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ISS from Baikonur to create launch nano-satellites – Club Industry Journalism

ISS may find commercial applications. Considering the option of launching micro satellites type CubeSat. This idea was put forward Kokorich Michael, head of the company “Dauriya Space».

Kokorin argues that Roskosmos could earn a considerable profit from the use of the Russian segment of the station. It proposes to create the Baikonur launch small nano-satellites, for which demand has increased dramatically in recent years. Now the world’s only NASA astronauts provide such a service, so there is practically no competition.

The director of “Space Dauriya” suggests that this idea will be very competitive, with the ability to deliver micro satellites on the ISS once the big party, and later exercise they start depending on customer orders. According to him all the machines will have one standard – Cubesat measuring 10 by 10 cm.

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Start “Energy” is postponed again flies “Union” – Club Industry Journalism

It seems that there is a crisis in the Russian space industry. Such thoughts begin to visit after the statement made by Sergei Krikalev, that in the near future the Russian Federation does not have the opportunity to begin developing a new manned spacecraft.

The Director TsNIIMASH on flights into space with manned spacecraft, at a recent meeting Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation said that if not urgently be adopted stringent measures, then a new ship for Russia can successfully forget.

The urgent need for the development of manned spacecraft to replace the “oldies”, “Union” has arisen in our country 10 years ago. Were conducted attempts to create such projects. By 2011, the pilot managed to construct the layout of the ship “Energy”, which showed President Vladimir Putin. The creators claimed that already in 2018 provided the first ready-to-manned flight option. At the same year and was appointed its first flight with a crew on board.

But today we have not comforting situation. No talk about the launch of “Energy” in 2018 is no longer maintained. To accomplish this mission again use become “indispensable” for the old Russian “Soyuz”. Start will be held from the Baikonur “Oriental».


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dobrodeev son arranged to guide Mail.Ru – The Jewish Times

The son of the head of RTR Oleg Dobrodeeva Boris became one of the top IT managers Mail.Ru Group. According to the press service of the company, he was appointed Director of Strategy and Development Mail.Ru. This post will combine it with the position of CEO VKontakte.

The press service of Mail.Ru Group tied reshuffle with purchase “VKontakte”. Dmitry Sergeev, former executive director of “VKontakte”, will be the first deputy general director of Mail.Ru Group.

The new appointment and said company founder Dmitry Grishin, he expects to strengthen the management team with a view of the “round experience Dobrodeeva and Sergeeva ».

Earlier, Boris Dobrodeev worked USM Advisor, inbound structure businessman Alisher Usmanov, the controlling group Mail.Ru.

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Fragments of the space truck “Progress M-24M” flooded in the Pacific – Kommersant

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Fragments cargo spacecraft “Progress M-24M”, undocked from the International Space Station on 27 October and sent to a controlled flight with to conduct a scientific experiment “Reflection”, drive in the Pacific, said the November 20 “RIA Novosti” representative of the Russian Space Agency. According to the source, at 02:46 Moscow time the unburned fragments fell into the ship unnavigable Pacific, also known as the “graveyard of spaceships.” It is about three thousand kilometers east of the capital of New Zealand in Wellington.



Poor people have fewer teeth – Arbat City

In the study, the scientists who conducted the University of Newcastle and University College London, it was found that the number of teeth in the mouth of a man depends entirely on his social status.

The experiment was conducted with the participation of 6 th. people aged 21 and older. Scientists have noted not only the total number of teeth, and tooth decay, gum disease and the presence of gaps between teeth. The results showed that people with low income have an average of 8 teeth less 70 years.

The relationship between material conditions and oral health scientists noticed long ago, and only the results of the study confirmed their guesses. At the same time, new data showed the scale and seriousness of the problem – the difference between the condition of the teeth of the poor and the rich amounted to as much as 20 percent.

However, in general, experts noted the positive dynamics specialists in oral health in the UK compared to previous years.


Russia will not be responsible for the Ukrainian crisis – Independent Newspaper

Sergei Lavrov accused the West of trying to blackmail and diktat

 Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Ministry, Ukrainian crisis, Donbass, John Kerry, the nuclear program of Iran Minister of Foreign Affairs for an hour answering questions from deputies of the State Duma.
 Photo by Alexander Shalgina / TASS


Speaking yesterday to MPs on the government hour, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained why the world is becoming less safe and predictable, and the risks are increasing everywhere. The minister accused the West of trying to shift the blame for the crisis on the Ukrainian and Russian revealed details of his last conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Minister of Foreign Affairs invited annually to the State Duma. Sergei Lavrov meets with MPs have become a tradition and serve to “compare notes” in order to enhance the promotion of Russian interests in the international arena and secure the holding of a single foreign policy, explained, “NG” in the Russian Foreign Ministry.


15-minute introductory speech Lavrov started with the characteristics of contemporary international relations. They are going through a transition period that is associated with the formation of a new polycentric world order. “This is a difficult process – change of eras, usually accompanied by, if not global clash, the chain of intense conflicts of a local character, – the minister said. – Increasing competition in all sectors, including the model of socio-economic development and values ​​».


In these circumstances, Russia faces “problem truly historic proportions.” And our country is well placed to consolidate its position as one of the centers of the new multipolar system, to strengthen security and stability. Russia is not a release, and on the development of relations between states. Unfortunately Lavrov, this course meets the continuing Western attempts to divide and conquer, to reshape the world to fit their tactical plans.


Ukrainian crisis, he said, was the result of policies pursued by the West to strengthen their own security at the expense of the safety of others, the expansion controlled them geopolitical space. With the support of the US and some European countries in Ukraine was made unconstitutional armed coup. Radical nationalists put the country on the brink of schism, and pushed into a civil war. Of course, Russia could not and can not passively observe what is happening in the neighboring sister nation. To reinforce this thesis Lavrov quoted from an interview with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger German weekly Spiegel: «Ukraine has always had a special significance for Russia, and not realize it was a fatal mistake».


As a next step towards peace in the Ukraine, Russia calls to establish stable contacts between Kiev and Donbass representatives in order to reach mutually acceptable agreements. The West should encourage this process, and not blindly support everything that makes war party in Kiev, turning a blind eye to human rights violations, war crimes and lawlessness.


The head of the Foreign Ministry believes that the West will not be able to shift the blame for the crisis on the Ukrainian Russia because “the truth about what is happening makes its way even biased Western media.”


«It is impossible to hide, and for unlawful unilateral sanctions, which only undermine efforts to stabilize the world economy and not a whit nearer solution Ukrainian crisis,” – he said. The more that these estimates are shown in the contacts of President Vladimir Putin with Western leaders at the recent summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the G20.


So on Tuesday night, Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin discussing ways out of the Ukrainian crisis with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who believes that there is still no cause for optimism in relation to the events in the south-east of Ukraine. So Europe is said in Berlin, faced with the impending threat of confrontation instead of cooperation.


In turn, Russia wants guarantees that the West did not think of Ukraine’s accession to NATO. This was stated by President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told BBC BBC, which was also broadcasted on Tuesday evening. “We would like to hear an absolute guarantee that no one will think of Ukraine’s accession to NATO – said Peskov. – We want to hear that NATO stop approach to Russia’s borders, NATO stops trying to upset the balance of power. But, unfortunately, we do not hear ».


But it is obvious that Kiev “took a course on the social and economic strangulation of the south-east” of Ukraine. According to Lavrov, with a presidential decree Poroshenko November 14 “stands not only and not so much the desire to socially and economically strangle the region, but to pave the way for another military intervention and for the next attempt by force to solve this problem».


«War Party in Kiev sought to exclude the DNI and LC of the negotiation process and force the West to seek Russian agreement to act as parties to the conflict,” – said the Minister. Although this line has no chance of success, it is important, according to Lavrov to Minsk agreement on Ukraine retained value.


«Who is and is about to complete the process of finalization of the lines of separation” – said Lavrov. This will immediately begin withdrawal of heavy weapons from the conflict zone and deploy OSCE observers. Attempts to question the relevance of Minsk documents taken by those who would like to replay the situation and return the process to a format where the DNI and LC will not be presented. This plan, Russian Foreign Minister sees in those statements that makes prime Yatsenyuk that negotiations should be returned to the Geneva format.


«Geneva format – passed stage,” – said Lavrov. It was useful when there were no direct dialogue between Kiev and southeast. “Now the dialogue is set. It would be criminal to destroy, “- said the Minister.


The fact that the MPs concerned primarily the situation in Ukraine, shows that 4 out of 12 questions given Lavrov touched on this subject. In addition, MPs wondered why Russia’s CIS partners still do not recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Would the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the erosion of Russia’s influence in this structure? As a respected Russian partners, international treaties, how to prevent the penetration of terrorism and drug trafficking across the southern border, strengthen our position in Africa, establish mutually beneficial cooperation with Asian countries, including Mongolia?


Asked chapter of the Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Pushkov about the prospects of cooperation with the United States, Lavrov spoke about a recent conversation with Secretary of State John Kerry in Beijing. The Minister drew attention to an enviable constancy with which US President Barack Obama puts in a row threat allegedly posed by Russia, the epidemic of Ebola virus and IG militants fighting in Iraq and Syria. “Well, never mind,” – dismissed the Secretary of State.


«Kerry said this because he wanted to discuss approaches to address the Iranian nuclear issue, the situation on the Korean Peninsula – Lavrov continued. – Undignified for powerful state as consumer approach to their partners. Where we need you – you to me, please, help, and where I want to punish you – you listen to me! »


Russia is working on the Iranian nuclear program and the situation on the Korean peninsula, not because it wants to make someones day, the minister stressed. “This country, which are located close to us. We resistant centuries-old ties. And we are against any risks to the non-proliferation regime, “- said Lavrov.


Of course, Russia recognizes that differences with the West are objective and reflect real mismatch legitimate interests. However, the minister said, “we are ready to bridge positions and seek compromises solely on the basis of equality and real consideration of the interests of each other and the failure of attempts to blackmail and diktat».


The emerging as intensification of Russia’s relations with Asia is not an alternative to relations with the West. “Eastern vector of our policy is not seen as an alternative to relations with the West, and as a factor in the implementation of the principle of multi-vector of our work in the international arena – Lavrov told MPs. – It gives more stable position of the country in the world. ”



Launching “Energy” is canceled again flies “Soyuz” – News

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Russia will not soon begin to build a manned spacecraft for space flight. This was announced by the deputy head TsNIIMASH fly into space on manned spacecraft Sergei Krikalev at the board meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation. The astronaut said that if not taken very serious measures, neither of which the new spaceship it generally will not be able to go.

The need for a new spacecraft, which was to replace the outdated “Union” is ripe for another 10 years ago. Then gradually and engaged in its development. In 2011, the layout of the new manned spacecraft RSC “Energia” was demonstrated to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then the developers assured that the first working copy of “Energy” will appear in 2018. For the same year was first scheduled crew of astronauts on board.

In today’s reality we are about the launch of a new spacecraft “Energy” is not. Flights will continue to “indispensable” until “Soyuz”. Launch is planned to be from the Baikonur “Oriental».

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In Group Director of Strategy and Development appointed Boris Dobrodeev – Neelov

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In the Group took new reshuffle. Director of Strategy and Business Development appointed Boris Dobrodeev, acting head of the social network “VKontakte”. His deputy was the former director of the holding company, Dmitry Sergeev

From the official statement of Group has learned that Dobrodeev regardless of appointment to the new post he continues to be on the previous “VKontakte».

The new leaders because of their diverse experience tangible efforts leaders of the Group, said Dmitry Grishin, founder of the company.

Dobrodeev Sergeyev and continue to work on its core areas, and by increasing, just get big powers. For example, Sergeyev will continue to engage in operational activities, explained Ksenia Chabanenko company spokeswoman for RBC employees.

Recall Oleg Dobrodeev became head “VKontakte” only in 2014. The most predictable candidate for this post was Andrey Rogozin, the main developer of social networks, but he took the position of COO. Now Rogozov charge of all technology and product lines of the Group.

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The poorer the people, the fewer teeth in his old age – Moskovsky Komsomolets

According to a study by British scientists, printed in the Journal of Dental Research

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Economically poor people as they age lose their teeth faster than their wealthier peers, the researchers found. People from the poorest segments of 70 years, as a rule, have an average of 8 teeth (a quarter of a full set of adult teeth) than their more affluent peers.

6000 who participated in the study, allowed to find out that the poorest of the participants significantly more likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

Moreover, they had fewer teeth in old age, so their teeth were located less tightly than usual.

“The surprise was in how significant are these differences and how much they affect the lives of people,” – commented Professor Jimmy Steele, from Newcastle University, whose words are quoted Bi- BBC.

Old age reveals many flaws, omissions, and the impotence of youth, and the condition of the teeth for British pensioners turned visual confirmation.

According to another study, young people today generally have healthier teeth than older people.


Former top manager “VKontakte” was assigned to the Group – Kommersant

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Former Executive Director of “VKontakte” Dmitry Sergeyev takes the post of Deputy Director General of Mail.Ru Group. Boris Dobrodeev retain the post of general director of “VKontakte” and takes the position Director of Strategy and Development Mail.Ru Group, the company said.

«I am sure that diverse experience and Boris Dobrodeeva Dmitry Sergeev, including management of incoming now Mail.Ru Group social network “VKontakte” will strengthen the management team Mail.Ru Group. The company is always in need of outstanding personalities and professionals, and Dmitry and Boris will bring into it their expertise in a wide range of functions. I wish them every success in the new positions, “- are reported by Dmitry Grishin, CEO and founder of Mail.Ru Group.



Moon race began, Russia has remained at the start – St. Petersburg and the World

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Sergei Krikalev said that if not begin work on a new manned spacecraft, lunar exploration program could be in jeopardy. 10 years ago there was talk about the fact that Russia needs a new spaceship to develop natural satellite of the Earth and outer space. The project was proposed by Vladimir Putin, but the replacement of obsolete “Union” has not been created. Deputy Head TsNIIMash on manned space flight Sergei Krikalev assures that the entire program must be revised Roscosmos.

US, China and India have already joined in the race to develop the moon, but with outdated “Union” Russian difficult to compete with them. So, in February 2010, NASA unveiled a new project: “avatars” on the moon, the Indian Space Research Organization unveiled plans to send a rover ambulance and joint or independent manned missions to the moon in the distant future (after the 2025-2030 city), China hopes to establish on the moon habitable scientific basis. According to the Chinese program, the development of Earth’s natural satellite is planned for 2040-2060 years.

The Russian program involves sending the moon automatic interplanetary station “Luna-25″, “Luna-26″, “Luna-27″ and ” Luna-28 “in the first stage. However, it is unknown whether the Roskosmos to begin construction of a new manned spacecraft, which is in demand right now.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Russia will create its own space station by 2015 – Neelov

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Russia plans by 2017 to begin construction of its own space station in Earth orbit, transfers “RIA Novosti” . It is likely that for its construction involve the modules developed for the Russian segment of the ISS owned. This project is included in the space program until 2050.

The main advantage of the new station will be geometrically its favorable location, increase sight Earth’s surface – it will cover up to 90% of the territory of the Russian Federation and the shelf in the Arctic. Note that ISS has only 5% of the required review of Russia. But to curtail planned up to 2020 work on the ISS, our country does not intend to.

As a member of the Russian stations are multifunctional laboratory modules and destination nodes, as well as apparatus for use in outer space “OKA-T.” Delivery of cargo and astronauts to the new station will be carried aboard the “Progres-MS” and “MS-Union».

From the message RIA Novosti follows that the main function of the station will be to test new manned spacecraft for the Study of the Moon’s surface they will first arrive at the station, and then to the moon.

Igor Komarov, head ACCD explains, by 2015 the number of satellites of the Russian Federation will increase to 150. Half will be for civilian tasks, and the rest to replace GLONASS.

Komarov noted the special importance of the program for the development of the moon Russia. It will be a major step in the development of space technology. To implement it urgently needed reforms to create new models of RF complex and high-tech equipment. Create a new cosmodrome “East” can provide the necessary amount of the vehicle start.

See also: Earth’s orbit to detect Russian “fighter satellites»

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The West suspects Russia in launching “fighter satellites” –

The object that experts at first mistaken for debris, makes the direction of displacement relative to Russian vehicles.

Western space agencies are monitoring the “mystery” of the object, which and is called – “Object 2014-28E», suspecting that he is a Russian “fighter satellites.” About this newspaper Financial Times, writes TASS.

Whatever the subject was, it looks like something experimental. It can have several functions, both civilian and military. Perhaps, it is equipped with a manipulator for gripping objects or weapons kinetic action. And perhaps it is a cyber attack from one satellite to another, or against jamming signals

– says an expert on space security of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, Patricia Lewis.

We add that the object was taken into space in May Russian missile “rumble”, which is also put into orbit three military communications satellite “Spring».


ISS will be profitable – Softcraze

ms Michael Kokorich, director of “Dauriya Aerospace” said that for the ISS must create a commercial operator. This solution will enable the Russian segment of the station to make a profit, at the expense of launching satellites midget. Kokorich offers to provide services such as satellite launch CubeSat, whose dimensions are equal to the cube of 10 by 10 cm. The world is now a great demand for such a service. Only NASA astronauts launch midget sputniki.Danny business will be very beneficial and bring Roskomosu significant income.

Keywords: Dauriya Aerospace, ISS, midget moons

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Russia will have its own space station – GISMETEO.Novosti

Since 2017, Russia can begin deploying its own orbital space station, said, “RIA Novosti”. Perhaps in the course of its creation will involve modules and devices that were previously destined for the Russian segment of the ISS. This proposal is part of a project to develop manned spaceflight until 2050.

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The location of the new station will be geometrically favorable, is expected to expand the field of view of the Earth surface – it will be possible to see up to 90% of the territory of Russia and the Arctic shelf (at ISS currently 5% of this review). In this issue of early termination of work on the ISS is not worth it.

The configuration of the future station will include a multi-purpose laboratory and node modules, spacecraft “OKA-T.” Deliver to the station to help people and cargo ships “Soyuz-MS” and “MS-Progress».

As the “RIA Novosti”, one of the main objectives of the future will be a test station manned lunar infrastructure funds: The unit will be deliver to the station and then to the moon.

Chapter ACCD Igor Komarov said it plans to increase the number of government satellites to 150 in 2025. 75 satellites to be used in the socio-economic sphere, and will be replaced by all GLONASS satellites.

Komarov emphasized the importance of the lunar program as the next stage in the development of space technology. In this important reform, since the space industry Russia should produce complex and high-quality equipment, and the construction of the cosmodrome “East” will provide the right amount of space launches.


“Union” to the moon Russia does not make it – Neelov

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Russia urgently needs to create a new manned spacecraft, otherwise the planned program for the development of the Moon will be disrupted. This statement was made Sergei Krikarev, is deputy director TsNIIMASH. He explained, 10 years ago the question was raised about the need to develop a new ship, if Russia is planning to participate in the development of satellite and make long space flights. The project was developed and proposed for approval, even the president, but no substitute for the old “Union” and has not done. Krikalev calls on the Government to urgently review the entire program, or about any moon out of the question.

To date, the race to develop the natural satellite of the Earth has entered except the US – China and India. But the little old Russian to the Moon “Union” does not reach.

Competitors in the meantime do not sleep. NASA for example in February 2010 announced its program called “avatars” on the moon. India very soon send its first lunahod and in the future (2025-2030 years) will jointly or independently manned flight with landing on the surface. China in its program to develop the satellite is going to build on it a permanent, manned stations no later than 2040-2060 years.

Russia in this matter as it falls. Patriotic program involves the launch to the moon automatic stations – “Luna-25″, 26, 27,28. This is the first stage of her. On the first scheduled flight of the ship with the crew, but still quite, it is not clear whether the time to create Roskosmos for this mission ship, given that he desperately needs right now.

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First results of the surface of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko will be presented in about a month – the radio station Echo of Moscow

The first results of the study the surface of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko will be presented in about a month, at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The second data packet will be available in six months.

With the eagerly awaiting the results of the first scientific studies of the comet, scientists around the world, including Russia. As told Tass deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Korablyov, I would like to receive the isotopic analysis of the soil of the comet, which was conceived for this mission. Comet – said the scientist – a natural refrigerator for the primary substance from which the solar system formed. Alas – slandered Korablyov – contact methods to extract soil failed: Fila machine could not get to the core of a celestial body. Now the research will be continued with the spacecraft Rosetta remotely. But, despite the difficulties encountered, the ship considers that this ambitious project of the European Space Agency’s success. For its part, the academic secretary of the same institute Alexander Zakharov hopes that the module will not be costly space debris, and on the surface of the comet will come to life with the first hit of sunlight on his chargers. Agency interlocutor sure that European experts now take a number of measures to Fila working again, but now it is more dependent on the trajectory of the comet. As soon as it comes out of the shadows, the research unit will revive and will likely be able to continue scientific work. However, when this happens, the scientist predict not taken.

The module Fila last week for the first time in the history of landed on the comet, until that gets more than 10 years.


Mail.Ru Group will sell the service personnel HeadHunter for 9.85 billion rubles –

Mail.Ru Group has entered into an agreement to sell 100 percent of the personnel of the Internet service HeadHunter consortium of investors led by “Elbrus Capital” for 9.85 billion rubles. This is said in a statement.

The transaction is expected in the first quarter of 2015 and requires the approval of third parties.

Mail.Ru Group owned business HeadHunter for the past six years. During this time, the monthly service attendance has grown from four to 14 million unique visitors, resume database – from three to 14.5 million base of vacancies – from 70 to 360 thousand.

At the same time came to the markets HeadHunter Belarus (2010) and Azerbaijan (2012).

In 2013, revenue totaled HeadHunter 2.756 billion rubles, EBITDA (earnings before taxes and write-offs) – 1.357 billion rubles. During the first 9 months of 2014 revenue and EBITDA amounted to 2,325 billion and 1,183 billion rubles, respectively.


Apparatus “Phil” found on the comet 67P organic compounds – Interfax


After a more detailed analysis of the detected substances scientists will be able to answer the question about the origin of life on Earth


Moscow. November, 18th. INTERFAX.RU – Research Robot “Phil” found on the surface of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko organic molecules that could be involved in the origin of life, said Tuesday the newspaper The Wall Street Journal referring to the German agency participating in the study.

One of the sensors “Fila” discovered molecule after analyzing the atmosphere of the comet. Some of them contain carbon atoms, without which no life is possible.

Scientists analyze data to understand the composition of the compounds. They can be very simple (such as methane and methanol) or complicated (such as amino acids that make up proteins).

In addition, the unit spent drilling the surface of the comet to analyze its soil. However, these data have yet to be fully analyzed.

Comets are of great interest to scientists because they contain a relic of the solar system material, subjected to the smallest change since its inception (about 4.5 billion years ago). Analysis of the composition of the comet can answer the question of whether life on Earth is the introduced or arose independently?

Thanks to the machine “Phil” for the first time, researchers were able to simultaneously analyze the chemical composition of the atmosphere of the comet and its nucleus. Also have the opportunity to compare the data “Fila” and the unit “Rosetta”, which revolves in its orbit around the comet.

November 12, after a decade of flight “Rosetta” delivered “Phil” to comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Research robot worked on the surface of the kernel just over two days and disconnected last Saturday. Because of the failure of the landing site “Phil” was in the shadow of the cliff, and its batteries do not get enough sunlight. Before disconnecting the unit managed to convey to the Earth all the information gathered. Scientists hope to resume the device, when the comet approaches the sun. Nevertheless, it is likely that “Phil” will not stand high temperatures.


Module “Fila” smelled on the comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko smell of life and immediately fell asleep – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The first scientific mission success

Today at 12:43, Views: 5793

Probe “Fila” found organic molecules in the atmosphere of the comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko. However, it is still practically the only outcome of the device, which fell into a deep “sleep” because of the lack of solar energy.

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Photos: official twitterEsa_Rosetta Trajectory of the module” Phil ” on 17 November.

Currently, scientists are studying the data obtained in order to understand what are these compounds: simple (as methane and methanol) or more complex (as amino acids), reports, citing German Aerospace Center.

Also, get some supplies from the hard surface of a comet, but the data on the organic molecules of this experiment has yet to be thoroughly analyzed, the publication adds.

Scientists expect to find organic molecules Comet Churyumov on – Gerasimenko, but the opportunity to direct the search for such compounds in the atmosphere and on the surface of the experts appeared for the first time.

Recall that the module has made Wednesday’s first landing on the surface of the comet nucleus Churyumova- Gerasimenko, after retransmitting data to Earth on Saturday afternoon has entered sleep mode, said the scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA).

During the last 10 hours the module is in sleep mode and stop sending data due due to weak batteries. On Saturday afternoon the battery module is able to generate enough power for data transmission experiment with drilling surface of the comet.

“Maybe when the module is on the sunny side, we will have enough solar illumination to it (module) to wake up and resume broadcast “- quoted by Reuters representative mission” Phil “scientist Stephen Ulameka. According to him, scientists particularly interested to know the chemical composition of any organic molecules from the samples at the drill site of the comet.

It was reported earlier that the module has problems with recharging. Since the module landed in the shadow of education, like a rock, it prevented the unit to recharge the solar panels. Contact was lost with the module at 03.36 MSK and briefly resumed at 13.00 MSK.

The module “Phil” space probe “Rosetta” landed on the three-kilometer comet nucleus Churyumov-Gerasimenko on Wednesday at about 18.35 MSK. With the module, scientists plan to study the chemical composition of the comet’s nucleus.


WSJ: «inhaled” atmosphere of the comet probe “Fila” found there organic molecules – BBC

«Inhaled” comet Churyumov atmosphere – Gerasimenko probe “Fila” found there organic molecules. This writes The Wall Street Journal with reference to the German Aerospace Center. Scientists are now studying the data to understand what are these compounds – simple (as methane and methanol) or more complex (as amino acids), the article said.

In addition, some of the materials obtained from solid surface of the comet, but data on the organic molecules of this experiment has yet to be thoroughly analyzed, the publication adds.

According to the newspaper, the researchers expected to find organic molecules on the comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko, but the opportunity to direct the search for such compounds in its the atmosphere and on the surface of the experts appeared for the first time.

Earlier reported , that scientists talked about the first in the history of mankind drilling comet.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Russian news today: Gerasimenko comet has recognized the importance of research – Latest News – periodical about world events

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