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Moscow decided: Sudetenland – the Czechs, Vilnius – Lithuanians, Danzig – Poles … – TVNZ

But when it ended, Poland and other Eastern European countries have acquired new territories. But neither think about it, no thanks to Moscow they do not like, says Oleg Nazarov , publicist, doctor of historical sciences.

What Czechs owe Stalin

– Oleg G., World War II, in my opinion, did not begin with the invasion of Poland, but much earlier …

– Yes, it was a prologue Munich Agreement, when Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany have agreed that Germany would be given the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia inhabited mostly by ethnic Germans. Next Hitler could not be stopped.

– and Czechoslovakia did not try to resist?

– No. The Soviet Union was ready to render military aid to Czechoslovakia, but the president Benes agreed to the dictates of “Munich.” But the Czechoslovak army was quite a battle-worthy. By the way, Hitler, having examined and highly appreciated without a fight Germany inherited powerful Czechoslovak border fortifications, noted that “the strength of the concrete does not matter if the weak will power».

– This is a coincidence , but that Czechoslovakia was the scene of recent fighting World War II in Europe …

– Yes, our troops have taken to Prague, where Berlin has already fallen. And died there, in fact after the victory, thousands of our soldiers. But back in the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.

Life Poles saved the Red Army

– The Czech Republic still remember their liberators. And that is why Poland so partial to us?

– It is necessary to start with the fact that the Germans have prepared Poles terrible fate. If the Czechs, Hitler and his gang, not really raging, charged with the work, then they covered Poland network of concentration camps. Hitler remembered how “Polish hyena” (Churchill’s expression) to snatch a piece dismembered Czechoslovakia, and thus refused to join the Anti-Comintern Pact. And since Pilsudski hatred for the Bolsheviks was obvious reason for the refusal Fuhrer saw in Warsaw’s unwillingness to follow Berlin.

Poles like to submit itself to the world as victims or heroes. Meanwhile, in the prewar period, the Polish government considerably aided Hitler in his plans. In 1938, Warsaw refused to let the Red Army through its territory of Czechoslovakia. A year later, it is just as decisively rejected the proposal of the Kremlin to help Poland itself.

– That is, if the Warsaw went to a military alliance with France and the Soviet Union, to start a war for Germany would be suicide?

– Most likely, yes. But Poland for that fought for it and ran: it quickly defeated the Wehrmacht in September 1939.

– This was the only attempt to help the USSR Poland?

– No. After the war remained a controversial issue eastern border of Poland. And arranged all the decision at the Yalta Conference, Stalin offered. As a result, Poland has received substantial accessions of territory in the north and in the west at the expense of Germany. Churchill, by the way, said that “the plan – the best of all,” for “German land is more valuable than the Pinsk Marshes. This industrialized areas ».

But, more importantly, the Red Army had saved Poles from complete destruction by the Nazis. Today in Poland destroyed monuments to soldiers-liberators …

As the Bolsheviks Lithuania Vilnius back

– Speaking of the beginning of the war, we can not ignore Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact, which today is very negative assessments of many, and especially our neighbors – the Baltic States, which considers that the Red Army occupied it.

– Here, too, is not so simple. One of the first consequences of the signing in 1939 of the Covenant felt the Lithuania. 75 years ago if the Lithuanians and squealed, then delight.

– From delight?!

– Judge for yourself. In April 1919, the Vilnius region, which was part of the Russian Empire, captured by the Poles. They owned it until the beginning of World War II.

– A Lithuania did not try to return the capital?

– I wanted to. However, the forces on it was not. Only after September 1939, the eastern part of Poland was ceded to Russia, Stalin gave Lithuania Vilnius and the region.

– But it could turn these lands into the RSFSR or give Belarus !

– Could. Among the population of the then Lithuanian Vilnius was not enough. Once again, Lithuania lost its capital at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. July 13, 1944 the city was svobozhden from invaders by the Red Army.

– And why Stalin was so generous to Lithuania?

– Yes, it is a question. None of the Federal Republic of Secretary General did so expensive gifts. After the war, he gave Lithuania Klaipeda (Memel) and Klaipeda region, taken away by the Nazis in Lithuania in March 1939. And the resort of Druskininkai, Swieciany and train station Godutishki (Adutishkis) from surrounding villages that formerly were part of the Byelorussian SSR, and where only a quarter of the population were Lithuanians.

Rescue future Square

– Well, Ukraine. That she had received from the Soviet Union?

– During the first year of World War II Soviet Ukraine has sharply increased its territory. After the collapse of the Polish state, the Red Army has taken under the protection of the Western Ukraine. She then became part of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1940, the country was attached to another and Romanian Bessarabia and Bukovina.

– However, when the Great Patriotic War, Ukraine had tight …

– After the war, Extraordinary State Commission for the establishment and investigation of atrocities of fascist aggressors identified damage to the Ukrainian SSR in 285 billion. weighty Soviet rubles. And they gave the money for the restoration of Ukraine, as well as his other republics of the USSR.

Now take the post-war period. The territory of the republic increased again. Few remember, but under the agreement between the USSR and Czechoslovakia on 29 June 1945 Transcarpathia was incorporated into the USSR. All these acquisitions Ukrainians received as citizens of the Soviet Union.

On the road of independent development of Ukraine stood 23 years ago. Why development turned degradation – a topic for another conversation. That they might wake up from delusion, has not lost the mind and shame the citizens of Ukraine it is necessary to remember that during the war, the vast majority of their grandfathers and great grandfathers did not fight under the banner of the Third Reich or the UPA. They did not shout “Moskalyaku – on Gilyaks!” And fired mortars at fellow citizens, and shoulder to shoulder with the other peoples of the USSR defended common Motherland.


The Second World War began on September 1, 1939, and ended September 2, 1945-th. It was attended by 61 countries from the 73 that existed at that time. Fighting was going on three continents and in the waters of the four oceans. This is the only war in which nuclear weapons were applied.

In the armed forces had been mobilized 110 million. Persons. Total human losses reached 60 – 65 million., Of them were killed at the front of 27 million, many of them citizens of the USSR. Also suffered the greatest loss of China, Germany, Japan and Poland.


“Izvestia”: MPs propose to introduce a law on the storage of data from January 1, 2015 – BBC

The State Duma propose to accelerate the entry into force of the law requiring all foreign Internet companies engaged in sales in Russia, store personal data only Russians in the country, and bring it into force from January 2015. About this newspaper «Izvestiya» .

The relevant amendments prepared and introduced to the State Duma a member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Yevgeny Fyodorov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations Jaroslav Nilov, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy Vadim Dengin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Yushchenko, as well as the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Land Affairs Vladimir Parahin.

According to them, now too many Russian services and data centers are located on the territory of our country, so it makes no sense to wait until September 1, 2016 – the date that specified in the law “On Personal Data».

It is noted that have not yet transitioned foreign companies by law provide for the granting of rent server space, as well as permission to build their own data centers in Russia.

July 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law «On Personal Data”.


In the Orenburg region land satellite “Foton-M” with the cosmic zoo – BFM.Ru

The unit spent in orbit experiments with geckos and flies, fruit flies and other small animals

Today, in the Orenburg region to be held landing Russian research satellite “Foton-M . ” As reported by the Federal Space Agency on August 27, the program of scientific experiments, the spacecraft came to an end.

The results of the scientific experiments on board the “Foton-M” examined the state commission. “State Commission decided lander landing” Foton-M “September 1, 2014 in the Orenburg region”, – the report says the Russian Space Agency.

«Foton-M” was launched into orbit July 19, 2014 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. He drove into space geckos and fruit flies, as well as silkworm eggs, mushrooms and seeds of higher plants. The device is designed for microgravity experiments, providing reception of new knowledge on the physics of weightlessness. In addition, they are designed to ensure development of work processes of production of semiconductor materials, biomedical products with improved performance and conduct biological and biotechnological research. Term flight “Foton-M” is limited to 60 for days.


In Kazan, the updated Central Park appeared simulators and Wi-Fi – 33LIVE.RU

Kazan completely reconstructed Central Gorky Park. There, new playgrounds, a musical fountain, large lawn for recreation, free Wi-Fi.

In Kazan completely reconstructed Central Gorky Park. There, new playgrounds, a musical fountain, large lawn for recreation, free Wi-Fi.
Results of Saturday appreciated the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. They walked around the park, talked with residents and tested the new sports equipment. Head of the Republic performed the standard for Wrestling and shooting. Then the baton in the push-ups took the mayor of Kazan, and gave it to the other guests of the park, the channel “Russia 24″.


Born in space: biocompanion flies flies to Earth – S & Peace


In the Orenburg region tomorrow to land a satellite carrying the geckos and the fly Drosophila. According to a source in the Russian Space Agency, “Foton-M” will land on September 1.

«Estimated landing time – 13:18 Moscow time,” – told in the Mission Control Center, which will manage the decline of the spacecraft. It is reported that the “Photon” was launched into space on July 19, and then a few days do not get in touch.

Despite the fact that the experiment was foiled, experts believe that on-board the satellite went breeding lizards and flies drozfil that lasted 1.5 months of gravity. The State Commission has decided to put the spacecraft 2 weeks earlier and he lands in the southern Urals.

MOE warns that some of the areas of the region will be closed for the movement of civilians. Tomorrow there will be held the search operation for the detection of “Photon-M».


Flies with their offspring from the “Photon-M” will land September 1 – Express-News

Post Image

31.08 | 16:46

«Foton-M” with flies and geckos returns home tomorrow, September 1. About it “sit” on the Earth in 13.18 CET. Most likely, the device to land in the Orenburg region.

After planting, all animals sent to the Institute of Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences for further study. Scientists believe that 1.5 months of gravity and flies bred geckos.

Recall that the “Foton-M” went into space on July 19th. A few days after launch spacecraft into orbit, with him at the time of the connection disappeared. Some time later with a “photon” was lost telemetry, after which the Commission has decided to put the spacecraft 2 weeks earlier.


“MaksimaTelekom” trade links to applications for smart phones in the subway – RBC

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The provider of free Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro “MaksimaTelekom” began trading links to mobile apps on the home page, you see when you are online all visitors underground . Exclusive rights to sell links on the application got agency Unilead.

Section with games and applications appeared on the portal from August 25. Daily chezer this page connect to Wi-Fi more than 400 thousand. Passengers committing more 500,000 connections, or 18% of the average number of passengers per day on the lines for Internet access, said commercial director of “MaksimaTelekom” Anastasia Zhavoronkova. According to her, the number of Wi-Fi users in the metro is growing at 7-10% weekly. Until the end of 2014 the network “MaksimaTelekom” will work on all lines of the subway, on the day of the passengers will make no less than 1.36 million connections, expects Zhavoronkova. According to her, the average session duration of stay in the portal user – two minutes and eight seconds.

In the section with games and applications online will pass all visitors to this site, expects Unilead CEO Dmitry Semenov . He says that Unilead already agreed with the leading developers of popular games and applications – in will link to online shopping AppStore and Google Play to play “Megalopolis” from the Russian SocialQuantum, Games Electronic Arts, the strategy of “The Hobbit: the kingdom of Middle-earth” from Kabam, multiplayer online strategy Game of War from Machine Zone, games Russian Game Insight, the application of the Government of Moscow, the site of the movie “Film search” entertainment portal “Bill”, dating sites, tourist guides to Russia and other.

The developer of mobile games World of Tanks Blitz, company Wargaming – also customer Unilead, says Semenov. Link to World of Tanks Blitz may later appear on the site, although it takes 1GB, told Semenov. According to him, the application of up to 100-150Mb not overload traffic in the car. The representative of Wargaming confirmed that the mobile version World of Tanks may appear on our site underground, but did not specify details.

«In our experience in the underground work well for applications taxi, buying tickets for trains and planes” – Zhavoronkova says. Preferences in games “MaksimaTelekom” has not yet revealed, she continues -Companies gather statistics on the most popular with commuters only towards the end of the year.

Games will attract 2% of the total audience Wi-Fi in the subway , says co-owner and president of the publisher’s games Syncopate Oleg Sambikin. Active audience of mobile gaming is already involved in the industry, the subway will “catch” those who have not played – so in the first six months, the agency can attract 10% of the audience, said Sambikin. One of them will be active audience only 10%, experts predict. “Plus, the developer only in the fact that he at some point may increase the downloading games and increase their ratings in the AppStore and Google Play», – he said.

«MaksimaTelekom” Unilead can share and revenue each installation of the game in half, says CEO and founder of the company – a game developer Nival Sergey Orlovsky. For each installation of the game developer pays an advertising agency to attract users an average of $ 1-3, Orlovsky knows. According to him, there are other schemes, when half of the income, which makes the game of domestic payments, the developer pays an advertising agency.

Irina Yuzbekova

August 29 2014


Intensive nucleation of stars found in the young galaxy astrophysics GOODS-N-774 – Softcraze


Together astrophysics from the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa found a young galaxy. At its core, in contrast to most other galaxies, there are intensive processes of star formation.

Further observation of the galaxy from the early universe will help scientists understand how as the process of the birth of stellar objects in detail.

It is assumed that in a compact nucleus of the galaxy GOODS-N-774 stars are formed at a high rate of 300 units per year. A process started about three billion years after the Big Bang.

Observations astrophysicists argue that intensive processes that are happening now in the detected them GOODS-N-774, in other galaxies began even earlier.

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The new iPhone 6 from Apple may appear NFC – The Asian Reporter

CUPERTINO, August 31 / Asian Reporter /. Apple smartphone the next generation, which may be presented on September 9 will provide chip-enabled contactless technology Near Field Communication (NFC). Core production of the Dutch company NXP will allow to use the iPhone 6 as a ticket, credit card, or even identity, working at a distance.



This would make payment touch, like Google Wallet, liaising smartphone wirelessly with other devices when they are in contact with.


Information Booklet iBtimes reported that recently Apple Inc. has received a patent on the chip, which allows you to use all the NFC and get energy for the battery of the wireless method. If Apple still equip iPhone 6 specialty module, the cost and wireless charging and NFC chip will fall due to cheaper production fees.


Earlier in the media have repeatedly passed the information that smartphones Apple iPhone 6 will be entitled chips NFC. As we reported earlier, the announcement of the smartphone Apple iPhone 6 will take place on Tuesday, September 9th.


Sweat suit dogs Soviet cosmonauts auctioned – Radio Echo of Moscow

07:33 , 31 August 2014

Bidding is scheduled for September 13. Sell ​​under the hammer this exhibit decided collector from Germany, RIA Novosti reported. This is one of the first track suits for dogs that have developed in the RSC “Energia”. It is a tight-fitting garments made of cotton, nylon, rubber and aluminum, brown, lace-up, equipped with breathing apparatus. The starting price of the auction lots – 4000 euros. It is assumed that in such suits were preflight famous Belka and Strelka – the first space dog crew, who returned safely to Earth.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

At ENEA presented multimidiynuyu installation Soviet atomic bomb – Town clock news channel

30.08.2014 20:23

at the Polytechnic Museum at ENEA presented multimidiynuyu installation devoted to the testing of the first Soviet atomic bomb, according to ITAR- TASS. It simulates the remote start explosion of the first Soviet atomic bomb RDS-1.

In the windows screens “remote control”, visitors can see the photos, footage, documents the development, design and testing of the RDS-1. With the circuit breaker can be made “explosion”.

At the opening of the exhibition was made by Arkady Brish, one of the creators of the bomb, which was tested 65 years ago, August 29, 1949.


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Explore the galaxy with active star formation – News of the World Innovation

astrophysicists from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa have found a young galaxy in the core of which is probably still going through an intensive process of formation of stars.

In the nuclei of most of these systems, these processes have ended. Observations of young astrophysicists galaxy universe can give a better understanding of the process of birth of celestial objects.

In a galaxy with a compact nucleus GOODS-N-774, possibly with high speed the formation of stars, which started after about three billion years after the Big Bang. Lights in the GOODS-N-774 are formed at a rate of about 300 units per year. For the Milky Way is the amount of thirty times less.

The mass of all the stars in the galaxies studied actually twice the entire mass of the Milky Way, although its size is a fraction of the galaxy and can reach across six thousand light years. Most of the observations of experts shows that the similar processes in other galaxies began even earlier.

Scientists believe that over time, the entire star system will turn into a giant elliptical galaxy. Also, according to experts, the new lights in the nucleus of the galaxy are formed in regions of dark matter.



Roscosmos has called the basic version of mistakes with the launch of Galileo – Softcraze

159 669 706

This commission, which is investigating the causes of the failed launch of the Russian carrier rocket “Soyuz-ST-B” with satellites Galileo, allow to draw conclusions of what happened.

Members Commission came to the conclusion that the probable cause of the error was a strong influence from the outside at the head unit, getting into the nozzle of one of the engines of space debris. It is also possible that the freelance opened a solar cell of any of the spacecraft during the ascent to orbit. Though other versions of what happened.

the earlier version improper operation of control systems. It was believed that it was because of her booster got the wrong flight mission. No comments from the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Scientific-Production Center of Automatics and Instrument. Academician Pilyugina “manufacture control systems and software, was not followed.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Astronomers first saw the emergence of a massive galaxy –

 Astronomers first saw the emergence of a massive galaxy

The data from the world’s leading telescope helped scientists discover to GOODS-N-774 – a huge bright ball of constantly being born stars, who was the “nucleus” of the future of a massive galaxy, writes Until now, astronomers have not been able to detect the earliest stages of galaxy formation in the early universe. Theorists talked about that massive elliptical galaxies have to start over with an incredibly bright and a spherical nucleus, active generation of stars which started closer to the center, and then spread to the outer area, sparking protogalaxies like a giant New Year’s ball and starting the process of galactic evolution.

GOODS-N-774 is 11 billion light years from us. This means that in the form in which we now see it, it was in the days of the early universe – after “only” three billion years after the Big Bang.

The size of it is 16.5 times smaller than our Galaxy, but has already twice more stars and consequently twice the mass. Also around the GOODS-N-774 are active star formation processes – if somewhere in this protogalaxy already have planets, their night sky is literally strewn with bright astronomical phenomena, the researchers note.

The discovery is important that opens a new chapter in the study period of youth of our universe.

“This process of formation of the galactic nucleus is a phenomenon very early universe. Now we do not observe galaxies that can develop in this way. At that time in the universe was something that helped galaxies formed in this way, but now it is impossible. We assume that the universe before could produce brighter objects because it was generally brighter in the aftermath of the Big Bang. Now she no longer has such a bright, “- says Eric Nelson (Erica Nelson), Yale University

These objects are very difficult to register because they are light, how bright he was, often hidden behind clouds of interstellar gas and dust, which is typical of active star formation regions .

To discover and explore the GOODS-N-774, the researchers combined data from space-based telescope “Hubble”, “Spitzer”, “Herschel”, as well as ground-based observatory “Keck” in Hawaii.


An incredible discovery: scientists have learned to get rid of bad memories – – China News



an incredible discovery, scientists have learned to get rid of the bad memories



& # x432; & # x43E; & # x441; & # x43F; & # x43E; & # x43C; & # x438; & # x43D; & # x430; & # x43D; & # x438; & # x44F ; an incredible discovery, scientists have learned to get rid of the bad memories. Memory – that’s all we have, according to many. Indeed, without the memories we could be ourselves. However, in some cases, they bring only pain and suffering, and therefore the ability to manage memory would be a godsend for for traumatized people. After thinking about it, neuroscientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have made a surprising discovery, learning to erase bad memories.

A breakthrough in modern medicine is difficult to overestimate, because it can be used to deliver people from phobias and depression, helping them to become happy. However, you should immediately mention that the method helps to transform traumatic memories in a positive, yet only been tried in rodents. Yet, early on something like that could be heard only in the movies or read the fantastic book. The method developed by American neurologists generally like to work neyralizatora (eraser memory).

The secret of success lies in the connection between memory and emotions that evoke memories – joy and happiness to fear or anguish. Scientists at MIT have used this in his experiment on laboratory mice. They monitored the brain activity of mice and in particular those which neurons activated in the hippocampus and amygdala, areas of the brain responsible for the formation of fear and pleasant memories. Then, in the same neurons acted pulses of bright light. Depending on the wavelength of light and the area of ​​the brain of mice, on which he was working mouse or ceased to feel fear or, conversely, began to be afraid.




The Commission has established the cause of the Russian Space Agency launch failure Galileo –


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According to the newspaper” Izvestia “, the Commission of Inquiry error when placed into orbit by the Russian carrier rocket” Soyuz-ST-B ” satellites Galileo, outlined the basic version of what happened.

Among the possible causes were considered too strong external impact on the head unit, boom nozzles one of ligaments engine debris, freelance disclosure solar cell of one of the spacecraft during ascent into orbit and other versions.

After a detailed review, the Commission concluded that the most likely vehicles were an unplanned orbit due to incorrect operation of the control system, which gave the wrong flight Accel unit.

The control system and the software for it was manufactured by the Moscow Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Scientific-Production Center of Automatics and Instrument Academician Pilyugina.” NPTSAP refused to comment on this version, referring to the holiday specialist.

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Telescopes NASA considered the star formation in the early universe – – Feel the future!

Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer were used to study distant elliptical galaxy, known as Sparky (Sparky).

 Scientists obtained images of a massive galaxy in the very early stages of development, shedding light on the area of ​​the mad star in the early universe. The diameter of a distant galaxy is only 6,000 light-years away, making it much smaller than our Milky Way, which measured about 100 000 light-years across. However, despite the huge difference in size, Sparky contains twice as many stars as in our home galaxy.


 Galactic nucleus object so far that now scientists observed light originated about 11 billion years ago, just 3 billion years after the Big Bang. The team also studied archival infrared images from the two telescopes, determining that Sparky was born about 300 stars per year, which is significantly more than 10 stars per year, being born in the Milky Way. Team results indicate that the galaxy is producing stars are billions of years before observation.

 Observed from Sparky light indicates a very high level of star formation, and scientists believe that it will eventually slow down and billions of years in the future, smaller galaxies may even come out of her. Then it will become a huge power elliptical galaxy.

 The team believes that there are other, similar galaxy, but infrared technology on board a current telescopes can not detect them. However, scientists must get answers from future telescopes such as the James Webb Space Telescope.


Galileo failure might occur because of errors in software – Moscow Says

The problems related to the functioning of the upper stage “Fregat”.

This is the conclusion reached by the Commission to investigate the causes of the accident, the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing a source in the Federal Space Agency. Due to incorrect command Galileo satellites were not delivered to the destination. When the rocket booster and work correctly, but they were laid invalid commands, said the source publication.

August 22 Russian carrier rocket “Soyuz-ST-B” with the upper stage “Fregat-MT” and two European satellites launched from the Spaceport in French Guiana. Later, experts have found a deviation from the planned orbit vehicles. Galileo satellites were considered lost.