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The American threw in the trash first Apple Steve Jobs –

USA: A woman thrown out the first of Apple Steve Jobs 01.06 06:23 recycling company in San Francisco looking for a woman who spurned Apple 1 computer, which costs about 200 thousand dollars, writes TSN.

The value of the machine is that it is one of the first models of personal computer Apple, which has created a Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. Vintage PC is also unique in that it is created only 200 copies.

The company recycling vintage Apple sold one in private collections. Now the company is looking for a woman who has lost a valuable collection, as company policy requires the money to be divided in half with one that has made such a generous donation. According to the vice-president of the company, they plan to give the women’s 100 thousand dollars for a vintage PC.



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The American threw Apple computer worth $ 200 thousand – Summary Ukrainian and World News The American threw Apple computer worth $ 200 thousand /

The computer was in the dumpster along with other electronics that American emissions restore order in the garage after her husband’s death, according to Kommersant.

In this case, the woman did not leave their contact details by sending a device Apple I for recycling.

It is noteworthy that such devices, created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne, the world’s there were only about 200 pieces.

Read takzheApple refused to release its own TV – media

“We just could not believe it. We thought he was not real,” – said an employee of the utilization of the company journalists.

It is known that the company sold Apple I computer for $ 200 thousand. 50% of the profits from the sale of the computer will direct its former owner.

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The American, who threw a rare version of a computer Apple, will pay $ 100 thousand. – Bigmir) net

Apple I computer was created in 1976 by founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. A total of 200 pieces released.

The company CleanBayArea, which deals with waste management in Silicon Valley (California, USA), is looking for a woman who passed the scrap rare version of the computer Apple, to pay her $ 100 thousand.

According to Reuters, the computer which the woman handed over for recycling, the company has sold at auction for $ 200 th. a private collector. Half of this amount, the vice-president Victor Gichun going to give the former owner of the art.

According to him, a woman most likely – a local resident. Gichun promised to write her a check as soon as see it.

Apple I computer was created in 1976 by founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Then these computers with wooden body sold for $ 666.66. A total of 200 pieces released.


Looking for a woman to pay 100 thousand dollars for being thrown out in the trash rare computer brand Apple – SoftSraze: actual and objectively

recycling center

Look for a woman to pay 100 thousand dollars for being thrown out in the trash rare computer brand Apple

In the United States urgently looking for a woman who has brought recycling center in Silicon Valley in California, old computer. She has put in a trash rare instance of one of the first personal computer brand Apple. The cost of this is almost a museum piece, a computer Apple I, estimated at nearly $ 200 thousand. Scrappage company said.

According to the publication SanJoseMercuryNews, women spent cleaning the house after her husband’s death, and found an old computer I decided to put in recycling. Along with him, and she brought it to the old electronics, which does not understand. According to experts, in her house it was a unique instance of one of the first personal computers Apple I, which has recently been sold to one of the private collections. These computers were manufactured in 1986, was made all 200 of these machines, reports REGNUM

Recall Data computers were among the first PC models that made Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne, the founder of Apple. Interestingly, the company is ready to pay the scrappage woman emissions such a unique computer $ 100 thousand.

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In California recycling center passed a unique computer Apple I – Ekho Moskvy radio station

A copy of which is 200 thousand. Dollars, brought an unknown woman. This computer was once released in the amount of only 200 pieces. The model was one of the first joint product of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne.

Now the company, which received the computer as junk from the garage, looking for a woman, and she promises to pay for the unique device 100 thousand. Dollars, the “San Jose Mercury News».


Solar-powered plane took a flight across the Pacific Ocean (PHOTOS, VIDEO) – New Region


Video of the Day: Swiss pilots flew over Dubai jetpacks (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Kiev, May 31 (New Region, Antonina Zhuravskaya) – a solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse -2 »(Solar Impulse 2), piloted by Andre Borshbergom Swiss went in flight over the Pacific Ocean.

The flight from Nanjing to the Chinese Hawaii – the Length of the stage of the world tour, launched in March of this year from Abu Dhabi.


At the intersection of the Pacific Ocean slow-moving aircraft will require approximately five and a half days. In the cockpit may be only one person. Most of this time Andre Borshberg will awake, sleep is for 20 minutes at a time (at this time Borshberg put the plane on autopilot).

«I still do not know how I feel and how I will support force During these five or six days in the air, “- he said BBC.

Flight Solar Impulse

The course is monitored every minute of flight control room in Monaco. Meteorologists and organizers perёleta constantly update information for choosing the “Solar Impulse” best route.

Trans-Pacific flight was planned for the end of April, but was delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

aircraft on board of which not a drop of fuel for a successful flight at such a far distance (8000 kilometers) requires not only a tailwind, but the cloudless sky that are located on the wings of solar cells receive the maximum solar energy.

Before the twilight lithium-ion batteries of the aircraft must be fully charged, otherwise the energy will not be enough until dawn.


In the early stages of flight, if the weather will deteriorate sharply, or happen a serious technical problem Borshberg be able to deploy the plane to China or to land in Japan. But there will come a time when such an opportunity he will not be – and then the pilot should be ready for an emergency landing on the water.

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If the flight goes well, the Solar Impulse Borshberg 2 and set a new record for a single flight. Previous set in 1914 Reinhold Bom (Reinhold Böhm). He flew 24 hours and 12 minutes on a biplane Albatros B.II. The previous record for the prolonged flight in an airplane with solar panels owned Borshbergu. In 2010, he flew 26 hours on the prototype Solar Impulse.


Start a manned flight to Solar Impulse 2


The unit “Solar Impulse 2″ went flying over the Pacific Ocean –

Today, a unique solar-powered plane, travel around the world, in the Chinese city of Nanjing begins flying over the Pacific Ocean. It is planned that in six days he gets to Hawaii. The machine called “Solar Impulse 2» (Solar Impulse 2) went to tour around the world in early March, Abu Dhabi, about 5 months to circumnavigate globe and overcome 35 thousand kilometers away.

Travel hardly provides landings. In order not to interrupt the flight at night, the battery during the day accumulate solar energy. “Solar Impulse 2″ has been in Oman, India and Myanmar in China as he had to stay for a month, as over the Pacific was non-flying weather.


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The cause of the accident “Proton” for the second time became a broken engine bearing – Companies Urals

The refusal of the steering motor third stage rocket carrier “Proton-M” has a constructive, said Roscosmos. The most likely cause of the destruction was named attachment bearing turbo engine in the steering of the third stage of the rocket. Also report any revealed a number of inconsistencies in the quality management system.

abnormal situation, killing another rocket “Proton” with the Mexican communication satellite “MeksSat-1″, occurred in 08.56 Moscow time on 16 May for a moment before how the spacecraft with the upper stage “Breeze-M” was separated from the third stage.

In order Komarov, the developer Khrunichev rocket and its affiliates develop a plan of action to address the causes of the accident. The engines of the third stage has not been fully finalized, and the upper stage propulsion system actually did not start to work.

He explained that the problem is constructive and promised that the agency will take disciplinary and administrative measures in connection with the accident . Russian Space Agency has developed a program to modernize the rotor turbopump unit carrier rockets, which will include the replacement of material parts. Thus, the Russian spacecraft “Progress M-27M” launched to the ISS on April 28, was launched into the calculated orbit and was unable to dock to the ISS.

According to the press release, the Commission conducted an “analysis manufacturing process RN “Proton-M” and its components, the process of acceptance, transport, training and testing, and even telemetry and rocket-trajectory information ».

May 16 missile value of 1 billion rubles. burned in the atmosphere.



Scientists have explained, where are the holes in Swiss cheese –

Researchers at the Swiss Institute of Agricultural established the cause of the holes in Swiss cheese, reports Associated Press.

The cause of the hole – straw particles falling into milk. As transformation into cheese, the “microscopically small” particles create popular all over the world inside the cavity.

As the transition to the cheese production automation, reduced the number of holes, but through a series of experiments, the scientists found that they could regulate their number.

As the experts discovered, the holes are reduced or disappear if the cows are milked using modern equipment, containers which are isolated from the external environment, in contrast to traditional buckets.

In Agroscope noted that the number of holes made in the last 10-15 years of Swiss cheeses decreased precisely because of the spread of modern milking machines with hermetically sealed buckets.

preexisting theory of American William Clark that the cheese holes are due to the bacteria contained in the milk, which release carbon dioxide, the experts acknowledged Agroscope incorrect. Clark published his study in 1917.

The earliest documentary evidence of the existence of dairy cattle date back seventh-sixth millennium BC. According to research scientists, for the ancient cheese does not use so-called rennet, rennin, which is required for the manufacture of most modern cheese (it is produced in the abomasum of cattle and is used for curdling milk).

Instead of rennin in course were yeast and other microorganisms. The resulting product was a precursor kefir soft cheeses, which are produced until now.


“Ceychac vce …” – told in Roskosmos o plight GLONASS – Express-News

Post Image

30.05 | 23:13

According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the official representative of JSC “Russian Space Systems” reported that before the end of 2015, the GLONASS system will be ready for commissioning. And such information is all the more inspiring that the test system due to some misunderstanding, have been suspended. Meanwhile, it is clear that all questions are removed, the system beefed up and signed by the network diagrams that suggests rather the result – said the head of the RCC Andrew Tyulin.

As stated in the department, at present there offers from two domestic companies use satellites hydrogen frequency standards of their own design. And in carrying out the government’s plans four new appointments of chief designers, each of whom will be responsible for the direction taken separately. In particular, the new leaders will have solid fuel combat missile systems, missile systems, fluid, automatic space systems and manned space program.


The collapse of “Proton” was accused of designers – b – Mirror of the Week

“disciplinary and administrative measures” threaten General Designer and Director General of Chemical Automatics Design Bureau.

proton ->

Federal Space Agency has revealed “a discrepancy in the quality management system” in the construction of “Proton”

Federal Space Agency

The Russian Space Agency said that the cause of the accident missiles ” Proton-M “May 16 is not productive and constructive. In this regard, the developer of the rocket – State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev), Khrunichev and its affiliates – will replace the material of the rotor shaft and finalize the methodology for balancing of the rotor

The head of the Russian Space Agency, Igor Komarov said that in the course of work Commission of the enterprises was discovered “a discrepancy in the quality management system will take disciplinary and administrative measures”.

First of all these measures threaten to CEO Vladimir KBKhA Rachuk. His contract expired on April 30, and to renew his leadership the agency does not intend to.

“At the enterprise it is necessary to change much, but it will be entrusted to another person,” – reports the words of a senior source in the space agency “b”.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called another accident rocket “Proton-M” systemic crisis in the Russian space program .

Materials: Kommersant

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“Y”: The responsibility for the accident “Proton” can bear the chief designer of KB “Khimavtomatika” – BBC

The responsibility for the crash rocket “Proton-M” in the first place may be attributed to the general director of Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (KBKhA) Vladimir Rachuk, the newspaper «Kommersant» with the reference sources at the space agency Roskosmos.

«At the enterprise it is necessary to change much, but it will be entrusted to another person,” – noted in the department.

In February, against Vladimir Rachuk was raised case under article “Abuse of authority».

Previous in Roskosmos said the engine “Proton” refused due to overheating and imbalances.

KBKhA is one of the branches of the State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev) and Khrunichev is developing and production of missile engines.


On the designer general brought down the shaft of claims – Kommersant

Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) yesterday officially recognized: accident rocket “Proton-M” occurred on May 16 due to a failure in the steering engine of its third stage caused by structural defects. The head of the Russian Space Agency, Igor Komarov has promised to take “administrative and disciplinary measures.” They are, according to “Kommersant”, will affect primarily Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (KBKhA) and his chief designer and general director Vladimir Rachuk, whose contract expired on April 30 and will not be extended.

rocket “Proton-M” with the upper stage “Briz-M” and the Mexican communications satellite MexSat-1 was launched on May 16 with the 200th site Baikonur Cosmodrome at 8:47 Moscow time. At 497 seconds into the flight specialists Roscosmos stopped receiving telemetry, and after a few minutes the whole bunch entered the atmosphere and exploded. Financial losses from the accident, Minister of Communications and Transport of Mexico Gerardo Ruiz Esparza estimated at $ 390 million (the creation of the unit and run it).

The outcome of the Commission unveiled at a press briefing, Mr. Komarov. According to him, an emergency situation was triggered by problems in the steering engine of the third stage – the RD-0214 (development KBKhA). Specialists have found that due to the imbalance of the rotor of the turbopump unit significantly increased vibration load, as a result of metal structural members, in particular the rotor shaft, under the action of temperature (700 degrees Celsius) have begun to deform. Once the situation became critical and “Proton” began to deviate from the specified parameters launch automatically triggered command emergency engine shutdown.

Roscosmos convinced that the cause of the accident is not productive and constructive. In this connection, by order of Mr. Komarov developer missiles – State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev), Khrunichev and its affiliates – will replace the material of the rotor shaft and finalize the methodology for balancing of the rotor. “This will improve not only the individual parts of the turbopump unit, but also the design, by which it is attached to the propulsion engine – said” Kommersant “the first deputy director of the Khrunichev Alexander Medvedyev Our commission this time did not reveal any errors in the workplace. I dare assure you dig very deep. ”

Mr. Komarov, in turn, confirmed “Kommersant” that the turbopump assembly parts replacement will be carried out at all, including those already made, missiles of this type.

According to “Kommersant”, the ultimate cause of the accident was determined May 27, when the committee members visited the Voronezh structure Khrunichev – KBKhA and Voronezh Mechanical Plant. The head of the Russian Space Agency yesterday said that in the course of the commission’s work in enterprises has been identified “inconsistency in the quality management system will take disciplinary and administrative measures.” According to a senior source “b” in the space agency in the first place such measures affect the general director Vladimir KBKhA Rachuk. His contract terminated on April 30, and according to the interlocutor, “Kommersant”, to renew his leadership of the agency is not going to. “The company has need to change much, but it will be entrusted to another person,” – he said.

Recall that in February of Voronezh police launched a criminal investigation against Vladimir Rachuk of art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power). Investigators have found that with the connivance of the General Director in 2003 KBKhA land, property and equipment shop industrial gas KBKhA were leased to a local company “Cryoservice” that, by their calculations, the company caused damage amounting to 85 million rubles. However, the excitation of the matter was later recognized by the court illegal (see. “B” of 27 February). “My client did not cause more anywhere and on any criminal cases did not involve” – ​​he said “Kommersant” the lawyer Eugene Piskunov, who represented the interests of the head of KBKhA. Yet another trial, this time under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud), touched his two deputies, Yuri and Victor Volgin Sasina. The investigation continues.

spokesman Alexander KBKhA Kazhikin said that he did not know that Vladimir Rachuk going to retire. Mister Rachuk, he said on Friday, “I was in Moscow.”

Goryashko Sergei Safronov; Vsevolod Inyutin, Voronezh