Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rotor June 30 will live a second longer – all for you

Today’s Tuesday, June 30, 2015, will be formally a little longer than the other days because of the fact that the days will be added to the standard one second coordination or “leap second”.

On the night of July 1, all over the world will happen adjustment time. In order to synchronize with the Earth’s astronomical time world reference atomic clock suspend for one second that will result in 61 seconds in a minute.

According to the Daniel McMillan from the Goddard Space Flight Center NASA, the speed of Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a little, extra seconds to help take this into account.

second amendment was first introduced in 1972. Then in the International Earth Rotation Service decided on the need to add 1 second time in December or June.

According to Securitylab.ru experts warn that because of the “leap second” failure can leave the social network service ticket reservations and other services. In addition, experts expect the problems in the MySQL-server, Linux, Java, and others.

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“The Kiss” Venus and Jupiter will not take place online – TVNZ

Tonight Kazan good half of our country will be able to see the merger of the two planets. Venus and Jupiter have to approach each other so closely that witnesses phenomenon dreamed of a kiss. Visually, the world can be taken as a double star! Only here would Tatarstan out of work – for us rush “kiss” will happen in the daytime.

– Indeed, there is a chance to see the so-called “kiss” of Venus and Jupiter have this night – told ” KP “amateur astronomer Marc Gilmanov. – But not in our band. The fact that the merger of the planets occur at 17:00 on July 1, but this time it is too light. On the other hand, “embracing” the stars stand for more than one hour, which means that the most stubborn amateur astronomers have a chance to grab a late night show. The main thing that the weather did not let us down – we are now in the area storm front.

If it is clear, we advise readers “KP” to come back to our Kazan planetarium, which must go through the observation of the night sky. However, information on the conduct of the event is to specify in advance – the format will depend on the weather conditions.


Northern Lights in Kazan: photos, quotes and impressions

June 22 Tatarstan capital frozen in anticipation of an amazing spectacle. Northern Lights see Kazan in 2015 is not the first time. Just a couple of months ago ago, we have already seen a great miracle. Photos were quite a few. As well as impressions (details)


Tonight you will see the merger of Jupiter and Venus (video) – TODAY

Tonight you will see the merger of Jupiter and Venus (video) http://www.segodnya.ua/img/article/6278/52_main. png http://www.segodnya.ua/img/article/6278/52_tn.png Science and Technology On Wednesday night in the sky you can see a rare cosmic phenomenon – “fusion” of two planets


Muscovites will see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter – Dni.Ru

Earlier this week, Venus and Jupiter will connect to a double star. Muscovites will be able to observe in the sky is a unique phenomenon starting from Tuesday, June 30, within a few days.
Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / Xu Suhui

According to the press service of the Moscow planetarium, two planets – hot Venus and the distant gas giant Jupiter – will be clearly visible without a telescope in the western part of the night sky. From June 30 to July 2, the two celestial bodies close together so closely that they would like a double star.

According to scientists, the planet will be clearly visible to the naked eye in the case of clear weather even in the daytime. The fact that Venus is often seen in the daytime, as is the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. In conjunction with Jupiter, Venus will be seen better than usual in the afternoon on June 30 .

“At first glance, does not look very special event: visually it seems that all celestial bodies are close. But in business space distance between the two planets is about 600 million kilometers! The next time such an event will take place in August next year “, – the press service of the Moscow planetarium.

Recall 27 June to 2 July Muscovites have the opportunity to observe other interesting astronomical event – a vast meteor shower. June Bootids meteor shower was most intense on June 27 but still bright enough. In addition, in late summer in the metropolitan area you can see the main meteor shower of the year – the Perseids of August. The intensity of the meteor shower reaches 200 meteors per hour.

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Soviet chip struck the Americans – BBC

The night sky over the southeastern United States lit up an unusual object with a tail. Scientists believe that the so-burned piece of Soviet missiles, launched in 1973 with the intelligence objectives.

Residents of several south-eastern United States on Monday night watched the sky fall glowing object that I started falling apart.

View on the observation of the object passed the people of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Louisiana.

Object I am flying in the sky for about a minute, gradually falling apart into pieces. Some observers heard sonic booms. Many have taken this phenomenon for the fall of the meteorite, someone who is having fun on a night party, called the burning plane.

However, according to the low-speed entry into the atmosphere, experts Space Center, Marshall found that it was not a meteor, and the object of artificial origin, descended from orbit.

Later, it became clear that the direction of the intended flight path coincided fall of the Soviet booster rocket. November 2, 1973 from Plesetsk rocket “Molnia-M” into orbit intelligence apparatus “Cosmos-606″. This unit of the “Eye” is a grouping of the missile attack warning. The satellite was launched into orbit with an inclination vysokoelliptichnuyu 62.8 degrees, a perigee and apogee 626 39 360 km. He became the second spacecraft launched under this program, and has worked in orbit for eight months, after which he was put into a higher orbit.

However, the upper stage – “Block L” – the machine weight 1160 kg three decades continued to fly on an elongated orbit.

At the moment of perigee passage he gradually braked on the upper layers of the atmosphere until the fourth stage of the rocket did not become final approach to Earth. According to the US Strategic Command, the lead surveillance of all major space debris, the Soviet entry into the atmosphere of the upper stage was to take place a little earlier. However, the unit stayed in orbit longer, and entered the dense layers, burning, approximately 1:30 am Eastern Time US.

Usually, satellites and debris enter the atmosphere at an altitude of 100-120 km, the intense heat of the friction of air molecules. Destruction overload reaches 20 g, usually occurs at a height of about 80 km, in this case the object is divided into at least four parts.

Only the American Meteor Society received more than 130 reports of sightings of unusual “car”, the majority of people could see an object that is slowly falling apart, forming a bright tail, up to one minute. A resident of the town of Mountain Home Fish Caleb went for lunch and saw an unusual trace in the sky. “At first I thought it was a plane because the airport nearby Mountain Home. But it was faster and shine brighter than a plane, and I thought it was a meteor, “- said Fish the local TV people.

Several people reported hearing a sonic boom with a delay of 30 to 90 seconds. There are reports that two seismic stations in South Carolina recorded a small signal, but its relationship with the fallen object is not yet confirmed.

According to experts, there is a possibility that part of the the wreckage of the Soviet stage flew to the ground.

«Given the robust design of the Soviet spacecraft, we can assume that some of the components did not burn in the atmosphere and reach the ground,” – says the site Spaceflight101.

Usually in such cases the ground can reach high-temperature parts of the engine or the fuel tank. The area of ​​the fall can be from 500 to 1200 km, strongly influence the distribution of debris prevailing wind. Provided that block entry into the atmosphere began over Alabama and Georgia, detect debris can expect somewhere between North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


Jupiter and Venus merge into a “double star” in the night from June 30 to July 1 – IA REGNUM


Moscow, June 30, 2015, 14:50 – REGNUM Astronomers on the night of June 30 to July 1, will be able to observe the planet Jupiter and Venus are placed so that they will appear to be a single entity, said the Moscow Planetarium.

To see Venus and Jupiter, similar to the double star, it will be possible without a telescope in the western part of the night sky. And with cloudless weather Venus will be visible during the day.

The unusual phenomenon will last until July 4. Fans of astronomy is not the first time there is a “heavenly kiss” planets – similar convergence occurred in August last year. The following is expected in two months – 27 August this year.

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The new iPhone 6S will treasure implemented revolutionary technology – SoftSraze: actual and objectively

Apple Inc. started to produce a smartphone iPhone 6S, which will implement a new innovative technology Force Touch, transfers portal Ghhauto.ru.

Force Touch – is a system that power locks clicking on the display and allows on the basis of the introduction of new controls in the interface, allowing more convenient and efficient to operate the device.

This feature has not previously been used on smartphones iPhone, before the function has been applied to a number of gadgets Company Apple – at a smart clock Apple Watch and laptops MacBook, MacBook Pro. Also, Apple has first to apply Force Touch function on your phone. Engineer Apple’s claim that the Force Touch feature will allow the user to control the smartphone in a new way.

RIA Novosti reports, Apple has produced a small series of new devices. Mass release of a series of smartphone will begin only in July this year. The novelty will introduce traditional September-October. Technology Force Touch screen provides touch sensitivity, but the feedback in the form of vibration.

June 23 media reports that Apple may abandon the button “Home” on the front of the new iPhone. It will replace the fingerprint reader, and a virtual button is located on the touchscreen, the display size will increase, and its scope will have.

Apple launched the new iPhone – RosRegistr

Experts from the digital giant Apple began work on a new generation of gadgets Series iRhone. Future smartphones will be equipped with technology Force Touch, which allows for the user to set the power to the display. This information is published edition of West Bloomberg.

Among the known characteristics of the new listed iRhone display with a diagonal of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Design trends will be similar to the current advanced devices “apple” of the company – iRhone 6 Plus. Already a month later serial production of the new generation of smart phones will be engaged in a special unit and scale will increase greatly.

With regard to technology Force Touch, it will add to the device management a whole new set of gestures as applied in the “apple” hours Apple Watch. The technology has proven itself good and MacBook laptops from Apple, where it is implemented using the touchpad. Most Western media describe as a revolutionary technology Force Touch. Its introduction will enable new smart phones from Apple gadgets to compete with the major competitors in the face of the company Samsung.

A detailed announcement of the new iPhone will be held in early autumn. Exact name of the device has not yet been called, but the press is known as a smart phone Iphone 6S.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Apple Inc. started production of a new family of iPhone with function Force Touch – RYBINSKonLine

Apple has been producing personal and tablet computers, music players, phones and software.

Insiders American Corporation Apple is informed that on the premises of the company started assembling Smartphone iPhone 6S, which are equipped with function Force Touch. Presumably, Apple plans to launch production of new smartphones in the next month. With this function, the screen smart clock can distinguish the sound of a strong and depression, besides a number of other gestures. For information about the sources said among the parts suppliers for the smartphone. The company hopes that it will not have to face serious problems in the process of starting production as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will inherit from its predecessors design screen size and other features.

The fact that Apple is committed to settle all their products a new user interface elements, which will debut in one of the devices of its range, has long been a familiar thing. It will be all the same 4.7 – inch and 5.5 devices.

The new model will be virtually the same design as all the usual IPhone 6. In addition, the technology is available to users the latest model MacBook . External differences from the previous model as well, in terms of available data from insiders, will not.


McCain: accident Falcon9 should not affect the rejection of the Russian RD-180 – RIA Novosti

US Senator John McCain. 2015

© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

WASHINGTON, June 29 – RIA Novosti. The accident Falcon9 rocket engines with US must not change the course of the US refusal to use Russian engines RD-180, said Senator John McCain.

The collapse of the American Falcon 9 rocket manufactured by SpaceX happened on Sunday after three minutes after the launch, which led to the loss of the ship Dragon with cargo for the ISS.

“This incident is in no way reduces the need to abandon the Russian rocket engines RD-180 … I believe that the failure could not be able to prevent the future success of SpaceX and its ability to maintain US national security in the field space flight, “- McCain said, quoted by Reuters.

Republican Senator, who heads the Senate Committee on Armed Services, again called on Congress to consider the performance of the US space program without dependence on Russia.

RD-180 used in the first stage of the American rocket Atlas and the US industry is not producing counterparts.

US House of Representatives in December 2014 as an anti-Russian measures to the events in Ukraine, adopted an amendment to McCain, who It provides a complete rejection of US rocket engines RD-180 until 2019. An exception is made for a contract concluded by a consortium of Boeing and Lockheed Martin (ULA) with the Russian NGO “Energomash” until 2019. At the same time it was reported that Congress appropriated $ 220 million for the development of new American engines.

What is the Falcon 9

Falcon 9 (“Falcon 9″) – US disposable rocket family Falcon, developed by a private company SpaceX. It is assumed that the missile can be used for the delivery of space, goods, and people. Under the contract with SpaceX NASA undertook until 2016 to carry out 12 launches to the ISS. In September 2014, along with the Boeing company has won a contract worth about 6.8 billion dollars for the implementation of manned missions to the ISS. Read more in Help RIA Novosti & gt; & gt;

The rocket Falcon 9 can also be used to launch into space of commercial manned spacecraft (PKA) Dragon and its cargo analogue designed to deliver cargo to the ISS. These ships also developed by SpaceX. Read more in Help RIA Novosti & gt; & gt;

What other emergency occurred with the spacecraft in the US

The collapse of the Falcon 9 was the third cosmic catastrophe in the United States in recent years. At the end of October 2014 at the start of exploded rocket Antares, a few days later during a test flight crashed ship suborbital SpaceShipTwo. Read more in Help RIA Novosti & gt; & gt;


Apple has begun production of the iPhone screen Force Touch – Ferra

As reported by the authoritative edition of Bloomberg, citing sources close to the situation, Apple has already begun early stage of the production of the next generation of smart phones iPhone, which will have a touch screen Force Touch, able to distinguish between the force pressing on the display.

It is noted that the next iPhone model will have a similar diagonal display – 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, like the current generation, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and a similar design. Mass production should start next month.

Recall Force Touch technology is already used in the screen smart watches Apple Watch trackpad and 12-inch MacBook. According to earlier rumors, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be built on Apple A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM LPDDR4 RAM, equipped with a 12-megapixel main camera. From colors to add “pink gold” in the style of a smart watch Apple Watch Edition for $ 17,000 is expected that the output of smartphones on sale in September.


Bloomberg spoke about the hypersensitive display the new iPhone – Lenta.ru

Apple has started production of the first samples of the new iPhone technology to support Force Touch. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the plans of the company.

The appearance of the next generation iPhone will not be fundamentally different from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The smartphone will be available in two sizes: 4.7 and a screen of 5.5 inches. Mass production could begin in July.

Force Touch allows to recognize the strength and duration of pressing on the display. Thus, the display of the new iPhone will be more sensitive and will allow users to interact with a large number of gadget gestures. For example, in the music player, you can press the power will control the speed rewind the track: the more touching, the higher the speed of the rewind and so on. The technology is already integrated into Apple Watch and new models of MacBook. The fact that the Force Touch appears in a new iPhone, the media first heard in April.

June 23 media reports that Apple may abandon the button “Home” on the front of the new iPhone. It will replace the fingerprint reader, and a virtual button is located on the touchscreen, the display size will increase, and its scope will have.

June 20 it became known that Apple engineers have received a patent for a new composite material that will get rid of by violating the integrity of the housing plastic inserts.


Second day save – BBC

July 1 inhabitants of the earth, scientists will add one extra second. Extend one day in the year required deceleration of the Earth caused by the sun and the moon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015, will be one second longer than normal hours. The decision adopted the International Earth Rotation Service and reference systems (IERS), based in Paris. This day should be lengthened so-called leap seconds (leap seconds) – an amendment designed to synchronize the clock with a world constantly slows down the rotation of the Earth.

«The Earth’s rotation is slowing down a little, so leap seconds are able to take this into account,” – said Daniel McMillan of nasovskogo Center Goddard Space Flight Center.

Every day in the world consist of 86 400 seconds. This second, on which people synchronize watches, counts the so-called universal time tied to the atomic clock. They countdown since 1970 conducted by counting the natural oscillations between two states of the cesium atom.

The time between these fluctuations are so constantly that the stability of the atomic clock is one second in 1.4 million years. However, the average solar day is equal to the period of revolution of the Earth around its axis in the order of 86 400.002 seconds and gradually increase.

This is due to the fact that our planet is constantly experiencing the tidal forces from the Sun and the Moon, which inhibit its rotation around its axis. According to scientists, the mean solar day is approximately 86,400 seconds in 1820.

This is an average lag of the Earth from the atomic standard 2 milliseconds per day is minuscule amount but for the year accumulates quite tangible extra seconds. Although on average the Earth really is inhibited, the duration of the individual solar day can fluctuate in a large, and in the smaller side.

The fact that the rate of rotation of the Earth is influenced by many factors, and the characteristic scale less than a year plays an important role, for example, the behavior of the atmosphere. It is proved that the daily and seasonal weather changes can affect the length of the individual solar day within a few milliseconds. Other factors include the dynamics of rotation of the inner core of the Earth (at longer time scales), changes in ocean currents, the movement of underground waters and glaciers (on the scale of months or decades), as well as ocean and atmospheric currents.

For example, atmospheric phenomena such as El NiƱo, can temporarily slow the Earth’s rotation by increasing the solar day by 1 millisecond.

Follow the speed of rotation of the Earth with an accuracy to help astronomers. With very long baseline interferometry – a network of radio telescopes, separated by thousands of kilometers away from each other. Watching on a remote quasars billions of light-years, different antennas receive signals from them with a slight delay, depending on where the “saucer”. Analyzing these microscopic delays, scientists can calculate the current speed of rotation of the Earth and its average rate of deceleration. Modern methods of radio interferometry give a 3 microsecond accuracy, NASA developed a new project “Geodesy” using a greater number of diversity antennas, can achieve an accuracy of 0.5 microsecond.

«next-generation system designed to meet the needs of most of the scientific challenges today and in the near future “, – said Stephen Merkovits of Goddard. According to the accepted rules, if necessary, an extra second is added coordination evening of June 30 or December 31 to UTC. Therefore, on July 1 after 02.59: 59 Moscow time will not come 03.00: 00 MSK and 02.59: 60 MSK and then 03.00: 00 MSK.

The introduction of extra seconds may not go unnoticed. Airlines stock exchanges and technology companies are already preparing for possible disruptions. The last time a second coordination was introduced in 2012, were marked by failures in the Mozilla, Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon, a problem arose in the Linux operating system and programs written in Java. And in Australia, I had to put 400 airlines Qantas flights due to a failure in the registration system.

According to experts, the greatest number of failures can occur in Asia, where the transfer clock will be in the midst of the day.

Since 1972 , when it was first introduced a second coordination until 1999. These amendments were introduced about a year. However, later the Earth “pulled up” its braking and began to add a second less. Scientists do not know what it is connected, one of the reasons may serve as a major earthquake or volcanic eruptions, which can affect the rotation of the Earth in the short term.