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In Moscow earned Laser Projection Spassky Tower – Russian newspaper

In the evening, December 31 in Moscow earned Laser Projection Spasskaya tower.

The projection appeared on the scaffolding that harbor under upgrade the main tower of the Kremlin.

The image can be seen until 8 am 1 January.

Earlier in the interview, “RG” Kremlin commandant, Lt. Gen. Sergei Khlebnikov told about how managed to make the Moscow audience a Christmas gift.

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This is a joint project of the Federal Security Service and the City Hall. Its main developers have become organizers of the famous Moscow Festival “Circle of Light”. Their secrets will not say. But all who visit at this time on the Red Square, see how the Spassky Tower will appear and the famous astronomical clock dial and arrows showing as always the exact time. Although the original dial and hands are now under restoration. But to beat the time will chime in this, “- said Khlebnikov.


Before the New Year laser painted on the Kremlin Spassky Tower – BBC News

On the scaffolding behind which is hidden in the reconstruction of the main tower of the Kremlin, laser painted Spassky Tower. Laser image of the tower will include 18 hours of Dec. 31 to 8 am on Jan. 1.

In addition, the fight hidden scaffolding Bells will be enhanced by sound amplifiers, informs “Interfax”. Therefore, the chiming clock in this New Year’s Eve will be louder than usual.

Take advantage of sound amplifiers had to because of the fact that in addition to scaffolding tower wrapped up a special fabric, by which to carry out restoration works to create a positive temperature. This weakens the natural sound of battle Courant.

light projection Spassky Tower can be seen from two sides – from Red Square and St. Nicholas from the tower. On the side facing the Moscow River, the laser output will not appear.

Virtual arrows to move chimes with the help of computer graphics. When the arrows point to midnight, as usual, you will hear the bells ringing, the official spokesman of the Federal Security Service (FSS) Sergey Deviatov.

Currently, the mechanism chimes, hidden behind the forest continues. But in the New Year holidays Chimes inspect specialists watchmakers. If need be, the mechanism of the master clock of the country will be removed and sent for restoration.

Spasskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin chimes and released from the grid at the start of construction in April 2015.

The restoration of the Spasskaya tower and affected New Year’s address to the quintuple of Russia Vladimir Putin. December 31, 2014, he refers to citizens of the country to a new place: behind Putin instead of the Spassky Tower – Grand Kremlin Palace.


Discovery of the Year! Study the comet’s nucleus Churyumov-Gerasimenko – Softcraze


The most remarkable discovery this year of course the mission “Rosetta” and the landing module “Phil” on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Experts compare the successful landing of the module on the comet with the landing of man on the moon. Experts of the journal Science describe the achievements of the mission, which lasted more than 20 years and runs so well.
November 12, 2014 planetary exploration complex “Rosetta” was able to board the module “Phil” on the surface of the comet 67P Churyumov -Gerasimenko. The project started in 1993, of the 20 years it took 10 years, which would be “Rosetta” was able to enter the path of the comet and catch up with her.
now rotates around the complex trajectory of the comet, and the model “Phil “went into hibernation due to lack of battery power, but scientists say the mission is successful, although not perfect. Ju st was not so and just put the module on the comet’s surface, it could not be fixed right the first time and bounced a few times and it turned out that he was only able to gain a foothold at the foot of the mountain, and he was in the shade and solar panels could not be charged.
itself is unique mission, ranging from the creation of the ship. Committed an interplanetary journey, and carrying the 11 different scientific complexes and to the landing module “Phil”, which assembled 10 scientific modules.
Rosetta overcame a long and complicated way, was unable to reach the comet and reach its orbit, she passed on a complex path around the sun, approaching the orbit of Jupiter, Mars and flew near three times flew near the Earth.
About 3 years the probe is in hibernation mode, and only in January 2014 “Rosetta” has entered the bond
.Osnovnaya mission “Rosetta” study of the origin of comets, the ratio of interstellar matter with the substance of the comet. By studying the comet would prove or disprove the theory that comets consist of cosmic dust, ice and water ice and contain chemical compounds that have been in the period of formation of the solar system. As there is a hypothesis. that it is due to comets and there is life in the universe.
is striking. That in such a short time, the module has collected a wealth of information which he donated to the ground. He was able to reach the comet’s nucleus.
Module “Phil” worked only 60 hours and was able to take photos of the landing, drill surface and make the analysis of the comet’s nucleus, to detect organic molecules. So far, the unit is in sleep mode, but in the summer of 2015 the comet closer to the sun, and in August, the module will be able to charge the battery and continue working.
Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 67P was discovered in 1969 by Soviet scientists – Professor Klim Churyumov an d scientific at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan Svetlana Gerasimenko.

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Vladimir Putin on New Year’s address: Success we will achieve! – To Pravda.Ru

“In the coming year we will decide together a lot of problems, and the year will be what we make it ourselves, how effectively, creatively, efficiently will work each of us. Another recipe is not there. And we need to accomplish, to realize all the plans – for your own sake, for the sake of our children, for the sake of Russia ” – quoted by RIA Novosti national leader.

“Friends New Year – on the doorstep. It’s time to celebrate and say the warmest words to their loved ones. Tell them thank you for your understanding and reliability, patience and care. The more is kindness and love, the more confident and stronger we will be, and hence necessarily achieve success “- the Russian president said.

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Orthodox and New Year. How to celebrate?


Probe “fillet” shocked the world with new data about the nucleus of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko – Neelov

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The most outstanding achievement in the scientific world by the publication« Science » , New Year’s Eve shook the world with new unique data. In the aforementioned magazine published the latest results of the mission of the probe “Rosetta” and planting robot “fillet”. Unit achieved the comet’s nucleus Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

In his article, experts emphasize that lasted 10 years, the mission was a success. They confidently compare it with the landing of American astronauts to the moon. Although the project is experiencing at this stage some difficulties, but on the importance and amount of data transmitted it definitely comes first scientific discoveries over the past 10 years.

Let us recall the active phase of the mission “fillet” was suspended due to discharging its batteries. The probe landed in the shadow of one of the rocks, and therefore has difficulty in charging their solar panels. However, scientists argue in the future machine again intensify its work.

Let’s hope that further activity module will respond to a major puzzle in modern science – as occurred universe? It is also worth to wait until the research has already obtained materials – they can tell you about the composition and structure of the comet.

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Fila has done his job – St. Petersburg and the World


In the end of 2014 resulted in the mission space mission “Rosetta”, module probe which, under the name “Fila”, made it to the comet’s nucleus. American scientific journal «Science» published the results of scientific studies that the landing space module “Fila” on the comet’s surface Churyumov – Gerasimenko in the mission “Rozzeta” was the achievement of the decade.

The article also states that scientists are ready to land for many years. Landing module “Fila” a comet can be called a true achievement of the decade for all mankind, comparable to the landing on the moon. Now the mission takes place with little complications.

The lander “Phil” is now in hibernation mode. He ended the charge on the battery. All missions are reportedly academics, good, but not perfect.

«Fila” (Eng. Philae lander) – lander designed to land on a comet. The device is designed and manufactured by the European Space Agency. “Fila” Placed on the spacecraft “Rosetta”, was launched on March 2, 2004 to the comet 67P / Churyumov – Gerasimenko.


The Russian company offered to build a base on the Moon –

A resident of Skolkovo – Russian company “Lin Industrial”, volunteered to build a base on the moon for 550 billion rubles, the agency “RIA Novosti”. Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences asked to provide for research and development of satellite 2 trillion rubles until 2025.

«The cost of creating a lunar base on the first phase of the two crew members and the second stage for four people, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to 550 billion rubles “- quoted by news designer general of Alexander Ilyin.

Open the first lunar settlement proposed in the area of ​​Mount Malapert near the moon’s south pole. “This is a fairly flat plateau with direct visibility of the Earth, which provides good conditions for communication and is a convenient place for landing. On the mountain for 89 percent of the time there is sunlight, and the duration of the night, which happens only a few times a year, no more than 3-6 days, “- leads the agency Alexander Ilyin. Also nearby are shadowed craters, which can be detected in the ice.

According to him, the project is designed to use only existing rocket and space technology and resources, the creation of which is possible in the next five years. For example, the heavy “Angara-A5″ is proposed to modernize under the booster. For this purpose the company wants to use the ship-based corps lander and the orbital module, which is now delivering astronauts to the ISS “Soyuz”. Planting lunar module can do on the basis of the upper stage “Fregat».

For the life support base “Lin Industrial” expects to carry out 37 launches within five years, 13 of which is necessary for its construction. “The possible duration of the project – ten years from the beginning of decision-making, including five years – directly deployment base and work crews,” – says Alexander Ilyin.


Regions to allocate money for high-tech medical care – Russian newspaper

In 2015, the Russian regions will be provided subsidies for the provision of high-tech medical care, which is not included in the basic program of compulsory health insurance.

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This decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Document prepared by the Ministry of Health, published on the government website.

“With a view to ensuring growth in high-tech care 1.5 times by 2017 compared to 2013 level and the estimated average per-patient costs, the budget allocation to finance the provision of high-tech medical care in 2015 will be 5 billion rubles, in 2016 – 6 billion rubles, in 2017 – 6.2 billion rubles, “- said the press service of the Cabinet. Decisions aimed at providing high-tech medical care in the regions will contribute to reducing mortality including cardiovascular diseases, indicate on the government website.

The high-tech medical care is provided in Russia on a number of profiles, which are including treatment of the abdominal cavity, neurosurgery, oncology, pediatrics, cardiovascular surgery. On the need for such assistance at the regional level no later than ten days from the date of receipt of the documents from the clinic or hospital. If approved, the documents in electronic form sent to the federal or regional health facility, which has a license for the provision of medical care using high technology. On average, between diagnosis doctor before hospitalization for surgery may extend from a few days to several months. It depends on the urgent need for medical intervention, turn on the waiting list, subject to availability at the hospital.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Russia broke the record for space launches – Dni.Ru

In 2014, Russia launched to the orbit of a record number of spacecraft, becoming the first in the world in the number of space launches. This year the country put into orbit 80 units, 31 of which – a satellite for public use, 5 and 44 small commercial satellite.

Photos: GLOBAL LOOK press

One of the conversion of carrier rockets, launched June 19 GMD Dombarovsky program” Dnepr ” , put into orbit a record number of satellites – 34 for customers in 17 countries around the world. For the year experts provided four missile launch “Soyuz-STB” from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana and one launch rocket “Zenith -2SL “program” Sea Launch “.

Russian companies in the sector were created and launched three spacecraft for foreign customers, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the representative of the Russian Space Agency. In December alone from the Baikonur Baykonkur launch vehicle “Proton-M” with a European communications satellite Astra-2G, and before that the “Soyuz-2.1b” with Russian satellite sensing “Resource-P”.

Last week Vladimir Putin at a video conference attended the opening ceremony of the first in the history of Russian test launch of the carrier rocket heavy class “Angara-A5″ from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The head of the Defense Ministry reported to the president about the successful test launch. Putin congratulated the participants start, noting the importance of this event in the space industry.


Ten of the best scientific discoveries in 2014 –

In the journal Science published a list of the most significant discoveries of the outgoing 2014. This scientific discoveries in various fields.
Topping the list is a successful landing space module “Phil” on the comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko, which was due to a lot of new valuable information.
Opening the connection between dinosaurs and birds is the second place. Precisely because of this scientific discovery, we learned about the origin of birds and have been restored gaps in this regard stages of evolution.
Third place for the process of rejuvenation of old mice by the blood of animals their young counterparts.
Next on the list are the creators of intelligent robots, operating without external control. Open archaeologists drawings, age 40 thousand. Years, as well as chips, recreating the human brain continues to this list. Medicine has proved itself in the discovery of the ability of stem cells to treat type 1 diabetes.
List goes on discoveries in the field of genetics. Known letters of the genetic code (A, C, T and G) added two more – X and Y. In the future, this discovery will allow them to apply for encoding artificial proteins.
This year, found on Saturn – Enceladus ocean under the ice brought new information: under the ice there is the ocean salty liquid water.

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Study the comet’s nucleus Churyumov-Gerasimenko coming to an end –

The mission space probe “Rosetta”, sent ten years ago at the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, to finally reach the logical outcome. Landed on the surface following the comet in its orbit module, called “Fila” finally got to the core of the comet and fully explored its composition.

The research results were published in the pages of the world-renowned Scientific Bulletin Science. From now on, after the mission, the landing module “Fila” a comet, we can safely call the whole mission “Rosetta” an achievement of mankind in the past decade.

Recall that launched into outer expanses in April 2004, the probe landed on the surface of a celestial body, open the two of Russian scientists, November 12 this year. After this, the next phase of the mission “Rosetta” – examination of the surface, and most importantly, the comet’s nucleus. All this was done only in order to know the origin of our solar system.

It should be noted that the answers to many questions that for decades haunted humanity, now in his hands. At the moment, “Fila” costs being charged by solar panels, since squandered all his energy. Soon study the comet’s nucleus Churyumov-Gerasimenko continue.


Science News: The space probe has reached the nucleus of Comet 67P – Latest News – periodical about the events in the world

Science Latest News: European Space Agency (ESA) to launch an interplanetary research complex “Rosetta”, which recently landed on the surface of the comet probe transmits portal

The landing module of the spacecraft was carried out another 12 of November. From the station “Rosetta” undocked module “Phil”, which is now on the comet. Project for over twenty years. Ten of them, scientists have puzzled over how to reach the orbit of the comet and catch up with her.

Now the mission takes place with little complications. Lander “Phil” is now in hibernation mode. He ended the charge on the battery. The whole mission goes as scientists say, good, but not perfect.

The purpose of this research is to study the origin of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67P), ratio of interstellar matter with the substance of the comet to study the origin of the Solar system.

According to the materials:


BICEP-2, “Fila” and «Hubble» – St. Petersburg and the World

Scientists summarize 2014. Landing probe “Fila” the mission “Rosetta” comet Churyumov the surface – Gerasimenko is considered a major event of the year. The landing module of the spacecraft was carried out more November 12.

From the station “Rosetta” undocked module “Phil”, which is now on the comet. Project for over twenty years. In second place, scientists put the events associated with the project BICEP-2, whose representatives announced the discovery of the microwave background polarization associated with the relic gravitational waves predicted by Inflation.

Alexei Moiseev, a member of SAO RAS and SAI , the author of unusual ringed galaxies, published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society believes it is beautiful and two observation results associated with supernovae in other galaxies: direct detection of lines in the spectrum of radioactive cobalt SN2014J, confirmed the scenario of a thermonuclear explosion of supernovae of type Ia, and opening on the Hubble Space Telescope images of four images at once a supernova created by the gravitational lens.

«Fila” (Eng. Philae lander) – lander designed to land on a comet.

The device is designed and manufactured by the European Space Agency. “Fila” Placed on the spacecraft “Rosetta”, was launched on March 2, 2004 to the comet 67P / Churyumov – Gerasimenko. Separation apparatus “Fila” from “Rosetta” took place November 12, 2014, at 9:35 UTC.

This was followed by a 7-hour reduction in the surface of the comet. Planting took place in the unscheduled mode. From 15:34 UTC to 17:32 UTC happened three hits with two rebounds between them (the sound of it reached Earth after nearly half an hour). This is the first in the history of the whole successful landing on a comet.


Space module “Fila” successfully landed on the comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko – The Jewish Times

American scientific journal “Science” published the results of research, which sogdasno landing space module “Fila” on the surface of a comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko in the mission “Rozzeta” was dostiazheniem decades. The article also stated that scientists have been preparing for this for many years planting.

The device has successfully joined the comet on November 12 and began an important mission under the common goal ihucheniya proihsozhdeniya solar system. The objective of the study is managed probe the surface of a comet, as well as a comparison with the structure zvednym composition.

In the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society today published and other scientific achievements. In particular, the direct detection of lines in the spectrum of radioactive cobalt SN2014J, confirmed the scenario of a thermonuclear explosion of supernovae of type Ia, and opening on the Hubble Space Telescope images of four images at once a supernova created by the gravitational lens. In addition, the notes and events related to the project BICEP-2, whose representatives announced the discovery of the microwave background polarization associated with the relic gravitational waves predicted by Inflation.

«In my opinion, the most important scientific event 2014 is the delivery of the landing module “Fila” on the comet’s surface Churyumov – Gerasimenko: exciting and, as always happens in such cases, a daring move, a great success for humanity as a whole “- Pichet Maxim Nikitin, a member of Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences and the IOF MIPT, according

At the moment, the probe “Fila” is being charged, discharged because their batteries. How to declare the project managers, the operation goes well, but it would be better. Recall also that it is the first time that humanity has managed to prikonnektitsya comet.



Comet liked everything – BBC

Russian scientists about the work that the science department “Gazety.Ru” he wrote in 2014, summed up the year. As expected, many noted landing probe “Fila” the mission “Rosetta” comet Churyumov the surface – Gerasimenko, and it was named outstanding achievement not only astronomers and physicists.

Each of the scientists approached by the Department of Science “Gazety.Ru”, answered the question: “What would you have noted scientific discoveries in 2014?»

Alexei Moiseev , an employee of the SAO RAS and SAI, the author of unusual ringed galaxies, published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society:

How astrophysics observer I often wonder no “discovery” as such, but the experimental approach, even if not immediately giving the final result.

I note events associated with the project BICEP-2, whose representatives announced the discovery of the microwave background polarization associated with the relic gravitational waves predicted by Inflation. Alas, it seems that the obtained effect is wholly due to the influence of galactic dust, and most scientists agreed with this. Nevertheless, the discussion has gone far beyond the circle of specialists cosmologists.

The second important result in the same area – unlike the value of the Hubble constant, which characterizes the present expansion of the universe, from measurements of nearby galaxies. It is possible to find out thanks to the latest data from the satellite Planck, perform accurate measurements CMB. To be understood, whether it is a re-evaluation of errors, methods or the need to adjust the model of the universe.

Very nice and two observation results associated with supernovae in other galaxies: direct detection of lines in the spectrum of radioactive cobalt SN2014J, confirmed the script thermonuclear explosion of supernovae of type Ia, and opening on the Hubble Space Telescope images of four images at once a supernova created by the gravitational lens.

And, of course, the event is decades in the study of objects in the solar system – the output of the probe “Rosetta” into orbit around the comet Churyumov – Gersimenko and landing module “Fila” on its surface.

Alexander Belousov , a senior researcher at the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, the author of the eruption of the volcano Tolbachik Nature Communications:

The main outstanding issue and absolutely natural science – this is the origin of life. Here do not even know really, “where to dig,” and while digging in the main space, where there is some, while more technical progress. Landing probe “Ukrainian” comet promises results on the composition of its organic compounds. Well, the technology and accurate delivery of the probe landing is extremely important for mankind. This is useful when you have to be destroyed or transferred to other orbits of Earth-threatening comets and asteroids.

A Mars rover American finally reached the foot of a giant layered mountain, which began to study the layer by layer from the bottom up.

And if life on Mars in the past has been, he is quite able to detect.

Nicholas Muguet , Head Laboratory of Molecular Biology VNIRO, the author of the mechanisms of evolution as an example stickleback fish in PLoS Genetics:

One of the interesting things from my area, made in 2014, you can select article in Nature about the genomes of five species of African cichlids. Cichlids are unique and the most famous model of speciation, in three large African lakes (Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria) formed bouquets (complexes, speciesflocks) several hundreds of endemic species, and the rate of speciation was going wild. In this paper we have one fish from each unique lake complex and two fish river – a tributary of Lake Tanganyika and as the outgroup – tilapia.

found a lot of interesting things – and a high level of duplication genes and rapid evolution and change of microRNAs and other. But most importantly – that the published genomes will now serve as a reference for identifying the course of evolution in each lake.

Yaroslav Kuzmin , a senior researcher at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy Russian Academy of Sciences, co-author of the article in Nature about the age and ancient DNA findings Ust-Ishim in Western Siberia:

In the field of interdisciplinary research at the interface of natural sciences, especially biology and geology, and archeology has been received a number of new results.

In January 2014 in the journal Nature published an article describing the complete genome of the Neanderthal Denisova Cave in the Altai, whose age can be estimated about 50 thousand years.

In October – November 2014 journals Nature and Science published two papers in which was presented the complete genome of Paleolithic modern humans, that is our direct ancestor: the Siberian find Ust-Ishim (age 45 thousand years) with the most ancient of today modern human DNA and Eastern European discovery Kostenky 14 (age 38 thousand years). These studies ever to look deep into the distant past of humanity and better understand the process of formation of the people of modern physical type than was known before.

Finally, in December 2014 in the journal Nature Communications published a study of DNA skeleton king of England Richard III (XV century), which has confirmed the authenticity found in the city of Leicester bones. This is a brilliant example of a combination of archeology, biology and writing stories!

Maxim Nikitin , an employee Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, GPI and MIPT, author of the article in the prestigious journal in the world Nanotechnology:

In my opinion, the most important scientific event in 2014 is the delivery of the landing module “Fila” on the comet’s surface Churyumov – Gerasimenko: exciting and, as always happens in such cases, a daring move, a great success for humanity as a whole.

From the point of view of individuals, I, of course, most interested in the fate of doctors, scientists and other people, one way or another affected by the Ebola virus. I admire and revere those people who risk their health and lives, though their names, unfortunately, usually unknown to the general public. I very much hope that the problem with this virus will be completely solved in 2015.

In addition, I find very interesting advances in neurotechnology – especially working to regain control of paralyzed limbs using mental effort to bypass the spinal cord.

Julia Covas , professor of genetics and psychology and director of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Psychology Inlab Goldmits University of London, co-director of the Russo-British laboratory psychogenetics Psychological Institute RAO, Head of the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies and psychogenetics Tomsk State University, author of the article on the relationship between genetics and academic success:

In all fields of science, this year has brought a lot of discoveries. In my opinion, it is important something quite different: a versatile approach to cooperation and the exchange of data. In my field – the field of behavioral genomics – this step will lead to many new discoveries. Since the cost of sequencing is high, and its analysis – even higher. The new policy laid out in the sharing of large datasets scientific communities will lead to more efficient use of resources and to new breakthroughs. We will become better understood genomic processes, identify diseases and disorders.

Tatiana Khokhlova , a graduate of the Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, now working in Seattle, the author of the surgery by ultrasound:

I was most impressed in 2014 made a successful landing module “Fila” comet 67P and detection of organic compound on it.

Sergey Trinity , a leading researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Research, RAS, author of the article about the “hot spot” in the constellation Ursa Major:

I was very impressed with the opening, far enough away from my area of ​​specialization and that I therefore can not give a reliable estimate. This is an opening chiral asymmetry in the destruction of complex molecules of beta-electrons.

This discovery could be an experimental answer to the question, why left-handed amino acids all, and shed light on the origin of life on Earth.

From what I understand a little better – the opening lines of cobalt and nickel in the soft gamma radiation close supernova type Ia. Their stories are told in two independent studies, published in the Science and Nature .

First, the discovery of these lines shows that the radiation type Ia supernovae after maximum brightness is effectively connected with the radioactive decay of cobalt and nickel, as expected, and it’s – actually the first validation of theoretical ideas about the explosion of a supernova of this type.

Second, the line of nickel appeared much earlier than expected, may indicate the effects unaccounted for in the description of the outbreak, in particular, the asymmetry of the explosion.

Third, the first two points in any case, will improve understanding of the mechanisms of the explosion of supernovae of type Ia. But this is precisely the supernovae, which measure the largest distances in the universe – whether measured?!

Third, quite far away from my area of ​​competence, – opening of the fact that nerve impulses propagate as solitons, ie pass through one another without a change in contrast to the conventional electrical excitations. In addition to understanding the prospects of the nervous system and the possible practical applications of this discovery gives another illustration of “inconceivable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences».

And finally – this, of course, landing probe Philae on the comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko. This, of course, not a discovery, but certainly, the scientific event of the year.

From it almost certainly get a lot of discoveries, when the information collected will be processed and analyzed.

And in 2014 to remember a few scenes that caused a wide resonance in the media, but that does, well, just can not be attributed to the most important scientific events.

These are cases where media coverage did not correspond to the actual scientific content or the value of work.

First of all, we are talking about active raspiarenny the experiment Borexino, to detect neutrinos from proton-proton cycle of nuclear reactions in the sun. Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding here – solar neutrinos from proton-proton cycle were recorded for decades in created specifically for this gallium-germanium experiment GALLEX (Italy, Gran Sasso Laboratory) and SAGE (Russia, Baksan Neutrino Observatory). It is written in dozens of articles and in all major modern textbooks affecting this topic. Result Borexino – of course, for the achievement of the experimental group, but not for the world of science.

Even worse is the case with presumptive detection indirect indication of the existence of axions in the solar wind with the help of X-ray telescope XMM-Newton. These indirect data contradict the results of direct, targeted searches for axions from the sun (experiment CAST), and from the outset specialists were visible weaknesses in this work.

A special case is the opening of B- Fashion CMB polarization collaboration BISEP II.

Here I have no complaints about the content of the work, they really found tensor modes, but the whole interest of the scientific community to this subject has been associated with the cosmological interpretation of the results, while the analysis of the tool Planck, specifically conducted to verify BICEP-2, shows , that this signal is due entirely to the interstellar dust.

Alex Moskalev Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Radiobiology and Gerontology Institute of Biology of Komi Science Centre, Head of the Laboratory of Genetics of longevity and aging MIPT and the Department of Ecology SyktSU, the author of several papers and books that tell about the science department, in response to the question “Gazety.Ru” wrote full text. You can access it in the incision.

Paul Musienko , researcher at the Institute of Physiology. IP Pavlov in St. Petersburg, the author of the article in Science Translation Medicine about how rats with transected spinal cord learn to walk with the help of current:

In the past year, it may be noted significant progress in the study of neural networks of the spinal cord involved in Control of walking and maintaining balance. The proposed effective methods of influencing these neural network models are tested on animals and spinal paralyzed patients.

Fedor Moiseenko , an employee of the St. Petersburg Academic University and Scientific and Practical Oncology Center, Russian participant in the project to establish a genetic atlas of cancer:

The most serious world scientific achievement in the field of oncology in the last year, in my opinion, was the emergence of the first significant data on the antitumor efficacy – inhibitors PD1, PD-L1, CTLA4 (immune checkpoint blockade).

It was found that the anti-tumor immunity exists. And that in itself is a very important discovery. However, in normal circumstances, the tumor cells through mechanisms that are present in a healthy organism, actually prevent the activation of immunological mechanisms and the formation of autoimmune conditions, block the action of the immune system to them.

The new class of drugs that relieve This blocking effect on various levels, is represented by monoclonal antibodies against PD1, PD-L1, CTLA4. The most interesting is that these drugs are now shown to be active in many solid tumors, including lung cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, and many others, which indicates their potential universality. At the same time, in connection with a completely new mechanism of action, they are active in situations where the possibilities have been exhausted and the standard targeted cytostatic (chemo) therapy.

Another very important feature of this class of drugs is that some patients while relatively small (10-15%), unfortunately, there is a long regression of the disease (& gt; 5 years), it was practically impossible for a pre-existing methods of treatment of disseminated solid tumors (IV stage) and is equivalent to a cure for these patients.

There is no doubt that the study of these drugs is still at an early stage. Quite a few patients die from their toxicity associated with uncontrolled autoimmunity, drugs help only a small group of patients (20-25%), no markers that could help identify patients who are sensitive to these drugs (the expression of PD-L1, according to many experts is not an absolute marker), the price of those drugs that have entered the market, astronomical.

However, as far as I know, some domestic pharmaceutical companies already have initial experience in this area, which may make these products available to the Russians in the foreseeable future.

Maxim Timofeev , Director of the Institute of Biology of Irkutsk State University, author of a new form of amphipod crustaceans that live in the lake:

The work of scientists each year brings more and more new facts about the world around us. And, unfortunately, in recent times the news show an increasing impact on the world of so-called “human factor”, ie our activities with you.

Among the mass of scientific information events of the outgoing year I would like to mention an event related to Lake Baikal.

This year, broke the big scientific and public scandal about finding facts intensify the processes of eutrophication of Lake Baikal, or, as some journalists dubbed the “swamping” of this unique lake. Lake, containing one-fifth of the world’s reserves of fresh water!

The beginning of this public debate put our colleagues at the Limnological Institute, discovered during the summer fieldwork process massive overgrowth of shallow water, and some areas of Lake Baikal algae – Spirogyra (Spirogyra


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Mail service Gmail was finally blocked in China – Kommersant

 - & Gt;

Problems with access to it first appeared in June, reports December 29 “Echo of Moscow”. But the people of China are still able to use the service accounts through Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. The representative has confirmed the drop in traffic in China. Official representatives of the Chinese State Council Information not yet acted with comments. Differences between Google and Beijing began almost 5 years ago. The company declined to filter the search results in its search engine in accordance with the needs of government agencies of China.



Wow! Animals also like iPad – Softcraze

141219161502_animals_cat_ipad_624x351_getty Recently, the love of new gadgets is manifested not only in humans. But also in animals. Many of us at home noticed that the animals are watching with interest what is happening on television, often with great pleasure to listen to music vsemte with us and watch movies. Many cat trying to catch moving objects on the screen, as though what is involved in such an active interest in animals to modern technology. Scientists are also interested in the question-how for the animals understood our modern technology. And it turned out tha t most of the animals with great pleasure playing computer games, solve puzzles, and even give preference to certain games on the tablet.

BBC Future. describe some of the experiments carried out by scientists and there are many amusing incidents.
example coal turtle Esme, Molly, and Emily Quinn contained in the Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna were avid gamer. They love to play-on plates, and favorite dishes turtles is corn, strawberries and mushrooms. It turns turtle can not just play on the tablet, but can consciously tested for spatial perception. Scientists have been able to help the tablet may visually examine the thinking of reptiles.
Experiments were conducted biologist Julia Mueller-Paula, who was able to dobisya excellent results turtles make choices and in most cases is correct. According to the experimental conditions reptiles should touch his nose blue circle on the right side, and in some cases the blue circle located on the left side and turtles successfully coped with this task.
But US scientists decided to go much further in their research and to teach chimpanzees to communicate using a tablet. Participated in this study, pygmy chimpanzee Kanzi, who lives in the Fund apes in Des Moines, Iowa. During the experiment, the primacy perfectly mastered the plate and was able to learn how to communicate with scientists using the touch screen. For the experiment used 400 leksigrammam – images that represent words.
And in 2012, the TouchPad was used to examine myshleniya..Rezultaty studies have been published in the journal Animal Behaviour.
Conduct research psychologist Jennifer Vonk, it is known that the numerical Thinking is one of the most studied areas of cognitive science, and Vonk with scientist Michael Beran during the studies failed to show that the ability to score in the animals developed not only through social interaction (when considered in the number of members of groups), animal singles just perfectly able to considered. In a scientific experiment involved large predators – Himalayan bears Bru tus, Dusty and Bella, they live in the city zoo Wilmer, Alabama. During the experiment, the bears nose touched the necessary parts of the screen and as a reward received goodies. Bears, despite the fact that the animals are loners have successfully passed the tests and proved that the ability to account does not depend on the social activity of the animal.
Just recently quite fashionable trend in zoos using tablets to create comfort and entertainment animals . Many animals having fun solving puzzles and play various igrushki- just such an original way of thinking in zoos support primates in good shape, because in primates at the zoo comfortable life and not have to think about the production of food, shelter from predators on other domestic issues that they daily will decide on.
working on his thesis Helen Bustrom in 2012 conducted experiments with primates. She handed iPad 10 chimpanzees and orangutans in 6 Houston Zoo. New toys, made an impression on monkeys, e specially in young individuals who used the highest number of applications.
And among the adult category primate females were more active and more capable of learning. They liked and iPad and favorite applications and were used by all the time. The fact that female monkeys to better cope with the tablet is not surprising, in real life they are also much smarter than males can successfully use hand tools for getting termites.
Appears if configured in a certain way the plates, it is possible to diversify the life of monkeys in a zoo. Animals games are primarily interested in the younger generation, as a young and growing brain district more receptive to new tasks. Young individuals are attracted to bright colors and sounds reproducible devices.
IPad as well be a great toy for the penguins. In California, Long Beach aquarium penguins perfectly learned to play computer games .. The most favorite game of penguins became Game for Cats. Penguins followed the virtu al mouse and caught her beak. Newsom penguin liked not only the process of catching mice, as published by the tablet squeak when the penguin caught a mouse. And the record set penguin respectable 1600 points.
Turns and animals are human passions, many cats like to sleep on the laptop, watching movies with pleasure and seems to understand the story.

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In Togliatti opened Technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley” – there want to make electric cars to the 2018 World Cup –

In Tolyatti on Sunday the grand opening of the IT-park “Zhigulevskaya Valley” worth about 5 billion rubles. It is reported by “Interfax” .

As the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov, in “Zhigulevskaya Valley” provides not only offices for engineers and developers, but also industrial buildings to accommodate high-tech equipment. “This integrated approach distinguishes Togliatti Technopark from others. In addition, the proximity to the” AvtoVAZ “creates the preconditions for the emergence of a large number of residents related to the automotive cluster” – the minister said.

“Innovation – in metal”: Moscow police organized theft from the Technopark “Skolkovo”

The governor Nikolai Merkushin hoped that IT-park will be known not only outside the region and the country. According to him, for the speedy development of the area addressed the issue of the construction of housing for employees of industrial park.

Today resident status is recommended to assign 131 companies. Total investment in the creation of the park is estimated at nearly 5 billion rubles.

According to reports, the industrial park “Zhigulevskaya Valley” is a complex investment plan of Togliatti to 2020. Created infrastructure Technopark will help organize at least 3.5 thousand new jobs for highly qualified personnel, focused on innovation.

From 2010 to 2014 the program of single-industry towns of the federal budget allocated 600 million rubles. In addition, the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation for the same period allocated 1 billion 389.5 million rubles.

In July of this year, IT-park “Zhigulevskaya Valley” received the status of a member of the international association of technology parks (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation – IASP).

At present, the industrial park launched production of household chemistry and nanotechnology applications. In addition, the industrial park is planned to develop electric vehicles for maintenance of sports facilities for the 2018 World Cup and training of children’s traffic.

In Russia, for eight years to build 12 industrial parks

In Russia, all built high-tech industrial parks under the federal program, which is now virtually complete. This was announced on Saturday visited Technopark “Rameev” Penza Minister of Communications and Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov.

“Action program expires on 31 December. We have built all the objects in time and within the allocated funding,” – said Nikiforov reporters, noting that now “it is up to the entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers” who have come to the industrial areas of technology parks, create jobs with decent wages and domestic products with high added value. It is reported by Tass.

The Minister recalled that the program “Building High Technology Park” was launched in 2006, in 2013, was commissioned seven industrial parks, this year – five more.

In the construction Technopark “Rameev” with an area of ​​research and production facilities, laboratories, workshops and vivarium invested 2.5 billion rubles, including 1.1 billion – from the federal budget. In the industrial park is planned to create 70 companies in the IT and high-tech medicine. Currently 11 residents here who produce, in particular prostheses human joints from a unique material – pyrolytic carbon – and develop a communication system for public authorities.


Study: animals love to play computer games – Information portal 2×

The scientists noticed that the monkeys, turtles and bears can easily master the application on the touch-screen gadgets

Recent research scientists have shown that animals are on a par with the people begin to pay more attention to high technology. In this case, the easiest four-legged given master work on touch screens.

So four Australian bug Esme, Molly, and Emily Quinn, quickly learned to use the tablets. In this case, two of them figured out how to use gadgets and games for them to get the goodies, reported Express News.

In addition to turtles with gadgets found a common language and bears. Psychologist Jennifer Vonk noticed that the bears quickly learned through using the tablet.

But best able to master the technology monkeys. They play games of varying difficulty on computers and smartphones and unlike other animals do it for fun, not just for the sake of promotion. Interesting, but most of all, technology is young love. Older animals are rarely sympathetic to tablets and smartphones. Like humans, the younger generation, faster and more readily develops new technologies.


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Russian media Digest – December 29 – PRIME Business News Agency

(RIA Novosti is not responsible for the information published by the Russian media).


– Entering the New Year – Konstantin Romodanovsky: How to Meet Russian immigrants in 2015 – Residents of the South of Russia will first in the country holders of electronic passports. The pilot project for the issuance of identity cards completely new type starts in 2015 in the Crimea, Sevastopol, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar. Other residents of Russia will be able to appreciate the e-passports by 2017.

– deprived of Ministers “swing” – the Belarusian government came the abrupt changes – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has appointed a new prime minister of the republic. They became Andrei Kobyakov.

– take the money – The Finance Ministry wants to ban gift card purchases and bonuses from – Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of Finance criticized the bill to ban in Russia “money substitutes” and introduce penalties for their use.

– Allow me to report – Russian banks will receive an additional one trillion rubles – Russian banks will allocate additional money to stabilize. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law the capitalization of domestic credit institutions.

– Extra mantle – Russian judges raised the salary by a third – Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree which provides from 2014 to 2016 a gradual increase judges’ salaries by 30 percent of salary.

– MES and Antarctica – Vladimir Putin called to give play to the realization of civil initiatives – pre-New Year week, the president continued to work including weekends: Saturday met with the Minister of Emergency Situations. The day before Vladimir Putin spoke at a reception in the State Kremlin Palace and held a teleconference with Antarctica.

– A new threat – Vladimir Putin has approved a new edition of the Military Doctrine – The head of state signed a decree “On the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation”, the text was published on the Kremlin website. The doctrine is still defensive, but takes into account new threats, including in connection with the situation in Ukraine, NATO expansion and deployment of a global missile defense system. A new concept – “non-nuclear deterrence.”

– The Killers carriers – To create a Navy combat underwater robots – a year or two Russian designers are planning to create a robotic submarine combat systems that can destroy enemy aircraft carriers. This technique will make a compact and invisible to radar.

– In the press! – Publishing house “Press” – 85 years old – The Russian journalism two houses. Legendary Domjour in central Moscow on Nikitsky – but for the soul. And the most important: the one where employees of federal media spend most of their lives – in the metro “Savelovskaya.” Some street names which are: “Truth”, the paper passage.

– New air mystery – mysteriously disappeared for the second year for the Malaysian aircraft – AIRBUS 320-200 Malaysian budget airline Air Asia, which left the morning of 28 December, on the route Surabaya (Indonesia) – Singapore 7.42 am, disappeared from radar screens near the island of Belitung in the Java Sea. The liner was in the Indonesian flight zone.

– The heat comes, the train – no – Moscow agreed to supply coal Ukraine, while Ukraine has canceled w / a message – in the market for first echelon with the Russian coal, which will ensure the stable operation of power plants, which means that residents and Enterprise of the neighboring country will not remain without heat and light. “Deliveries to Ukraine coal and electricity without payment – this is a demonstration of goodwill Vladimir Putin to provide real support for the Ukrainian people, especially on the eve of the New Year,” – said a spokesman for the country’s president, Dmitry Peskov.

– Ukraine shakes – Kherson and Odessa were shocked over the weekend – In Ukraine now restless even in those cities, which at first sight far from the fighting. Last Saturday in Kherson and Odessa sounded three blasts that claimed human lives. The incident took place in two locations in the center of the city of Kherson, a currency exchange office and a shop.

– Exchange do not go on vacation – How much will the price of oil and the ruble in the first days of the new year – Unlike most Russians money in the New Year holidays will continue to work. In early January, the exchange will open almost around the world, including Moscow. Experts “RG” guess how many will give the dollar and the euro, as well as a barrel of oil at the beginning of 2015.


– Most named person of the year the head of state – Vladimir Putin – the permanent leader of the ranking since 1999 – Vladimir Putin, Sergei Shoigu and Sergei Lavrov – so looks like the top three among those citizens named man of the year in the nationwide survey, “Levada Center.” Woman of the Year became Valentina Matviyenko. For the first time in the top five were Elizabeth Glinka (Dr. Lisa) and Elvira Nabiullina. Lack of interest in the Russian foreign person does not spread to the cinema – the best film of the year was voted “The Hobbit.” A highlight of the year became the Olympic Games in Sochi.

– Ukrainian film distributor hiding from Russian partners – Top Film Distribution, headquartered in Kiev, stopped paying and do not get in touch – Russian branch of Ukrainian production company Top Film Distribution received this year a significant number of claims, almost they are all connected with the requirement of counterparties to pay for services and penalties. Total for 2014 was filed 12 lawsuits, whereas in the past year with the company sued six times, and in 2012 – only one. The total amount of the claims in this year amounted to about 150 million rubles.

– The Public Chamber intends to monitor the implementation of laws – PC members are asked to extend the functionality of the President of the House – In the Public Chamber can expand powers. In addition to the zero reading of the bill being prepared for discussion in the State Duma, the Public Chamber wants to monitor the implementation of existing laws. According to “Izvestia”, the head of the Public Chamber Alexander Brechalov at a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of state outlined a number of proposals to expand the functionality OP.

– Shuvalov and Dvorkovich will take part in the Davos forum – Russian Economic Forum will be represented by two deputy prime ministers – the Russian delegation at the Economic Forum in Davos (to be held January 21-24, 2015) will be presented at the level of deputy chairman government. This is “News” informed sources in the government.

– The Malaysian ship could destroy the weather – Liner Company AirAsia, Sunday disappeared from radar screens is likely crashed. This was announced at a press conference the head of the search and rescue center in Indonesia, Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

– Ramzan Kadyrov swore allegiance to the country and the president – head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov spoke to representatives from law enforcement agencies in the region with the appeal, in which once again noted that the Chechen people keep devotion and loyalty to Russia and its President and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov, speaking to the military and security forces in the Sultan Bilimkhanov stadium, said that in the most difficult moments for the Chechen people republic’s first president Akhmad-Hajji Kadyrov appealed for help to Vladimir Putin and never received a refusal.

– New Year’s Day will be celebrated 96% of citizens – New Year Eve poll “Levada Center” showed that the New Year will meet 96% of the population, and most of the long vacation house hold. However, take advantage of the opportunity to relax, not all – is allocated 13% of workaholics. A poll conducted December 19-22, covered 1.6 thousand. People in 134 settlements of 46 regions of the country.

– “It is important that graduates from the DNR and LC continued their education in Russia” – Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov told the “News” Pavel Panov learning about the prospects of young people living in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic, and about the upcoming changes in the Unified State Exam.

– In the former general director of “the Khrunichev Center” criminal case – Vladimir Nesterov is suspected of embezzling $ 212 million in the acquisition of shares in the company ILS – Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia on December 25 opened a criminal case against Vladimir Nesterov, former general director of “State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev” (today he holds the position of chief designer), which produces missile systems “Proton” and “Angara”.

– the Ministry of Defense in 2015 will spend 1.74 trillion rubles technique – More than half of the budget of the Ministry of Defense in 2015 will be spent on the state armament program, said “News” in the military.

– Prosecutor General’s Office to check extremism pro-Ukrainian war posters – deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Roman Khudyakov Russian artist asks to check for inciting ethnic hatred and incitement to war – The reason for the deputy’s request was the exhibition “100 best posters patriotic” informally dubbed “Kill Colorado” on which the Russian artist presented posters anti-Russian and Ukrainian support destroyer battalions.

– Belarus billed for milk in US – Russian Ministry of Agriculture received a forecast balance for the supply of milk and dairy products in 2015 from Belarusian colleagues. In the balance of consumption, exports and imports of milk, milk products and cheese and cheese (the document is at the disposal of “Izvestia”) indicated not only volumes that Belarus is ready to supply, but prices are in US dollars (at the rate of 43 rubles to the dollar) .

– “Channel Five” entrenched in the lead – According to research firm Synovate Comcon, viewers find the channel patriotic and family – “Channel Five”, last year entered the top 5 essential federal broadcasters this year strengthened the position due to the high ratings of their information programs. Despite the abundance of new projects at the federal Serials TV, telegod held under the auspices of the news and analysts due to the interest of Russians to the situation in Ukraine, the events in the Crimea, sanctions, and generally to the dynamic events in the world.

– Products “AvtoVAZ” will grow by 7-8% – told “Izvestia” a source familiar with the situation at the plant in early 2015 “AvtoVAZ” will raise prices for Lada models by 7-8%. And the company unique in the market, decided not to change the price of cars in the basic, “bare” trim. Given the extension of the state program of recycling, mostly helping “Auto VAZ”, a slight increase in prices, coupled with the release of new models (Vesta and Xray) help oust the Volga concern of the Chinese companies, as well as other low cost competitors and to significantly expand its market share, experts say.

– For trains will make the list of permitted goods – The city authorities have prepared a number of proposals to change federal legislation to combat illegal trade in trains – For the commuter train operators want to secure the right to organize trade in trains, to remove illegal vendors, and as part of an official government list of products approved for sale. With an appropriate legislative initiative in the spring of 2015, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will address the capital Department of Transportation.

– Physicians will learn to treat ulcers and pick up points – According to experts, the institution of family doctors who will be able to cure most diseases, will only lead to an increase in the number of incorrect diagnoses – in Moscow in 2015 is planned to launch a program to create Institute of Family Physicians. As told to “News” deputy mayor of Moscow on social issues Leonid printers, more than 2 thousand. Health workers will be sent to training.

– Customs officers to check how the network hit “sanctions” products – Prosecutor General’s Office found prohibited to import products in the “Alphabet of Taste”, “The Seventh Continent” and “Green crossroads” – Prosecutor General’s Office appealed the Central Customs Administration of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) with the request to check on supermarket shelves were forbidden to import products. This was reported in the Prosecutor General’s response to the request of the Public Chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation, demanding to check a number of supermarkets (the letter is at the disposal of “Izvestia”).

Moscow 24

– The government will increase the number of spray reagents on roads – Three transport interchanges in Moscow equipped with automatic spray reagents. About this told the press service of the Department of Housing

– The government has launched a mobile application to write to the doctor – In Moscow will be a new mobile application to write to the doctor, told Deputy Head of Department of Information Technology Vladimir Makarov. The application will be available, and other services, such as electronic prescriptions or patient diary

– Portable “Parkon” will recognize foreign numbers – Hiking Inspectors AMPP using tablets can fix cars violators of parking rules from 17 foreign countries, reported source in the CCU “Administration of the Moscow parking space” (AMPP)

– In 2015, near the metro stations will build multi-level parking – In the program for the next year Metro plans to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the formation of multi-level parking lots near the subway. On this told the chief architect of the Moscow subway Vladimir Korotaev.


2014 Year in Russia is characterized by an unprecedented rise of patriotism – First Channel

It seemed that the Olympic Games in Sochi have launched a new Russia and a new life. The whole country felt – we just had a holiday on a planetary scale. And the fact that the Russians were proud of the country, resulted in dry figures – the President’s rating by the end of the year an unprecedented 80 percent blocked, talking about the unprecedented upsurge of patriotism, which was a key catalyst for reunification with Crimea.

It seemed that the Olympic Games in Sochi have launched a new Russia and a new life. The whole country felt – we just had a holiday on a planetary scale. And the fact that the Russians were proud of the country, resulted in dry figures – the President’s rating by the end of the year an unprecedented 80 percent blocked, talking about the unprecedented upsurge of patriotism, which was a key catalyst for reunification with Crimea.

Krymnash, in one word, has become the most popular expression and internet meme, but it is a return to Russia, selected residents of the peninsula in a referendum, and became an occasion for national pride of the Great, and the reason for the dispute. It was the year of the beginning of reforms, including in the mind.

Early in the morning of February 27 the Crimean militia have set up checkpoints on the roads leading to the peninsula of Ukraine. This is a response to the threat of the coup participants in Kiev, collecting on the Maidan Nationalist troops to capture state institutions autonomy. The night before, on the Supreme Council and the building of the Crimean government raised the Russian flag. All this was accompanied by every now and then flashing pro-Russian rallies in Simferopol, Yalta, Sevastopol and Kerch.

March 1 head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov reassigned all the power structures of the peninsula and appealed to Vladimir Putin to help ensure peace and tranquility. In vital installations appear well equipped Russian military located in the Crimea from Russian parts. Grateful Crimeans immediately called them “polite people.” This seriously reduce the temperature of Kiev extremists and allowed quietly to hold a referendum. March 16 the vast majority of voters (almost 97 percent) were in favor of reunification with Russia. In the cities of the Crimea jubilation does not abate until the morning.

Already on March 18 signed an agreement to join the Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. In the evening of the same day at the meeting, Russian President says that to remember all the words: “After a hard, long, grueling voyage Crimea and Sevastopol returned to their home port, to his native shores, in the port of registry constant in Russia!”.

Joining the Crimea is anti-Russian hysteria in the West. Russia is facing international sanctions. However, contrary to the expectations of Western strategists, President Putin has a rating in the country all the records. After the Crimean events, he, in fact, never dipped below 80 percent. Poll Russian “Levada Center” in October showed 88 percent popularity. In November – 85 percent support rate of the Russian president.

Finally, on December 18 its data published Western sociologists. Agency “Associated Press”, together with the US National Center for Public Opinion on the results of an opinion poll found that despite the depreciation of the ruble in December, 81 percent of Russians fully support Putin’s policies, including the strengthening of the army and navy, as the guarantor of the independence of the country.

Given the new realities prevailing in the world, Russia later this year adopted a new version of the military doctrine. It retained its defensive character. In other words, the use of military force only when other options to eliminate threats to national security have been exhausted. The document lists the new threats in connection with the situation in Ukraine and the stepping up offensive capability of NATO directly at our borders, as well as the deployment of the US global missile defense system.

Lists and internal threats to national security: “The activities of the Information the impact on the population, especially young citizens of the country, which has the aim of undermining the historical, spiritual and patriotic traditions in the field of defense of the Fatherland; provoking ethnic and social tensions, extremism, incitement to ethnic and religious hatred or enmity “.

In this context, should be considered and a new law on the Internet. On August 1, the owners of any popular website must register it in Roskomnadzor. And from February 1, 2014 pages containing incitement to riot and unauthorized activities can be locked to the court.

In the new doctrine of the use of nuclear weapons – still the prerogative of the president – in the case of Russia against weapons of mass destruction or aggression using conventional weapons, if endanger the existence of the state.

In the area of ​​the Crimean Cape Tarkhankut grouping destroyed enemy ships approaching the coast of the peninsula. Opponent – conditional. This is the result of sudden teachings of the Black Sea Fleet in the summer of this year. Already in September, followed by new exercises involving warships, aircraft and coastal defense units. Crimean group has proved to be one of the most capable. For the first time in the history of the new Russia, unannounced inspections of the Armed Forces took place across the country, the vast territory from the Volga through the Ural mountains to Siberia, from the Kara Sea to the steppes of the southern border of Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as in the Far East, including Sakhalin Island. Were undergoing training launches of strategic missiles, including ballistic missile “Bulava” submarine and the “yars” silo-based, which hit targets on the range on the new earth.

Any shortcomings became an occasion for new unannounced inspections . Make an emergency transfer of troops over long distances. In the Arctic, on the New Siberian Islands Airborne troops landed chetyrehtysyachny, including 500 pieces of equipment. Blue berets, despite the harsh conditions, have completed all training tasks for 40 minutes after landing.

On the island of Boiler construction began on the Russian Arctic military base. Russian Arctic outpost forces will meet the requirements of harsh Arctic. With the latest life-support systems of the closed cycle, the garrison for a long time be able to exist independently. Military camp “North Clover” will also be able to use for Arctic research scientists.

The result of the latest scientific research in the region has become the largest shelf project “University-1.” Explored the Arctic fields in the Kara Sea in terms of oil and gas exceeds, for example, the Gulf of Mexico and is close to all reserves of Saudi Arabia. Despite the failure of the supply of equipment for drilling in the northern latitudes because of sanctions, the Russian “Rosneft” successfully completed the drilling of the world’s northernmost Arctic wells 250 kilometers from the mainland. The first analysis showed that it is – the most valuable superlight oil of the highest quality. Scientists argue that undiscovered resources of the Arctic shelf are much greater than is already open field.

The so-called housing subsidy introduced by the Ministry of Defence this year, this year will provide housing for 20,000 troops. In fact, this approach creates entirely new conditions for the final solution to this long-standing problem, Russia has inherited from the Soviet Union. Subsidies can be used by the military for the purchase or construction of housing.

pension reform. December 31 deadline for receipt of applications of new participants in the program state co-financing of pensions. Make the first payment under the program must be before the end of January next year. This year, all pension contributions were sent to the insurance part. A new procedure for the formation of pension rights and the calculation of pension. The new calculation formula takes into account the length, the amount of wages and the retirement age. They form a so-called points, which will be indexed for inflation. Citizens born in 1967 and younger have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to continue to accumulate pension funds or return them to the insurance part. State pension funds before the end of this year had to pass sanitation in the Central Bank.

Starting next year, comes into effect the new strategy for the development of national health care. It is designed for 15 years. The national health system will combine all medical services and organizations, regardless of their form of ownership. They will work in a legal field and with uniform requirements for quality of service and staff. The system will be divided into three levels. The first – the community – including the most popular medical care: physician, surgeon, ophthalmologist, neurologist. The second level, also out – for patients who need help the cardiologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist and high-tech research in specialized centers. The third level, if necessary, hospitalization – hospital. Everyone is guaranteed a clear range of medical services within the mandatory health insurance.

The fear of doctors that this optimization will lead to job losses, recently made the capital hundreds of doctors to go on demonstrations. The Health Ministry assured that the reduction will actually be, but everyone who falls under them, will be given a certificate for a free training. In addition, in the event of dismissal compensation is provided in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

In 2014, the program in the field of demography began to bring real and visible results. Russia’s population is beginning grow. During the year, the natural increase of 6 thousand people. Rise in births occurred in 59 regions of the country, while, thanks to the development of health and social services, the mortality rate began to decline. Life expectancy in Russia exceeded ’71. And in the world ranking Russian health was first recognized as a prosperous country. It is expected that by the end of the year, subject to the Crimea and Sevastopol, we will have more 146 million people.

Of course in the near future, its contribution to the reduction of mortality make a law restricting smoking in public places. From June 1 this year came into force on the second phase of this law. In the stalls selling cigarettes banned, and stores them were not even allowed to stand in the window. For the buyer provided a list of tobacco products. Now banned smoking in long-distance trains, airplanes, passenger ships. On the streets of towns and villages close to restaurants were a handful of people with cigarettes. Now you can not smoke inside. As for passenger platforms and diverse markets. For violation of the penalty – up to 3 thousand rubles. All these measures should reverse the negative trend in the field of diseases of the effects of smoking. Every year, addiction claims the lives of 400 thousand Russians. These include and passive smokers.

On December 13 in Russia banned circulation of so-called SPICE (smoking mixtures). They are made by impregnating any herbal-based chemicals narcotic, psychotropic and stimulating action. This year, according to official data from direct smoking these mixtures in our country died a few dozen people. Over 700 poisoned in several regions of Russia. But most human Spice killed immediately. But the human form immediately. Almost instantly addictive. Then with each dose destroyed the mind and brain. Smoking blends can be disabled only as a species. Once and for all. But the problem is that clandestine laboratories continuously generate new formulas potions. The state simply does not have time to ban them. Now simplified the procedure for the ban. And for the distribution of Spice will face penalties of up to 8 years in prison.

On July 1 next year is stranded behind the wheel drunk could go under arrest. Before leaving for New Year holidays, the State Duma adopted the law on criminal liability for drunk driving. If the law is approved by the Federation Council and signed by the president, it will be applied in case of repeated (within a year) of driving under degree or refusal of medical examination. Provides for a fine of 200 to 300 thousand rubles, or community service for a period of 480 hours. Or forced labor or prison up to two years. So far drinkers behind the wheel often fobbed off with a fine of 30 thousand and deprivation of rights.

This summer, construction began on the Central Ring Road around Moscow. This major infrastructure project is to change traffic flow in the capital region and seriously push its economy. This will be the development of the road system throughout the European part of Russia. Ring Road, a total length of 530 kilometers, will take place mainly because half a kilometer from the existing “concrete ring”, skirting, where possible, towns and suburban areas. With time, the CRR will branch. Wide loop going around Naro-Fominsk, now under construction will be released to the highway Moscow – St. Petersburg.

In the 21st century, Russia came to the need for toll roads. Transport infrastructure in the European part of the country working on the brink of its capacity. The most effective solution to the problem, as the experience of developed countries – the construction of high-speed toll highways. Already in 2018 is planned to open traffic on the toll highway Moscow – St. Petersburg. Section from Moscow to the airport “Sheremetyevo” is already open to traffic. The trip from the ring to the airport, according to the authorities, will take no more than 20 minutes. Speed ​​section, unload the Leningrad highway, while there will be free.

Anyone who has stood in long hours of traffic jam in Vishny Volochyok on the road from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back, too, can enjoy the benefits of this new highway. In November, in the area of ​​the Most High Volochek opened another section of the M11 highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg. She will have to pay double for existing and free M10. The length of highway will be 669 kilometers. Taking into account the permitted speed of 150 kilometers per hour, from Moscow to St. Petersburg can be reached on average 5-6 hours. The path cost will be approximately one and a half thousand rubles. Before the first in May 2019 and will pay sites on the track “Don”.

The fight against traffic jams in Moscow led authorities to the metropolis is not unpopular but inevitable decision to make pay parking and residents as possible to transplant for public transport. Since the beginning of 2014 became a paid parking inside the Garden Ring. And at the end of the year pay zone expanded up to the Third Ring Road and even a few streets outside this boundary. Another part of the strategy – to create dedicated lanes for public transport and the consequent construction of interchanges in the most problematic areas of the road network of the capital.

The Moscow authorities are implementing a project relentlessly. On the one hand, strict measures – the penalty for unpaid parking 2 and a half thousand rubles, merciless evacuation of cars parked in the wrong places (it would cost a minimum of 8,000 rubles). On the other hand, a real opportunity to find a legal parking space in the center that had seemed almost unbelievable task. And now again returned to the sidewalks for pedestrians. During the year the project has brought to the city budget of more than two billion rubles.

From the 10th of September this year took the experience of St. Petersburg. In test mode is already working on a paid parking caravan and Italian streets. In the first quarter of 2015. Paid zone spreads to 29 addresses. This – the central streets, squares, embankments and lanes historical part of the northern capital.

After a painful experiments with the transition to daylight saving time in Russia this year finally decided to stop these experiments. October 26 arrows set back an hour, hopefully for the last time. And the country will now live on so-called “winter time”. Daylight hours in winter is longer, that our northern countries is important. In the spring, move the arrow will not be back.

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