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Programmers from Russia 'forced' to have crack Instagram - Biipi.Ru

February 28, 2014, 19:06

Since launching international service Instapult to automate publishing content in Instagram, Russian programmers were forced to hack some code photoservice.

Photo: © Depositphotos / bloomua

Dmitry Trachuk, co-owner of the largest community in the “Vkontake» MDK, Instapult launches service to automatically add content to the API Instagram. However, photo service, unlike other major social networks, does not support the posts of other resources, as their open API does not provide for such a possibility. Therefore, to be able to add content to the private API, programmers Instapult «broke» Instagram.

Instapult currently trying to negotiate with Instagram, but representatives photoservice report “Izvestia” that if the third-party applications use API violate the rules and it is impossible to find a mutually beneficial solution, then access the application is closed.

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Sony Electronics will dismiss 1,000 workers - Express-News

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28.02 | 02:50

Sony Electronics dismiss about 1,000 workers, according to the agency Bloomberg is a third of the personnel division Sony. Such dismissal in separate divisions of the company is part of the global goal of layoffs in the company Sony. According to the plans of the company just this month will lay off 5,000 employees. The company also decided to sell the business curve on manufacturing laptops and televisions to provide a separate structure in the Sony.

Closures of stores will also be conducted on the territory of the United States. So out of 31 branded stores will be closed on 20. The Japanese company will try to pay more attention to emerging markets, as the company’s retail outlets in the U.S. are only near cities. In New York offices of the Japanese company was sold for $ 1.1 billion, and sales offices are in that building only on loan.

Causes all closures and layoffs is projected losses of the company. So just for this year Sony expects to lose about $ 1.1 billion, as demand for PCs and TVs has fallen sharply, and the main competitors of Samsung smartphones and Apple take the lion’s share of the profits.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vardanyan appointed new head of Baikonur - OAnews

Vardanyan on & # x437; The value new py kovoditelem B & # x430; ykonura

new director of the Baikonur Cosmodrome appointed Michael Vardanyan. Previously, he led the research and development center VNIIEM Corporation. Purpose Vardanyan did not prevent his conviction in the smuggling organization in 2010.

new head of FSUE “Space Center” South “,” as well as the cosmodrome “Baikonur” was the 54-year-old Michael Vardanyan. He replaced Yevgeny Anisimov, who has worked as the head of more than 30 years. Michael Vardanyan was born in 1959 in Grozny. His whole career is continuously connected with the military space activities. From 1981 to 2011 he held various positions in the armed forces of the USSR and Russia at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

However, in the biography of the new director of the cosmodrome and has a vague blur. In 2010, the military department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor stated that Vardanyan in 2008, using the same part of the engineer Vladimir Shashkova, moved with customs territory of Russia in the city of Baikonur fire alarm system and is the property of LLC “Build Assembly Complex” and intended for commercial purposes. Equipment were removed from the aircraft using the Space Forces, and the documents outgoing cargo was listed as military. So it was not declared assets worth over 1.7 million rubles. Vardanyan was charged with smuggling organization, but on the results of the investigation have not been reported.


Ben Bernanke to share with the world the memories of his work as head of the Fed

Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke this year to begin writing his memoirs, which describe the activity in the Federal Reserve, including the crisis of 2008 and the “Great Recession”, as well as difficulties in the implementation of non-standard measures to rescue the economy.


Unavailability Mt.Gox site generates rumors whistles, BTC-e requests cox …

Website Bitcoin-exchange MT.Gox, located in Japan, became available to users on 25 February. Whether it confirms rumors about termination of the exchange is still unknown, but the site was preceded by a drop in the technical difficulties and the resignation of the Director.


Plushenko was the most popular at the Olympics in Yandex

among search engine users “Yandex” the most popular sportsman of the Sochi Olympics was Yevgeny Plushenko. Visitors interested in: why skater withdrew from the competition, and who will replace Plushenko at the Olympics.


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"Classmates" launched service Magisto - Corporate News Agency KorpoMIR

In the social network “Facebook” appeared application that allows photos and videos of users to create movies. This service is called Magisto.

«Одноклассники» launched ser & # x432; use Magisto


app Magisto has been tested on the site How it works is that people pick up from their photos and video clips suitable for making a film. They can also choose the style of movie and its soundtrack. All this added to the application, and the user receives the output of the finished film. The system automatically selects the best time in each downloaded file to a successful angle, connects all automatically. Therefore, the user does not need additional knowledge to work with this application, creating movies.

As added to the application image can be selected are those that are on the pages of “Classmates” and loaded for this purpose. Once the files are uploaded, the user must select a theme. The final stage is the choice of music. That is, to create quite a decent film with a sense of using the application Magisto, just follow three simple steps: upload your files, select a theme and music.

program algorithm is able to distinguish between humans, animals and other objects, so a set of different materials quite harmoniously contact in a single coherent story. The resulting output movie users can post on their pages in the “Classmates” and send a link to this video even participants in other social networks. Thus, “Classmates” oppose Magisto known video services that could not previously boast such results, which provides novelty.

app Magisto is partially paid. Free users can add only 10 videos and 15 photos. At the same time is limited, and the maximum length of the final video. Paid an account “Premium” can increase the amount of added files: video – up to 25, and pictures – to 30. In addition, the resulting film can be downloaded to your hard drive. And the cost per month is symbolic – only 80 OK. If the count for the year, the “Premium” account application-Magisto will cost 260 OK.

As press secretary “Schoolmates” Ilya Grabowski, soon there will be the first application update that will create movies in HD. Group show video - Kommersant Group has invested $ 2 million in the development of Israeli startup Magisto. Russian investors are increasingly attracted Israeli technology – the last two years they have invested in them about $ 60 million

The fact that the Russian Internet company Group has invested $ 2 million in Israeli startup Magisto, the official report says Magisto. This cloud mobile video platform, allowing amateurs to turn photos and videos into a short film. Service chooses the best moments from the downloaded video, emphasizing the most successful angles, and applies special effects and soundtrack of your choosing. The algorithm is also able to recognize faces, to distinguish people, animals, landscapes and other objects. New service for post-processing of multimedia content can already test users “Discover”, said Friday the owner of the social network Group.

Magisto have more than 20 million registered users, 29 million monthly downloading videos and photos and create 3.5 million movies. Since 2010, Magisto has invested $ 18.5 million Horizons Ventures, Magma Venture Partners, as well as company Qualcomm and SanDisk. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, offices – in New York and California.

Israel is widely known for its ecosystem for the creation and operation of technology projects. Many of them attract attention and Russian investors. For example, in 2010, “Yandex”, along with Israel Rhodium Fund invested $ 4.3 million in the company, provides facial recognition technology, and received a 18.4% stake in Already in July 2012, the Company repurchased 100% Facebook. Source: “b” familiar with the deal, explained that was estimated at $ 55-60 million

Israel has a well-developed modern economy, in which a significant role is played by the high-tech industry, technology companies in this country have achieved prominence in various fields – from analysis to security, says partner fund Bright Capital Digital Vadim Tarasov. “The last few years, the country continues to boom startups – he argues. – Part Venture team Group is located, in Israel. Moreover, there is not much active early stage investment funds”.

Russian venture capital investors in the last two years have invested about $ 60 million in Israeli startups evaluated autumn 2013 Ernst & Young. Examples – on call taxi service online GetTaxi, system for comparing and booking services on the Internet Gbooking, developer of routers for enterprises and service providers Compass-EOS, the creator of the remote sensing and monitoring of wind for wind energy needs Pentalum. Actively cooperate with local projects fund “Skolkovo” and “Rusnano”.

deal with Magisto not Group’s first investment in the Israeli market, investment director reminds Development Fund online initiatives Maxim Steigerwald. In April 2010, the fund Digital Sky Technologies, later reorganized in Group, has agreed to purchase the corporation AOL for $ 187.5 million instant messaging service ICQ. AOL acquired ICQ (then – the Israeli company Mirabilis) in 1998 for $ 407 million addition, recalls Mr. Steigerwald, in June 2013 Group invested $ 1.5 million in the Israeli company Cortica, which is developing search technology for images on the Internet.

Roman Rozhkov-b

newspaper “Kommersant” ? 30 of 24.02.2014, p 8

In Chechnya and Ingushetia, according to some reports, canceled all events memory of the victims of deportation - radio station Echo of Moscow

This tragic date in the history of the two nations coincides with the celebration of the nationwide Day of Defender of the Fatherland. According to the former press secretary of the president of Ingushetia Kaloy Ahilgova, move mourning ordered in Moscow. According to him, the country is extremely outraged happening.

Official confirmation of the postponement of events in Ingushetia government could not be obtained.

presidential spokesman Alvi Karimov said Chechnya radio station “Echo of Moscow”, that today the republic with the whole country celebrates the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, and Memorial Day is now celebrated on May 10.

Karimov stressed that there is no ban on mourning February 23, no.

In Chechnya and Ingushetia, according to some reports, canceled all events memory of the victims of deportation - radio station Echo of Moscow

This tragic date in the history of the two nations coincides with the celebration of the nationwide Day of Defender of the Fatherland. According to the former press secretary of the president of Ingushetia Kaloy Ahilgova, move mourning ordered in Moscow.

Ahilgov notes that the site of the Ingush government for the first time on this day appears on the memory of victims of deportation. According to him, the country is extremely outraged happening.

Official confirmation of the postponement of events in Ingushetia government could not be obtained.

presidential spokesman Alvi Karimov said Chechnya radio station “Echo of Moscow” Republic today with the whole country celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day, Memorial Day and will now be the 10th of May.

Karimov stressed that no ban on mourning February 23, no.

"Integration of Chechens and Ingush was very difficult" - BBC

February 23 marks the 70th anniversary of the start of operations of the deportation of Chechens and Ingush. About the history of mass expulsion, the status of immigrants in the new location and how to determine whether the deported peoples to achieve rehabilitation, “” said the doctor of historical sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Russian History, State Councilor of the Russian Federation Nikolai Buhay.

TM: What is your assessment of the degree of scrutiny of the problem deportation of peoples of the Soviet Union?

NB: More than 20 years ago, even in the RSFSR, RSFSR adopted a law “On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples”, making it easier to study and the more public presentation of many aspects of previously taboo issue. During this time, there is extensive literature related to the relationship to the vector “peoples and power” and relating to the thinnest thread of human relations – ethnic. So, in 2004, in Kabardino-Balkaria came two small volume booklet under the title “Balkaria. Deportation. ” My attention was drawn to them postulate: forget the past is impossible, but to transform the energy habitual memory effect judgments worth it, because the main force included a man, his source of truth and morality.

TM: Formal reasoning of the forced resettlement of Chechens and Ingush and the abolition of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR was known – “aiding the Nazi occupiers.” What really moved the center during the operation “Lentils»?

90 years ago, Lenin died: the science department

«There was a communist who did not steal, and he died»

January 21, 1924 died on the first head of the Soviet state, Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin). “Gazety.Ru” examining archival rooms … ?

NB: The process of adaptation of the Chechen and Ingush communities and their integration into a socialist society was very difficult. In the first years after the revolution occurred indigenization authorities dared agrarian question settled by ethnic relations with its neighbors. And then collectivization began. Able and willing community to whether it was a painless solution to these complex issues? I think that is very remote. Complicating the process of adaptation and that the Russian language among the Chechens was 0.84% ??among the Ingush – 3%. In turn, unfriendly towards the center to the ethnic communities contributed to the economic difficulties, the government has not completed indigenization dissatisfaction degree of implementation of the slogans of the revolution in the field, speech against the Soviets. On the surface pulls overall rating – “unreliable”. The war exacerbated this stressful, “bifurcation state” emerged institutions such as desertion, evading service in the Red Army. But I want to remind you that the front was about 18 thousand Chechens and Ingush. 500 people were sent to labor columns. 2880 Chechens and Ingush in 1085 were awarded orders and medals, 4455 Chechens became disabled as the Ingush in 1865.

TM: Is it on the basis of any documentary sources to understand whether there was some opposition to the decision in the top political leadership of the country?

NB: With regard to the country’s leadership, the opposition as such in the documents, including a “special folder” Stalin, in the case of ethnic communities is not visible, although, for example, the question of eviction of ethnic communities in the territory north -west of the country some opposition. Remained rather timid hearing statements by the leaders of the party and the Soviet authorities directly on the territory of the North Caucasus. However, the totalitarian system did not exist in open opposition to the society. But, of course, the decision of the authorities in the 1940s about the eviction of ethnic communities could only be regarded as contrary to common sense. Protests against this humiliating position more evident already after the fact forced relocation. There were the beginnings of the protest movement, but they were timid and emanating from the Chechen and Ingush elite who were serving in the Red Army, the Chechens and Ingush, primarily officers.

TM: Can I come to the conclusion that the leadership of the party and state at the time was based on the experience of forced migrations of Soviet Germans, Karachai, Kalmyks?

110 years ago the Russian- Japanese War:

«Yellow race is no reason to attribute hurricane strength»

February 8 (January 27 old style), 1904 Japanese Navy attacked the Russian squadron in the Bay of Port Arthur. Thus began another prologue first … ?

NB: No, such an interpretation is not possible. In the North Caucasus this experience has been gained since the time of the Russian-Japanese war, when evicted from the territory of the Caucasus governorship Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and then such shares were held periodically. This was followed by the relocation of the Tersk Cossacks, Kuban and the Don Cossack troops, cannibalization, including Cossack environment. Attempts have been forced eviction and Russian Armenians from the territory of the modern Republic of Adygea. Directly in the late 1930s – early 1940s, such actions were carried out against the Soviet Germans (over 200 thousand people), the Kurds, Iranians. But it must be emphasized that the forced relocation, deportation – it is not a product of the socialist system. By these measures repeatedly resorted tsarist government, and other governments.

TM: What was the resistance from being evicted? Can we talk about organized resistance?

NB: There were group and individual protests, especially in the early resettlement. However, it is extremely sharply reacted leaders of the Party and the state. Any disagreement with the party immediately punished up to the use of armed force, as explained in the materials and documents, it was caused by the emergency nature of wartime. After the forced relocation of the main form of protest began to escape from the settlement. But judging from the available documents and materials, the community evicted were not a single organism. Were among the settlers and those who zealously had served on the side of the authorities and the NKVD, including representatives of Islam.

TM: How was held settling the territory of the former Chechen-Ingush ASSR?

NB: Already in 1944, new contingents of immigrants coming from areas RSFR created on the territory of the Grozny area. Pursuant to the Resolution number 54 of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR, adopted January 8, 1945, from Bryansk, Vologda, Ivanovo, Kaluga and Kirov oblasts of the RSFSR were to arrive in Grozny region 2000 kolkhoz farms. Chairmen of executive committees had until March 15, 1945 “to ensure the selection and sending families resettled farmers.” In Grozny administrative region moved on planned tasks from different regions of the RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Moldavian SSR and Armenian SSR 78.5 thousand representatives of different nationalities, which made the region of ethnic minorities.

Some of the former Chechen-Ingush ASSR settled inhabitants of the mountain regions of North and South Ossetia. Partially new residents of the area began Ossetians lived in the territory of Kazbegi district of the Georgian SSR. And it is the Ossetian migration (here I agree with the assessment of researchers and SA Hubulova U.Sh. Tedeyeva) laid the “foundation of a new inter-ethnic conflict, which is slowly smoldering since 1957 – the year of rehabilitation deported peoples of the Caucasus, and in the fire erupted at the end of the twentieth century ».

ethnic history tells Ossetians first President of the Republic South Ossetia and forth. n. Ludwig Chibirov

«Russia is literally twice saved Ossetia»

Five years ago, on 26 August 2008, the Russian Federation recognized the Republic of South Ossetia as an independent and sovereign state. What … ?

TM: What was the legal status of forcibly resettled in the Kazakh and Kyrgyz SSR? What were the relations between the settlers and the locals?

NB: The question of the legal status of the special settlers, or rather, all of those forcibly displaced, who fell under the definition of “special settlers” – a special topic for discussion. Their status is regulated by the instructions of the NKVD – NKGB USSR, regulations of the State Defense Committee (SDC) and the position from January 8, 1945 “On the commandant’s office.” Often special settlers were celebrated in the commandant’s office, that is, leave the new places they had no right. But the settlers could, for example, to participate in elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and their rights determined by the order in wartime. Gradually, they were involved in public life regions and republics where they were. So valuable study by Professor L. Belkovets who believes that about any genocide on the part of public authorities in respect of the special settlers say there is no reason. Restrictions began to weaken after the death of Stalin in 1953. This also affected the mode of living, and most importantly – it became possible relocation to the former place of residence.

TM: What are the difficulties encountered in the first special immigrants?

NB: Of course, it was to adapt to the new location. In addition, economic problems: there were difficulties in giving their land for the resettlement funds allocated from the Centre, often stolen. But this does not mean that it is not established friendly relations with the local population, to reach mutual understanding in inter-ethnic relations. Often children deportees lived in the Kazakh and Kyrgyz families. It was a huge help to the families of special settlers. But, of course, their life was with great difficulty.

TM: Could the State in the future to fully rehabilitate forcibly resettled peoples?

About the genre of a political joke on the example of anecdotes about Stalin

«What do Stalin and Moses?»

How is the formation of modern political joke, when the first anecdote about Stalin, the similarities and what are the differences in the jokes about … ?

NB: I want to start by saying that the question of rehabilitation is never on the agenda. Number of appeals of the Chechen and Ingush intellectuals – writers, poets, public figures, former party functionaries, representatives of Soviet power – increased significantly from year to year. In my opinion, this was the determining factor, played a prominent role, and not the performance of NS Khrushchev at the Twentieth Party Congress. Catalyst for complaints was the death of Stalin. As a result of the CPSU Central Committee and the Federal Government had to respond, various measures have been taken up to the establishment of autonomy for the Chechens, Germans in the Kazakh SSR.


whether to rehabilitate the state fully citizens? In my opinion, in relation to the peoples of the North Caucasus, the Kalmyks – yes. If there was a need for a well-known law of the RSFSR “On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples” (26 April 1991), he had to have spread to the Soviet Germans, Koreans, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Ingrian Finns, Greeks, Bulgarians and others, not rehabilitated at the end of the 1950s. Unfortunately, this was done only partially.

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WhatsApp is disconnected from all over the world - RBC - RBC.Ru

Messenger WhatsApp, which is the world’s largest social network Facebook acquired for $ 19 billion, has stopped working due to server problems. “Unfortunately, now we have a problem with the server. We hope to restore his work in the near future” – said in a Twitter messenger.

were broken WhatsApp application for mobile OSes, iOS, and for Android.

19 February 2014. Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp – a rapidly growing mobile messaging service running on different operating systems. The total transaction value is approximately $ 16 billion, of which $ 4 billion in cash and about $ 12 billion shares of Facebook. The agreement also provides for the transfer of shares with restrictions on the amount of $ 3 billion to the founders and employees of WhatsApp for four years after the closing of the transaction.

service WhatsApp has about 450 million users per month, 70% of them are active any given day. Volume of messages sent via WhatsApp, close to the total volume of SMS-messages worldwide. Every day here recorded one million new users. In Facebook believe that the acquisition will accelerate the growth of WhatsApp users and their activity for both companies. “WhatsApp soon connect one billion people. Services overcoming this mark represent incredible value,” – said the head and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

“unusually high activity WhatsApp users and the rapid growth of the company offers easy messaging. honor for us to collaborate with Mark (Zuckerberg) and Facebook as we continue to carry your product to more people around the world,” – said co-founder and head of WhatsApp Yang Koumi. Under the deal, he will join the board of directors of Facebook.

deal was the largest acquisition of Facebook.


investors reacted negatively to the news of the purchase by the company of service WhatsApp, but the course of trading on February 21 marketable securities Facebook played fall and reached a record price of $ 70.11 per share. At the close of the last trading session of the week quotes showed an increase of 2.3% – the price per share of $ 69.63 was Facebook

February 23, 2014

Facebook accounts of deceased users perpetuate - BFM.Ru

Social network Facebook has come up with what to do with the accounts of the deceased. Company representatives did not find any other way out but to keep them unchanged, according

This means that now, if one of your friends or relatives died, the administration of social networks can “immortalize” his account for all users of the social network, the company says.

still dead people’s pages remain accessible only to their friends and family members, if they express a wish. “People do not see them, unless they were their friends. But today all registered sotsesti accounts will be maintained in the form in which it left the deceased owner, that is, they will be able to see all the people “, – explained in the Facebook.

changes, which went on the company, saying that it is like other social networks began to wonder about the safety of a virtual information about the deceased person. Last year it also made Twitter.

The company develops ATP 5-inch Android-smartphone equipped Project Tango 3D-scanner -

owned Google, a company Advanced Technology and Projects ( ATP ), presented its new creation – a 5-inch Android-smartphone equipped 3D Project Tango scanner. New allows you to create three-dimensional model of space and keep track user without using GPS-navigation, evaluating and analyzing their environment and motion like a man.

Smartphone Google Project Tango is equipped with rear 4-megapixel camera and a front camera to track movements, depth sensor, as well as energy efficient coprocessor Myriad 1 of Movidius, providing the system computer vision processing incoming information from all sensors . In one second, it can analyze more than 250,000 data samples on the basis that generates the 3D-model objects. It should also be noted that due to energy-efficient chip Myriad 1 smartphone will consume very little power.

By 14 March 2014 prototype of the gadget will be available to a small group of 200 third-party developers.

This news has no PR

Magisto service is integrated in the "Classmates" - Express-News

Post Image

22.02 | 15:00

Russian Internet company Mail.Ru Group, which is owned social networking “Classmates” and “My World” instant messengers “Agent Mail.Ru» and «ICQ», invested about $ 2 million in Israeli Magisto.

currently integrated into Magisto “Odnoklassniki” and many users of the social network has been appreciated by the new service.

Magisto is an online service for processing multimedia content, it allows conversion of the user photos and video in high quality videos. Principle of operation Magisto is that all work is carried out with the files on a remote service, and the user’s computer acts as a terminal. This service uses an intelligent technology Emotion Sense, which analyzes the material, highlights the most important points and removes all unnecessary. The algorithm works Magisto can recognize almost any object, landscape, people, animals, allowing you to create high-quality video.

Classmates launch service Magisto to create short films from photos - Ferra

22.02.2014, 10:32 Ferra,

, Mail.Ru Group, Magisto . Magisto . , “” .


,. Magisto ,, . ,, ,,, .

, Magisto, ,. Magisto HD-.


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Google Project Tango: Smartphone with 3D-modeling system space - 3DNews

Google has introduced another innovative initiative – Project Tango, which is developing a smartphone capable of forming a digital representation of the surrounding environment.

Modern cell phones

, suits numerous sensors can receive information about the coordinates, orientation in space and the external environment. But Google said that it is not enough. The project “Tango” – give smartphones able to evaluate and understand their environment and the movement as it does people. We are talking about the constant formation of detailed three-dimensional map of space and update it in real time. This will allow mobile devices to accurately assess the current situation, the actions of the owner and immediately respond to any changes.


Google has created a prototype of such a mobile device that uses specialized hardware and software components. In the current version of the gadget is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen, 4-megapixel camera, secondary camera to track movements and depth sensor. Operating system – Android.

For processing the information obtained two corresponding image processor 1 Myriad developed by Movidius. Their features are the “ultra-low power consumption, high performance and programmable architecture.” It is argued that compared with traditional chips 1 Myriad products provide a tenfold gain in performance and energy consumption. As a result, projected every second smartphone is able to perform more than 250 thousand measurements.

While the release of a commercial version of the machine, designed by the “Tango”, not talking. But Google plans to mid-March of third-party developers to distribute 200 copies of test devices.

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By decision Rospotrebnadzora was blocked about 3.7 thousands of sites about suicide - hardnsoft

3699, ,.853. Mail . ru LiveJournal 171,175. 102 Youtube .

-, . , . , , .

January 2012. , .,,.

Google smartphone with a 3-D map announced - Express-News

Post Image

22.02 | 04:29

new prototype smartphone that is capable of creating indoor 3-D map of the area, the company will launch Google.

Series sensors that are built into the smartphone, the phone allow you to see the surrounding countryside and to make three-dimensional map. Moreover, the device receives and records the direction of movement. Rear cameras allow you to take pictures and measurements of 250 thousand per second, through special sensors.
Such devices, developers believe will help blind people, and they can be used in games and navigation purposes. Mass production of devices will not yet.

Google creates smartphone to feature 3D-scanning - Ukrainian national news

Google has announced

prototype smartphone capable of creating 3D-map of the area and premises.

As reported by foreign media, the device is developed in the framework of Tango.

“series unit is equipped with sensors that allow him to” see “the surrounding area as it makes people perceive the movement and create a three-dimensional model of reality. On the back of the smartphone camera and sensors are located, which produce 250,000 measurements per second”, – said in a statement.

This smartphone, say the developers, can help visually impaired people to move, to be used in the gaming industry, and to work with navigation services.

On the issue of

gadget into mass production it does not go.


news found:

Russians may be required to provide passport information to download torrents - TV Center - Official website of TV channel

Tags: Internet Movie Society Russian Ministry of Culture

Russians may be required to provide their personal data for downloading and uploading of various movies and commercials. It is assumed that the Russians will have to indicate their information when registering on torrent sites.

Russians may be required to provide their personal data for downloading and uploading of various movies and commercials. About this newspaper

Man picks up the voice of friends - BFM.Ru

British scientists have identified a link between human friendship and voice features. This was reported in a study posted on the portal Plos One.

Scientific Group corresponding experiment conducted with the assistance of 30 men and 30 women. Thus, the scientists were able to establish that people who hear voices like his, there is a positive reaction in the subconscious. So often it turns out that close friends like not only the tone of voice, but also a number of speech characteristics.

In addition, the British discovered certain “codes” in the voice of a man who is looking for friends. Other people who are also in search, on a subconscious level recognize this signal and easier to go to the contact.


researchers initially set a goal to define the principle of vocal attractiveness. According to them, this was much more difficult. Thanks to experiment with 60 participants, the researchers found that if the reaction to the man’s voice is mixed up to the open rejection, the tone of voice to female subjects almost always responded favorably. Certainly, this conclusion does not apply to voice with certain peculiarities.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moscow authorities are changing approach to teaching mathematics - students will be divided into different levels -

Moscow Department of Education decided to experiment – with the new school year in some schools will radically change the approach to teaching mathematics. Students 5-11th grades can now choose the level at which they learn the subject, told the newspaper “Kommersant” in the city Department of Education. Experts welcomed the initiative of the authorities, however, believe that a mandatory exam on the subject in this case should be divided into several levels.

Told the publication director of the Center of pedagogical skills of the Education Department of Moscow Ivan Yaschenko project under the working title “The clear mathematics” to change the system of teaching the subject in schools. City officials offered to 5th grade school to form separate groups: Mathematics “for everyday life”, applied for technical professions and the highest level – mathematics as an art.

No tests do not have to take the teachers themselves will share students. Child can, if desired, to move from one group to another. Moreover, all students will study the subject enough to pass without problems federal exams.

Currently students after the 11th grade to pass two compulsory exam – in Russian language and mathematics. In early February, Moscow City Duma deputies offered to do the math exam of choice, but the Ministry of Education rejected this idea.

Rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuz’minov approved the initiative of the city authorities. According to him, the kids at school are divided into three groups with respect to mathematics – future engineers and economists, and those who “think in mathematics” and may become analysts, and “conditional intuitionalists” who understand the curriculum with difficulty. According to the rector, the next step was to divide the exam on several levels.



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Russians will be obliged to provide passport information to download content via torrents - Computer Security


Russians will be obliged to provide passport data for downloading content via torrent

Russians will be obliged to provide passport information to download content via torrents

February 20, 2014 (No votes)

Tags: data, torrent, resource movie

Appropriate amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation proposes filmmaker Teterin.

Russian Ministry of Culture received a letter requesting to amend the legislation that will oblige Russian users to provide personal information to download torrent video resources. On it informs edition of “The News” journalists who reviewed the document. Author last became a film producer “only girls in sport” and “Wii 3D” Oleg Teterin.

worth noting that last week, the Moscow City Court decree was limited access to pirated copies of the above tapes that were distributed to five sites, including and

“We, unfortunately, can not be sure that other people do not lay out again on these sites our films. And to prosecute violators need their passport details. Otherwise we’ll keep watching and hiking in the court to block the pages of the same site, “- to the letter.

Furthermore, Teterin claims that torrent trackers should be required “in the registration request passport data users, then it was possible to prosecute offenders.” In case of non compliance resources to block. Restricting access to sites should last “before the discovery of the offender or before the introduction of the portal service, which allows to block copies of movies, which previously put forward reasonable claim holders”


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Partner of UCP made a statement on the situation around Durov - Kommersant

decision on independent verification of the founder CEO of Action “in contact” Pavel Durov blocked Group. This is reported in the statement of partner Yuri Kachuro UCP fund, which is obtained by ITAR-TASS. “Since February 2013 remains unfulfilled board’s decision” in contact “to verify the relationship in the episode with one of the companies affiliated with Durov. It is important that the decision on the inspection was made before our arrival in shareholders “in contact”, but it still is not satisfied. Performing with the connivance of sabotaged Durov Group. Today we are talking about the verification of not one, but numerous suspicious episodes. Apparently realizing that inconvenient to have to explain the facts, for several weeks Group slyly blocks decision independently verified by the Board of Directors. In this Durov and his new subordinates hastily started its review without consulting the details and conditions of the board of directors “in contact”, “- said in a statement Mr Kachuro.

Press office has not confirmed TsNIIMash care CEO Panichkina - RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. Document resignation from his post as head of Roscosmos head scientific organization – the Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIIMash) Nicholas Panichkina yet, and at least until the end of this week it will be at his workplace, told RIA Novosti spokesman Institute.

Earlier, some media reported that Panichkin terminated the contract with Roscosmos consensual and retiring, and Acting CEO TsNIIMash can become the head of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the fourth (4th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Federation) Alexander Milkovsky.

“Nikolai Panichkin is in office, and will definitely be before the end of the week at his workplace. Officially us about his departure no one has yet notified, as well as new candidates for this position,” – said the agency interlocutor.

Roscosmos has refrained from commenting on the change in leadership of the Central Research Institute of Machine Building.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Scientists leading universities in the world are going to create a molecular model of the human brain - piter-piter


leading universities in the world are going to create a molecular model of the human brain

Uchenye leading universities in the world are going to create a molecular model of the brain cheloveka

Scientists eighty leading universities in the world are going to create a molecular model of the human brain, the project is called Brainome, the implementation of which is scheduled for 10 years.

project participants are universities from 22 countries of the European Union, the USA, China and Japan.

Brainome project will enable the computer, which will operate on the principles of human thought.

If recreate the molecular structure of the human brain, we can understand the principle his work, and that will be the basis for the creation of the revolutionary computer technology. The computer will operate on principles similar to the human brain.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The plans of the leading universities in the world to create a molecular model of the human brain - EvroSMI

To create a molecular model of the human brain scientist leading universities in the world will need 10 years. Working on the project 80 most important universities in the world, which represent 22 EU countries, including China, Japan and the United States.

British radio station BBC BBC voiced goal of the project. This new level of touch in understanding the human brain through the complete reconstruction of its structure by artificial means. Project Name – Brainome.

Information Portal ITAR-TASS presented next, scientists are interested in information: – “Deciphering the code of the human brain will be brought to a single neuron – specific cells, which is its main structural and functional unit. As a result, scientists will be able to create with the help of computers first full analogue of the human brain “.

certain category of experts believes that the project Brainome can become the foundation for computer technology, as created for a certain principle of the program will work on alternatives, so similar to the human brain.

T. Sokoto

Kickstarter service hacked - addresses and other data users fall into the hands of hackers - 3DNews

Hack In today’s world of large retailers and resources become commonplace: the news of this sounds almost every week. Now the most famous attraction of micro-investment service, Kickstarter, has expanded the list. The company said in a blog (as well as by users to send emails) that attackers have found a way to certain parts of the database Kickstarter.

The good news is that the hackers did not have access to records with information on credit cards (at least, signs of the experts have been found), but even if it is in some way failed, Kickstarter does not store whole numbers their credit card users.

Nevertheless, the attackers were able to get a database containing the names of users and their e-mail, encrypted passwords, and even e-mail addresses with telephone numbers. The fact that the passwords are encrypted, is, of course, plus (sometimes happens that even well-known sites store passwords in clear text). Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that on the basis of this base in the presence of certain computing resources can choose passwords, so users Kickstarter certainly want to change their login credentials.

Kickstarter notes that the vulnerability of them said Wednesday representatives of law enforcement agencies (which ones – is not specified), after which they immediately closed the security hole that was used for user data. Last 4 days a micro-investment officers were investigating, trying to figure out how exactly to the data and the extent to which the attackers gained access.

Kickstarter reports the following details hacking:

  • passwords were stripped one of two methods: the old ones were hashed using SHA-1 algorithm, and a new – using bcrypt;
  • company noted that before informing users it took 4 days in order to analyze the situation in detail;
  • if access to the service Kickstarter used Facebook, then the account on the social network will not be affected, however, Kickstarter is disabled for all communication with accounts of Facebook, so that they will have to connect again.

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