Friday, November 6, 2015

The fight for online pharmacies continues –


The fight for online pharmacies continues

According to ” News “, Institute of the Internet (IRI) has prepared a draft” road maps “online pharmacy industry. These “roadmaps” in the near Russia will be presented to the president.


Iran offers not prohibit and regulate. More specifically, to establish requirements for the licensing of legal entities engaged in distance selling drugs, and to develop a list of drugs that can be sent by mail. Representatives of several pharmacy associations report that the Ministry of Health has already begun work on the order of the legalization of online trading of medicines.


According to Chairman of the Board of IRI Herman Klimenko , online pharmacy – an electronic commerce pure water. He considers unreasonable extension to all groups of medicines Ministry of Health to comply with the requirements of storage conditions on delivery.


According to the Director General of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Producers Victor Dmitriev , the Internet is evolving and it should be used to aid in the distribution of medicinal products, “and not bury our heads in the sand”.


Co-founder of the social network for physicians “Doctor at work” Stanislav Sazhin said there are three main problems with the distance selling drugs (which are many, and it caused the ban). Firstly, the sale of the drug prescription is no guarantee that this recipe will require a courier. Secondly, with home delivery increases the risk of the sale of counterfeit goods (according to some data, now the share of counterfeit medicines in Russia reaches 60%). And thirdly, some drugs are extremely sensitive to temperature, humidity and light, and lose their validity and improper transport.


Sazhin also recalled one of the ways to circumvent the law and still deliver the ordered drugs to the customer at home. According to the law “On the Status of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory” to these categories of citizens allowed to receive medication at home. And sellers silently consider all of its customers such order bearer and messenger just “forgets” to check the documents to the buyer. Punishments for such “forgetfulness” is not stipulated in the law.


The Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains (RAAS) Nelly Ignatieff said that the document on the RAAS, sent to the Ministry of Health, an attempt was made to take into account all these and many other nuances . Delivery rules proposed to confer only with a licensed pharmacy. Deliver and send medicines to the customer is the pharmacist. In a single system should be treated as a fact of the prescription the doctor and the subsequent vacation of the drug at the pharmacy or at home.


Experts do not believe in the success of this particular idea. “Despite the fact that now through the Internet can be sold in different ways, particularly pharmacies are often forced to sell drugs is remote way that is prohibited by law. According to the law to sell medicine can only pharmacist and couriers rather difficult to hire them” , – says head of the cluster, “E-Commerce” of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications Ivan Kurguzov.


Recall that July 1st 2015 the law enforcement agencies came right to block out of court sites lawbreakers “ On Circulation of Medicines “. In the second half of October, TASS referring to Acting head Roszdravnadzor Mikhail Murashko said , that deputies offer to allow trade in medicines via the internet within the municipalities.


The largest pharmacy chain, which has been given a warning, was the “ Rigla “. This company, as well as several other pharmacies in late October were forced to quickly withdraw from their sites mention of drug delivery.





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