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Global warming may be stronger than previously thought - IA "Kazakh-grain"

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Scientists refined the forecast of global warming - Reuters

Iceberg in the form of rocks, archival photo

MOSCOW, December 31 – RIA Novosti. Global Warming provided doubling the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may be stronger than previously thought – the average temperature will rise by at least 3 degrees Celsius, rather than one, 5 degrees, as followed from the previous calculations, according to an article published in the journal Nature.

The Earth’s climate is changing, in particular, due to the increase in greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) emissions due to human activities. Degree increase in the average temperature worldwide provided doubling CO2 levels compared to pre-industrial levels is called climate sensitivity. Scientists have developed several ways to define it. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the temperature rise will be from 1.5 degrees to 4.5 degrees.

Stephen Sherwood (Steven Sherwood) from the University of New South Wales (Australia) and his colleagues have refined the data. As the main factor affecting the degree of climate sensitivity, they called the formation of clouds, which depends on the movement of air masses.

so-called low clouds to some extent reduce the impact of the greenhouse effect: they are formed at a height of 2-3 kilometers above the tropical ocean and reflect sunlight, thereby cooling the planet. Consequently, while reducing the number of these clouds the temperature should rise, the scientists write. They used 43 climate models previously developed to assess how the movement of air masses can affect climate change.

Analysis of the data showed that the temperature rise will be at least 3 degrees – twice as much as previously thought. On average, write the authors, the temperature will rise by about 4 degrees. Meanwhile, the report Climate Action Tracker offered similar data: in 2100, the average global temperature will rise by 3.7 degrees. The probability that it will exceed 4 degrees, is about 33%.

Global Warming: observations and predictions

Satellite "Molniya-3-45" dropped earlier than planned - BFM.Ru

exhaust Russian satellite “Molniya-3-45″ fell to the ground on the day earlier than planned, reports “Silver rain”. The satellite entered the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated over the South Atlantic near the 40th latitude.

Earlier it was reported that the satellite had to fall in the afternoon on January 1, but the data on the fall of the satellite from the corporation “Vympel” coincide with the information systems of the American control of outer space: the satellite is no more.

communication dual-use devices such as “Lightning” of the USSR and Russia launched 40 years. After working for the resource, two such apparatus fell into the ocean in the spring and summer of this year. 45 still remain operational satellites of this type.

The astronauts on the ISS will mark the New Year 15 times - BFM.Ru

crew of the International Space Station 15 times to celebrate New Year 14 times and return to the past. That’s the number of times the ISS overcome the boundary between December 31, 2013 and January 1, 2014, reports NTV.

astronauts will fly for the first time in the new year at 16:08 Moscow time on 31 December between Australia and New Zealand. Finally in 2014 the station will fly over roughly the same area at 13:51, when will fly over the Pacific Ocean.


when midnight chimes repulse Spassky Tower, astronauts celebrate New Year over the Pacific Ocean. At Christmas time Greenwich station will be located over the Atlantic Ocean, south of Africa. By the time Houston ISS will fly between Australia and South America. Watch the ISS are Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov, Sergey Ryazan, Mikhail Tyurin, U.S. astronaut Michael Hopkins, Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata Japanese astronaut.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Astronauts celebrate New Year 15 times - Delate.info - latest news

Astronauts who is currently on the International Space Station (ISS) will meet the new 2014 15 times. This will be possible because of the border crossing time zones.

Delights News – World. The astronauts on the International Space Station more fortunate of all. They will be able to celebrate the New Year as much as 15 times. That’s how much time they cross the border between the old and new year.

First astronauts will be in 2014 January 31, at 16.08 Moscow time. At this time they will fly over New Zealand and Australia. Then again astronauts return to the past, in 2013.

Last 15 times in ISS gets new 2014 January 1 13.51 Moscow time, flying over the Pacific Ocean near New Zealand.

Astronauts celebrate New Year 15 times Recall that recently on the ISS has a problem with one of the pumps in the cooling system. Fortunately, problems have arisen will have no impact on the Russian segment of the station and will not affect the health and safety of the crew station.

Source http://delate.info/19163-kosmonavty-vstretyat-novyy-god-15- raz.html

Cosmonauts broke the record stay in space in Russian spacesuits - News Agency

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergei Ryazan spent in the open space on Friday, December 27, 8:00 and seven minutes, the official website of NASA. Cats and Ryazan broke the record stay in space in Russian spacesuits “Orlan MK».

previous record was set in August 2013 and cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin Misurkin Alexander, he was 7 hours, 29 minutes.

Kotov and Ryazan made for the sixth year for the Russian mission to the ISS spacewalk. Kotova for spacewalk was the fifth for the Ryazan – second. In November 2013 the astronauts have already worked together in the open space when carried the Olympic torch.

During the Russian cosmonauts had, in particular, set the camera high and medium resolution from the Canadian company UrtheCast. After installing and connecting cameras with them failed to communicate. In this regard, the astronauts were instructed to dismantle the camera and bring them to the ISS for inspection. Because hitch with cameras of the tasks scheduled for the last 2013 spacewalk, was not implemented.

At the time of

Kotova and Ryazan into space aboard the ISS were Mikhail Tyurin, U.S. astronauts Michael Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata Japanese.

Roscomnadzor explained why blocked Rutracker - TVNZ

Roscomnadzor Saturday night announced that the popular Russian torrent tracker Rutracker.ru was blocked after 13 requirements Uninstall “pirated” content. We are talking about movies, exclusive rights to which are owned by the “Central Partnership Sales House».

movie “Legend 17″, “Marathon”, “Never mind the girls” and other paintings were placed on Rutracker.ru and site administration ignored the requirement to remove them. Changed only addresses the torrent files and stay in place.

Earlier it was reported that Roscomnadzor made in the register of banned sites poster Rutracker.org. As specified in the communication department, Rutracker.ru leased network address in Rutracker.org.

Rutracker.ru soon after it is blocked, changed IP-address. But this new address was also listed as prohibited.

Russians set a record stay in space - New Region

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Shot of the Day: Russians for ISS - InFuture.ru - Feel the future!

Two Russian cosmonauts were depicted on the photo during his spacewalk.

Friday December 27 Russian cosmonauts – 38 expedition members – Oleg Kotov (crew chief) and Flight Engineer Sergei Ryazan implemented planned spacewalk, which lasted for 8 hours and 7 minutes.

During the operation on the outer surface of the ISS in the area of ??large-diameter working compartment Russian service module “Zvezda”, astronauts installed on remote job site, “Anchor.” After performing dismantling removable rotary handrail guys removed monoblock “Splash” with the F-shaped handrail. It should be noted that within the space experiment “Splash” monitored seismic effects bursts of energetic particles in near-Earth space.

After completing all the planned works astronauts installed monoblock on the F-shaped handrails for the implementation of the experiment “Seysmoprognoz” associated with the methods of monitoring and plasma electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes and man-made disasters.

While the Russians were working in open space, American astronaut Rick Mastracchio photographed them inside the space station.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Santa Claus came to congratulate MCC ISS crew a Happy New Year - Interfax Russia

Moscow. December 30. Interfax-AVN – Russian Santa Claus arrived in Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC, Korolev, Moscow region), where it will make contact with the crew of the International Space Station (ISS).

“Conversation starts at 12:05 and will last 30 minutes. astronauts greeting Santa Claus Happy New Year and know what gifts astronauts would like to receive a holiday” – “Interfax-AVN,” Mission Control Center.


MCC noted that due to the fact that this organization is sensitive sites on Santa Claus had to write out a pass to Alexander Sokolov. On the territory of the enterprise he was on the list provided by the Vologda region.

congratulated the astronauts and MCC employees Santa Claus came without his granddaughter Snow Maiden.

main Christmas fairytale character accompanied by children from Vologda, astronauts, MCC staff and RSC “Energia”, administration Queen.

Visiting MCC All-Russian Santa Claus was a long tradition. Formerly with New Year’s greetings from the MCC with him to the astronauts accessed Perminov space companies and managers.

December 31 to communicate with the station crew will arrive at MCC relatives and friends of the astronauts.

On January 7

planned communication with the crew station Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. He will make contact with the astronauts of his residence outside Moscow on closed communication channel.


watch ISS are Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov, Sergey Ryazan, Mikhail Tyurin, U.S. astronaut Michael Hopkins, Rick Mastracchio, Koichi Wakata Japanese astronaut.

Russian Santa Claus greeted the New Year ISS - Novaya Gazeta in the Southern Federal

Russian Santa Claus on December 29 visited the Mission Control Center in Korolev, to congratulate the ISS crew a Happy New Year – media reported.

known that to communicate with ISS astronauts Santa Claus came at 12:05 and talked to the crew about an hour. He not only expressed congratulations and wishes, but also specify what gifts sides dream of getting into the festive night.

noted that due to the fact that MCC is sensitive sites, the magician gave a pass to name Sokolova.

Santa Claus greeting Happy New Year ISS - BFM.Ru

Chief Santa Claus will arrive in Russia outside Moscow and MCC SCS congratulate the ISS crew a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. In MCC clarified that the session will last for half an hour – from 12.05 to 12.35.

Together with Santa Claus will arrive at MCC children from Vologda, as well as representatives of the city administration, the children of staff and MCC RSC “Energia” and administration officials Korolev near Moscow, said RIA Novosti.

December 31 at different times of the Russian members of the ISS crew from Mission Control congratulated by relatives and friends of the astronauts. In addition, scheduled for January 7, compliments of the ISS crew from the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

Who shall watch the ISS astronauts Roscosmos Oleg Kotov, Sergey Ryazan and Mikhail Tyurin, NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins and Richard Mastracchio and astronaut Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) Koichi Wakata.

Roscomnadzor explained lock rutrekere - Ferra

29.12.2013, 14:51 Ferra, news@ferra.ru

, – (rutracker.org) IP- . , IP-,,,,. -, Rutracker.org , Rutracker.ru. , http://rutracker.ru/ http://rutracker.org/. .

& # xFFFD; ;

Roscomnadzor Rutracker.org made in the register of banned sites - News project INFOX.ru

popular torrent tracker Rutracker.org Roscomnadzor entered in the register of sites that distribute illegal content.

IP-address offline Rutracker.org entered in the register of banned sites December 27, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the portal Digit.ru, which has data Roskomnadzora.

In the column “Date of judgment” yet is blank, and the domain «rutracker.org» does not appear in the registry.

Nevertheless, despite the entry into the register, for many users Site Rutracker.org available. Earlier on Saturday, users have reported that they can not access the site through several communications providers, including “Rostelecom».

Representatives Rutracker.org official blog wrote that they had not received official information about blocking and its causes, as well as any requirements Roskomnadzora about removing information that violates the laws of Russia.

In Georgia will be delivered power of the Georgian Queen Ketevan - Pravoslavie.Ru

Tbilisi, December 29, 2013

discovered by archaeologists a few years ago in India, located in the ruins of a Christian church in Goa, part of the relics belong to Georgian queen Ketevan, the website

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Roscomnadzor blocked Rutracker.ru - Interfax

29 December 2013 10:23 | Photo: RIA Novosti, Alexei Nichukin

Roscomnadzor reported blocking torrent site Rutracker.ru. According to authorities, such measures were taken after 13 requirements about removing pirated content


Moscow. December 28. INTERFAX.RU – Roscomnadzor took steps to block the network address of the largest torrent site Rutracker.ru “Interfax” agency spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky. “Bit-torrent Rutracker.ru locked after 13 requirements about removing pirated content,” – he said.

Ampilonsky recalled that on September 9 Moskomnadzor on the basis of a valid judgment sent a hosting provider notified in Russian and English on the infringement of exclusive rights to the online resource demanding to take appropriate measures to remove.

“In the Administration site 13 times more letters were sent to the addresses on which the information was placed in violation of the exclusive rights. Resource ignored the requirement of non-placement of works without permission” – told in Roskomnadzor.

Ampilonsky said that on December 27 it was decided to lock resource Rutreker.ru network address. Press Secretary clarified that the network address resource in rented hosting www. Rutracker.org. “The site was blocked, but almost immediately he changed his IP address”, – he said.

Roskomnadzor reported that due to the change of network address, the new address is entered in the register of banned sites. “Operators notified of the need to remove illegal content,” – said Ampilonsky.

According to him, before the court to block the resource was approached by “Central Partnership Sales House”.

company complained of a violation of the site of their exclusive rights to the movie “Legend 17″, “Marathon”, “Never mind the girls,” “Red 2″ and others.

Roscomnadzor: Chief torrent Russia blocked for foreign piracy site - CNews.ru

See also:

Roscomnadzor explained the reasons for which a registry of banned sites was introduced IP-address Russia’s largest torrent tracker Rutracker.ORG. Official statement from the regulator published December 28, 2013

Recall that the December 27, 2013 in the Register of sites banned in Russia for violation of intellectual property was introduced IP, owned Rutracker.ORG. However, as the address of the offender in the same registry entries Set another site with the same domain name: Rutracker.RU. Contained in the same record URL examples of specific violations of intellectual property also lead to pages offline Rutracker.RU.


appearance record December 28, 2013 began to appear unreachable Rutracker.ORG networks of regional branches of “Rostelecom”, the part of St. Petersburg and foreign providers. After the first signs of blocking Rutracker.ORG changed IP-address, then it is available on the Web has begun to recover.

According to the promulgated

Roscomnadzor position to block was not too well-known tracker Rutracker.RU, who without permission “Central Partnership Sales House” distributed to jump torrents movie “Legend of number 17″, “Marathon”, “Never mind the girls’ “Illusion fraud”, “Red 2″ “Taken 2″ and “Parker».


Roskomnadzora, blocked IP-address was rented from hosting Rutracker.RU Rutracker.ORG, which led to unplanned last.

Note that blocked by IP Rutracker.ORG, by contrast, has a policy of cooperation with the owners and the rapid removal of hands upon receipt of such request.

On the same day the administration denied Rutracker.ORG version control in his blog, saying that he was in Registry IP Rutracker.ORG used for more than three years, and the rent never gave up. This assertion can be verified by contacting the service DNShistory, which confirms the identity of the IP Rutracker.ORG (and its predecessor Torrents.ru) from September 2009

At the same service can be sure that Rutracker.RU, which was aiming Roscomnadzor with March 2011 uses its own IP Their IP-addresses trackers have got different hosts.

Dump Registry Roskomnadzora. It can be seen that the forbidden IP belongs Rutracker.ORG, while the forbidden URL – Rutracker.RU

Administration Rutracker.ORG regretted what she had learned about blocking your IP-address of the news while she was supposed to arrive a day before the warning’s block, even if the introduction of its IP-address in the Register was caused by human error.

She confirmed that Rutracker.ORG and Rutracker.RU – unrelated resources which administrators with each other do not know and do not support any business relationship.

Rutracker.ORG – the largest torrent tracker Russia. On 28 December 2013 it was 13.7 million registered users and had 1.34 million existing distributions totaling 2.4 petabytes.

"Union 2.1" orbited three satellites - BBC News

new Russian rocket “Soyuz 2.1″ for the first time successfully launched from the Baikonur “Plesetsk” and already put into orbit three satellites that were on board. And it was a complete surprise: start repeatedly postponed. It was announced that the launch will take place until next year.

“Union 2.1″ – a new lightweight two-stage rocket that is based on the classic “Union.” It was his launch pad after minor improvements and is used to start a new carrier.

first test flight of the Union 2.1 delayed more than a year. During this time, designers have found and eliminated the cause of the accident, which occurred on the firing tests first stage.

test works were in parallel with the state commission. It was after the head of the designers decided to launch readiness and began filling the fuel carrier.

“The launch complex was modernized under the new launcher class. During the first stage of a motor that will be used in the lunar program. these engines gave a second life,” – said Nikolai bashlyayut, Head of Centre for Testing and applications of space assets cosmodrome “Plesetsk”.

same height as a classic union new missile is markedly different from him. The role of the first stage performs a second here, and the “Union 2.1″ not 4 side units.
Samara engineers have developed not only a new missile, but the block removal “Volga”.

Part satellite payload “Stork” designed Samara State Aerospace students of the university. Information about the other satellites of the new missile is closed. “Union 2.1″ due to the use of existing units will be also one of the most inexpensive.

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