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Russia accelerated pace increases satellite constellation in orbit – RosRegistr

Alexei Zolotukhin, the colonel and the head of the troops Aerospace Defense has reported the successful injection into the Earth’s orbit around the complex space robots “Messenger-M”, acting as a binder. Launch was held from the site Plesetsk. The carrier serves domestic rocket “Rokot».

Colonel informs start was made at 16:48 Moscow time. A rocket to the accompaniment of instruments taken from the center of them. Titov already at 16:51. Exactly 2 minutes from the carrier complied undock upper stage “Briz-KM”. Reaching orbit at 18:45, satellites switched to control the customer – JSC “Satellite system” messenger. ” Further control over the work and mission of automated stations will be provided by expert customer.

«We were able to deploy staff grouping devices in orbit numbering 12 pieces. It was the first time in 20 years, “- quotes the head of the company’s” Messenger “Dmitry Bakanova edition” Komersant ».

The launch with the devices of the” Messenger “was planned for March 3. However, experts state commission came to the decision to return the rocket to the hangar for another test systems and completion of the second stage engine.

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On Web sites, federal agencies from May 1 will be feedback – Neelov



The websites of federal agencies from May 1 will be feedback. According to the report the Ministry, the monitoring official sites showed that more than half of the official websites of government agencies do not have the feedback form with a population .

Feedback to the citizens of the Russian Federation should appear with the first of April in all the official sites government departments. Thus, any citizen of Russia will be able to send an e-mail e-mail directly on the page.

This year, 77 have already checked the official site. Almost all agencies are deprived of this form of communication with Russian government agencies, says Elena Lashkina, Assistant Minister.

In addition, during the inspection recorded no reports on the implementation of programs, the lack of data on the amount of detection limits and other important information. This suggests lack of transparency in the functioning of government. To fix all the existing shortcomings set a deadline of the first of May this year.
For more information visit: PiterBurger.


Federal agencies will add feedback on their own sites – PiterBurger.ru

Very soon on the websites of many federal agencies will be present feedback. She will represent the sending of e-mails. Moreover, the user does not have to leave the page, make known Ziv.ru.

The Russian government has instructed all federal absolutely instances create on their websites feedback, where representatives of the agency will be able to communicate with the Russians, and not only . Also released and time – until the end of April of each civil service portal should be feedback. This was announced during the conference report on the Ministry of Economic Development, which was devoted to a survey of official portal of the World Wide Web.

«Feedback on the site will be carried out by sending e-mail messages from any page of the site. To date, no such on one site of the federal agency, “- said Assistant Minister Ms. Lashkina.

It is worth noting that this is not the first monitoring sites, which holds Ministry of Economic Development. The Ministry is carrying out this work every year. President of the country, as, in fact, the government should create a list of the information that is required at each site public authorities.

Over the 3 months since the beginning of this year, the Economic Development Ministry had examined 77 official portals of government agencies. It also emerged that the government ministry that does business the North Caucasus, and does not have its own page on the World Wide Web. In addition, the Ministry of Housing Portal is an unofficial, since the owner is a private person.

According to the results of the last monitoring it became clear that many of the sites of federal agencies are incorrect. So, for them there is only a part of the basic information: contacts, regulations, announcements, information and news. Any information about the cost of the budget, a report on the implementation of various programs and others not at all or there, but in a minimal amount.

«Due to the secrecy of such information on federal sites citizens may be suspicions about the integrity of public bodies “, – the report said.


Twin brother Kelly played astronaut NASA – BBC

twin brother Kelly American astronaut Scott played leadership NASA, shaving off his mustache before leaving his brother to the ISS. It is reported by Associated Press .

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said that almost got a heart attack when I saw Mark Kelly without a mustache.

He said that mustache was the only way by which it was possible to distinguish the brothers.

Mark decided to shave off his mustache before leaving his brother to the ISS, where he will spend the whole year.

March 27 from Baikonur launch vehicle “Soyuz-FG” with manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-16M” to the International Space Station (ISS) with the Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Gennady Padalka and Michael Kornienko, together with NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.


On Web sites, federal agencies will feedback – INNOV.RU – Nizhny Novgorod business ON-LINE

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31.03.15 14:59 | Text: Elena Tkachenko | Photo: justmedia. ru 724

This is necessary for direct communication with the citizens.

The websites of federal agencies will feedback

Government of the Russian Federation has instructed all federal bodies of executive power by the end of next month to create on their websites feedback form for communication with the citizens. The proposal is contained in a report sent to the Government Ministry of Economic Development of the monitoring results of the official websites.

In turn, Elena Lashkina, assistant head of the department said that in this context there is a speech about “the feedback form to send e-mail directly from the site,” noting that now these forms have no one agency.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Economic Development each year monitors government websites. And as it turned out, experts departments, most of the official websites of federal bodies of executive power does not correspond to a number of important technical parameters. It is noted that only five percent of them have an online consultation and online chats with the agency, but only six percent have a notation on a personal appointment with the head of the authority and his deputies.

Also, according to the analysis, most of the federal executive bodies are published on the basic information on their activities, to a lesser extent also present information on the progress.

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Delegation of Syzran Mikhail Kornienko conducted on the ISS – TVNZ

March 27 at the International Space Station Expedition went, studies which will allow to study the behavior of the organism in the long space flights. Syzranets Mikhail Kornienko will orbit nearly a year. The mission will be the foundation for the human exploration of deep space.

– The future astronaut was born April 15, 1960 in the family helicopter pilot – Boris G. Kornienko, – say in the administration of Syzran – In Kuibyshev region Mikhail lived up to three years. In 1963, his father was transferred to a special regiment in search and rescue of astronauts in the city Uzhnouralsk. The family followed Boris Y..

Two years later, Boris Kornienko was killed in a plane crash along with the entire crew. Junior Kornienko dreamed father’s occupation. After high school, had a chance to return to his native Kuibyshev region. Kornienko wanted to go to Syzran Higher Military Aviation School, but did not pass on sight. In 1981 he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute.

In the aerospace industry Kornienko since 1986, worked in the RSC “Energy” as a leading specialist in the organization of work in the open space. July 27, 2010 he will open Space 6 hours and 43 minutes.

would-be astronauts from the RSC “Energia” Kornienko was appointed in 1998. April 2, 2010 made its first flight as a flight engineer-1 “Soyuz TMA-18».

– The second flight Syzran astronaut is the foundation for human exploration of deep space and new planets – say the Federal Space Agency .

– Full flight of this length was almost 20 years ago, and during that time medicine and technology has leaped forward, – said Mikhail Kornienko on prelaunch news conference.

He invited Start a delegation from Syzran – city officials and friends.

– Mikhail Borisovich was very glad that the delegation of his native city responded to the invitation to attend the launch of Soyuz TMA – said the head of administration Syzran Nicholas Lyadin – C Michael, we talked not as long as we would like, but in that short time he impressed absolutely quiet man on the eve of such an important event.

Before the start of the ship astronaut were transferred to the wishes of our countrymen and Governor Nicholas Merkoushkin.

– In the words of Michael himself, for he is very pleased that the Samara region appreciates his countryman, – says Nikolay Lyadin – In 2010, he spent six months on the ship and met its 50th anniversary in space. At this time, the flight will last twice as long, and Michael again celebrate its anniversary in orbit.

Mikhail Kornienko will return to Earth only 3 March 2016. All next year will cosmonaut, immersed in the work – the scientific program of the expedition includes more than 70 experiments in various areas.

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  On the way to Mars: a native of Samara Region will hold a year to the ISS


cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko study the behavior of the human body in long space flights for the preparation of a flight to Mars (read more)


  Samara spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS


Today, March 28, 4 hours 37 minutes Moscow time manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-16M” made its docking with the International Space Station – the press service of the Federal Space Agency. The convergence process took place normally. (Read podbrobnee)

On Web sites of all federal agencies will feedback forms – Information portal spbIT.ru

Economic Development invites the Government to introduce such a rule to the end of April.

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Federal authorities executive will charge until April 30, posted on the site feedback form for communication with the Russians. Such a proposal is contained in the report submitted to the government Ministry of Economic Development of the monitoring results of the official websites (there is a “News»).

Economic Development conducts annual monitoring of gossaytov. According to the law “On providing access to information about the activities of state bodies and local self-government”, the president and the government of Russia define lists of information that must be present on the websites of federal government agencies subordinate to them. In early 2015 were analyzed 77 official sites. The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus official site yet. Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services is not recognized as an official, as the domain name minstroyrf.ru belongs to a private person. Representatives of the Ministry of Construction have not commented on “News” this fact.

How do I find experts from the Ministry, most of the official websites of federal bodies of executive power does not correspond to a number of important technical parameters. Altogether 5.19% of them have an online consultation and online chats with the agency, in only 6.49% is a form of recording a personal appointment to the head of the authority and his deputies, at 18.18%, there are interactive tools for involving citizens in the discussions in the development of proposals and ideas on solving urgent problems. In 48.05% of sites organized integration with social networks, 71.4% present advanced search, at 76.5% have a version of the site for people with impaired vision.

The report notes that the majority of federal enforcement authorities published on the website basic information on their activities: legal acts, contact details, analytical information, news and announcements. In smaller volume contains information on the results of work – on the amount consumed and brought the limits of budgetary appropriations, reports on the implementation of programs, information on inspections and others.

«The absence of this information does not allow enough talk about the transparency of the federal executive bodies “, – stated in his report to the Economic Development Ministry experts.

In a letter sent to the government report, the Ministry recommends that the Government instruct federal authorities until April 30 post on the official websites widget feedback from citizens. As explained “Izvestia” Assistant Minister Elena Lashkina, meaning the feedback form to send e-mail directly from the site. Now these forms on the website, there is almost none of the agencies.

Roskomnadzor spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky believes that the feedback form must be present at gossaytah.

– Roscomnadzor – the Open Office. We have a feedback form for each activity – added Ampelonsky.

– For the user more convenient to use the feedback form directly on the site, you copy the email address and send an appeal from your email program, – says Dmitry Satin, deputy director of the National Center of Informatization. But, in his opinion, such a service is not relevant to all departments, but mainly for those who work with ordinary citizens.

– It may be worthwhile to make a single service, such as through the portal of public services – he added. – Now different departments make the feedback form in its own way.

According to Art. 13.27 of the Administrative Code, non-deployment of the Internet information about the activities of state and municipal authorities, if the obligation to place such information on the Web is set by federal law shall be for officials penalty of 3 thousand. 5 th. Rubles.

Vladimir Zykov


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Monday, March 30, 2015

Russia will build a new space station with NASA – Inforos

Federal Space Agency announced its initial plans postroitelstvu new orbital space station in cooperation with the US space agency. This outpost will replace the International Space Station (ISS), the exploitation of which will last until 2024.

Roscosmos and NASA recently signed an agreement on operational and financial support of the ISS until 2024. However, future joint space projects remained in doubt: the relationship between Russia and the United States deteriorated almost to the point of the Cold War because of the Ukrainian conflict.

“Roscosmos together with NASA will work on the program for future space station, – quotes” Interfax “the head of Roscosmos Russian Igor Komarov. – We will think and discuss joint projects. And it will be an open source project. It will be include not only current members of the ISS. It will have an open character dlyalyuboy country that wants to join it. ”

Komarov made the announcement during a joint press conference with the head of NASA, Charles Bolden (Charles Bolden) in the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Earlier, Roskosmos has threatened to leave the work to the ISS in 2020, but now it is clear that the decision on whether already refused. The head of the Russian Space Agency and NASA did not rule out that the operation of the ISS can be extended further agreed deadlines. Recall that Russia also reported about his plans to build its own space station after 2024, probably using their ISS modules left after its conservation.

“We have agreed that the group of countries participating in the ISS project and will work on future projects of the new space station – continued Komarov. – 2024 ISS will work, and in the future period of its existence will depend from the sale of our joint projects. ”

“In the end, one day will no longer accept the ISS manned crews simply due to excessive wear and tear, – says Bolden. – As the ISS resources are not infinite, we have long been discussing what to do next. Obviously, it is necessary to make the best possible use of the resources of the future station: we offer to give more freedom to private companies so that they can create a competitive business in this industry. ”

Also, Bolden said he hoped for cooperation between the two space powers in the preparation and implementation of future Mars missions.
 However, is difficult to determine the joint space exploration is too early in the negotiations. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees cosmic sphere, said that the Russian government must izuchitrezultaty negotiations between Roscosmos and NASA, to decide.

Recall that on March 27 spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-16M” with Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts was successfully launched to the ISS.

Two new members of the crew astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko will stay aboard the station for a year to study the physical effects of long-duration space missions.


Igor Komarov: Roscosmos and NASA agreed to fly to the ISS until 2024 – Russian newspaper

About three hours talking at the launch site Baikonur head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov and NASA chief Charles Bolden? How will the ISS? How far into space looking Russia? This was on the “Business Breakfast” said the head of the Federal Space Agency, Igor Komarov, who came to the Editor “RG” after the successful launch of the unique Russian-American expedition to the ISS.

Igor, two of the new crew – Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko and American astronaut Scott Kelly – will work at the station year (third – Gennady Padalka – will be back in six months). As heads of space agencies evaluate the significance of their mission?

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Igor Komarov : For Russians, it is not the first time such a long flight – the fifth. But the Americans do it the first such experiment. Both Russia and the United States attach great importance to it. This is not just a long-term stay in orbit. NASA will examine how space affects, weightlessness, microgravity Scott Kelly. He has a twin brother, Mark, also an astronaut, who will receive a similar load in a number of experiments on Earth. Probably in the history of science, this is the first such experience. During the annual flight will be carried out over 70 scientific experiments, of which about 50 brand new. The program is extensive, suggesting collaboration and sharing of equipment, exchange of research results. Expect that it will increase the efficiency of scientific experiments. This is the task of NASA, Roscosmos and before and before the European Space Agency.

After the launch at Baikonur, say three o’clock you talked with Mr. Bolden. It is true?

Igor Komarov: Yes. And given the fact that the number of participants in our conversation was limited, your awareness is a pleasant surprise.

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As far as we know, against the backdrop of harsh economic sanctions Roscosmos leaders agreed to continue the operation of the ISS until 2024?

Igor Komarov: The station has not exhausted its resources and it would be right to extend its operation until 2024. This is our common opinion. For my part, and Charles Bolden – with his will report it to the Governments of Russia and the United States. This issue we discussed with the European Space Agency, and they also reacted positively to the extension of the station. They will consider such a possibility in 2016.

American colleagues suggested to involve scientific experiments on the ISS big industrialists. We will also consider this possibility. I am sure that not all large corporations know about the experiments that can be conducted on the ISS. And they relate to, and medicine, and biology, and chemistry, and metallurgy …

We also talked about future projects. ISS, of course, is not eternal. This is the first one. And second, fundamental research and program missions to the Moon, Mars require huge costs. Together, we can solve more problems, less loading budget. Therefore, there is a common understanding that international cooperation must continue. The more that the development of deep space and the protection of the Earth from space threats – universal problem.

The Americans had a proposal to hold a series of annual operations. Do you plan to their continuation?

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Igor Komarov: One thing is clear: in order to prepare for a long expedition to Mars, to other missions, it is necessary to more fully and seriously explore the possibility of human exposure to conditions that they will face. However, the specific plans too early to speak.

You are no longer talking about cooperation. And what we are real competitors with the Americans?

Igor Komarov: Almost everything. For example, the efficiency of use of launch vehicle and spacecraft engines. And here we feel very good. Almost half of all carrier rockets, which now is, use motors that are produced in Russia. And about one third of all launch vehicles that exist in the world, as we do. If we talk about areas such as grouping spacecraft, manufacture of spacecraft, here we need to work very seriously. This is partly due to the state in which we was microelectronics.

Due to the failure of the US to supply chips for Russian satellites have increased their production time. Where is purchased chips? How to solve the problem of import substitution?

Igor Komarov: We understand that you need to organize production in the Russian Federation to ensure importonezavisimost in key areas. I must say that no country in the world produces fully the whole set of components, which in the rocket can be up to 10 thousand. On the spacecraft to do this is simply impossible in either the US or Europe. Used worldwide cooperation. But the key nodes or components we want to be importonezavisimymi to have such partners with whom it is unlikely that it will happen in principle that would changed our plans. And this is especially important due to the fact that the missile technology developed nebystro – five years or more. And on a number of projects and longer.

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Proved: fingers crossed dull pain – Turkey Tourism News

The research team of British scientists from University College London has been able to prove experimentally that the crossing fingers helps dull the pain.


Scientists have known for interesting experiment sheds light on the mechanism of sensitivity body: if at the same time applied to the index, middle and ring fingers of the subjects hot, cold and hot items, respectively, then the middle finger will feel unbearable burning, although he was actually attached to the cold object. This experience is known in physiology as “illusion grill».

Scientists attached to the fingers experiment participants special equipment to create the sensation of cold and heat. The effect was like a trick “grill illusion.” The subjects felt pain not related to physical damage to the skin.
The researchers found when participants experience crossed the middle finger with the index or ring, feeling the pain disappeared.

Soreness is returned if the researchers cooled the ring and index fingers of the subjects. Moreover, the impression arises even when the index finger with a cold plate crossed with the middle finger so that it is between the middle and ring. On the other hand – if the middle finger with a cold plate with cross index or ring, the pain will arise.

Patrick Haggard, managing this project, came to the conclusion that part of the pain sensation can be controlled by a conventional moving body parts ratio to another. British scientists intend to investigate this phenomenon in more detail and to develop methods of pain relief not only in phantom, but with very real chronic pain.


Superstition, which dulls the pain – fingers crossed – The Jewish Times

2015-03-30 20:25

Tatiana Luzianskaya



The researchers decided to look at next popular superstition – fingers crossed. It turned out this gesture not only “saves from the evil eye,” but also dulls the pain.

British scientists have proved that fingers crossed allow people to dull the sensation of pain. A new study by researchers from University College London shows that not all superstitions are unscientific. It turns out that the Christian tradition helps to confuse the brain and reduce pain. British researchers advise: next time, hitting myself with a hammer on the fingers, simply their scratches. This study, according to scientists, can alleviate the plight of the chronically ill.

Supervisor Patrick Haggard believes that “pain sensations can be manipulated by moving some parts of the body in relation to the others.” Remembered classic trick “illusion grill” the famous Swedish doctor Thunberg. He invented the illusion of a century ago, causing a sense of phantom pain. The essence of the “focus”: take two container – with hot and cold water, asked the participants to experience blindfolded and lowered his index and ring fingers in warm liquid and the average – in the cold. A short time later people will start to feel the searing pain of the middle finger.

An improved method: take a hot and cold meat products and, alternating with each other, gently put on the table. Then ask participants to experience put his hand on sausages and wait until he cry out from the harsh and unpleasant pain. The same feeling we experience when a frost my hands under cold water. Painful sensations arise because brain is tricked difference temperature signals.

Scientists have attached to the fingers experiment participants special equipment to create the feeling cold and warmth. The effect was like a trick “grill illusion.” The subjects felt pain not related to physical damage to the skin.
researchers found when participants experience crossed the middle finger with the index or ring, feeling the pain disappeared. Back pain, if researchers cooled the ring and index fingers of the subjects.

Conclusion authors of the study is simple and fabulous at the same time. The brain is not only processes the temperature data from each finger, and thus allows for more of their position in space, and the order or arrangement of the arm. Bottom line – crossing fingers frees no phantom, but from a real pain.


Cross Your Fingers able to quench the pain – Club Industry Journalism

Ksenina Oksana

Scientists are obsessed with popular superstition – crossing fingers. They proved that this gesture saves not only from the curse, but also from the pain.
British scientists have shown that the reduction of cross fingers can ease pain. This is a breakthrough, because it turns out not all superstitions contrary to science. Standard Christian tradition tricks the brain and makes the sensation of pain is weaker. So, if someone gets himself on the fingers with a hammer, scientists recommend cross your fingers.
According to scientists, the importance of this discovery lies in the chance to significantly improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases.
Patrick Haggard, managing this project came to the conclusion that the pain of the senses can be controlled by a conventional movement of the body in relation to the other. This is somewhat reminiscent of the famous trick called “grill illusion” by physician Thunberg. A hundred years ago, he found an illusion, in consequence of which there is non-existent in the test in real space sensation of pain.
This focus fingers man blindfolded dipped in warm and cold water. Because of the temperature contrast in humans occurs unreal sensation of pain. So the brain is exposed to it and is himself deceived.
During the experiment, scientists have tried to cause a similar deception by using special equipment. Only when, feeling pure phantom pain, the participants experience a pair of crossed fingers, the same feeling disappeared.
So the researchers concluded that the brain not only examines and analyzes the temperature at the same time, but also pays attention to their location on This informs the Gpclub.ru. So that the gesture does not cope with the phantom, but the real pain for sure.

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Russia is interested in international cooperation in the space sphere – Peace and Politics

Russia is interested in international cooperation in space sphere

Two dnyanazad Roscosmos announced plans to build a new orbital space station
 cooperation with the National Aerospace Agency of the United States.

However, the statements of the Russian Space Agency and NASA works on
 program for future space station, which will replace the ISS, are
 preliminary and has not yet go beyond a simple discussion. “Underway
 search for common ground that benefit both Russia and the United States, “- said Tass source familiar with the situation.

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Igor Komarov at a press conference on
 Baikonur Cosmodrome said that Russia and the US signed an agreement to extend
 operation of the ISS until 2024, and also agreed to jointly develop a new
 orbital space station.

“Roscosmos together with NASA will work on the program
 future space station, – quotes agency “Interfax” chapter
 Roscosmos Russian Igor Komarov. “We have agreed that the group
 countries participating in the ISS project will work on the future of the new draft
 orbital station. 2024 ISS will work, and in the future period it
 existence will depend on the realization of our joint projects “, – said
 Mosquitoes. Komarov made the announcement during a joint press conference with the head
 NASA Charles Bolden.

Earlier, Roskosmos has threatened to leave the work to the ISS in 2020, but now the decision changed. The Heads
 Roscosmos and NASA did not rule out that the operation of the ISS can
 be extended and further agreed deadlines.

“In the end, one day cease to ISS
 take manned crews simply due to heavy wear and tear, – commented
 words Komarova Bolden. – As the ISS resources are not infinite, we have enough
 a long time discussing what to do next. Obviously, as can be necessary to
 efficient use of resources of the future station: we offer to give more
 freedom of private enterprises so that they can create a competitive business
 this industry. “In addition, Bolden hoped cooperation between the two
 space powers in the preparation and implementation of future Mars missions.

Among other things, the US and Russia have agreed to work on a single
 technical standards in the field of manned spacecraft docking new

Note that the ISS became operational in 1998. B
 project involves 15 states.

The United States welcomes Russia’s intention to develop an active international cooperation in the field of
 space exploration. This was stated by the official
 NASA representative David Weaver, commenting on the report
 agreement between the US and Russia continue to work together on the program
 International Space Station (ISS) until 2024.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees
 cosmic sphere, said that the Russian government is necessary to examine the results of negotiations between the Russian Space Agency and NASA, to decide.

In addition, Rogozin congratulated Roscosmos good work, noting that Russia night almost parallel
 held a full-time job with two spaceports. On Saturday night manned
 “Soyuz TMA-16M” launched from “Baikonur”
 docked with the International Space Station (ISS) in the automatic

Let’s remind, on Friday March 27, 2015, the spacecraft
 “Soyuz TMA-16M” with Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts was successfully launched to the ISS.
 At the station, there were two new crew members. This astronaut Scott Kelly
 cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko.

Along with cosmonaut Gennady Padalka they will work
 ISS whole
 year and will hold a series of biomedical experiments to study the effects
 human exposure, long-term space missions.

Perhaps the successful completion of the mission of the “shuttle”
 “Soyuz TMA-16M”, which is delivered to the ISS changers Terry Vёrtsa (NASA), Anton
 Shkaplerova (Roscosmos) and Samantha Cristoforetti (ESA), Roscosmos gives good
 reason to talk about the continuation of cooperation between Russia and the United States in the international
 space activities.

Today, the Americans are trying to use a commercial approach
 segmentation in public space programs. For example, in the United States
 a host of companies that are ready to get serious contractors
 field-Earth manned spaceflight. But the plans and calculations for the development of long-range
 Space, however, remain the prerogative of the state. US commercial
 corporations produce remote sensing and telecommunications
 satellites. However, their configuration and operation are engaged exclusively
 state agencies.

Space programs in the United States belong to the category of technology
 dual-purpose and can be used for national
 security. Therefore, private commercial companies can not, on its own
 the initiative to cooperate with Russia in the interest of our country technology
 areas. In addition, the existing sectoral US sanctions against cooperation
 the two countries on issues of space exploration, can mitigate or cancel only
 The US Congress.

Probably in Russia can be applied approach of public-private
 partnership in the space sphere. However, without effective co-operation with the world
 the scientific community and financial institutions of the countries concerned projects
 conquest of deep space become unusable. For example, some
 projected to organize a full-fledged mission to Mars, as required
 at least $ 300 billion. No country in the world today can not alone
 to organize such a mission.

It is because Russia has always been interested in
 effective international scientific, technical and material cooperation in the space sector.