Thursday, December 31, 2015

ISS crew told NTV in an extraterrestrial cosmic mind and sent Self –

In an interview with the host of “Today” told the crew of space traditions celebrate the New Year, and complained that they have no opportunity to cook on board the ISS full salad.

But self on board ?? It is quite possible thing. Right in the air the astronauts showed how it is done, and the result is sent to Earth ?? studio NTV.

Also, the astronauts shared their impressions from the main film premieres outgoing year ?? the next episode of the saga “Star Wars.” “In our everyday lives is not at all like” ?? This was the conclusion of the inhabitants of the ISS.

The fact whether the astronauts have seen UFOs and whether they believe in extraterrestrial intelligence, ?? See the video footage of the “Today».


Scientists have for the first time been able to “record” as the neurons work of a living being – BBC

31.12.2015, 13:21

The researchers were able to capture exactly how neurons work the nervous system in the body of a living being – nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans . The full text of the work available in the journal PNAS.

Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a roundworm length of about 1 mm. Her nervous system consists of 302 neurons. Scientists for the first time managed to create a three-dimensional model of the nervous system of the worm, writing at the same time as it is working parts of the system – 77 neurons.

The researchers were able to correlate the activity of specific neurons with certain actions of the worm, for example, forwards or backwards . According to scientists, the resulting work of a model – is the most detailed to date, three-dimensional image of the nervous system of free beings.

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Japanese scientists were the creators of the 113th element of the periodic table – Russian newspaper

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan announced that scientists from the RIKEN institute recognized by the creators of the 113th element of the periodic table. This was reported by Kyodo.

Now, researchers have a right to give the name of this element. Many media outlets predict him the name “Japan”. Thus, a new element of the periodic table, scientists from the country opened for the first time.

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Let us recall the struggle for the title of “discoverer” of the element being approximately 10 years between the Russian-American research team and Japanese scientists. The materials of their works have been studied for many years by international organizations.

Japanese scientists led by Kosuke Morita tried to get the 113-member since 2003. Physicists synthesized it, “bombarding” the accelerator a target of bismuth-209 zinc-ion beam 70 accelerated to one-tenth the speed of light. They were able to synthesize element three times – in 2004, 2005 and 2012. The lifetime of its nucleus was only 4.9 to 0.3 milliseconds.

In February 2004, in Dubna, Russian-American team of scientists announced the creation of the 113th element in the synthesis of element 115 : offered to call him Becquerel. But, unfortunately, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, found insufficient evidence that has been created is the 113th element.

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In nature, there are no elements with atomic numbers greater than 92, that is heavier than uranium. Elements heavier than 100th in the periodic table can be obtained only in the laboratory: accelerators, by “bombing” the target with heavy ions. The nuclei of the new element arise at the confluence of the target nuclei and the “shell”.

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The Japanese considered the pioneers of the 113th element in the periodic table – BBC

31.12.2015, 16:19

The Government of Japan has announced that the Institute of Physics and Chemical Research (RIKEN) officially recognized as a pioneer of the 113th element of the periodic table, according to TASS .

On the authorship claimed by specialists from Russia and the United States, but the Joint Commission International Union of Pure and Applied chemistry and physics came to the conclusion that the accuracy of the synthesis of a new element above Japanese scientists. He was received by a group of physicists led by Professor Koske Morita in the course of experiments in 2004, 2005 and 2012.

113th element has not yet received an official name, but it is likely that it will be called “Japan” .

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Physical exercise during childhood can improve the brain – Scientists – NevaInfo

According to the researchers the University of Colorado, in the human digestive tract is home to 100 trillion bacteria that are known to be fundamental to the functioning of the body.

The man in the body there is a considerable number of microbes that after the person was born, have unique properties. During the research it was found that the composition of the intestinal bacteria directly affect the functioning of the brain and provides an antidepressant effect. Physical exercise increases the activity of beneficial intestinal bacteria, which subsequently affects the brain.

As it turned out, the young rats, which led an active lifestyle, the composition of the intestinal bacteria was significantly better due to the growing number of probiotic bacteria.

The American scientists, based on the results of the next series of experiments, claim that children need as early as possible before starting to play sports. In slow-moving rodent brain function represented not so active.

Moderate exercise and a number of exercises performed in childhood, influence the development of brain function and ultimately how biologists concluded Colorado.


Flight testing of carrier rockets “Soyuz-2.1a” and “Soyuz-2.1b” completed – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, December 30 – RIA Novosti. The State Commission adopted a decision to complete the flight test rocket “Soyuz-2.1a” and “Soyuz-2.1b” with the upper stage “Fregat” and their transfer in nominal operation Defense Ministry and Roscosmos, said on Wednesday in the management of the press service and information of the military establishment.

“Flight testing of carrier rockets” Soyuz-2 “steps 1a and 1b have been completed. The decision was made by the state commission to conduct flight tests of the launch of space. Following the meeting of the State Commission the results of flight tests of the complex carrier rocket “Soyuz-2″ steps 1a and 1b recognized as positive, and flight test program completed in full, “- said in a statement.

The State Commission also adopted a positive decision on the completion of flight tests of the complex upper stage “Fregat” produced by FSUE “Scientific-Production Association named after Lavochkin”.

“State Commission decided to prepare documents for transmission systems rocket” Soyuz-2 “steps 1a and 1b and the upper stage” Fregat “nominal operation the Department of Defense and the Federal Space Agency” – added to the Defense Ministry.


Weather finally gone mad – at the North Pole +1 ° C – to Pravda.Ru

Today, due to the abnormally warm weather, the temperature at the North Pole warmed to + 1 ° C. This is due to the storm “Frank”, which is currently ravaging the coast of the UK, reports the newspaper Telegraph.

Normally at this time of year, the temperature in the North Pole is about -30 ° C.

It should be noted that most of the time, the region icebound.

The storm “Frank” here brought downpours and strong winds, as well as a stream of warm tropical air, all this together and caused a sudden abnormal warming.

Earlier, the coast of Great Britain during the Christmas holidays has undergone severe flooding, resulting in the water turned out to dozens of settlements, including the major cities.

to Pravda.Ru reported that global warming is most felt in Russia.

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What surprises prepares weather Christmas


The Australian Botanic Garden zatsvёl giant stinking flower (video) – The Epoch Times

In the botanical garden of Mount Lofty, South Australia zatsvёl-foot flower amorfofallusa sharp fetid odor. The scent of this huge plant like the smell of rotting flesh. / /

Amorphophallus titanum grown in the garden 10 years. This flower is very capricious, and it is very difficult to grow. Furthermore, the plant blooms rarely – once in 10-17 years. Therefore, for employees of a botanical garden of its blossoms it was a real treat.

Photos: PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP / Getty Images

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP / Getty Images

Biologists carefully care for plants. They kept him in the cool in summer and warm – winter. In addition to flower artificially created high humidity. Such care flower needed to recreate a specific climate necessary for its existence. A similar climate exists on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where I came from Amorphophallus titanum.

About the upcoming bloom biologists have learned a few weeks ago when they noticed an increase in the size of the flower. Admire the flowering plant will be in two days.

Photos: SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP / Getty Images

Photo: SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP / Getty Images

Employees botanical garden noted that scent of the flower is so offensive, that just knocks feet. However, despite this, the plant comes to admire the many visitors.

«Aroma” for pollinators

Such a sharp unpleasant odor the plant needed for pollination. Amorphophallus pollinated by insects that are attracted to “flavor” of decaying flesh. For more convincing flower is painted in sombre maroon-brown color.

 Photos: JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP / Getty Images


Insects, attracted by the smell, lay on a flower eggs but the offspring are never hatched, because the flower is not the right conditions. Thus, the Amorphophallus is cheating pollinators, often practiced in nature.

Despite the unpleasant smell, Amorphophallus titanum has a very nice view. It is a tall yellow spadix with splashes of burgundy and green. Under the ground is a giant flower tuber. The botanical gardens plant usually grows to two meters in height, but in nature it can reach more than three meters. It weighs 75 kilograms flower.


In the Moscow Botanical Garden “Apothecary Garden” also has a plant of the genus Amorphophallus. It grows konjac. In size it is less than the Titanic, but it did not smell weaker. At the same time it continues to bloom for two weeks, although it also happens rarely. Last Konjac in the “Apothecary Garden” blossomed a year ago and has attracted many who want to admire them and photograph rare beautiful plant.

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ISS crew – Russian residents: We are with you – the heart and soul! – REGNUM

Moscow, December 31, 2015, 08:55 – REGNUM The astronauts of the International Space Station (ISS) Yuri Malenchenko, Mikhail Kornienko and Sergei Volkov has congratulated his compatriots on the upcoming holidays – New Year and Christmas. This was reported in the press service of “Roskosmos».

Each of the astronauts passed their congratulations. Malenchenko transferred from the earth’s orbit, the New Year – the most favorite holiday of astronauts. They always wait for its occurrence and are pleased to congratulate the people of Russia – with all my heart.

«We believe in the good. We believe in the future. We believe in the country and believe in yourself! And working here at an altitude of several hundred kilometers above our planet, we are with you – the heart and soul! “- Said Kornienko.

« We are with you, with the family and loved ones, and with the whole Russia! We know – all will be well! We wish you health and joy, happiness and good luck! Dear friends, “- said Volkov.

The team of the International Space Station consists of representatives of Russia, the US and Europe. Russian cosmonauts: Mikhail Kornienko , Sergei Volkov and Yuri Malenchenko ; US: Scott Kelly and Timothy Kopra ; European astronaut and Timothy Peak. They all just 15 minutes per day will be able to celebrate the New Year, when they southeast of New Zealand. In Moscow, this time will be 14:05 on January 1.

Read more: On board the ISS crew of 15 times to celebrate the New Year

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dmitry Rogozin: Russia creates a 150-ton “truck” to fly into space – RSUTE

recently appeared in the Russian media rumors about the intention of the Russian Space Agency to abandon the lunar program is an exaggeration. This was stated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during his interview to the channel “Russia 24″.

Russia is working on a super-heavy rocket, the first stage of the rocket which will “Phoenix”. In an interview with TV channel “Russia 24″ said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

He stressed that the establishment of the missile in the new space program has already begun. Rogozin said that the delivery of goods a large mass of the Russian space industry requires real “trucks”, whereas now there are armed with “jeep” “Angara”. So dump truck, according to Rogozin, will be extra heavy missile.

«Now we create it on a completely new technological basis, and in the new federal space program has laid the creation of missiles” Phoenix “, which will be the first step in the creation of superheavy missiles “, – Rogozin said.

Load this space truck can exceed 150 tonnes.

The journalists reported the Russian Federal Space Agency plans to save budget abandon manned missions to the moon. It expects that it will save 88, 5 billion rubles. Earlier, the head said, the budget was found funds for exploration of the Moon. However, as the newspaper notes, the spacecraft, which in future will be able to fly to the moon, will continue under construction. This is the main priority of the Russian space industry.

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Scientists: Regular physical activity in childhood improve brain function – RIA “VladTime”

Американские scientists from the University, located in Colorado, the investigation found that regular physical activity minor in childhood can significantly improve brain function. The results of their work, experts have placed on the pages of scientific publications Immunology and Cell Biology.

Scientists: Regular physical activity in childhood improve the performance brain

 The scientists decided to experiment with the participation of laboratory mice. So, small rodents made regular daily “to do sports.” After some time, experts examined the mice and compared the results from studies with rodents, passive performance. As it turned out, the mice who received exercise, works much better metabolism and brain develops faster. Exercises influenced the intestinal bacteria that became the reason for such positive results. However, in young and older mice, even after such as “sports”, figures have not changed.

 Experts believe that exercise in childhood are essential. First, the child will remain in good shape, and secondly, it should definitely intestine work better. Among other things, improve and work of the brain during adulthood.

Lisa Sea


Physical exercise during childhood can improve brain function – BBC

30.12.2015, 16:45

Exercise in childhood affect the intestinal bacteria, resulting in adulthood improves metabolism and brain activity. This conclusion biologists from the University of Colorado. With their research can be available in the Journal of Immunology and Cell Biology.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments on laboratory rats and found that in young rats, which are “engaged in activities” every day, the composition intestinal bacteria essentially “won” by the growing number of probiotic bacteria. This effect is not nablyudlsya young sedentary rats, as well as in active adults.

The study authors noted that the composition of the intestinal bacteria directly affect the functioning of the brain and provides an antidepressant effect. “In the future, our future research will be fully focused on how bacteria affect the functioning of the brain in the long term,” – said one of the authors of Agnieszka Mika.

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The authenticity of the drugs can be checked using a smartphone – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, December 30 – RIA Novosti. 2017 in Russia earn a system that will allow the Russians when buying medicines already at the counter to check the authenticity of the drug using a smartphone, said Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, the TV channel “Russia-24″.

“Those labels that we want to use, they are very easy to read even an ordinary cell phone in the case, respectively, invested this program. It allows anyone to come to the pharmacy and at the counter check what kind of drug, a series that really made where he went, and so forth, “- said Skvortsov.

“This program will be launched in 2016, but actually enter into force in 2017, not all at once of drugs in the first stage for products associated with the seven high-priced nosologies – this is the most expensive drugs, the next step – a list of vital essential drugs, and then the whole market, “- said the minister.

She also noted that the new system will enable the Ministry of Health to monitor the path of the drug from the manufacturer to the consumer.


Archaeologists have found the helmets of the boyars Ivan the Terrible in the area Zvenigorod – RIA Novosti


 The boyars Ivan the Terrible


Slam found in the arsenal of Boyar near Zvenigorod

© Photo: IA RAS

MOSCOW, December 30 – RIA Novosti . Scientists from the Institute of Archaeology RAS found in the vicinity of Zvenigorod private arsenal of Ivan the Terrible, which preserved helmets, pieces of mail and many other samples of weapons since the late 16th century, the press service of the institution.

“Such discoveries in Moscow not even in the cities, not to mention the Selishchev. If it had not been carried out rescue excavations in the construction of Ring Road, all would be lost, “- said Asya Engovatova, deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology.

How to tell scientists in Ivan the Terrible and Boris Godunov at this place was a village Ignatievskaya, boyar family patrimony Dobrynskii. Representatives of this kind were in “Selected thousand” – luxury “officers’ corps landed troops of Ivan the Terrible, which was established in October 1550. “Selected thousand” became the highest rank of the nobility, making basic command staff of the Russian army.

During the excavation was found about 60 bases of buildings, in the basement of one of which was found an arsenal. There were kept in a leather case helmets, chain mail fragments, parts sheath swords, fighting belt, boom.

 Detail of graffiti with a list of the murderers of Prince Bogolyubsky

© Photo: IA RAS

Perhaps here in the special boxes located camp equipment, which included details of fasteners camping tents or chambers. This equipment, as well as the status of the owners of the arsenal, imagine the existence of dependent soldiers’ combat slaves “to ensure that weapons, food and other necessities is the responsibility of a nobleman. The most interesting finds – two peaked hat, hardly affected by corrosion.

“They are a typical martial utterly Russian cavalry is spheroconical” helmets “, decorated with gold and silver. Such helmets are in the Armoury collection , the Hermitage and the State Historical Museum “- said the head of the expedition Alexey Alekseev.

He said the discovery is unique in that, along with helmets preserved leather covers, fabric lining and inlaid Nausha.
” Now, we can better understand how the boyars preparing for military expeditions – everyone in the basement had its own arsenal. These excavations, the first time we could see the military life of a Russian nobleman, which was the basis of the Russian army epoch of formation and blossoming of the Moscow State “, – said the scientist.

Arsenal was not a treasure in the conventional sense of the word, these weapons nobody hides. Apparently, it was stored in the basement of the seigniorial home, which burned down in the 17th century. Therefore, the weapon has not been able to take part in the wars of the Time of Troubles, and came to us.