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Giant asteroid TB145 were dead comet – Teleport

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To avoid a collision with the Earth a giant asteroid was dead comet –

looming giant asteroid to Earth in 2015 turned out to be a dead comet TB145. This conclusion was made by astronomers studying data obtained by NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility on the island of Hawaii as part of Mauna Kea. This was reported on the agency’s website.

Scientists were able to determine that, most likely, the asteroid is a dead comet nucleus. According to them, it is a heavenly body, make a lot of turns around the sun, it lost part of his mother, and his tail ceased to exist. To such conclusions scientists came after studying the reflectivity of the celestial body.

Total surface of the asteroid reflects, according to scientists, about six percent of the sunlight (about the same amount reflects the asphalt). This is more than a typical comet nucleus reflects, but since there is a tail of an asteroid, scientists have concluded that it is a dead comet.

At about 20:00 Moscow time on October 31, 2015 celestial body It appeared at a distance of 486,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface (1.3 times more distance to the moon). The diameter of the celestial body reaches 600 meters (ten times larger than the Tunguska body), and a complete revolution around its axis it makes five hours.

09:11 May 8, 2015

The asteroid 2015 TB145 was opened on October 10 systems Pan-STARRS and is classified as a potentially dangerous object (because of its size and proximity to the Earth). These objects include the body, the size of which more than a hundred meters and are approaching the planet at a distance of 7.5 million kilometers.

The next time an asteroid close to Earth will be in September 2018 at a distance of 38 million kilometers from She (it is about a quarter of the distance between the planet and the Sun). In the next hundred years for the Earth, it is not dangerous.

The US currently have the most reliable and productive system to track near-Earth objects. According to the data provided by NASA, the forces of the country able to detect more than 98 percent of such facilities.


The unique images: NASA scientists showed the giant asteroid that comes closer to the earth on Halloween – Russian dialogue

October 31, 2015, 18:02 –

Science & Appliances


NASA scientists published the first picture of the approaching to land a giant asteroid. Upon receipt of the images, scientists have noticed in the middle of the dark areas of the asteroid, which, according to the astronomers, may be followed by an impact crater.

Researchers at NASA published a picture of a giant asteroid that closer our planet on Halloween. This facility opened American automatic Pan-STARRS in Hawaii.

This information was reported by the official website of NASA, – the “Russian Conversation”.

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After studying the images, the researchers said that in the center of the asteroid are dark spots.

According to the scientists, this may be a crater, resulting in a collision with another space object.

The diameter of the celestial body reaches 600 meters. Experts pointed out that the size of the cosmic body was larger than previously estimated.

At 20:00 Moscow time, a heavenly body will be at a distance of 486,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface.

It is worth noting that the asteroid is moving toward the Earth at a speed of 35 kilometers per second.

Напомним, former NASA scientists their statements shocked the world.

NASA scientists warned the world community that the Earth is expected shortly custom cosmic phenomenon.

The American experts said that from November 15 of the current year planet earth two weeks will be a solid night.

With such an outlook, in particular, made the head of the National Directorate of aeronautics and Space Charles Bolden.

According to the scientists, this is an unusual event remind all the experience of living in Alaska. The cause of this cosmic phenomenon will overlap Venus and Jupiter.

Earlier, NASA published a panorama of the dunes of Mars created by the rover Curiosity.

With the help of one of its imaging systems – mastcam, rover 27 August removed neighborhood in Mount Sharp.

Sharp – one of the mountains Mars is in the crater Gale. The height of the mountain is approximately 5 kilometers. Presumably, the mountain was formed from the lake to dry up and re-filled with water for millions of years.

In the area of ​​Gale crater the rover Curiosity is two years. There he conducts geological and geochemical studies, studying the atmosphere and climate of the planet, looking for water or traces of her presence of organic matter.

This information will help to find out whether there is in the world a place fit for life.


Guide MIPT and the Deputy Minister met with scientists, claims a violation of the university – BBC

31.10.2015, 13:11

Guide Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT ) held a meeting with the teachers, the signatories an open letter to the rector of the university Abuse . The meeting was attended by about 40 teachers. Their questions were answered by the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev, three vice-rector, and the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexander Povalko.

«The meeting lasted two and a half hours. The most actively discussed on the low salaries of teachers, a high load on the equality of remuneration for teachers from different departments, as well as the conditions of the collective agreement signed in early 2015. They also discussed renovation of buildings, the preservation of the unique education system at PTI, the situation and prospects of young teachers, curricula and others. Following the meeting, it was decided in the near future and pednagruzku count rate, and according to them – salaries of teachers in the direction of increasing. Teachers made a number of proposals on a transparent system of income in the university, “- said in a university Received” Gazety.Ru “.

As a result of the deputy head of the Ministry of Education has called Alexander Povalko comply with the terms of the collective agreement, since it was signed. Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Tagir Aushev guaranteed a mandatory increase in teachers’ salaries to January 2016. MIPT Rector Nikolai Kudryavtsev said that 80 thousand rubles – this is really the average income of teachers to suit all types of work at the institute, and called for dialogue within Phystech. The administration apologized for the delay of registration and payment at the beginning of the school year and promised to compensate for the missing amount in wages for October.

However, one of the teachers who participated in the meeting, commented on the “” situation: “October 30 of the MIPT teachers who signed the open letter to the rector (about 30 people out of 86) met with the leadership of the university. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Povalko. I must say that the meeting was organized chaotically and then suddenly moved from one classroom to another. Therefore, many teachers did not know about the meeting, and even those who knew, but too late, could not find a venue. As a result, managed to reach a reasonable agreement on only one point out of six, and even then only because of the intervention of the deputy minister. Will he run – time will tell. Representatives of the administration and the deputy minister decided to meet with the teachers with the same composition of December 11, 2015, at the same time. The agenda of the meeting is not clear ».


Potentially hazardous asteroid will approach the Earth tonight – News

potentially hazardous asteroids tonight will approach Earth at a distance slightly larger than the moon, watching him can carry binoculars. This Tass said researcher at the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Keldysh and member of the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) Leonid Elenin.

Other notable astronomical events of recent days – a meteorite that fell into Lake Baikal on October 22 drew a bright trace in the sky. Find it impossible because of the small size. Meteorite mass less than 1 kg and a diameter of it was about 10 centimeters.

“The next time an asteroid TV145 will return to Earth November 11, 2018, but will take more than the approach of October 31 to 40 million kilometers,” – said the scientist, referring to 500 measurements astronomers made after the asteroid was discovered on October 13 this year, members of the Pan-American Observatory Starrz (Pan-STARRS).



Approaching Earth asteroid (photo) – Dni.Ru

NASA photo shows an impending asteroid to Earth. Celestial body would be in close proximity to the Earth 31 October about 20 pm.

The American NASA released photos looming giant asteroid to Earth. The images were obtained in the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, said the agency.

In the photographs, scientists have noticed that in the center of a cosmic body are dark spots . Experts believe that this could crater, resulting in a collision with another object.

Sam asteroid reaches a diameter of 600 meters, and makes a complete revolution around its axis in five hours. His movement speed was 35 kilometers per second. Scientists expect that the celestial body about 20 hours (Moscow time) will be at a distance of 486,000 kilometers. Thus, some of the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to even see it – it will be enough to see with binoculars.

It was reported earlier that the so-called “asteroid Hallowe’en” can crash into the moon. In this case, the natural satellite of our planet will cease to exist, and its fragments sprinkling the earth.

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In a relatively short distance from the Earth today will fly a large asteroid – Ekho Moskvy radio station

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Why do people give up on iPhone 6S? – Macster

Why do people give up on iPhone 6S?

We open three major disadvantages of the new smartphone from Apple, faced his “happy” owners.

Introducing the new smartphone this year, the company Apple, as usual, spoke about the innovations and positive aspects of new items. From the stage of the theater Moscone West Head and senior managers drawn in the minds of future customers as the ideal picture of the new iPhone, which some he seemed even unreal.

However, in the life of users iPhone 6S faced a number of shortcomings that “descended from heaven to earth.” And as if not please investors and shareholders sales performance trends, customers, and especially those who first decided to buy “apple” smartphone, and before that used the device on Android, began to openly express their anger.

Today we tell about the shortcomings of the three iPhone 6S, which spoiled the first impression about the new product from the greatest number of users.

16 GB of memory in the base

За the window is already ending in 2015, and Apple still continues to provide the market with the flagship 16 GB of internal memory, as well as a few years ago. While competitors initially provide its users with more opportunities, Apple did not allow even their own add more memory through the use of flash memory cards.

In such circumstances, consumers who need more memory, forced to shell out more expensive models iPhone 6S with increased storage.

Of course, in Cupertino so meager internal memory motivated by the fact that the user does not need to store a lot of data in your phone, because pictures have iCloud, and for music – Apple Music, however many users of iPhone 6S as standard I would like to get more memory.

Too short battery life of the battery

Разочарованием number two in the majority of customers has become iPhone 6S even less battery life of the battery than its predecessors. Even those users who have already used every night to keep your iPhone charging, such a short period of battery life turned out to be an unpleasant surprise.

Of course, in this case, Apple also provides the user with several different options for energy-efficient operation, in which a smartphone can hold on a little longer, but at a constant load, and these tips are ineffective.

For example, for web-surfing on the iPhone 6S is preferable to use a built-in Safari browser with the function of saving energy, but not to install Google Chrome, but it add to the battery life quite a bit of time.

In addition, when creating iPhone 6S with its ultra-slim design, the designers preferred the sophisticated design to the detriment of the size and capacity of the battery. In this case, naturally, not only decreases the battery life of the device, but the number of full discharge cycles, which are designed battery. After some time (depending on the intensity of use of the smartphone) battery Battery life will be completely negligible.

The limited management capabilities preinstalled applications

Возможно, A third disadvantage does not seem so important, compared with the first two, but for users who first changed their Android-smarfton on the iPhone, the ability to personalize and manage preset content is very important.

The point, rather, is not that Apple sets too many unnecessary applications by default in Android-powered device such programs is much greater lack of the iPhone in this case is shown that such programs can not be removed from the screen and delete.

All that to be content with the user – is the ability to hide unused shortcuts into a folder on the home screen.

In summary, it should be noted that although the iPhone and remains one of the most popular smartphone among users, and its sales are growing with each new model, Apple did not hurt a little to change the direction in which she sees the iPhone development in future. After an ultra-slim body at the expense of battery life and cut down the amount of built-in memory, forcing users to use cloud solutions, can not add the device popularity.


Huge asteroid approaching Earth – BBC News

potentially hazardous asteroids tonight will approach Earth at a distance slightly larger than the moon, watching him can carry binoculars. This was told the researcher of the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Keldysh and member of the International Scientific Optical Network Leonid Elenin.

Other notable astronomical events of recent days – a meteorite that fell into Lake Baikal on October 22 drew a bright trace in the sky. Find it impossible because of the small size. The mass of the meteorite does not exceed 1 kilogram, and in diameter, he was about 10 centimeters.

“The next time an asteroid TV145 will return to Earth November 11, 2018, but will take more than the approach of October 31 to 40 million km “, – said the scientist, referring to 500 measurements made by astronomers after the asteroid was opened on 13 October by members of the American Observatory Pan Starrz.

Elenin also noted that the date of the next, possibly more close encounters of the asteroid with the Earth has not yet been determined. But scientists hope that they can be set under the supervision of October 31st. At the moment we only know that “in the next 30 years, the asteroid hit the Earth”.

The asteroid TV145 will be today from Earth at the closest distance at 20:14 Moscow time – just 486,000 kilometers that space standards “very close.” His brilliance reach 10th magnitude, and it will be visible in binoculars or a small amateur telescopes. Tonight and all night it can be seen in the constellation Ursa Major. The size of the asteroid is estimated to be 260-650 meters. The size and proximity to the passage by the Earth TV145 classified as potentially dangerous in terms of the collision. This list includes all the heavenly bodies with a diameter greater than one hundred meters and passing at a distance of 7.5 million kilometers from the planet.

A unique flight in the vicinity of the Earth, according to the Institute of Astronomy, will be able to see the residents of the Urals, Siberia and the Central region of Russia in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

In the night sky over Moscow asteroid will resemble a bright star, if you watch it in a strong pair of binoculars or through a backyard telescope. “Muscovites will be able to observe the asteroid weather permitting – it will move across the night sky of the capital from the south-east to south-west. The asteroid will be above the horizon at an altitude of about 30 degrees. The maximum height will be about 40 degrees above the horizon south of Moscow” – explained Tass Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Secretary of the expert working group on space threats Institute of Astronomy RAS Sergei Naroenkov.

“Amateur astronomers will not see in the sky, no glow and comets ‘tails’, watching the asteroid. On the sky will be visible in the form of an asterisk white, “- said the scientist.

According to him,” the only difference from the star – the asteroid will rather quickly move across the sky. That’s what he would stand in the picture stars. Movement the asteroid will have significantly after 10-20 minutes of observation “.

According to Sergei Naroenkova, approaching asteroid” will not cause any anomaly “in the world. On the contrary, our planet is its gravitational field could threaten the trajectory of the asteroid.

In what direction the earth will throw a guest – scientists still do not know because of the lack of complete data on the “journey” of space wanderer.

TV145 asteroid, according to scientists, the volume is about eight times higher than the celestial body that at the beginning of the twentieth century hit in Siberia, caused severe destruction, and seismic wave several times circled the globe. “The diameter of the Tunguska body was about 60-80 meters, – says Naroenkov. – According to preliminary data, the asteroid’s diameter varies from 280 meters to 600 meters”.

Every day small cosmic bodies bombard the Earth. Some of them scientists can not detect, is often seen as a “falling star” measuring just 10-20 centimeters.

“The larger celestial bodies the size of a meter or more in diameter falling to Earth frequently. We can they seen as bright fireballs, which draws a night sky – told Naroenkov. – The larger the body – such as a meteorite, “Chelyabinsk”, faced with the Earth once every hundred years. The larger bodies fall more often. For example, if we estimate the drop Tungussskogo meteorite measuring 60 meters, the time interval between it and the drop in the same celestial body may be more than one hundred years “.

According Naroenkova, in this situation, earthlings can only wait for the new aliens from outer space, and scientists – to improve their knowledge for effective protection against the threat of cosmic bodies.


Events of the week: the fire in the “Baikal 21″ dead seals and meteorite – Your Irkutsk

The fire in the hotel “Baikal 21″, breaking the piano at the concert Denis Matsuev in Novosibirsk, Baikal meteorite, the brutal murder of seals, the success of “Baikal-Energia” and other observations edition – in this review.

Fire in the “Baikal 21»

This week began with an explanation of the causes of the fire in the hotel “Baikal 21″, located on the 21st kilometer of the Baikal tract. The fire occurred early in the morning of October 25 in one of the hotel building, which housed the restaurant, rooms and administrative offices. At the time of the incident in the building were ten people were evacuated on their own, no one was hurt.

The wooden building with a total area of ​​400 square meters burned almost to the ground, left of it is only the concrete foundation. To eliminate fire, firefighters spent about four hours. The spread of fire to other buildings was averted. According to the MOE, cause of the fire was electrical circuit.

Baikal meteorite

This week was no explanation for UFO sightings, which have seen many people in Irkutsk and the surrounding area in the evening on 22 October. As wrote the head of the Irkutsk planetarium Sergei Yazev in a blog post citing researcher Observatory Kirill Ivanov , a mysterious “light with a tail” was a bright fireball, flying is accompanied by the fall of a meteorite.

The staff of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University documented that a bright fireball flew over the mountainous regions of Mongolia and the Republic of Buryatia at a speed of 13 kilometers per second. His filmed observation stations located in the Tunka Valley. According to the calculations of Irkutsk astronomers estimated the crash site is located in the waters of Lake Baikal, about a kilometer from the coast, 17 kilometers from the village of Big Goloustnoye.

«Do not stand the pressure»

The cultural public on This week, suffered a shock – Denis Matsuev during a concert in Novosibirsk broken piano. According to Tass, followed by the rest of the media, the item mounting pedals could not stand the pressure. “First, with irony, then with curiosity, then with horror, I watched how the story is gaining momentum with yesterday’s concert in Novosibirsk, during which your humble servant broke the piano, which he, by the way, a few years ago helped to choose. This was followed by a flurry of calls concerned friends who seriously asked whether I was alive, and what happened. Do not worry, all alive, no one was hurt. Royal is also in very good condition “- reassured anxious fans musician on his page on” Facebook ».

Next, he described the incident during a concert:” When I went out to play The Seasons by Tchaikovsky, subtle music, I realized, pedals that are not fixed. Of course, I did not stop the show because of that. But even these very extreme conditions (when the piano at an angle, the pedals are not fixed, so even with a broken finger in Tomsk) did not prevent the creation of a unique atmosphere. This results in a wonderful concert. ”

Denis Matsuev in Novosibirsk. Photos from the personal pages >

Denis Matsuev in Novosibirsk. Photo from a personal page in “Facebook»

The brutal murder

On Monday, in a wooded area in Slyudyanka local residents found the bodies of more than a dozen seals. He sent photos and video to the program “Vesti-Irkutsk.” View story not everyone can, not a sight for the faint hearted. “They were killed, brought and dumped. How can you kill such an animal? It is in fact a local lake. We decided, apparently, in this way the number of its resolve “- quoted journalists words of the disturbed man.

Now police are checking into the killing of animals. As described in the department, the police learned about the discovery of the body of animals from the media.

Meanwhile, the Internet has a petition to ban fishing and hunting unit Baikal seal. Compilers are planning to appeal, which was signed by more than 76 thousand people, Russian President Putin , Prime Minister of the Dmitry Medvedev and executive director of Greenpeace Kumi Naidoo .

Our Root for!

And now for the good. For the first time in 10 years Irkutsk hockey team “Baikal-Energia” reached the final of the Cup of Russia. October 29 at the stadium “Record” in the semifinals of Irkutsk citizens beat Archangel “Vodnik” with a score of 9: 3. Hat-trick marked the best sniper blue and white Alexander Nasonov, take account of Ilya Grachev. Another goal of the command made by Pavel Dubovik, Dmitry Loginov, Mikhail Krasikov and Michael Herring.

In the final, which will take place October 31 at 12:00, “Baikal-Energia” will play with the team “SKA Oilman “. Come to the stadium, our support!

News wording

This week we have updated the section “Weather”. It now displays the weather map of the area, beautiful nature photography and seals, but also kind and funny advice on how to dress today.

We are happy to announce that readers can take part in creating the appearance of the section. Firstly, you can send large photos of landscapes or your pets, and secondly, to publish the pictures in Instagram with the hashtag # or # pogodairkru irkrupogoda.

And we launched “Corporate events” in the “Lunch.” In this tab, readers will be able to choose the most convenient place for the New Year holiday, and the owners of holiday destinations – to attract visitors to their establishments.

Clear skies! See you next week.


The unique convergence of the asteroid with the Earth 2015 TB145 October 31 – BBC

October 31 at 20.00 Moscow time at a distance of 490 thousand. km of the Earth will fly a large near-Earth asteroids 2015 TB145. These spans such large bodies on the distance of the moon’s orbit occur about once every ten years.

Join the observations of the asteroid will be on Saturday night at the Museum of Cosmonautics . At 17.00 there will be a lecture “dangerous asteroids near Earth.” At 19.00 in clear weather will begin observations in a large 46-inch telescope near Space Museum

In turn, the Moscow Planetarium offers not waste time on futile attempts to see the asteroid with a telescope and look at the stars, planets and comets in the Great Hall of his star.

There is no threat to the “stone guest” any planet or moon can not be held. The minimum distance between the Moon and 2015 TB145 is 280 thousand. Km.

The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that the time span of the asteroid at a minimum distance will be visible only in Russia.

In the Western hemisphere at this time would be during daylight hours, and to the south, he will not be seen on the background of the constellation Ursa Major.

Even already in the Caucasus and Crimea, the maximum height of the asteroid evening of October 31 will be only 10 degrees in Moscow – 22, and in St. Petersburg for about 27 degrees. The best conditions will appear in the Urals, in the northern regions and in the European part of Russia – from 19 to 21 hours on October 31 when the object is seen overflying on the background of the Big Dipper in the splendor of 10 magnitudes.

The maximum shine asteroid is 10 magnitudes, such objects can be seen in the small and medium-sized telescopes (10 cm or more in diameter) in dark places. In urban areas will require a telescope larger: 20 cm in diameter.

The angular velocity is very high and is 15 arc seconds per second time, that is a 2-minute asteroid will fly the disc of the full moon!

The very orbit the near-Earth asteroid unusual: at perihelion, when the 2015 TB145 is closer to the Sun Mercury, and aphelion is removed almost to the orbit of Jupiter is inclined 40 degrees to the plane of the ecliptic, speed flyby of the Earth is 35 km / sec, which is significantly higher than normal values ​​for near-Earth asteroids.

All of this is very similar to the orbit of short-period comets. It is possible that the object – this is the core of degenerate comet, which lost most of its volatile substances, and therefore the approach to the Sun do not form a tail or coma.

But with this hypothesis it can be expected that about the time of flight of an asteroid near the Earth, we can be in a loop of the particles ejected earlier during the “comet of the past” in 2015 TB145.

In this regard, Peter Dzhennskins (NASA) and Jeremy Vaubaillon (Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris, Paris) published its forecast, according to which can be a new meteor shower from a radiant in the constellation Eridanus. Maximum activity is expected to flow about 20 pm on October 31. But Moon is located close greatly complicate these observations. The rate of entry into the atmosphere particles 2015 TB145 be the same 35 km / s.

Another uniqueness of this flight is that this asteroid – the possible core of an extinct comet – would be the first target of the updated radio telescope observatory Goldstone (California United States).

With its fresh equipment, scientists expect to achieve a resolution of up to 2 meters per pixel!

This is the most detailed map of the comet nucleus, obtained from the surface of the Earth, rather than the automatic interplanetary station. California telescope will irradiate the near-Earth object, and the 100-meter radio telescope in Green Bank (Northeast US) and the 300-meter radio telescope Arecibo (Puerto Rico) will take the reflected signal.

There are many cases when the near-Earth Asteroids discovered satellites. In the first photometric curves 2015 TB145 already noticeable similarity “Eclipse.” Radar observations will test this hypothesis.

Author – scientific director of the Astronomical Observatory of the APF “Ka-Dar»


Mobile application “Rambler.Novosti” is now in a new format – Turkey Tourism News


“Rambler.Novosti” have undergone significant changes – commander

After the upgrade, the application “Rambler.Novosti”, users can shoot photos and video from the scene, and published in the news feed of Rambler.

Now, users with desktop computer applications have the capability, which previously did not possess. “News” there were videos and photo reports from the scene of major events, but also articles and analyzes. The creators promise no less easy to navigate, said portal

The new version of the application “Rambler.Novosti” appeared videos and photos from the place of the main event, as well as articles and analytical materials

According to the chief editor of the portal “Rambler” Sergei Yakovlev, “a picture of the day” is composed not only of professional editorial staff, but also by the readers who may Reytingovannye any news. The application includes the most important events of the day, and more tape all the news in Russia and abroad. Like the publication can now add to your favorites and keep track of updates in real time. Thanks to easy navigation has become easier to use the application.

According to TNS data for June 2015, the audience of service ‘Rambler-News “was 7 million users per month, which is 15% higher than last year. The number of sessions increased by 40 percent, and the average duration of a session – by 26.5%. Number of page views on “Rambler-news” for the first half of 2015 increased by almost 45% compared with the same period last year (data from Google Analytics).

«Rambler.Novosti” won its multimillion-dollar supporters desktop for a long time. Now it is time to pay attention to the audience, which spends most of its time in the smartphone and tablet. New visitors, we will open a fresh approach to news aggregation. And our loyal readers will get a number of unique features that are unavailable in the desktop version, “- said the chief editor of the portal.

Note that the data is TNS for June 2015 show that the audience service ‘Rambler-News’ is 7 million users each month, this figure is 15% more than last year. Number of page views on “Rambler-news” for the first half of 2015 increased by almost 45% compared to the same period in 2014.

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