The astrologers said that the parade of planets could be a bad omen. ” Depending on many factors, lined up in a line of the world can talk about the end of the world and of the famine, and of the impending war. But what will happen, and will happen whether in general – astrology lovers only guess.

Parade of planets – a unique astronomical phenomenon, which can be observed with the naked eye. It will last until February 7, that is, the whole next week. Parade participants – are Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter – can be clearly seen without a telescope, even without binoculars at dawn.

Alexander Perhnyak, an astrophysicist at the Moscow Planetarium, told NTV: “The sun is now rises about eight in the morning . So if you get up at half past six, six hours, seven hours and look to the southeast, you them anyway to see ».

Seeing in the sky such a picture, the ancient Maya were horrified: in front – the destruction of death. Astrologers are discussed: it all depends on how much of the parade, and under what zodiac banners they march. If all seven planets in the solar system except Earth line up in one sector of heaven – it is dangerous.

This is a big parade every 500 years. Penultimate dates back to the year 1483 – when the great painter Raphael was born and theologian Martin Luther, the reformer and founder of the Protestant church.