diameter of the celestial body is about 3 thousand kilometers.


New Horizons space probe transmitted to Earth a unique picture of Pluto – News

The American spacecraft New Horizons, makes the first in the history of the journey to Pluto, was first transmitted to Earth pictures which show different parts of the surface of the dwarf planet, including one of its poles.

As reported by the US space agency, the pictures were taken in the first half of April with a special camera mounted on a 450-pound probe from a distance of 113 million km.

«As the apparatus to Pluto, we begin to notice intriguing details like bright spot near the visible pole of this mysterious planet “- TASS quoted the assistant director of NASA science officer John Gransfelda.

According to him, the picture may have captured ice polar cap. In other images could see the largest moon of Pluto – Charon, but the other four, smaller size, while the “left-overs».

«You can not even imagine what discoveries await us next summer when New Horizons will pass at a distance of 12.5 thousand kilometers from Pluto “- said Officer Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, Hal Weaver.

In this lab was built a unique device, take a trip 19 January 2006 and since then has overcome in the space of about 5 billion kilometers. Now he came to the finish line and must fly at a minimum distance from Pluto on July 14.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Managers of space industry will not be punished for the accident “Progress” – Vedomosti

Roscosmos admitted the loss of the cargo ship “Progress M-27M” launched on Tuesday. “One thing is clear – an emergency situation with the” progress “has occurred at the time of separation [third stage] rocket” Soyuz-2.1a “and the ship,” – he said at a special briefing on Wednesday, the first deputy head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Ivanov. After this emergency situation the ship was damaged, making it impossible to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). Over establish the exact causes of the accident will be working committee, the conclusion of which must be received by 13 May, when will decide on the start of the ISS on May 26 manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA” (it starts with another modification of the “Union” – rocket “Soyuz-UV” ).

The cost of producing ships and missiles with the launch, according to the head of Roskosmos Igor Komarov, was 2.589 million rubles., Including the rocket itself with a fairing and ship – 1.986 billion rubles., The last the amount he was insured. Previous (and the first in the history of this type of ships) the loss of the space truck occurred because of rocket failure in August 2011, and the launch of “Progress M-12M” was not insured, which put the blame then leadership of the Russian Space Agency.

Igor Komarov The head of the Russian Space Agency

A further flight of the ship and its docking with the ISS is not possible. & Lt; … & gt; Without removing the fault and no one else shifting should determine the true cause.

According to the Russian Federal Space Agency, decayed and combustion in an atmosphere of pre-emergency ship is expected on May 5-7. In total this year planned to launch to the ISS four “progress” (one launched in March), but the accident left two launch will likely postponed to a later date, said Ivanov. According to him, a threat to the crew of the ISS in connection with the undelivered cargo him missing.

According to the person in the government, this failure will not affect the position of the current leadership of the space industry and its supervisors in the government. Systemic problems have long been observed and Astronautics everyone understands that they are not quickly solved, the new team led by the former president of “AvtoVAZ” Komarov set last year just for this, the official recalled. According to him, the head of the Russian Space Agency, Anatoly Perminov, was filmed in 2011, including a series of failed launches (including previous bad start “progress”), and his successor Vladimir Popovkin and Oleg Ostapenko resigned is due to a failure starts, which happened and during guidance. Dismiss and business leaders for the most egregious of the accident due to negligence at work, but now it will not and that, although it is necessary to await the outcome of the investigation, said the source “Vedomosti”. The new team at Roscosmos came recently to reform the industry, the purpose of which is to avoid such unpleasant stories, so some high-profile resignation today illogical agree corresponding member of the Academy of Astronautics Andrew, son of John.


Roskosmos will shift the planned launches of new vehicles “Progress” – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, April 29 – RIA Novosti. launch date next two launches of the space truck “Progress” will be changed, said Wednesday the deputy head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Alexander Ivanov.

“We will adjustment of the launch of two “progress” this year. One will be put to the third quarter of this year, the second – on the fourth, “- said Ivanov at a press conference at the Russian Space Agency.


“Students have forgotten what the textbook” – BBC

As students are taught the history of Bulgaria, Germany and Poland, and what are going to teach in Russia, the reporter tried to find out “Gazety.Ru».

It turns out, in the sense of textbooks Russia had just climbed down from the tree. In our country, children are taught history in the same way as we did two hundred years ago. We do not know what our children need to learn history. We just teach them a ready knowledge which can only be taken and in any event not to contradict him.

This statement, in the opinion of the correspondent of “Gazety.Ru” controversial, sounded from the lips of one of the participants of the seminar, which is held every Tuesday in the building of the HSE. This week, he was devoted to a comparison of school history textbooks in the West, in this case – against Russian developments with textbooks Bulgaria, Germany and Poland.

And there, according to reports, the situation is different, but equally amazing. At least compared to us.

In Poland, for example, there are also set at the level of state standards, but they provide the compilers of history textbooks is quite a lot of freedom. According to the deputy head of the School of History HSE Dmitry Dobrovolsky, you can use dozens of lines of text books for each level (basic or advanced), the student can decide which level to choose. Of course, an integral part of these standards – the history of Poland, history of the region where the school is located, the place of Poland in the world and how it has changed over time. And most importantly – Polish textbooks on historical examples teach children to think.

In Poland has its own analogue of the exam, but it is not a simple test, the answers to which, In principle, you can learn, not even close to understanding what the story. In matters of the Polish exam for the basic level does not need to know anything: all the information already contained in the text of the question. From the student is only required to compare the information contained in the question and analyze it, draw a conclusion. That is not so much to learn to know the historical facts as to be able to use them to understand the world in which man lives today.

In Germany, everything is different, said Associate Professor of the School of History HSE Martin Bayssvenger. Not only is there no something similar to a single textbook, there is not even the Federal Ministry of Education. Everything is decided on its own authority 16 land, now part of the Federal Republic of Germany; and what to teach, and what textbooks teach, and how to organize the learning process. In these lands all their books, their curricula.

However, there are general rules for all. In the first place, of course, the history of Germany and of the land where this particular school. Of course, Germany is not Poland, where in high esteem and specifics, and the ability to understand the specifics. Therefore, from the student, to study history, and require a good knowledge of the historical facts, and good ability to project them to the world today – in other words, to understand what is historically present.

The main objective of teaching history in Germany is marked clearly: active citizenship, including impartiality, prudence, the rejection of any form of discrimination, whether based on gender, nationality, on the sexual preference.

And in Bulgaria, too, all in their own way, told Teacher Lyceum HSE, the federal expert on the history exam Tatiana Maslakova. There are no restrictions on the structure and the concept of a history textbook, it’s all at the mercy of the authors of books. The Education Act is there, but it recorded only the most general purpose. The main trend of the Bulgarian history books – focus not so much on knowledge of historical facts, but rather on raising students’ skills to use these facts.

As a result of the Bulgarian history books proved varied and numerous. They are published not only in Bulgarian, but also for high school and in English. Disadvantage – these books are available for free only primary school students, high school students but parents have to shell out every year, and on a considerable amount as an average, each textbook costs about $ 15.

Solids – in all three countries mentioned history textbooks are designed to teach children to think, to compare, and even make their own expert assessment of a source of historical information.

All of this could not fail to cause a minimum and a maximum approval – admiration of the participants, many of whom are professionally familiar with the subject themselves teach history in schools.

But as with the Russian history textbooks in their own problems, the discussion quickly boiled down to the idea of ​​a common history book, Putin’s proposal in February the year before last.

The discussion was quite passionate, despite the fact that the idea of ​​Ministry of Education refused in August last year, replacing a single textbook uniform concept set forth in the regulatory document entitled “Historical and cultural standards.” The dispute was natural, because people often do not make the difference between one textbook and uniform standard, neither one nor the other, as it turns out, there is no country in the world except Russia.

In this document, on page fifty painted sets of historical events, dates, figures and other facts , which should be reflected in the new textbooks. As it turns out, of the eight lines of text books, created in accordance with the “Historical and cultural standards”, the Russian Historical Society has selected three, and now all three of these lines awaiting ministerial approval to have this September to get to the school desks.

In a lively discussion about the vanity of a common approach, in which, by the way, came the words that “we do not know,” why do we need to teach our children the history, the correspondent of “Gazety.Ru” decided to bring the contribution and asked the audience how to relate the obvious soundness of European approaches to history textbooks and the results of a recent international survey conducted by Sputnik, according to which the majority of Europeans either do not know who defeated Hitler in World War II and liberated Western Europe, or believe that the key role Americans have played in the victory. He asked to explain how such a noble and worthy of sincere respect approach to teaching school history has led Europe to such obvious to total ignorance of historical facts.

On a correspondent watched as the man published in polite society obscene sound, and different voices told him where the sea and where the cottage and the role played by textbooks in informing people .

«I weighed schoolbags – said the director of the Center of Education number 548 Yefim Rachevsky – And it turned out that third-graders, it weighs about five kilograms, fifth graders – about three. As for school students, they do not wear backpacks and at best hold a notebook in her hand, or even carry a flash drive in his pocket. They have forgotten that such a textbook. They have other sources of information, the main of which – the World Wide Web ».


Roskosmos officially recognized the failure of the mission “Progress” – BBC Russian

  • 29 April 2015


 & quot; & # x41F; & # x440; & # x43E; & # x433; & # x440; & # x435; & # x441; & # x441; & quot ;, пристыковавшийся & # X43A; & # x41C; & # x41A; & # x421;
“Progress” was to dock with the ISS a few hours after the start

“Roskosmos” admitted the failure of the flight spacecraft “Progress-M27M” to the International Space Station.

” Installed failures of individual components and assemblies freight cargo ship and found no leakage of trunk-block propulsion system. In this regard, a further flight of the ship and its docking with the ISS does not seem possible “- he said at a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, the head of the Russian Space Agency, Igor Komarov.

Earlier, located on the ISS Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko and US astronaut Scott Kelly said that the spacecraft “Progress” started falling, and to communicate with them is no longer possible. According to Kelly, unmanaged space truck will soon enter the planet’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, as stated Komarov, the Russian Space Agency are now trying to organize a controlled descent from orbit spacecraft.

The wreckage unmanaged “progress” could collapse at any point of the earth between the 52- parallels of latitude north and south: in this area – almost all countries south of Canada, Denmark and central Russia, but North extreme south of Chile and Argentina.

As the BBC Russian Service expert, chief editor of “Space News” Igor Marinin, to predict which parts of the ship does not burn in the atmosphere, it is impossible, because all previous ships were returning to Earth in the normal mode – they flooded into the ocean.

However, he said , any part of the ship does not burn in the atmosphere and fall to the ground.


From the statement at a press conference the deputy head of “Roskosmos” Alexander Ivanov it can be concluded that the nature of the emergency situation that occurred with the ship, the agency can not yet explain.

According to Ivanov, it happened in the moment of separation of the ship from the last stage of the launch vehicle.

Carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1A” with cargo spacecraft “Progress-M27M” was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 28 at 10:10 Moscow time. After nine minutes the ship undocked from the third stage of the “Union”.

The docking with the ISS was scheduled for 16:07 Moscow time, however, the ship could not establish a connection.

“Progress” transmitted to Earth telemetry incomplete information. The ship much rotates around its axis.

Reliable ship

The spacecraft “Progress” is used to supply the Soviet, Russian and international space station for nearly 40 years .

They cabin crew “Salyut-6″, “Salyut-7″, “Peace” and the International Space Station.

“Progress” have proven to be very reliable machines – for all operating history from the end of the 1970s of the last century was lost only one machine.

August 24, 2011 “Progress”, which was carrying more than two tonnes of supplies and equipment for the six astronauts working on the ISS, fell all a few minutes after the launch from Baikonur.

How to set a check to the crash of the “progress” has resulted in clogging of the gas generator in the third stage rocket motor “Union”, which caused a decrease in fuel consumption.

Prosecutor General’s Office said then that the accident occurred due to negligence of employees of state enterprises of space industry and the lack of proper control by the Russian Space Agency

Prior to this, in July 2010, the ship “Progress M-06M” with a cargo of food, fuel and other supplies for the ISS crew could not the first attempt to dock to the station because of the failure of automation. The second attempt was successful.

A similar situation occurred in July 2012 when the “Progress M-15M” was unable to dock to the ISS on the first try, but the second attempt was successful.


MCC: Falling debris “progress” on Earth are expected from 7 to 11 May – Rosbalt.RU

MOSCOW, April 29. According to experts the wreckage space truck “Progress M-27M”, which has already started a spontaneous decayed, fall to the ground during the period from 7 to 11 May, informed “Interfax” in the space industry.

“Expected the fall of the debris on the ground – from 7 to 11 May, “- said the spokesman.

It is confirmed that the Mission Control Center will no longer attempt to take control of the cargo spaceship. “A decision was made greater attempts to repeat,” – the source said.

The source said that the experts of the Russian space monitoring system will track the downward movement of “progress” in continuous operation. They will be able to predict the exact time and place of the fall in a few hours prior to the entry of debris into the atmosphere.

Earlier, it was reported that the US Air Force Space Center based on “Vandenberg” in California found 44 fragments in orbit near the ship “Progress M-27M”. However, in the center at the time they were unable to confirm whether the fragments belong directly to “progress” or third stage of the rocket.

On the basis of this information, the academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky, Yuri Karash expressed “Interfax” the assumption that in such a “Progress” will last a very short time. “He’s already falling to Earth. Most likely, he just exploded,” – said the academician.

“So he became a conglomeration of 40 and more debris, need to get on it was put very serious purely physical effects – either inside or outside. If inside, it means that it exploded. And if outside, it means that he entered the dense layers of the atmosphere and disintegrates due to the effects of thermal and dynamic loads on it during the air friction ” – the expert said.

Commercial vehicle “Progress M-27M” launched on Tuesday from the Baikonur cosmodrome by a carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1a.” The ship “Progress” has not come to the calculated orbit due to incorrect operation of one of the stages of the rocket “Soyuz -2.1a.” At the moment, the question of the possibility of joining “truck” and ISS is not worth it. Experts are trying to provide a controlled and safe reduction of the ship from orbit.


Emergency space truck “Progress” started uncontrolled drop –

The spacecraft “Progress M-27M”, which was to deliver the cargo to the International Space Station (ISS), but because of the emergency situation not out the calculated orbit, began an uncontrolled fall.

 “Space Truck gradually loses orbit. The rate of reduction will vary depending on the state of the atmosphere and the solar wind, but overall the ship only for those hours lost tens of meters high,” – said the source RIA “Novosti” in space industry.

 According to the source, date and accurately calculate the impact area of ​​unburned in the atmosphere fragments of “progress” is possible only for a few hours before it happens.

In this case, even if the “Progress” will fail, a copy of the Victory Banner, which, as previously assumed, was on the ship, will not be affected: Roskosmos announced , an artifact that was brought to the ISS earlier flight. “Victory Banner is on the International Space Station. It was delivered on March 27, manned spacecraft” Soyuz TMA-16M “with a crew of commander, Roskosmos cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, flight engineers – Mikhail Kornienko (Roscosmos) and Scott Kelly (NASA),” – said Federal Space Agency.

The application Roscosmos many surprise. Some experts dared to doubt his veracity as Roskosmos earlier reported that the flag was handed over to its representatives in April. “Therefore, no delivery banner in March could not be. What a lie?” – Commented on the new statement of the Federal Agency chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov.

  The insurance does not reimburse the machine

Meanwhile, experts have estimated the damage from the loss of “progress”. According to them, it will be five billion rubles, “Interfax”. At the same time, according to the agency, the ship was insured in the “SOGAZ” and “Ingosstrakh” two billion rubles.

 Previously it assumption , that fragments of the ship will fall to Earth May 7-11. This was reported in the Mission Control Center (MCC).

 Prior to this it was assumed that because of the fact that the ship is not stabilized and rotates on its axis, its decayed and fall can occur even earlier – on May 3-4. After that, he will go into the atmosphere and burn up, the source said Tass in the space industry, engaged in providing ballistic Russian spacecraft.

 Earlier, there were reports that the ship may have already started to crumble. This may indicate a few dozen fragments of which are found in orbit by the US military, according to SatNews .

In total, according to the site, there were 44 fragments. To establish their exact belonging to the “progress” American specialists have not yet succeeded. USAF Space Center who discovered the wreckage, continues to monitor the situation. Meanwhile, a member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, Yuri Karash suggested in an interview with “Interfax” , if the ship started to fly off the wreckage, most of all, he suffered a serious attack and is already falling.

  How to “Progress” missed the orbit

 “Progress M-27M” was launched into orbit yesterday. Immediately after the removal of the ship from the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1a” began to receive reports of non-disclosure of antennas rendezvous system “Kurs”. Then it turned out that the ship is an unplanned orbit. Later it became clear that he was uncontrollably orbits, which is 30 kilometers above the orbit of the ISS.

Since yesterday, the experts tried to regain control of the flight of “progress”. By ship sent signals, but no response at MCC did not. Experts have tried to run the truck engines to perform “corrective maneuver”, but these actions were unsuccessful.

 Between 3:50 and 4:10 Moscow time held a regular session with the ship, but he did not give any results. After it became known that the new attempts to contact the ship will not be taken. In addition, attempts to take control of the ship also stopped in the reported media sources in the space industry.

 “Progress” was to deliver to ISS more than 2.5 tons of payloads for different purposes: fuel, oxygen, food, equipment for scientific experiments, parcels for cosmonauts and astronauts.

The damage from the loss of “progress” is estimated at five billion rubles. Due to the emergency situation with the ship can be moved to the launch of manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-17M” with the crew of a new expedition to the ISS, scheduled for May 26. This is due to the fact that some elements of the “Progress” is the same as that of a manned “Soyuz”. In particular, the system of rendezvous and docking with the ISS, “course” of these ships is the same, said Wednesday Tass source at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where the ship will have to start.

 Scheduled next cargo flight to the ISS should make an American ship Dragon, created by a private company SpaceX. In NASA made it clear that it will be his seventh rendezvous with the orbiting complex, and it must take place “no earlier than 19 June.” It will bring about 2.5 tons of payload and materials for scientific experiments, reported in the US space agency.

state of emergency with the ship “Progress”

media noted that this is the first of this type of emergency situation for the time of operation of ships “Progress”. According to RBC , it can be considered one of the most reliable spacecraft.

The previous incident with the “progress” has occurred April 24, 2013. The Russian space truck “Progress M-19M” not revealed the antenna system of automatic rendezvous and docking, “course”, after he was separated from the third stage of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U” was put into orbit. Repeated attempts to uncover the antenna during the passage of “Progress M-19M” over the zone of action of ground tracking stations specialists also failed transfers RIA “Novosti” .

Another state of emergency with “progress” happened Aug. 24, 2011. After the start of a new cargo ship “Progress M-12M” in the area of ​​the third stage of the rocket “Soyuz U” 325 seconds of disruption occurred propulsion system, which led to its emergency shutdown. Space Debris truck, not burnt up in the atmosphere, fell in the Altai Mountains. Death and destruction on the ground was not, the agency said.

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