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In Turkey found created in the era of the Urartu Kingdom to the city sewer system – Krasnoyarsk news –

This underground gallery of the drainage pipes were found in the province of van in the area of the castle Cavustepe, which is a historical monument.

Archaeologists Turkey discovered an ancient sewer system that was created in the era of Urartu.

the City is in the center of which was a fortress, was a kilometer in diameter and was surrounded by impregnable walls. The structure consists of 2 parts — top and bottom, and they were both built by king Urartu Sarduri II in 764-734 BC

sewer with a diameter of one meter was built of carefully fitted to each other and permeated the urban area under the ground for significant distances at a depth of several cubits.

Professionals say, at the site found traces of once equipped with palaces, temples, storage of water. In particular, starting the construction of the city, the ancient architects carefully worked through the project. They built all the buildings strictly in accordance with the project. This is especially important for us.

According to Dr. the Department of archaeology of the University of the province of Yuzuncu Rafet Cavusoglu, the state of Urartu carefully thought and where to build. The state in certain periods of its existence, played a dominant role in relation to the neighbors in front of Asia. In the nineteenth century French archaeologists first discovered cuneiform inscriptions near the shores of lake van in the territory of the former Ottoman Empire, is not in Assyrian, as originally meant, in the Urartu language. In General, Urartu remained virtually unknown Kingdom from the 5th century BC until the previous 20th century. Excavations in the area, according to the expression relevant for today archaeologists are still in “its infancy”.


Scientists have discovered why dogs are friends with people – the Russian Newspaper

dogs Have identified five key genes that are associated with their ability to make contact with a man – this is stated in a scientific paper published in the journal Scientific Reports.

In the study, Swedish scientists from the University of linköping conducted an experiment with participation of 437 dogs Beagle, specially grown in the laboratory.

Each of the dogs for a short time ran into the room, where the three plastic container of treats, two of which she could open herself, and to “open” third, she’s needed help people were in the same room. However, he was unfamiliar animal.

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Scholars interested in how subjects behave in such a situation, will they start asking a stranger for help, or will act independently.

“We know that wolves do not seek help, they will try to fix the problem yourself, and some dogs actually behave the same – they do not give up and attempt to open the lid,” says one of the researchers Per Jensen. – But the most common reaction of animals is at some point in time to contact the person.”

According to the results of the experiments were selected 95 dogs are most prone to human contact, and 95 the least interested in social interaction with the person. Then they took samples of DNA for comparison and detection of correlations between features in the behavior and specific genetic variants.

In the end, scientists were able to identify five genes that are closely correlated with the tendency of dogs to seek the help of a man. “There are probably many other genes that interact with these five,” admits Jensen. According to him, it is not yet clear precisely how the identified genes can affect the sociability of dogs.

it is also Noted that four of these genes have previously been associated with increased risk of development of various social disorders in humans, including autism, writes The Guardian.


Are the KFA2 GeForce GTX EX OC 1060 White –

the Company Galaxy Microsystems produces graphics cards under the brands of Galax and KFA2, announced the release of under these brands a new graphics card GeForce GTX EX OC 1060 White. The casing of the cooling system, fans and a reinforcing plate on the back side of the novelty is decorated in white color, and its name. But the PCB used traditional black color, unlike some other graphics cards manufacturer with the prefix White in the title.

graphics Card GeForce GTX EX OC 1060 White available in versions with 3 and 6 GB of GDDR5 memory, and as a result, different configurations of graphics processors, after all, the younger version of the CUDA cores less. Otherwise both versions are identical, and their graphics processors have operating frequencies 1556/1771 MHz, and the memory – 8008 MHz, and connected it via a 192-bit bus.

For the heat dissipation of the GeForce GTX 1060 EX OC White is responsible cooling system with a very massive radiator, through which three copper Nickel-plated heat pipes. It’s all blown by a pair of 90 mm fans. For additional power the video card has only one 6-pin connector. Set of video outputs include one HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 b, DisplayPort, and two ports Dual Link DVI.

unfortunately, neither the cost nor the date of commencement of sales KFA2/Galax GeForce GTX EX OC 1060 White yet not been announced.


Used in the Institute of eye diseases, the drug has not been approved by the Ministry of health, the City’s all-news channel

Drug “Avastin” is, presumably, caused the loss of vision of nine patients scientific research Institute of eye diseases named after Helmholtz, was not approved by the Ministry of health. About it on air of TV channel “Moscow 24″ said the ophthalmologists.

the Doctors confirmed that the drug has long been used in ophthalmology, although not licensed for this field of medicine. His action coincides with the action of a more expensive drug Lucentis, which must be used to prevent tumors vessels.

According to the Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Vyacheslav Kurenkov, “Avastin” is used in ophthalmology in the world, but Russia has not yet received permission of the Ministry of health.

Kurenkov stressed that “the drug is good and has positive results use.

“I think this incident is not connected with the action of the drug. Most likely, there are some other factors”, he added.

According to one version, the cause of the accident at the scientific research Institute of eye diseases named after Helmholtz could become non-sterile during the procedure the injection or the marriage of the drug itself.

the health Ministry organized a check on the fact of vision loss in patients research Institute on behalf of the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova after appearing in media reports about the side effects of the drug “Avastin”.

According to Skvortsova, the information is very ambiguous, and conclusions on this point can not be done.

His testing was also organized by the Investigative Committee. Investigators, in particular, interviewing hospital staff, including officers responsible for the acquisition and storage of drugs.

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Genetics: every twentieth man was not meant to avoid an early death – Moskovsky Komsomolets

according to scientists, some people simply age faster than others

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a Healthy lifestyle involving proper nutrition and physical activity, can significantly extend the life of most people. However, about every twentieth man is doomed to grow old and die much sooner than the rest, despite all efforts. To such conclusion experts from the University of California in Los Angeles. Although by itself the study is not optimistic, it is, according to scientists, may be the first step to solving the problem of premature aging.

Генетики:  каждому  двадцатому  человеку  не  суждено  избежать  ранней  смерти


the Scientists examined 13 databases containing information on more than 13 thousand inhabitants of seven different countries. The experts evaluated the so-called biological age of these people and compared with age real. As it turned out, approximately five percent of the people, these figures are largely different from each other, and the reason for that were wrong with the so-called “epigenetic clock” — as the experts sometimes call the set of mechanisms that allow DNA to “manage” the aging process.

According to experts, the probability of early death for people, biological age is significantly ahead of the real, increases very significantly. Scholars give the following example: suppose we have two 50 year old men, who smokes and often stressed, but in the rest the canons of “healthy lifestyle”. While one of them “epigenetic clock” working too fast, and the second — in the range of average values. In this case, the chances of the first of the men to live more than ten years make up only 25%, while the second — a much more respectable 40 percent. It was the first “option” epigenetic hours has about every twentieth man.

However, experts note that, in General epigenetics to a lesser extent, predetermines the duration of human life, than such well-known factors like Smoking, blood pressure, diabetes and so on. However, experts believe they have received relevant information and hope that on the basis of their data in the future will be able to better understand the problem of premature aging and, to some extent, to learn to deal with it.

the Work written at the end of the study, the scientists published in the journal Aging.


SSD Adata XPG SX8000 develop read speed up to 2400 MB/s

the company’s product Range was supplemented Adata SSD XPG SX8000. It’s a PCIe SSD, made in the form factor M. 2 2280.

the choice there are four modifications with different capacity from 128 GB to 1 TB. All versions of memory-based 3D MLC NAND and a Silicon Motion controller.

the Speed parameters are also identical. The write speed is 1000 MB/s and read — 2400 MB/s. Performance reaches 100 000 and 140 000 IOPS for reading and writing respectively. The MTBF value declared at the level of 2 million hours. You can also note the presence of the cache memory of the SLC and specifications NVMe 1.2.

All modifications of the drive are provided with a five year warranty. About the cost data yet.

Source: Adata


“Rosetta” went to the last path – Газета.Ru

September 29 at 23.50 Moscow time (20.50 GMT) automatic station “Rosetta” began the rapprochement with the comet 67P / Churyumov — Gerasimenko. In fact, it could be called a fall from a height of 19 km, if not for the speed of convergence is only 0.5 m/s. If all goes according to plan, the spacecraft lands on the comet 13.40 Moscow time (10.40 GMT) on Friday, but you should consider that it will take another 40 minutes before on the Earth will receive confirmation of the landing. After planting all instruments, AMS Rosetta will be switched off, and the mission will end.

the Mission of “Rosetta” lasted 12 years.

Most of that time period the spacecraft was just flying to the comet. The launch took place on March 2, 2004, but the arrival of the comet had to wait until the summer of 2014. The fact that the gravitational force of such small cosmic bodies (diameter about 4 km) is small enough that people could fly into outer space just by jumping on the surface. And speed interplanetary flights, tens of kilometers per second. The only chance to pass is to catch the comet at a relatively low speed.

in fact, the Rosetta became the first spacecraft, which is similar to failed.

the Study of comets is of great interest to the world science. It is believed that the comet is one of the oldest bodies in the Solar system, formed at a time when no one planet was not. Since a large part of his life carried out of the comet away from the Sun, they consist of a very ancient substance and can tell you about the early stages of the existence of the Sun and planets. Another interesting feature of comets is that they represent a huge physical and chemical laboratory, in which one can study different substances in extreme conditions. Many researchers believe that comets are the key to understanding the processes that led to the emergence of life on Earth.

of Course, not everything in the mission “Rosetta” went smoothly. For a start, the comet was not the same simple form as expected. In fact, it had a dual-connected to a thin bridge. For such body shape is quite difficult to calculate the gravitational field, and any unreported detail of relief could be fatal to the mission.

In the second, the descent module Philae failed to gain a foothold on the surface of the comet during landing.

the Probe bounced several times before stuck in a crevice, where it penetrates too little sunlight to power solar panels. It has been speculated that during the flight of a comet near perihelion in its orbit, the amount of light a camera will be enough to continue work. In a sense, what happened. Philae was released on bond June 13, 2015, but the continued full operation failed. The “Rosetta” had to take on a higher orbit around the comet, so maintain contact with spokeman device became impossible. This was done to protect the system from cometary dust and larger debris that inevitably arise with the passage of the perihelion.

Despite the completion of the mission, processing the data obtained by the automatic station will last more than one year. However, we can already say that the “Rosetta” completely changes the perception about the nature of comets. The density of the cometary material was less than that of water ice. This suggests that the substance of the comet 67P/ Churyumov – Gerasimenko is likely porous. At the same time, the surface is covered with a very dark substance. Sometimes the reflectivity compare it with black velvet. The surface structure of the comet should be similar to melted dirty snow formed in the spring by melting snow.

in observations from Earth, astronomers have often noticed that the comet may very dramatically change its brightness, but why it occurs has long remained a mystery. But on the 19th of February 2016 on 67P / Churyumov — Gerasimenko was a real landslide. From under the outer layer exposing the layers of cometary ice, which is exposed to direct sunlight begin to evaporate.

it All happened so fast that he created a powerful ejection of matter from the surface and for a short time, the comet became much brighter.

Also during the mission “Rosetta” was able to find on 67P / Churyumov — Gerasimenko, a large number of various organic substances. Scientists have yet to learn, could such organics to participate in the origin of life on Earth. By the way, the compounds of carbon is due to black color of the outer layers of the comet.

But perhaps one of the most important results of the mission was the discovery of the fact that water on the comet is very different from earth.

the fact that the content of heavy water (water with atoms of deuterium — heavy hydrogen) in the comet three times higher than in the hydrosphere of the Earth.

It negates a pretty common theory that water on Earth has a cosmic origin. At least on our planet it has brought not a comet. Another interesting research result is that 67P / Churyumov — Gerasimenko changes the period of revolution around the axis. If at the time of arrival of the mission period was 12 hours, 24 minutes and 14 seconds, now the comet began to rotate significantly faster, 12 hours, 3 minutes and 18 seconds. This is due to the jet effect of the emission of jets of gas from the surface of 67P / Churyumov — Gerasimenko. Comet unwound owing to intensive evaporation of the substance at the passage of perihelion of the orbit.

When Rosetta was just starting to study the rate of loss of substance of the comet, estimated to be in the space from the surface flew tens of thousands of pounds a day.

But after the perihelion passage, the comet daily lost up to 100 million pounds.

Now the comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko farther away from the Sun, and the solar panels are no longer produce the necessary for the normal functioning of the device the amount of electricity. Also on the health of the probe impact minor damage and failures, which for 12 years the mission has accumulated a lot. But the European space Agency very clever the completion of the mission. It was called “the Grand finale”.

the gist of it is that, began to decline with the height of 19 km above the surface of the comet, “Rosetta” will sit on the surface of the comet. During the descent it will be continually taking pictures of the comet from close range. It will be pictures at the highest resolution for the time of the mission. The landing site will be the region of MA’at (on 67P / Churyumov — Gerasimenko all the details of the relief have Egyptian names). He was selected for two reasons. First, its unusual topography of MA’at has long attracted the attention of researchers. It has a large number of different valleys, whose origin is not yet clear.

There is an assumption that there are frequent emissions of gas and dust. Scientists would like to see this place close. Well, then, MA’at is one of the few areas where Rosetta will be able to carefully down, not crashing. Unfortunately, after landing (about 14.20 Moscow time) the antenna of the spacecraft will no longer point to the Earth, and communication with him will be impossible.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

The spacecraft “Rosetta” is aimed at collision with a comet – Вести.Ru

the spacecraft “Rosetta” is directed to the surface of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the collision with the surface which it will complete its 12-year mission. Clash of Rosetta with the comet shall occur in the afternoon of 30 September, reports “Bi-Bi-si” referring to the European space Agency.

Rosetta was orbiting the comet for two years and followed her over 6 billion kilometers. She became the first spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of the comet.

“Rosetta” collected sparse data on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which in coming years will explore the scientists. These data will help to understand how comets are formed, how they release dust and gas as heating by the Sun. In 2014 the Rosetta was lowered to the surface of the comet apparatus “Fily” to collect soil samples, which became the world’s first such operation.

the European space Agency (ESA) decided to close the mission: the comet, the orbit of which is “Rosetta”, is approaching the edge of the Solar system, and solar panels that run the spacecraft will no longer be able to charge.

in addition, “Rosetta”, launched into space in 2004, is not in the best condition, as exposed to radiation and extreme temperatures. The spacecraft will encounter the comet surface at a low speed, but is unlikely to be able to withstand the impact, reports “Interfax”.


Raek: IT industry allows you to Express yourself and make a fortune – Economy News

  • Economy. The course of the day. Aired from September 29, 2016


    the Ground for investment. In Sochi preparations for the forum, in the agenda – discussion of the reforms and the signing of contracts worth billions of dollars. The effect of OPEC. The countries in the cartel surprised the market by agreement on the reduction of quotas, how long will it affect prices?



  • Thrown Deutsche Bank is trying to save himself.


    Largest commercial Bank in the Eurozone can only rely on their own strength. The German government and the leadership of the ECB rejected the possibility of financial assistance to Deutsche Bank.



  • a Surprise from OPEC: markets are again found about the reason for the euphoria?


    Even more than was expected of him. The cartel for the first time in eight years came to the market with offers, pretty much at the same time its surprising. Investors have become accustomed to respond to regular verbal intervention, which usually does not end.



  • Forum in Sochi: the global platform for business discussions welcomes you


    In Sochi on Thursday starts the international investment forum. The big Industrialists, financiers, top managers of international companies, representatives of the Russian government and regional authorities will discuss the most important economic challenges



  • Aviados intend to equate a criminal offense.


    Aviakerosin may soon face jail and huge fines. To toughen the penalties for bullies on Board suggested Thursday at a meeting with the President the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.



  • Comments. Oil traders don’t believe OPEC unity


    the Market today is much discussion of the results of the meeting of the countries-oil producers, which agreed to freeze production volumes of raw materials. It is worth noting that since 2008, this is the first agreement, to which many market participants continue to be skeptical.



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    Business online: raek gave the growth forecast for the economy of Runet – RIA Novosti


    (updated: )


    MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti/Prime. the volume of the economy of Runet in 2016 will amount 1,581 trillion rubles, which is by 16.7% more than at the end of 2015, the forecast contained in the study “the Economy of Runet 2015-2016″, prepared by the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC).

    By the end of 2015 the volume of the economy of Runet totaled 1,355 trillion, and the volume of the market of electronic payments — 588 billion, a total equivalent to 2.4% of Russia’s GDP (in 2014 — 2%). The volume of Internet-dependent markets is comparable to 19% of Russia’s GDP, the study said.

    “on Runet Economy will grow by almost 17% in the crisis year, is very positive. Positive we also believe that an increasing proportion of the Internet economy in the GDP of the country. If the forecasts come true, that 2017 is the year of exit from the crisis, it gives hope that in 2017 we will overcome the bar of 3% of GDP”, — said Deputy Minister Alexei Volin during the presentation of the paper.

    According to the forecast, the audience of the Runet in 2016 is 86 million people aged 12 years. While in Russia, about 33 million broadband subscribers. Monthly mobile Internet audience has about 62 million users. The mobile Internet users generate 25% of all income Headings.

    “the Penetration of smartphones and affordable applications and services in Runet, a year is not comparable with the penetration of personal computers, the audience of the Runet is growing almost exclusively by mobile users,” said raek.

    In this regard, user preferences have undergone significant changes in the field of content consumption and order various kinds of services. Virtually all segments of the mobile component is at least the fourth part of the market and in some segments — such as services or digital content — share up to 80-90%. The share of users or customers with mobile devices steadily closer to 40%, showed the results of the study.

    the impact of the crisis

    In the study, the RAEC had also interviewed industry experts on the impact of the economic crisis on the industry.

    “the Experts mostly agree that there is a crisis in the online industry, but agree that it is somewhat softer in comparison with other areas of the domestic economy,” said raek.

    the Fifth part of experts is sure that the “bottom” of the economic crisis in the industry is expected in the second half of 2016, and every tenth believes that the bottom has already passed in 2015. While 35% of respondents find it difficult unambiguous answer to this question.

    Speaking about the release date of the online economy to pre-crisis rates, 40% of the experts have difficulty with the assessment.

    According to the results of a similar survey in mid-2015, restoration of the online economy a third of the expert community (32,7%) predicted by the fourth quarter of 2017 and later. The fifth part of the audience was determined to be more optimistic with the possibility of an end to the crisis by the end of 2016.

    According to the results of the current survey “Crisis barometer — 2016″, about 30% of respondents believe 2017 to be the year of recovery. Thus, the stagnation of the online economy will occur for about a year.


    the Study also showed the labor market recovery in the Internet industry.

    If at the end of 2014 or early 2015, the company practiced staff reductions (although not as significant as in other sectors), the second half of 2015, the restoration of the number of vacancies.

    For the first nine months of 2016 RAEC observes the growth of demand in Russia for it professionals, 39%, and in Moscow — 31%, outpacing the overall market performance. Assessment RAEC, today the industry employs around 2.3 million people.

    “the labour Market in the IT-industry up to 2020 will remain stable indicators of demand for staff. The development of information technologies, their applicability to nontraditional earlier directions, the automation of processes will retain IT specialists as one of the most popular on the labor market”, — said raek.


    Android smartphone BlackBerry DTEK60 will present October 11 – 3DNews

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    BlackBerry will charge the development and sale of smartphones partners

    Quarterly report conference smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry hinted that it is now a canadian company cannot be considered as not only a manufacturer but also a developer of its own smartphones. More specifically, a status the company intends to lose in the foreseeable future, and to start the reform solved the Indonesia market, the biggest for the brand product.

    a Joint venture with a branch of the largest Indonesian Telecom operator will take care not only for the sale and manufacturing of BlackBerry smartphones in this country, but will order them from the development of specialized professionals. Itself BlackBerry in this situation remains the only provider of software solutions and the recipient of the royalties from each sold smartphone brand. BlackBerry has long translated to the production of devices for contractors, with time she will completely refuse and their development. Losses from these reforms is estimated at one hundred people. The remaining experts of the relevant division will be busy in software development.

    revenue From the second quarter of the 2017 financial year, which is calendar BlackBerry recently ended, the share of software solutions and services accounted for $ 156 million, which is two times more than a year ago. However, devices have brought the company $ 105 million, but the rejection of their independent sales will allow BlackBerry to increase the rate of profit, which has now reached a historical high of 62%. Not to lose huge amounts in write-off stock – here is just one of the benefits of refraining from the production and sales of smartphones. However, as admitted by CEO John Chen (John Chen), in some markets, BlackBerry is ready to help partners in the implementation of the smartphones of this brand.

    In software development BlackBerry is betting on the automotive segment and the operating system QNX, as well as secured version of Android, which for some time used its smartphones. The company determined to withdraw from the production of older models of smartphones. And all new ones will be created by the partners of the company, though, and will continue to use the trademark BlackBerry. In addition to Indonesia, the new distribution model will soon be implemented in China and India.


    Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    EVGA introduced the GeForce GTX 1080 Hybrid FTW and FTW GeForce GTX 1070 Hybrid

    EVGA expanded its range of graphics cards with two models — the GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid and GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid. New items, as you can tell from the name, is equipped with a hybrid cooling system, and operate at high frequencies.

    the Liquid part of the cooling system represented by the waterblock, tubing and radiator size 120 mm, and includes two of the cooler. According to the manufacturer, this stock allows you to reduce heating of the GPU by about a third in comparison with standard cooling system of graphics cards.

    other features of the new feature is the customizable RGB backlight, 10-phase power subsystem and support for Dual BIOS.

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid has a 2560 CUDA cores and 8 GB of memory GDDR5X. The GPU of this graphics card works at frequency 1721 and 1860 MHz and the effective memory frequency is 10 GHz. In a GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid 1920 CUDA cores, a GPU frequency of 1607 (1797) MHz and 8 GB of GDDR5 memory with a frequency of 8 GHz.

    Source: EVGA


    BlackBerry will stop developing smartphones, but will give the opportunity to do it to others – 3DNews

    the BlackBerry Company announced the termination of development of own hardware and plans for outsourcing the creation of devices to their partners. Although smartphones under the brand name of the BlackBerry remain on the market, the company is totally focused on the software and will not invest money in the development apparatus. The move signals that the company becomes a step closer to completely withdraw from the smartphone market, what is she talking about for several years.

    “the Company plans to stop internal development of hardware and transmit this work to their partners,” — said John Chen (John Chen), Executive Director and Chairman of BlackBerry. the “This allows to reduce the investment and increase the profitability of investments.

    Less than three years ago BlackBerry had signed a strategic partnership agreement with Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry), under which the companies jointly developed certain BlackBerry smartphones. While Foxconn was responsible for the production and management of material and production reserves, which significantly reduced the participation of BlackBerry in the process of creating their own devices. Now the company plans to cease all research and development activities relating to smart phones, and focus on developing secure versions of the Android operating system (the company has recently introduced its own version of Android 6.0 that is used on the smartphone DTEK50), and applications with enhanced security available through the service BlackBerry Hub.

    In addition to Foxconn, BlackBerry is working with other equipment manufacturers. So, released earlier this year, the BlackBerry smartphone DTEK50 is very similar to the phone Alcatel Idol 4, developed by Chinese Corporation TCL. Thus, BlackBerry has at least two partners who can create mobile phones and who already have experience with the canadian company. It is interesting to note that the deal with BlackBerry gave the opportunity for TCL to develop and produce smartphones under three famous brand names: Alcatel, BlackBerry, and Palm. While Foxconn for some time engaged in the development and production of BlackBerry devices, and Nokia (in this case we are talking only about production and sales).

    in Addition to the plans to discontinue the development of its own hardware BlackBerry announced on Wednesday and first licensing agreement. Joint venture PT Merah Putih BB will produce and sell their own smartphones with the BlackBerry logo that will be running the protected version of Android 6.0. Though not entirely clear to what extent PT Merah Putih BB develops their own devices and relies on some ODM partners, it is very likely that the device manufacturing is performed by companies like Foxconn or TCL.

    BlackBerry is considering a complete withdrawal from the smartphone market for several years now, ever since John Chen became its CEO. The CEO has repeatedly said that software and technology secure communications are key for BlackBerry. At the same time, Mr. Chen cautioned that the company may stop selling their phones if they can’t do it with profit. As you can see, BlackBerry will cease development of its own spacecraft, but will offer to do this for other companies. Thus, the device under the brand name of the BlackBerry remain on the market, but the company will not spend big money on their development. While in some countries, BlackBerry will continue to sell smartphones on its own (USA, Canada), and in some (Indonesia) prefer to give such business partners.


    If you notice a mistake — select it with mouse and press CTRL+ENTER.


    Products ASUS ROG graphics GeForce 10 officially presented in Russia – 3DNews

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    Russian expert: “the ship of the Mask shatter on the surface of Mars” – Moskovskiy Komsomolets

    Elon Musk has promised to establish a settlement on the red planet, without telling how to save lives of the first colonists from Earth

    Today at 17:56, views: 2196

    a plan to create a transportation system for missions to Mars presented Tuesday at the International Congress on Aeronautics in Mexico, the head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk. He is going to create on the red planet settlement and to populate it a million colonists.

    it Turns out that experts SpaceX develop the concept of a “Mars colonial transport (MCT Mars Colonial Transport) for several years and promise about 10 years to put it into operation.

    According to the Mask, as the rocket he intends to use an enhanced version of the Falcon 9 rocket, with the creation of which will be used for new composite materials. Judging by the description, it will be really super-heavy rocket capable of orbit on the methane engine up to 300 tons (recall that the resource the most powerful Soviet booster rocket “Energy” up to 150 tons).

    Six launches on this rocket the Americans withdraw to orbit Mars “bus”: a manned spacecraft to 100 people with bar and cinema and five tankers from 1950 tons of fuel. Fuel is planned to be pumped into a manned spacecraft in space and then send it to interplanetary flight. The flight time to Mars would take about 150 days.

    the Tanker for fuel.

    Now, as the price of such a “walk”. SpaceX has estimated that, taking into account mnogorazovogo technology (the ship is planned to be used up to 12 times) and production of fuel on the red planet, the cost of a ticket to Mars could be lowered from the current $ 10 billion to $ 200 thousand. According to Mr. Mask, the price should be no more than the average American home: to person could sell their house on Earth for the money to move to Mars. By the way, those who wish to return back to Land, the flight won’t cost a penny.

    the most optimistic estimates, the first manned launch to Mars, the company, the Mask may be implemented as early as 2024. In 2018-2020, it is planned unmanned launch of the Red Dragon to Mars for testing of this procedure.

    Comments head of the space policy Institute Ivan MOISEEV

    - Promises Mask — pure fiction. Here you need a magic wand and the old man Hottabych, then maybe something will come of claimed. The report was designed so that it is spared the most acute problems. And they are. The first: where is this money? He hinted that will receive capital from the transportation of cargo to the ISS… But it’s impossible – his whole system will cost more hundreds of times than the entire ISS. The idea to raise money on the Internet — I think it’s a joke too. Meanwhile, experts estimate that for landing on Mars in just two and bringing them back, you need 20 years and $ 500 billion. The case can hold together only a few countries at once, if you make the colonization of Mars the main task, and all the rest of the program will significantly reduce.

    -What are the plans for the Mask is not feasible from a technical point of view?

    - He missed such an important moment to land a spacecraft on Mars. The cartoon presentation shows how easily flies his multi-ton ship with a hundred people, and sits on the surface of the planet. But we remember getting not long ago, the Mars Curiosity Rover weighing a ton… Seven minutes of terror – that is it a difficult procedure to put the device on the surface of the planet with very rarefied atmosphere, like Mars. According to the scheme presented by the Musk of his ship from going to pieces, will not help any parachutes.

    How many tons will weigh his ship?

    - the fact of the matter is that he also omitted in his speech. Apparently, in order for professionals from not defeated his project in tatters. Was it just a pretty picture. Usually before these statements, the researchers are collecting more than one publication with the full layout of the technical characteristics of the flight. Have a Mask they are not.

    Maybe he keeps them secret?

    - But we can compare what he offers, with the possibilities of all mankind in the matter… Musk cannot keep secret that which is beyond the capacity of all countries combined. The feeling is that during the preparation of the report was attended by no sensible expert, which prompted him in difficult places. Otherwise they would have told him that the size of solar panels that he paints on his pictures in tens of times less than required. And such blatant mistakes in the presentation very much.

    - Capacity booster 300 tonnes achievable?

    Achievable, but does not solve the problem. If not resolved the issues with braking during landing, with radiation which does not pass in vain for the pioneers (from this question after the presentation of the Mask just waved), the project cannot be considered serious.

    what it does, what do you think? Expects that the government will give them money for development?

    -All closely following the space project SpaceX, they are working exclusively on the delivery of goods, but did nothing on the way to Mars. That’s why the engineers of NASA stories the Mask is not touching any side, that’s for sure. So, as the target audience remain only the masses, naked PR of the company. We already know about this Mars One project, when people collected money for a nonexistent project. Perhaps it is the same.

    Read the story “Scientists suspected that the Martian plateau of Tasmania is inhabited”


    The colonization of Mars: company SpaceX promises to the cities and cheap tickets – Вести.Ru

    the head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk presented the plan for the colonization of Mars. A businessman wants to create on the red planet absolutely Autonomous cities. The first people to deliver to Mars planned for 2025. It is necessary in the event of the Apocalypse, which, according to the Mask, is inevitable.

    Elon Musk conquering not only space but also energy. The businessman is one of the chairmen and principal shareholders of the company SolarCity. The main owners are his cousins, brothers Rave. And here it turns out that they are famous alleged alien design. In 2015, the firm set a world record in energy efficiency of solar panels. But it turned out that the know-how owned by the company Cogenra, a subsidiary of SunPower Corporation. In any case, as stated in the lawsuit.

    “Know-how are generally very difficult to protect. You need to prove what was known about this know-how and that it is appropriately formalized. Of course, if it is proved the fact that it was a trade secret, but the face, despite this, have used this know-how without the consent of the owner, it is an ordinary violation of the rights of intellectual property owner. Then criminal liability. But it is difficult to prove, must be a strong case for legal action,” says Ivan Bliznets, rector, Russian state Academy of intellectual property.

    But arguments from the plaintiff, apparently not. In any case, until they have provided. To understand in this whole situation. The main thing — to prove that the development was recorded. That is, Cogenra should be the relevant documents confirming that they entered into the production of solar modules. If this is confirmed, the Mask is high will be fined.

    But SolarCity is that the answer Cogenra. It turned out that recently, one of the employees of the company resigned and moved to the position of senior sales Manager at SunPower Corporation, taking with him from the former work place the disc with confidential information.

    “Instead of confess and to return the misappropriated our trade secrets, one of the units of SunPower rushes to court with unworthy suit, trying to divert attention from the actions of head office”, — said Jonathan bass, a SolarCity representative.

    But the Mask now has better things to do claims — the conquest of Mars. Yesterday in Mexico at the International Astronautical Congress he presented his ambitious plan to colonize the red planet. So the colony became self-supporting, according to the businessman, there must be around a million people. Of course, Mars will get they are not overnight. To deliver at a time will be 100-200 people. But is colonization from 40 to 100 years.

    “the Main obstacle during the flight to Mars is the presence of man in space for 1.5-2 years. Faster will not fit. Flight to Mars lasts for 9 -10 months one way. Radiation so high away from the earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere that this is a major obstacle during the flight to Mars,” explains Vladimir Surdin, senior researcher of the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg.

    Radiation Mask is not so much frightening. That need protecting, he knows (and methods already developed). Musk hopes to create an artificial magnetic field. Also, be willing to compete in terms, for how many will be able to fly to Mars. Initially, he hoped to keep within 80 days, and later to reduce this period to one month. This will be possible thanks to a reusable transport system. It is now developing in SpaceX. It will consist of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle. After delivering the colonists to the orbit, it will return and the ship to refuel from the moon, going to Mars.

    the Price of a ticket to the red planet should be about 200 thousand dollars. For comparison: now to get to Mars for $ 10 billion.

    “We have to make missions to Mars affordable. And we think, based on before you plan that first flight to the Red planet will be quite expensive. But over time, a flight will cost less than 200 thousand dollars, maybe even less than 100 thousand, it all depends on how many people will be on Board,” says Elon Musk.

    Компания  Маска  планирует  покорить  не  только  Марс, но  и  спутник  Юпитера  Европу.

    Plans for the Mask is really ambitious. The first settlers to Mars needs to get to 2025. Well, the first spacecraft going to the Red planet six years from now, in 2022. Experts believe that this is indeed possible, but the current timeline is realistic.


    The media talked about the possibility of refusal of banks from foreign encryption –

    Russian banks could be required to abandon foreign encryption information. On Wednesday, September 28, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the opinion of industry experts.

    “Banks and some state organizations use of cryptographic tools with the American certificates, but they can be revoked at any time,” said one of the members of the working group on the use of the Internet in the economy at administration of the President. Another source told the publication that the initiative is supported by the FSB.

    00:20 September 22, 2016

    members of the group do not exclude the appearance of the bill, which will oblige them to use domestic encryption. On users this should not be affected, they stressed.

    Government agencies now are required to use cryptography certified in Russia, said a security expert at one of the companies. Banks with mainly foreign cryptography as they work with the Western payment systems. The transition to Russian cryptography will introduce them in additional spending, he warns.

    July 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws Spring and asked to calculate the financial costs for the organization of production of domestic software and equipment necessary to store information in accordance with it.

    the anti-terrorism package of laws developed by the MP Irina Yarovaya, the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov, in particular, provides for the obligation of Telecom operators, messengers and social networks to store all the information about the content of the conversations and correspondence of the users within six months.


    Mexico was the first in the history of the child from three parents – Moskovsky Komsomolets

    in Addition to the genes of the mother and father he received the mitochondrial DNA of another woman.

    Today at 12:32, views: 415

    With the help of a special medical procedure that involves “transplant” the embryo mitochondrial DNA from the donor in Mexico appeared first in the world “a child from three parents”. It happened back in April of this year, however, the media learned about the event only recently. The boy was born healthy and at five months feels good. While many scientists are inclined to consider the incident a genuine scientific breakthrough, a number of public figures are concerned about the ethical aspect.

    В  Мексике  родился  первый в  истории  ребенок  от трех  родителей


    Technology, which was used by American experts for help living in Mexico Jordanians, allows in-vitro fertilization to use not only the genetic material of the father and mother, but also mitochondrial DNA from the second woman. In some cases, this allows to save a child from serious hereditary diseases transmitted on the maternal side, otherwise not too “meddling” in the genome of the embryo. In fact, of the 23 thousand, which makes man as he is, in the mitochondria contains just 37 genes. Moreover, in the case of the birth of the boy intervention in the genome should in no way affect his own children — as already mentioned, mitochondrial DNA is passed to children exclusively from the mother.

    the Jordanian couple, who turned to scientists for help, faced difficulties due to the fact that the woman was a passive carrier of Leia’s syndrome — a genetic disease affecting the Central nervous system. Although the woman is the carrier leading to the disease, she does not suffer from the disease, two of her children died at an early age, and another pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The couple decided to refer to specialists with the request to solve their problem the latest and somewhat experimental method.

    At the time when professionals under the direction of surgeon John Chan consented to help the pair, the technology of integration of mitochondrial DNA into the genome of the embryo was permitted only in the UK. However, the legislation did not contain as explicit approval and direct prohibition on such practices because of what scholars consider it permissible to apply the technology to this country.

    In June that clinical testing of the technology the advent of children from three parents at the moment are successful, said British experts suggested that in the future, this procedure can start practicing in the country.