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Planet X takes the solar system Uranus and Neptune – The Russian Times

The development of the solar system, likely to go the other way, than previously predicted by astronomers. Blame – the ninth planet, which in winter scientifically “predicted” Constantine Batygin astronomers Mike Brown

The solar system may be destroyed by the actions of the ninth planet, if that really exists.. Such a conclusion was a physicist Dimitri Veras from the University of Warwick, published article in the scientific MNRAS magazine.

Predicting the ninth planet was a sensation in January of this year , after publication of an article astronomers Batygina Constantine and Mike Brown. In it, they pointed out that the observed deviations in the movements of a number of bodies in the Kuiper Belt can only be explained by the presence on the outskirts of the solar system the ninth,

have not yet found a planet, 10 times heavier than the Earth.

The prediction has become an event in the scientific world, many scientists began to look for the invisible planet and joined the calculations of its orbit. Calculations Veras show that the presence of the ninth planet could throw out of the solar system at least one giant planet, and it will happen after the sun itself death.

According to the accepted ideas about the evolution of stars, a few billion years, the sun’s outer shell will begin to expand and the core, on the contrary – to contract, to then turn into a white dwarf. During this process, it absorbs the sun inner planets, including the earth, thus to lose half of its own weight. This should make the rest of the planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – to move away from the sun at a safe distance, but such a scenario is possible only with the well-known today configuration of planets

Veras calculated that the presence of the ninth planet will not. realized this peaceful scenario. Calculations have shown that the expansion of the Sun ninth planet not behave like the giant planets, but on the contrary, closer, starting to circle them in the

«deadly dance.” The most likely scenario in this case would be vyshvyrivanie these planets in interstellar space.

Using a unique code that allows you to simulate the destruction of a variety of planetary systems, the scientist counted developments depending on the distance of the orbit of the mysterious ninth planet. It turned out that the more and more massive the planet, the more dramatic will be the end of the solar system

Veras said the potential danger that can create the ninth planet, the Earth will no longer exist:. “The existence of distant massive planet can dramatically change the fate of the solar system. Its fate will depend on the mass and orbital properties of the ninth planet, if it exists. »

The fact that today astronomers observe on the surface of many white dwarfs, remnants of solid planets indirectly indicates that such a scenario is very likely. “The future of the Sun can be predicted by looking at white dwarfs,” contaminated “solid debris.

The ninth planet may act as a catalyst for such pollution.

What will happen with the sun on the white dwarf stage, can be seen today in the white dwarfs around the Milky Way, “- said the author of

However, while the existence of Planet X has not received acknowledgments. The existence of such a planet can say “Kuiper failure” – the asteroid belt, which ends abruptly at a distance of 48 astronomical units from the sun. Some astronomers believe that such a break can talk about the existence of the order of 60 and a distance. ie an object with a mass similar to Earth or Mars mass:. it is assumed that the asteroids that fall in the field of attraction of the planet, were taken out of the Kuiper belt, leaving the


Others, however, do not believe it. consideration is the basis for the extension of the existence of the hypotheses of Planet X.


Choose the expression of the dog understand the meaning of spoken words master – BBC News

The eternal question for dog owners: if your favorite pet understands what he is told? Of course, many immediately replied in the affirmative, but still would like to receive and scientific evidence. And as it turned out, they are. A new study of Hungarian scientists show that dogs with brain responds to specific words, not only the tone of statements of the person.

It was already known that the pet will feel the difference between a friendly tone master and dissatisfied, for example, on the occasion of the next “accident” on the carpet. Scientists also have been interesting to see how the dog reacts precisely to specific words.

The words, the basic building blocks of human language, in the “talk” to other animal species almost never occur. Bottlenose dolphins (view dolphins) and zelenohvostye forpus create certain sounds to indicate the names of relatives. By the way, recently, scientists have found that dolphins even talk to their cubs until they are in the womb. Others animals, including chickens, prairie dogs and certain primates, emit a distinctive warning signals, which contain information about a particular predator

such skills Dogs do not have:. They do not say no “words”, but some of them detect human over 1000 words. This means that the four-legged friends a person can understand their meaning, thought Hungarian scientists.

However, any scientific assumptions should always be checked. For this reason, the researcher Attila Andiks (Attila Andics) and his colleagues at the University named Lorand Eötvös in Budapest scanned the brains of 13 dogs of four different breeds: Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Chinese Crested Dog and the German Shepherd

<. img alt = "" src = "" width = "720" />

All the dogs were trained to lie still in the MRI -skanere while being listened to recordings of the voices of their coaches. Animals hear meaningful words (eg, “great job!”) In a positive tone in a neutral tone. In addition to the meaningful words uttered pets and meaningless words (eg, “as if”) in a neutral tone and encouraging.

Then the researchers analyzed the results of the scan. It was found that, regardless of the tone dog trainer treated meaningful words in the left hemisphere of the brain (just like humans). However, the dog did not do the same when listening to meaningless words. “Words have meaning for dogs”, – concludes Andiks

Moreover, the dogs also draw attention to the intonation -. This information is processed in the right hemisphere. Similarly, work and the human brain. And at the moment when the animals heard words of praise, said in an approving tone starts to activate another part of the brain: the pleasure center. That is the meaning of words and intonation reinforce each other

“They combined two types of information to interpret what they heard people do the same.” -. Said Andiks

Scientists thanks. new information begin to better understand how the brain processes dogs human speech. Pets have the parts of the brain that interpret the voice, the differences in sounds (in the left hemisphere) and analyze the sounds that convey emotions (the right hemisphere).

Of course, if a person has a great experience with dogs, most all this information will not be shocking for him. However, the new study provides important scientific evidence that pets really know the difference between the words “biscuit” and “well done”. It does not matter how these words were spoken.

The findings, however, “does not mean that dogs understand absolutely everything that we say,” notes Julie Hecht (Julie Hecht), which studies the behavior of dogs the City University of New York. “But our words and intonation are not for dogs meaningless,” – she adds

Some researchers want to repeat the experiment in other animals and wolves, which brought people to understand how deep the ability to understand human lies. in dogs and depends on whether it is on the animal grew among the people or not.

group Andiks The study is published in the scientific journal Science.

We add that recently “Vesti.Nauka” told what exactly makes dogs happy, and we are not talking about a favorite treat. In addition, we wrote about the fact that other people close to the animals – horses also have a particular understanding of the human



Scientists have calculated that the ninth planet will destroy the solar system – BBC

The solar system may be destroyed by the actions of the ninth planet, if that really exists. Such a conclusion was a physicist Dimitri Veras from the University of Warwick, published article in the scientific MNRAS magazine.

Predicting the ninth planet was a sensation in January of this year , after publication of an article astronomers Batygina Constantine and Mike Brown. In it, they pointed out that the observed deviations in the movements of a number of bodies in the Kuiper Belt can be explained only by the presence on the outskirts of the solar ninth system,

has not yet found a planet, 10 times heavier than the Earth.

The prediction has become an event in the scientific world, many scientists began to look for the invisible planet and joined the calculations of its orbit. Calculations Veras show that the presence of the ninth planet could throw out of the solar system at least one giant planet, and it will happen after the sun itself death.

According to the accepted ideas about the evolution of stars, a few billion years, the sun’s outer shell will begin to expand and the core, on the contrary – to contract, to then turn into a white dwarf. During this process, it absorbs the sun inner planets, including the earth, thus to lose half of its own weight. This should make the rest of the planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – to move away from the sun at a safe distance, but such a scenario is possible only with a certain configuration of planets today.

Veras calculated that the presence of the ninth planet not give realized this peaceful scenario. Calculations have shown that the expansion of the Sun ninth planet not behave like the giant planets, but on the contrary, closer, starting to circle them in the “deadly dance».

The most likely scenario thus becomes vyshvyrivanie these planets into interstellar space.

Using a unique code that allows you to simulate the destruction of a variety of planetary systems, the scientist counted developments depending on the distance of the orbit of the mysterious ninth planet. It turned out that the more and more massive the planet, the more dramatic will be the end of the solar system

Veras said the potential danger that can create the ninth planet, the Earth will no longer exist:. “The existence of distant massive planet can dramatically change the fate of the solar system. Its fate will depend on the mass and orbital properties of the ninth planet, if it exists. »

The fact that today astronomers observe on the surface of many white dwarfs, remnants of solid planets indirectly indicates that such a scenario is very likely. “The future of the Sun can be predicted by looking at white dwarfs,” contaminated “solid debris.

The ninth planet may act as a catalyst such pollution.

what will happen with the sun on the white dwarf stage, can be seen today in the white dwarfs around the Milky Way, “- said the author of the work.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to search for the ninth planet and passing open new facilities in Kuiper belt. The last of them were just three of the object detected by the command Chadwick Trujillo. One aspect of the 2014 FE72 is a little further beyond the orbit of Neptune, he makes around the sun in the 3 thousand. Times slower than Earth.

The second 2013 FT28, has similar characteristics with those bodies whose particular orbit led to the prediction of the ninth planet. Open these objects were on a 4-meter telescope in Chile Victor Blanco and 8-meter “Subaru” in Japan.


Tasmanian devils can be a source of cancer drugs – News Americas

 Tasmanian devils can be a source  of cure for cancer


The researchers found that within a few generations of Tasmanian devils have developed resistance to certain types of cancer. The researchers are trying to study the mechanism of evolution, to use it for the treatment of cancer in humans.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that Tasmanian devils have learned to fight cancer, which killed 80% of the individuals. An international team of scientists studying genetic changes in animals at different times, including periods prior to the appearance of cancer. It was found that these animals have developed a way to fight at the genetic level.

The tumors in Tasmanian devils have revealed for the first time in 1996. When the devils bite each other, spreading the cancer cells, which form growths on faces and subsequently kill the animals for six months.

«We have found several genes that are associated with the emergence of resistance to cancer and immune function. It is about 7 genes in two regions of the genome, “- said study author Andrew Storfer (Andrew Storfer) from the University of Washington.

Biologists believed that some of these genes can be sent out to recognize and attack cancer cells.

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NASA scientists: the world will heat up to 20 times faster – News

in 2016, it is likely to be the warmest in history. He beat all-time highs, before successively established in 2014 and 2015. This trend may indicate that in the last decade, the rate of increase in mean annual temperature has reached the rate ten times higher than in the last millennium, according to the latest data of the Institute of Space Research, the Robert Goddard in NASA, writes British The Guardian.

The main aim of the Paris climate agreement that in April this year signed by 170 countries, including Russia, was the retention of the growth in global average temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial era. However, since the beginning of 2016 the average increase of temperatures by 1.38 degrees exceeded the performance of the XIX century, dangerously approaching the established boundary agreement. If the trend continues, then, according to scientists, to perform its basic position would be simply impossible.

July 2016 was the hottest month in the history of meteorological observations, which officially dates back to 1880. However, since October 2015 almost every month to set their own record heat.

Photo: TASS / Valery Matytsin

The unusually warm weather in 2016. The experts are inclined to explain, including the influence of El Niño, but overall it is a constant phenomenon. As shown by recent research, the preservation of the current level of carbon dioxide emissions for the next five years will literally destroy any chance to keep rate of 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoid abrupt changes in climate.

«As the temperature rises no pauses. Those who think that it is over, look at the world through rose-colored glasses. This is a chronic problem for the society for the next hundred years “, – he told the publication The Guardian Gavin Schmidt, a leading expert on climate Space Research Institute of the Robert Goddard NASA.

In the NASA Institute, based on the icy crust and sediment studies, consider that in the last decades of the temperature on the planet is growing at a rate exceeding not only indicators of the last almost 140 years, but also indicators of the last millennium. Reconstruction of historical temperatures showed that in the XX century the average temperature of the growth rate ten times higher than the rate of 5-7 degrees, save for 5 thousand. Years since the Ice Age.

Comparison of current temperatures from the palaeoclimate indicators can certainly not be absolutely accurate. However, if scientists assumptions prove correct, this could mean that in the next hundred years, the world will warm at a rate 20 times higher than the average of previous years.


Scientists have announced the arrival of a new geological epoch – – Business News Editorial

The impact of humanity on the planet has become so great that it led to the advent of a new geological epoch, and it’s time to admit it. Such a verdict is rendered a group of scientists of the International Union of Geological Sciences, which on Monday, August 29 submitted a report at the International Ecological Congress in Cape Town. Instead of the Holocene, which lasted the last 12 thousand years, we live in antropotsene, or “age of man”, which began in the mid-twentieth century. Its main features – nuclear tests, mountains of plastic and domestic chickens, said the Guardian.

Humanity, the report says, has accelerated the extinction of animals and the disappearance of plants, increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, breaking up her warming, covered with earth and the oceans with plastic to such an extent that almost the world few places where it can not be found. Thanks to us over the last hundred years has doubled the content of chemicals remaining after the fertilizer, soil and sediments and glaciers will long keep a black carbon particles – traces of burning fossil fuels. All these traces of human activity so common and so long-term that their geological imprint can be considered a sign of another era. Official recognition of the Anthropocene will record the fact that now it is man who is the defining element of the mechanism of the planet.

According to the recommendations of geologists, the new time should be calculated from about 1950 in the Earth’s geological history. Determining in this dating has become a splash of radiation caused by nuclear bomb tests. According to lead author Colin Waters’ report from the British Geological Survey, more than thirty scientists engaged in research Anthropocene, agreed on the need to formalize a new era. “Most of us believe that it [the Anthropocene] is real, that is clearly something going on. What is certain recognizable signals that make the Anthropocene separate unit “- was quoted as BBC News.

Now, scientists argue about what should be considered the “gold nail” Anthropocene – the geological marker that will be noticeable after a long time (perhaps millions of years) and can be considered as an indication of the beginning of a new era . So the golden nail to the end of the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs became extinct, for example, steel iridium deposits in soils, which showed a meteorite collision with the Earth. Most of the authors of the report suggest for antropotsenu considered a marker of plutonium deposits appeared after the nuclear tests of the 1950s. Others believe that there is more demonstrative signs – for example, pollution by plastic, aluminum and particles of concrete, carbon footprints associated with a sharp increase in CO 2 emissions in the atmosphere, as well as a high level of nitrogen and phosphate in the soil <. / p>

Finally, the sign by which future generations of geologists will determine the beginning of the Anthropocene, the home can be … chicken. According to Jan Zalashevichu, a geologist from the University of Leicester (UK), with the middle of the XX century, the chicken was the most common bird in the world, and her remains will become a fossil, which can be detected in large quantities all over the world. In addition, after the Second World War, the skeleton of chicken has changed significantly – the bird became higher and more powerful.

The researchers discuss the need for changes in the geologic time scale of about 15 years. Although geologists recommendations, the issue of updating the scale has not yet been resolved. The participants of the working group on antropotsenu (Anthropocene Work Group) in the next two or three years should determine which signals a new era – the radioactive nuclides, plastic or other – should be considered its “golden nail”. Also, they have to determine the place where the geological boundary between the ages can be seen (the boundary between the Holocene and Pleistocene preceded him, such as seen in the ice core from Greenland, which is now stored in Denmark). In the middle of these places geologists exploring mud deposits off the coast of Santa Barbara (California, USA), stalactites and stalagmites in a cave in northern Italy Ernesto, corals, cores and other substances. When the necessary data is collected, the decision on adjustment of the scale of geological time will accept the International Stratigraphic Commission and the Committee of the International Union of Geological Sciences

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75 years top Elninskaya offensive – BBC

The offensive punch

July 18, 1941 near the town of Yelnya (Smolensk region) were German tanks. After capturing the city, the 10th Panzer Division, marching in the vanguard of the 46th motokorpusa 2nd Panzer Group Guderian, could not advance further. Yelnya was strategically important settlement, which is located near the German and Soviet military units that are part of the defensive battle of Smolensk and Vyazma defensive operation. Commander of the Reserve Front Georgy Zhukov, after it became clear that German troops would be difficult to go further, ordered the commander of the 24th Army, Major-General KI Rakutina develop a plan organized and offensive strike, which would eliminate Elninskaya ledge, threatening defense and rear of the Red Army.

In addition to being in the area of ​​the 24th Army was and 43rd Army, created from divisions who came to front of the various military districts and hastily replenished companies of marching under the command of Major General DM Seleznev. On the German side were several armies: 4th Army Field Marshal G. von Kluge, the 9th Army Corps G. Geyer, the 7th Army Corps V. Farmbahera, as well as in the reserve had 10 Panzer Division. Total enemy group consisted of about 70 thousand. Soldiers and officers, 500 guns and mortars 75 mm and above and about 40 tanks. The first echelon of the Soviet Reserve Front was represented by two armies, include: 19, 100, 106, 107, 120, 303 and 309 th Infantry Division, 6th Infantry Division of the People’s Militia, 103 th motorized division, the 102nd and 105 panzer division, as well as the 10 corps artillery regiments. In total there were about 60 thousand. Man.

Force sides were about equal, but the Soviet troops were surrounded by German troops. Need was operational plan of attack.

Plans parties

The idea of ​​the Soviet plan is to apply counter-punches with a base formed projection of the north and the south, which stretches for several kilometers and then in an attempt to break through the enemy defenses and developing offensive to surround the main German forces. Also provided dissection enemy forces blow from the east and destroy it piecemeal. Thus, the basis of the plan was the decisive operational maneuver – sided coverage to encircle and defeat the enemy in pieces. According to the directive, sent by Georgy Zhukov in front of the headquarters of the Reserve August 26, the operation must be completed by 8 September, which actually happened.

The commander of the 24th Army, General KI Rakutin almost immediately began to mobilize the command staff and the organization to start an offensive. Breakthrough projection and a further defeat of the German troops was made to carry the forces of nine infantry divisions of the thirteen that existed in the army. Quickly create two strike groups, each of which consisted of five divisions – north (two infantry and one armored division) and southern (infantry and motorized divisions). From them it was to follow the first blow. On the northern assault group, which consisted of 102 Panzer, 107th and 100th Infantry Divisions, the main hopes pinned. Each of them has been strengthened with powerful artillery regiments and two batteries of rocket launchers (BM-13). In total, the northern group had about 400 guns and mortars 76 mm and above, almost half of which was strengthening artillery.

South Strike Group composed of 303-th Infantry and the 106th motorized divisions, which also had to a gain of about 100 guns and mortars. It is also an important role, in accordance with the plan, the withdrawal of the central group, numbering two infantry divisions under the command of Major-General JG Nyquist and Colonel NA Ilyantseva.

Their attack on Yelnya was supposed to lead from the east, which would cut the environmental forces in the parts and in collaboration with other divisions to destroy them.

As for the plans of the German side, the head of the German General Staff, Colonel-General F. Halder called the fighting in the Yelnya typical example of trench warfare. In order to counter the Soviet mobile Infantry Division, the Germans were forced to withdraw its troops from the mobile Elninskaya projection. With regard to the plan of attack or defense, that, as evidenced in his diary of the army group commander of the “Center” Field Marshal von Bock, the German command until recently did not know how to act correctly:

“it is difficult to give a definitive answer to the question, what is better: to keep the protrusion or leave it. If Russian will continue to attack the ledge, then keep it profitable. But if they cease attacks that may well be, then the projection is worth preserving, because it will not only become a reference point for our further attacks in the east, but also give an opportunity to provide specific cover for the Smolensk railway junction and highway Smolensk – Moscow “.

artillery grouping

For the operation Soviet command decided to form a special artillery group, consisting of an army group of long-range (ADD) and support groups of infantry (PP) in the divisions . This was done for a more active shelling. To make artillery support method consistent concentration of fire was used. Air support was missing completely due to the fact that all the combat aircraft of the front to the beginning of the operation on the orders of the central command were transferred to the Bryansk Front, with the exception of 20 aircraft left in the interest of the 24th Army for reconnaissance and correction of artillery fire.

Getting ready to start operations in the end lasted just over four days, which, of course, was not enough.

The divisions are staffed by 70-80%, equipping troops – only 25-50%. Unable to save the required amount of ammunition and, as a result, as subsequent events showed, on the second day of the operation was felt an acute shortage of them. Thus, the balance of forces to the beginning of hostilities was as follows: People – 1.1: 1 in favor of the enemy artillery – 1.6: 1 in favor of the Soviet units

Stages of operation and its progress

All Elninskaya offensive operation can be divided into three stages: the first stage was conducted breakthrough projections on the axes of the main attacks from 30 to 31 August, at the second stage, the most difficult, the Soviet troops had to repel a fierce counterattack the enemy, who sought to disrupt the offensive 24 th army from 1 to 3 September. Finally, at the final stage of the operation it was the onset of the main phase of its development, which consists in the pursuit of retreating enemy, and in the elimination of the ledge with 4 to 8 September.

Almost simultaneously, a 30-minute period, at 7.30 and 8.00 30 August, respectively, the two Soviet armies began their offensive. 24 Army, despite the heavy fog and poor visibility, brought down fire on enemy defenses. It is possible to start mobilizing artillery forces. Then, at 8:00 Soviet tanks of the 102nd Armored Division attacked the enemy, but due to the fact that the infantry behind, unable to build on this success. In addition to operational support infantry Soviet intelligence also manifested itself not with the best hand, so that was not completely opened fire into the enemy’s defense system, particularly in relation to anti-tank, which gave the enemy an opportunity and time to recover and fight back. The weakness of the first two Soviet attacks confirm the figures: all in the attacks were killed and 10 anti-tank guns, 12 machine guns and two cannon bunker Nazis destroyed. In general, compounds of the northern group of the first day of the fight progressed only 500 meters.

The next day, 31 August, fighting continued. German troops offered stubborn resistance, not letting go far Soviet divisions. Only the 107th Infantry Division to the end of the day managed to break through the enemy’s defenses, advancing up to 2 km in depth. The reasons for the slow pace of Soviet troops lie in several factors.

First, as already noted, the Soviet intelligence at this stage of the war was still poorly developed, and secondly, material equipment of artillery, especially ammunition, was weak. Finally, there were some problems in the command organization, establishing an effective system of using infantry and tank maneuvers.

There have also been cases of desertion of the place, which undermined morale. But Soviet troops were forced to mobilize all their forces and start the next resistance has changed dramatically in the next few days.

heroism, courage and bravery

As a result of several successful attempts to counter-attack the German troops. On the heroism and courage of Soviet soldiers personally wrote to the former commander of the Reserve Front Georgy Zhukov:

«Especially courageously fought our 19, 100 and 107-th division. I have seen from the observation point division commander of the 107th Division, PV Mironova, an unforgettable picture of a fierce battle Infantry Regiment, commanded by IM Nekrasov. Polk IM Nekrasov hair rapidly captured the village, but was surrounded. He fought for three days. With the support of other parts of the 107-th division, artillery and aviation regiment not only broke the environment, but also crushed the opposing enemy, capturing at the same time an important reference point -. The railway station »

You can also give an example actions of the 586th Infantry regiment, 107th Infantry division under the leadership of Colonel IM Nekrasov. Being wounded, the Colonel continued to direct the actions of their departments, ordered to organize a defensive perimeter, personnel burrow into the ground, and the whole regiment of artillery advanced to direct fire at the tanks, which brought the results.

«detachment Ivanov” and the outcome of the operation

More August 31 the commander of the 24th army, General KI Rakutin to continue the offensive decided to establish on the basis of existing units 102, 107 and 100th divisions combined unit as part of Panzer Group, Airborne company, motobatalona and art group of 10 guns. Its task was to make a swift kick in the direction of the cages, Bol. Nezhody, go to the district Novo-Tishovo, Petrov cut the highway Elnya – Baltutino, as well as to organize a defensive perimeter and prevent the approach of enemy reserves to Yelnya. Launched hastily improvised mobile army group called “detachment Ivanov” was put into action on September 3 but failed to develop an offensive squad due to heavy air strikes and heavy German artillery fire. But thanks to the courageous actions of other Soviet military units, such as the 100th Infantry Division, the northern and southern groups by the end of the day and was able to gradually push Elninskaya narrow ledge up to 6-8 km.

As a result of his heroism and courage of Soviet troops of the 24th army from September 3 German troops gradually began to withdraw its main forces of Elninskaya bag.

Realizing this, the Soviet command ordered as soon as possible to complete the enemy encirclement and capture Yelnia.

To do this, the battle was put a powerful 127-th Infantry Division. But despite the fact that the Soviet troops crossed slowly to the pursuit of the enemy, on the flanks of the front did not ensure security. By the end of September 5 100th Infantry Division took Chaptsovo (Yelnya north), and the 19th Infantry Division entered Yelnya. By 6 September Elnya was completely liberated by Soviet troops. By the end of September 8th Division of the 24th Army eliminated the remaining Elninskaya foothold and went to the defense line on the Newly line. Jakovljevic, New Tishovo, Kukuyev. On the same day, the Soviet Information Bureau reported:

«On the Smolensk direction are 26-day battle for the city Yelnya. The remains of the enemy division hasty retreat to the west. Our troops occupied the city Yelnya, our aircraft continued to strike at the enemy troops on the battlefield and destroying aircraft at its airfields ».

The main outcome of the operation was the elimination Elninskaya projection. It improved the operational position of troops of the 24th army and the whole front of the Reserve, and was eliminated the threat of invasion by German troops in the depth of the Soviet defense and logistics. But in general, the entire plan, formulated by the Soviet command before starting the operation, could not be implemented. Destruction of the projection is not accompanied by a further offensive, due to the fact that not enough money and effort in the army, until now no clear interaction between the infantry and tanks. But at the same time it is worth noting that Elninskaya offensive was one of the first in the Great Patriotic War, during which experience was first used by operational maneuver in the short term, create temporary strike groups, endowed with specific goals and objectives.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Russian scientists have denied receiving a signal from extraterrestrials – Rosbalt.RU

 The signal, which recorded the radio telescope RATAN-600 Zelenchukskaya Observatory (Karachaevo-Cherkessia), is a “hindrance terrestrial origin”, rather than a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization. This was reported by researcher at the Special Astrophysical Observatory Yulia Sotnikova, reports TASS.

Russian Observatory prepares the text of the official denials, as the media has spread information about the detection of a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization. According Sotnikova, working to find solntseobraznyh stars underway on the telescope since last year, but the “scientific results in this study is no».

On the possibility of a telescope RATAN-600 signal from an extraterrestrial civilization, he wrote in his blog American amateur astronomer Paul Gilster. According to him, the signal was sent from the field of the star HD164595 in the constellation of Hercules. The signal was received by 15 May 2015. “No one argues that it is a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization, but it is definitely worth further investigation,” – said Gilster



With barely missed Earth asteroid about the size of the MSU – Moskovsky Komsomolets

It is part of a class of potentially hazardous

Yesterday at 18:17, views: 2868

According to the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union today at about 10 am Moscow time close to the ground flew potentially hazardous asteroid (281375), or 2008 JV19, size comparable to the main building of Moscow state University.

& # x421; & # x417; & #  x435; & # x43C; & # x43B; & # x435;  & # x439; & # x435; & # x434;  & # x432; & # x430; & # x440;  & # x430; & # x437; & # x43C;  & # x438; & # x43D; & # x443;  & # x43B; & # x441; & # x44F;  & # x430; & # x441; & # x442;  & # x435; & # x440; & # x43E;  & # x438; & # x434; & # x440;  & # x430; & # x437; & # x43C;  & # x435; & # x440; & # x43E;  & # x43C; & # x441; & # x41C;  & # x413; & # x423;


According to various estimates, the asteroid’s diameter is from 140 to 410 meters. 2008 JV19 was opened in 2008 and is ascribed to a class of potentially dangerous. This does not mean that the probability of collision with our planet is high, but it is impossible to say that it tends to zero. Potentially dangerous objects include a diameter greater than 100 meters, if they cross the Earth’s orbit at a distance of less than 0.05 astronomical units, which is about 20 times the distance from Earth to the Moon. In case of a fall on our planet similar objects capable of causing unprecedented destruction and huge tsunami.

At the time of closest approach distance between the (281 375) and the Earth today was 17.6 million kilometers. It is worth noting that the last time an asteroid flew by the planet in the past year on September 1, 2015 and he was much closer to her – only 6.5 million kilometers

A few months ago, missed the Earth. another very large asteroid – 2007 MK6 diameter from 200 to 600 meters. Distance to him amounted to 15.2 million kilometers. In the future, this asteroid, according to experts, does not threaten Earth, but it is possible that one day he will crash into Mars. And in the future, the Earth will approach the record with a huge asteroid called Faeton, likely “progenitor” Geminids meteor shower. He would be at a distance of about 10 million kilometers. Although this time it will not pose a threat to the planet in the future, he will fly closer to it.


Aliens in the constellation Hercules may have had an effect – TVNZ

Last call

A few days ago it became known that the Russian radio telescope RATAN-600 intercepted an incredibly powerful message that came from the constellation of Hercules – specifically, from the stars, having a code designation HD164595 . Someone was saying a few seconds at a frequency of 11 gigahertz. That corresponds to a wavelength of 2.7 cm

The news that caught something strange, spread around the world the American amateur astronomer Paul Gilster (Paul Gilster) -. Placed it on its website Centauri Dreams. At the same time a lover said that he had received information directly from the authors of the discovery – that is, from the staff of the Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) – and it belongs to the RATAN-600, located at Lower Arkhyz , Zelenchuksky district, Karachaevo -Cherkesskaya Republic.

As it turned out, the information letters were sent and many other astronomers to help figure out what kind of signal came from the star HD164595, located in the 95 light years from Earth.

The signal received May 15, 2015 by the star HD164595.

Astronomers are interested in opening. Moreover, agitated. For several days can not rest.

Intriguingly, firstly, the fact that the star, from which someone honked, similar to our sun. Around the planet. One, though very large, similar to our Jupiter , only hot, even found. And it is possible that there are also smaller neighbors -. With our Earth

Second, among the naturally occurring signals coming from the depths of the universe, nothing like this had not seen before

. third, amazed signal strength – weaker pulsars flash

finally, a long time nobody us signals -. even boring once was. Here Paul Gilster and suggested that the RATAN-600 has received a long-awaited news of the brothers on reason. More precisely, not rule it. The “stirred up” colleagues found their understanding. And he brought practical benefits: for two groups of astronomers (Allen Telescope Array, northern California and Boquete Optical SETI Observatory, Panama), working on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence program signals (SETI), announced that they are beginning to follow the HD164595. Suddenly, from the back once again to zoom? RATAN-600 received a single signal

Here is the radio telescope RATAN-600 -. The largest in the world. It has a circular mirror.

Space mystery

The signal was caught on May 15, 2015. Why do about it reported more than a year later?

There is no exact answer. The scientist, who actually caught a signal – one Nicholas Bursov , where -That was gone. The connection does not go out for several days. But it seems that someone from his circle or he himself announced the discovery. And sent to the respective images, confirming the discovery of

Catherine Filippova -. Head of research and external relations CAO confirmed the incident and called it a leak – either accidental , whether intentional. At the same time Catherine Eduardovna said that the observations in the course of which was adopted by the same signal, really Wires – within the SETI program

At the Observatory most of the signal learned immediately.. But the blow did not become a sensation. For example, Gregory Beskin – a scientist who exactly is responsible to the CAO for the SETI, do not consider it a signal worthy of attention – they say, do not meet the criteria to be met by signals from aliens.

it is possible that Nicholas Bursova had their arguments. Or they appear today. What led to the leak. Its result is phenomenal – the scientific and non-scientific world of excitement. In both worlds, many believe that the aliens finally showed up.


It’s not encryption

– It is unlikely that the received signal has to some cosmic event – upset the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, leading researcher SAO Oleg Verhodinov. – Most likely distorted picture of the electromagnetic disturbance of terrestrial origin, and the direction from which it came, coincided with the direction of a star

The signal seems to have been close, but not from a distance of 95 light years.. Therefore, it is alleged incredible power was an illusion. To zoom so that we caught so noticeable surge, the aliens would need the energy of all their stars. But this is unlikely. ? For what

The signal could be mistaken for the so-called fast radio bursts – FRB – they are also very mysterious. But “our” much longer. FRB last millisecond.

Prudent astronomers still doubt whether the signal sent by aliens.

– Suppose – I try to find out – that the aliens still for something honored. But a compressed signal. You should not try it “expand”? Suddenly there anything encrypted

-? The received signal is nothing remarkable except the amplitude, – Oleg replies. – No hidden features

-. I do believe – continues scientist – that representatives of developed extraterrestrial civilizations will not even attempt to establish contact using radio waves. Radio – the lot of backward civilizations. Even we move on optical technology. It makes more sense to wait for “hello” from the brothers in mind in the light, x-ray or gamma-ray ranges. With their help, by the way, you can transfer far more information than the radio.

With the Verhodinovym Accepts American astronomer Nick SESC (Nick Suntzeff) of Texas University. He believes that the signal source has become some kind of military equipment. These devices often operate at a frequency of 11 gigahertz.

And at this time

aliens from the microwave

Australian astronomers working on since 1998 radiotelescope “Parks”, the host country and enough powerful signals, duration of 2 seconds. At one time they were considered alien – perhaps even intelligent. But in 2015 it became clear that the source of the signals Microwave -pech that “signals” in the moment when someone opens the door. If along with the microwave operates the telescope, he picks up the interference that appear as a signal from outer space.

Who knows, maybe it turns out that with Ratanov happened like a misunderstanding.

not the first time


August 15, 1977 the incredible happened. Dr. Jerry Ayman (Jerry Ehman), working on the project SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) on radio “Big Ear” at the University of Ohio (Big Ear radio observatory at Ohio State University), registered long and strong radio signal, which is in all respects consistent with the fact that the actual doctor was looking for – the signals of artificial origin

The famous “Wow-signal”. His secret has not yet been disclosed.

Russian astronomer, of course, would say otherwise. Chances are unprintable. But shocked by an American doctor, who saw the sensational data, I exclaimed “Wow!”. He circled in red pencil the appropriate numbers on the printout and wrote this thing “Wow!”. After that, for the mysterious signal and stuck the name “Wow! Signal”, and not some other …

Chitatyte further here.


The signal from aliens: the opening of Russian astronomers excited the whole world – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The famous astrophysicist, “There is no proof, but everything is possible»

Today, at 16:10, Visits: 14783

Russian astronomers again as in the distant 65th year, “found aliens”, however, reported that the world Americans. Not only as a signal from another civilization were quick to call some of the experts in the west of the outbreak, which was detected by astrophysicists of the Special Astrophysical Observatory in Nizhny Arkhyz

 & # x421; & # x438; & # x433;  & # x43D; & # x430; & # x43B;  & # x43E; & # x442; & # x438;  & # x43D; & # x43E; & # x43F;  & # x43B; & # x430; & # x43D;  & # x435; & # x442 ; & # x44F;  & # x43D ;: & # x43E; & # x442;  & # x43A; & # x440; & # x44B;  & # x442; & # x438; & # x435;  & # x440; & # x43E; & # x441;  & # x441; & # x438; & # x439;  & # x441; & # x43A; & # x438;  & # x445; & # x430; & # x441;  & # x442; & # x440; & # x43E;  & # x43D; & # x43E; & # x43C;  & # x43E; & # x432; & # x432;  & # x43E; & # x437; & # x431;  & # x443; & # x434; & # x438;  & # x43B; & # x43E; & # x432;  & # x435; & # x441; & # x44C;  & # x43C; & # x438; & # x440;


The event happened more than a year ago, it was out of the ordinary, bizarre, but Russian scientists have remained true to themselves – if inveterate explorers did not utter a single drop information-hungry such news public.

in the end, unable to independently deal with “superflare” that caught their radio telescope RATAN-600 in the direction of HD164595 star system in the constellation of Hercules, sent information to Western colleagues to consult . That’s just the Americans did not remain silent and then, no further as on Monday, rastirazhirovali sensation all over the world.

The American Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI Institute has already started to look at the constellation of Hercules brothers on reason. And what our astronomers? For an objective assessment of what happened, we appealed to the Russian experts in the field of search for extraterrestrial signals, a senior researcher at the State Institute of Astrophysics. Sternberg MSU. University Lev Gindilis.

First, about what happened May 15, 2015 in Nizhny Arkhyz.

In this day RATAN-600 telescope was aimed at HD164595 star, whose neighborhood is considered a potential abode extraterrestrial civilization because of the similarity to our sun. In practice, this analog thereof, which is located at a distance of 95 light years from Earth.

In 2015, close to the HD164595 scientists have discovered an exoplanet larger, it is 16 times larger than Earth and orbits the star 40 days. Is there life out there in the usual sense? Hope for her habitability gives a powerful signal received from the vicinity of exoplanets directly towards Earth at a wavelength of 2.7 centimeters. At this wavelength, emit many sources, but it is characteristic of the May signal of Hercules were more than strange.

First of all, because he was very confident, clear, power comparable to the signal from the moon, and even brighter her or any known pulsars in the order that they are rare.

Such a signal, according to representatives of the SETI, could produce super-civilizations mastered the energy of their sun.

The information, according to news agencies already interested in two groups of researchers in the United States: one led by an instructor SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, the other – Doug Vakoch, president of the METI program, aimed at establishing a relationship with a stranger, and not just their search. They are already preparing for the observation of a star in the constellation Hercules Telescope ATA (Antenna lattice Allen (The Allen Telescope Array) – a joint project of the SETI Institute and the Radio Astronomy UCLA lab at Berkeley) and a number of other devices

Open the Russians signal. will be one of the main topics for discussion at the annual meeting of the SETI Permanent Council of the International astronomical Union, which will be held September 27 in Guadalajara, Mexico

-. Just do not make this a great sensation – warns Leo Myronovych Gindilis. – Pioneers of the signal from the star decided to draw the attention of the scientific community, to try to understand what it is, nothing more. Perhaps this is a signal from another civilization. But there is no evidence that. Astronomers observed the flash in just two seconds, and it is never repeated, although observations before and after she had very long. By the way, the lack of repetition – is a minus when it comes to the collection of arguments in favor of man-made radio

-. What could it be, if we exclude the version of contactors

– The next step was to find the experts of all possible sources of interference that could cause such a signal. radio waves similar intensity could give a flying aircraft or space satellite.

This version is tested once more in Arkhyz and immediately shallows because quite matched signal characteristics to those that can be obtained from the aircraft terrestrial objects.

Now the problem is the fact that together with foreign colleagues to find other explanations for what happened, try to see the star on the other telescopes. Maybe we just do not know yet other cosmic source, capable of sending such signals.

This “lesson” we were in 1965. We then watched the cosmic radio source CTA-102. It was quite an interesting variety – reminiscent of the spectrum of artificial sources, and it was suggested: to see its variability (while natural sources of variables have not yet been discovered, and therefore, if the source would be the variability, it means to be considered a man-made). And so it turned out that our CTA was indeed variable. Its intensity varies with a period of 102 days (coinciding with its assigned number)

This was the reason for the “sensation”:. Western media raised a clamor: “The Soviet scientists have discovered extraterrestrial civilization, transmit alternating signal!” . Then, as if playing with us, STA-102 stopped to change the intensity, and in the west said: “Russian made a mistake»

In fact not wrong (about the variability). After a few years, we have found that this source “on” again. It turned out that he belonged to this type of natural phenomena such as variable radio sources – quasars. Perhaps we are now, thanks to the unusual signal from the star HD164595, discover a new type of sources that do not know yet.


On Mars under the dome – BBC News

In the last Sunday in Hawaii completed an experiment in modeling the flight to Mars in which six researchers lived for one year in complete isolation. project organized by NASA and the University of Hawaii.

Members of the experiment Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) lived under a special canopy on the side of Mauna Loa at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, and to come out can only wearing spacesuits. The diameter of their dwelling was 11 meters, and height – 6 meters. On the ground floor (useful area of ​​81.57 sq. M.) There is a kitchen, dining room, bathroom with shower, laboratory exercise room and a hall. On the second floor (39 sq. M.) Are six individual cabins and a bathroom.

The area of ​​the volcano Mauna Loa has been chosen for this experiment because of the fact that, due to the volcanic activity of the local soil is most reminiscent of the surface Mars, on the height, where the dome, there are practically no plants. Contact members with other people through the means of communication have been specifically restricted. When you go beyond the dome of the participants could not replenish the supply of food. Before the start of the main experiment on an annual isolation organizers in 2013 – 2015 years held three preliminary experiment with a shorter term

The aim of the project was to assess the social and psychological state of the crew of a possible manned mission to Mars, internally for a long time to be in isolation. and work in conditions close to Mars. Particular attention is paid to the organizers of the study participants in the diet and its influence on the state of the crew. At the same time, participants were allowed to prepare meals of their choice (within the available food under the dome of the stock), or use ready-made sets of dishes, compiled by the organizers. Also as part of HI-SEAS passed testing software designed to control the psychological state of participants in manned space flight, as their limited access to psychological help organizers consider an important issue. The participants also carried out tests of clothing and other materials that may be used in space.

The group included representatives of the US, France and Germany. Among them were three men and three women. Johnson Carmel (Carmel Johnston) majoring soil scientist, previously she has been studying the evolution of gas from the peat bogs of Alaska as a result of thawing permafrost. German physicist and engineer Christian Heinicke (Christiane Heinicke) specialized in the study of auroras and modeling of processes in metal melts and mantle. Shane Gifford (Sheyna Gifford) was engaged in research in the field of neuroscience. She has a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and English, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Biotechnology and Journalism. Previously, she was one of the authors of the educational site of NASA. Stewart Andrzej (Andrzej Stewart) worked at Lockheed Martin, as an engineer was a member of Spitzer Space Telescope project, the spacecraft Mars Odyssey, Juno, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MAVEN program and Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL). Frenchman Cyprien Verso (Cyprien Verseux) specializes in astrobiology and biological life support systems. Part of his research is devoted to the use of microorganisms for the processing resources of Mars products necessary for human life. Christian Bassingtueyt (Tristan Bassingthwaighte) -. The architect, who is preparing a doctoral thesis on the design of buildings and interiors for future human settlement on Mars

After the participants shared their impressions. Cyprien Verso says that, in his opinion, manned mission to Mars is real, and psychological and technical difficulties that may arise, can be overcome.

The experiments to simulate a manned flight to Mars and were carried out in Russia. In 2007 – 2011 years of the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, under the auspices Roskoskoma, Russian Academy of Sciences and the European Space Agency conducted an experiment Mars-500. He headed the project cosmonaut Boris Morukov. Two participants in the preliminary stages have been isolated for 14 and 105 days. The main phase involved the isolation of 520 days, which is more than in the current draft of NASA. It also six people participated: Alexey Sitёv, Sukhrob Kamolov, Alexander Smoleevsky (Russia), Romain Charles (France), Diego Urbina (Italy) and Wang Yue (China). The experiment was successfully completed November 4, 2011. On its results can be read in a special essay.


Owners of phones helped to chart the road – BAF «Economics today»

Boston, MA. Massachusetts, USA, 30.08.16 12:43

Information about the location and movements of people has become very useful in the planning of roads .

phone owners  have helped to chart the road
Scientists do not ask
a huge number of people on their travels

The study was conducted by employees of MIT and Ford Motor Company. They used data on the geolocation of smartphone users at a time when they call or go online.

Once loaded in the developed algorithm the total volume of information gathered in Boston for six weeks, was obtained by the scheme of movement, the creation of a usually it takes several years. Proof of the success was the almost complete coincidence of this model to the one that made up the city administration

As explained by one of the ideas of the authors, its main advantage lies in the fact that scientists do not need to ask a huge number of people about their movements -. It information comes automatically.

Earlier it was reported that in 2017 the share of manufactured smartphone with fingerprint scanners will be increased to 50%.

Alexander Nikitin


Media: the oldest inhabitant of the Earth – 145 years – Herald

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The Russian media referring to the Daily Mail reports that found the oldest inhabitant of the Earth, who turned 145 years old. The main survivor lives on the island of Java, and says that he was born December 31, 1870. At the same time a man (whose name Mbah Goto) there are no documents confirming his birth date.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Mbah Goto survived four wives and all their children, and now lives with her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandson. According to one of Goto’s grandchildren, his grandfather was getting ready to die at the age of 122 years.

Although the local authorities issued a passport Goto, which in the column “Date of Birth” is 31/12/1870, the scientific community took the news with skepticism (with the same skepticism was greeted with the news of the 171-year-old resident of Nigeria and the 163-year-old Ethiopian, whose birth dates were also not documented). To date, the official long-lived, the record is considered to be a Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who lived 122 years and 5 months

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Monday, August 29, 2016

In September, the Muscovites will see a lunar eclipse – Moskovsky Komsomolets

… and the people of Africa – Solar

Today, at 18:04, views: 2511

The most interesting astronomical phenomenon, waiting residents of Russia and other CIS countries in the near September, will be the penumbral eclipse of the Moon, which in the case of favorable weather conditions can be observed on 16 September. According to the Moscow Planetarium on the same day, the full moon falls.

 & # x412; & # x441; & # x435;  & # x43D; & # x442; & # x44F;  & # x431; & # x440; & # x435;  & # x43C; & # x43E; & # x441;  & # x43A; & # x432; & # x438;  & # x447; & # x438; & # x443;  & # x432; & # x438; & # x434;  & # x44F; & # x442; & # x43B;  & # x443; & # x43D; & # x43D;  & # x43E; & # x435; & # x437;  & # x430; & # x442; & # x43C;  & # x435; & # x43D; & # x438;  & # x435;


penumbral lunar eclipse means that the only natural satellite of the planet falls into a region of space in which the Earth is only partially obscures the sun. The satellite will not fall in the shadow of the cone cast by the Earth, which does not get any sunlight so during the eclipse the moon will be only slightly darker than usual, and with the naked eye to see it would be quite difficult. However, if on September 17 on the night sky is clear, you will be able to watch the half-shadow of the moon eclipse 19:54 to 23:52 Moscow time.

1 September and there will be the second in this year’s solar eclipse but at the Moscow planetarium note that it – again, under favorable weather conditions – can be seen only by those who on this day will be in Africa or Madagascar. We are talking about an annular eclipse – this means that the moon is too far from Earth and fails to cover the sun completely, leaving around him bright “ring»

Among other astronomical events specialists call the convergence of the Moon with Mercury. . Venus and Jupiter on September 2

on September 22 will have the autumnal equinox in the Northern hemisphere and spring – in the South. On this day, all over the world, in addition to its polar regions, and day and night are almost equal in length (due to the optical characteristics of the Earth’s atmosphere light of the day in this day still lasts a little longer dark.


Paleontologists have found that died from “Lucy”, pramana humanity – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, August 29 – RIA Novosti . The famous “Lucy” has died after falling from the tree, which indicates that the Afar australopithecines, alleged ancestors of the genus of Homo, have not lost the ability to climb trees in the transition to upright posture, it said in an article published in the journal Nature.

“Lucy – our greatest treasure she exists in only an instance of, and we naturally want it fully explore without destroying the fossils Computed tomography does not destroy the studied material samples, and it allows us to look inside her bones, to study their structure and location..” -. said Richard Ketch (Richard Ketcham) from the University of Texas at Austin (USA)

Missing link

Ketch and his colleagues at the university and researchers from University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) have uncovered the mystery of death and some features of the life of “Lucy”, has trained more than 35 thousand “slices” of her bones, obtained by the “raying” computer tomograph all known her remains.

On today there is no consensus among paleontologists and anthropologists about where is the birthplace of modern man, and when the first members of our genus. In this role equally claimed by two African Corner – National Park Awash in Ethiopia and the “cradle of humanity” in the Olduvai Gorge in South Africa

Driving drop “Lucy” from the tree

in favor of the former candidate says that the territory of the region in 1972 the remains were found “Lucy” – a young female Australopithecus afarensis, lived 3.18 million years ago in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Her limbs were adapted for bipedal locomotion, and many anatomical features were similar to what’s inside a person that has led many scientists to believe that “Lucy” is a kind of “mother of” the genus Homo.

Today, “Lucy” appeared strong competitors – “Littlfut” and “man-Star” Homo naledi from South Africa, so the scientists with a new interest in studying their remains in an attempt to find the real ancestor of the genus Homo. Guided by such a task, the scientific team Ketch “enlightened” her bones.

Surprisingly, the scientists came across traces of very heavy fracture right humerus, which resulted in the end of it was crushed, and from her split off many small and sharp pieces. Such fractures, as the researchers note, is extremely rare in the fossil record, which caused them to further explore this injury.

Eva Fall

“These compression fractures arise when the hand hits the ground during the fall, and the shoulder hit against each other, creating a unique pattern of cracks and splits in the humerus. it is ironic that Lucy serves a central element in the debate around what our ancestors lived in trees, dead fall from the tree, “- says John Kappelman (John Kappelman), colleague Ketchama at the University

according to the researchers, a similar, although less visible damage there and in other bones.” Lucy, “the large number of which indicates that the consequences of the fall were very heavy for foremothers of mankind. Their calculations show that the young female had to fall from a height of approximately 12 meters in order to obtain such an injury. She says Kappelman, fell feet first, trying to slow down the fall with his hands. Death was probably, almost instantaneous.

All data and pictures, as emphasized by researchers, were laid in the open access to anyone who can verify these amazing statement about the death of “Lucy” to use them to search for the roots of mankind.

in turn, the discovery that Lucy had died from the fall, paradoxically speaks in favor of the Afar australopithecines lived at the same time and in the savannas, and could spend a long time in the woods and on the branches of trees. Trees are reputed scientists, could initially serve as Australopithecus night refuge and source of food, and eventually, to the extent of climate change and the spread of African savannah, they are further away from life in the woods.


Near the spaceport Vostochny can create a “Martian” base – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, August 29 – RIA Novosti Not far from the cosmodrome East can be built a new training ground with germomodulem and ground testing ground for the program of scientific experiments on isolation in preparation for a future Mars mission, told RIA. News leading researcher of the Institute of Biomedical problems (IBMP) Vadim Gushchin.

“RSC” Energia “and IBMP are interested in creating a base in the Far East, perhaps in Baikonur East region. Negotiations are under way. The If the project on the territory of Russia will be a place where you can carry out full-fledged ground training of crews, including for future Mars expeditions “-. said Gushchin

Commenting on the successful completion of the US annual experiment to simulate the landing conditions on Mars , which was held on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the expert noted that it is desirable to have such programs in the Russian Federation. He explained what the fundamental differences in the experiments carried out on the territory of the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow and at the training base in Hawaii.

“In the US base a little more extreme. Germomodul is too far from the hospital and all of the places where people live . Thus, the training program is closer to the realities of stay of astronauts on the surface of another planet in fact, this is a real expedition with a margin of civilization, feeling the crew more right we have more guaranteed and safe:.. the module is located on campus in Moscow, the subjects are under constant supervision of doctors, “- said the expert

According to him, the fundamental difference of the Russian and American programs is that the crew is not in the United States in strict isolation, although the subjects and are located inside the small. object, similar in terms of module in the IBMP.

“But we surveyed reside in permanently and will not come out, as it was in the course of the experiment” Mars-500 “, which has a strong psychological impact itself . Studies are under constant closed space, which in itself is more close to the real Flight to Mars and what is not from the American partners. In Hawaii, the open-loop system: no strict isolation, in addition, as the feeling that you are on the Big Island. The subjects come from the module to the open space in spacesuits can see how the weather changes, sunrise-sunset, the sun – in germokamere such feelings, even with the help of virtual reality, no “, – concluded the expert



Ends rehearsal mission to Mars, which lasted a whole year – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Six volunteers lived in conditions close to Mars

Today, at 10:53, views: 1878

In the US state of Hawaii ended held throughout the year a scientific experiment to simulate a flight to Mars. Six scientists from three countries took part in it, which held in complete isolation, and against the background of “Martian” landscape of 366 days.

& # x417; & # x430; & #  x432; & # x435; & # x440; & # x448;  & # x438; & # x43B; & # x430;  & # x441; & # x44C; & # x440 ;  & # x435; & # x43F; & # x435;  & # x442; & # x438; & # x446;  & # x438; & # x44F; & # x43F;  & # x43E; & # x43B; & # x435;  & # x442; & # x430; & # x43D;  & # x430; & # x41C; & # x430;  & # x440; & # x441 ;, & # x43F;  & # x440; & # x43E; & # x434;  & # x43B; & # x438; & # x432;  & # x448; & # x430; & # x44F;  & # x441; & # x44F; & # x446;  & # x435; & # x43B; & # x44B;  & # x439; & # x433; & # x43E;  & # x434;


Simulation conducted on the volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii. This place was sometimes becomes a testing ground for the “Martian” experiments of this kind due to the fact that it is located quite far away from civilization, and its landscape vaguely reminiscent of the Red Planet – including the fact that it is very difficult to find traces of life. In the past, these “expeditions” in the territory lasted from four to eight months, but experts have decided to extend this

Among the participants in the experiment included French astrobiologist, German physicist, and four Americans:. Pilot, architect, doctor (part-time is a journalist) and soil scientist. Three of the participants were men, and three of them – women. They all spent a year under a closed dome, leave that they had the right to exclusively suit and for a short period of time. During the experiment, participants were required to carry out certain research and the maximum to avoid conflict with each other.

After the end of the simulation specialists will analyze the results and use them in the preparation of further experiments of this kind. As for the participants, they successfully returned to normal life, although some of them joke that “Mars” they returned, not being aware of the political, cultural and other events in a year.

The American experiment was the second for the duration of the history of the “rehearsal” flight to Mars, but the record with an impressive margin continues to hold Russia – from 2010 to 2011, “Roskosmos” and the Russian Academy of Sciences, a similar experiment titled “Mars-organized with the assistance of the European space agency 500 “, in which imitation of the flight to the Red planet lasted for 520 days.

According to some statements, the first” real “human flight to Mars could take place as early as 2028, although some experts and consider a similar outlook overly optimistic. However, it is in any case is a question of entering the orbit of the Red Planet, while landing of people on its surface is expected to be somewhat more distant future – in 2030-ies. Representatives of the government and the space agencies of various countries in the past have repeatedly expressed their willingness to implement the project of the flight to Mars as an international.


Expert: to simulate a flight to Mars, experiments will be carried out more often – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, August 29 – RIA Novosti The number of experiments to simulate a manned flight to Mars in the near future will only grow, but the main obstacle to the implementation of interplanetary flights is the lack of the necessary technical means, according to the academician of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky Alexander Zheleznyakov.

Annual experiment to simulate a flight to Mars conditions Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and simulation (HI-SEAS), which was held on the slopes of Mauna Loa ended on Sunday in Hawaii. Organizer of the study made by the University of Hawaii with funding from NASA. Scientists were allowed to leave the special dome only in spacesuits. The experiment was the second for the duration of the history of such experiments. Longest was 520-day Mars-500 experiment of ground simulation of a flight to Mars conducted “Roskosmos” in 2011. Other similar tests were carried out for four to eight months.

“I think that in the coming years of such experiments and the like, and the other will be more and more … Of course, the main thing – it’s hardware. As a once they are set up as soon as it will, then the training of health will be intensified, “- said Zheleznyakov RIA Novosti on Monday

He added that the experiment HI-SEAS, as well as the Russian experiment Mars-500. and other research in this area indicates that “humanity, but talk about future travel to Mars, begins slowly to prepare for it.” Scientists estimate that the flight to Mars will take place no earlier than 2035, and the human landing on the red planet should not wait until 2045.

A member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Tsiolkovsky Andrew, son of John, said ground experiments modeling interplanetary missions can not fully simulate the flight, however, to carry out research in this area is necessary.

“it is clear that this is not an imitation of the flight, because the conditions are physically just different. it is clear that these still need to be engaged because it is a process, it is working out, it needs to be addressed is clear that these experiments to real flight is still far “, -.., son of John told

According to the expert, a manned mission to Mars is unlikely to take place in the medium term. No state will be able to prepare a mission to Mars without the participation of other countries in the project. Joint work on the project will go more than a decade, but the tense geopolitical situation in the world can count on long-term co-operation of several States, he said.