Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ukraine hastily opened analogs Russian social network "VKontakte" - News Agency BIA PRESS

In Ukraine – boom of social networks with the national colors: in the country began to open services similar to Russian “VKontakte”, as reported by RBC.

key difference from the first of these Pavel Durov brainchild – closed: poster “ Druzi “, earned today, is intended only for Ukrainians. However, it is unknown how the users will be filtered.

Judging from the initial registration page, the site has adopted a set of properties and attributes his Russian counterpart. Interestingly, the bottom of the page there is a possibility to choose the language of social networks, however, a choice of only one language – Ukrainian.

addition to the” Friends “from day to day will earn another gay -” WEUA “. And whether it is closed to foreigners, is unknown; developers merely ask Ukrainians refuse Popular Resources “VKontakte” in favor of their project.

“Team WEUA 19.03.2014 announces Ukrainian boycott Russian social networking VC and “ Classmates “. Please join all concerned “- they proclaim.