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Act came into force on pre-trial blocking of websites for extremism - RBC Daily

Today in Russia enacted a law that allows Roskomnadzor block websites on request of the Prosecutor General and without a court order. Any site can be locked in an hour if it is extremist content, according to prosecutors, character.

Under the law, to extremist materials include calls for rioting, incitement of ethnic and religious hatred, to participate in terrorist activity and to “participate in the mass public events held in violation of the established order”, reports news agency RBC. A new article is now contained in the federal law “On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information».

Sites with extremist content can now be locked without a court decision. And to these sites are and Internet media. For example, the Prosecutor General’s Office will be able to lock the media, which put on your site Quote opposition calling for an unsanctioned rally.

Roscomnadzor after receiving a message from the Prosecutor General’s office immediately sends a requirement for operators to restrict access either directly to illegal information, or to the entire site, on which she appeared. It is unclear in this case will block the entire site or a specific page with information gap. Access to the site can be restored only after Roscomnadzor receive from the site owner or hosting provider message that information is removed, and make sure this.

«Hardly any possible abuse violations. Well, firstly, because such a procedure is applied over a year for other resources – against child pornography, drugs, suicide, and it has proved its effectiveness. This is such a deterrent for owners of other Internet resources, including the content that is produced by its users, and is an incentive to pay more attention to the fact that site users and check the group public pages for compliance with the law “, – explained director of the League of Safe Internet Denis Davydov.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Astronomers have created the first weather map failed star - BBC News

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is the weather we have today, a dwarf? - BBC

European astronomers worked by forecasters. They first saw the changes in the weather on brown dwarf – not the star, not the giant planet.

Astronomers were able to create a map for the first time weather on brown dwarf – a representative of one of the most rare and unusual types of objects in the universe. Brown dwarfs, which are commonly referred to as failed stars, fill a gap in the classification of objects between stars and gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

Astronomical Open 2013 in

Methuselah knew galaxy

Three mysterious outbreak, thousands of exoplanets and Methuselah – the oldest star: “Times” presents an overview of the most significant events in the … ?

Their masses

enough thanks to the compression in the bowels of a high temperature,

but not enough to run this temperature could thermonuclear reactions occurring in normal stars.

For this reason, brown dwarfs do not shine in the optical range and can only be detected by its infrared (heat) radiation. For the same reason science knows quite a bit of brown dwarfs: the first such object was detected only twenty years ago, and today astronomers have counted them only a few hundred.

Luhmann (Luhman) 16 – double star consisting of a pair of brown dwarfs orbiting a common center of mass. It was opened as recently as 2013, the American astronomer Kevin Luhmann on pictures sent Infrared Space Observatory WISE. In accordance with the rules of the names of binary stars brighter component called Luhman 16A, and its companion – 16B.

Astronomers have shown that the planet may be born without stars

Planets are born alone

Planets that are worn alone in the darkness of our galaxy can be produced without the participation of stars. This is the conclusion astronomers, seeing … ?

beauty of this pair is that it is located at a distance of only six light years from the Sun, and therefore is the third distance from us after the star system Alpha Centauri and Barnard’s Star.

Until recently, scientists managed to see on some brown dwarfs only signs of heterogeneity, but it is not allowed to judge the temperature distribution and the “clouds” on them.

Astronomers led by Ayana Krossfilda of the Astronomical Institute of the Max Planck could not just take a picture of a dwarf Luhman 16B, but also to see its features.

«Previous observations have shown that brown dwarfs may have spotted surface, but now we really managed to map them. Soon we will be able to see how on this brown dwarf formed, evolve and dissipate clouds, and eventually something will ekzometeorologi predict the weather for those who gather to visit Luhman 16B », – joked author of the discovery, published in the journal Nature .

To see especially the “surface” of a dwarf and a region of enhanced cloud, astronomers studied it with the echelle spectrograph CRIRES, mounted on the telescope VLT (Very Large Telescope) in Chile.

Astronomers have found three potentially habitable planets in the star Gliese 667C

star with conditions to stay

Astronomers have found three potentially habitable planets in the star Gliese 667C. ?

This allowed not only to see how the brightness changes dwarf as it rotates, but also to learn,

what dark and bright areas of the surface at the time of observation are moving away from the observer, or to him.

With this information and knowing the speed of rotation of the dwarf, the scientists were able to create a map of the movement of its atmosphere. “Long-term monitoring of the dwarf pointed to the fact that weather conditions are changing rapidly, but remain at least partially similar from one night to another. This suggests that the time evolution of global weather patterns – the order of the day “- the scientists write in their article.

atmospheres of brown dwarfs should remind the properties of the atmosphere of hot gas giant planets. Therefore, by studying the atmosphere of brown dwarfs, astronomers can understand the laws of motion of the planets atmospheres young, the massive opening of which they hope in the near future.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Genetics cleaned Neanderthal - BBC

problem frequently encountered in the analysis of DNA genetics of ancient people and animals – contamination – solved: Scientists have found a method of purification of DNA from more recent pollution and estimate the sample belonging to Neanderthal cave Okladnikova defining its place in the genetic tree.

Contamination – chemical and biological term infection Connection foreign substances alien biological material. Ancient DNA of humans and animals may be contaminated as the microenvironment, where the remains of the body, and DNA scientists working with found samples. Such pollution is undoubtedly an obstacle in DNA sequencing (determining the amino acid or nucleotide sequence) – a process that is used to describe the structure of DNA.

Neanderthals and modern humans denisovtsy tens of thousands years ago, met, talked and left offspring Contact

hominids sucked from the finger

comparison of genomes of Neanderthals and modern humans denisovtsev showed that different groups of hominids 12-126 thousand years ago, met and talked … ?

group of researchers from Sweden and Germany led by Pontus Skoglund (Uppsala University), as well as collaboration of Russian scientists Michael Shunkova and Anatoly Derevyanko (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences) found a method of cleansing the ancient DNA from external contaminants, and has analyzed the DNA of the remains of a Neanderthal cave Okladnikova. In the work of scientists participated Svante Pääbo and , a geneticist who has received the full version of the Neanderthal genome.

Full results of genetics can be found in the journal PNAS .

Method for determination of extraneous DNA layers based on an analysis of its natural mutations. For example, 30-40% of the samples, dating back several thousand years, cytosine is converted into thymine, adenine and guanine in. Scientists have developed a system that simulates the processes of natural DNA changes and compares the results with the data sample.

Genetics read most ancient human DNA age 400 thousand years

Denisovets had relatives in Spain

Denisovskoye The ancient man whose remains were found in Siberia, and the hominids who lived in Spain 400 thousand years ago, had a common ancestor. Such … ?

To test the new method, the researchers used approximately 1 million DNA sequences derived from the remains of Australian numbering 100 years, four skeletons from the Neolithic period (found in Scandinavia about 5 thousand years ago), from four skeletons of Neanderthals (age: 38 to 70 million years old) and four modern living people. System showed the presence of foreign pieces of DNA samples with age. Next, the researchers deliberately contaminated the DNA of modern man “parts” of Neanderthal DNA – and again the system has proven its effectiveness by evaluating the “extra” items.

Thus, at the moment of genetics have at their disposal a method of purification of ancient DNA from foreign elements that will have a significant positive effect on DNA research.

Genes inhabitants of Siberia appeared in the Americas 24 thousands of years ago - the publication of Russian scientists in the journal Nature

Indians came from Siberia

team of scientists, which included seven scientists from Russia, including the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences and the Hermitage, the gene studied the ancient inhabitants of the Upper Siberia … ?

This is confirmed and further the work of scientists. Group Pontus Skoglund studied Neanderthal DNA, whose remains were found in a cave Okladnikova (located on the outskirts of the village Sibiryachiha Soloneshensky Altai Region). Genetics took mitochondrial DNA sequences of 6906 and were analyzed using the system for the detection of contaminants. Firstly, analyzing natural mutations, the system confirmed that the sample really belongs Neanderthal and then revealed 10.2% contaminated fragments. To get rid of them, the scientists had to reduce the number of investigated sequences to 3908, pollution levels decreased to 1,3%.

DNA sequencing showed that the sequence of the mitochondrial genomes of Neanderthal cave Okladnikova does not coincide with the previously described sequences of Neanderthals from Central and Western Europe, but takes its place in the genetic cluster with them.

Work Group Pontus Skoglund unequivocally proved that the establishment of a system for separating contaminants from the DNA will allow geneticists to conduct a more detailed analysis of samples of genes ancient people and animals, and thus a step closer to deciphering them embedded in the DNA helix secrets.

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In Chinese Lunokhod Yuytu found fault - 3DNews

According to the State Administration for Defence Science, Technology and Industry PRC (SASTIND), referred to by the Xinhua News Agency, January 25 in the morning during the second transfer moonwalker Yuytu (Yutu, Jade Rabbit) to sleep in the process of regime change in its control system faults were discovered. In this regard, researchers have started to scan.

More detailed information regarding the possible causes of failure, and what nodes are affected, is not currently published. According to preliminary data, malfunction caused by « complex topography of the lunar surface ».

In turn, the descent module of the Chang’e-3, whereby the Jade Rabbit was delivered to the moon, entered sleep mode safely on Friday evening, January 24. Duration of the moonlit night is about 14 Earth days. At this time, the temperature on the dark side of the moon goes down to about -180 C. At this time, the Chang’e-3 and Yuytu are in hibernation mode, and on-board equipment is stopped and heated isotopic source of energy. After the first night on the Moon Chang’e-3 surveillance conducted by an optical telescope, as well as the ultraviolet radiation of the Earth camera recorded the plasmasphere. Yuytu was busy collecting data using the panoramic camera, X-ray particle detector, radar and infrared cameras.

Yuytu Research unit was successfully delivered to the moon using the descent module of the Chang’e-3 December 13, 2013. Rover mission is designed for 3 months. From the descent module and lunar rover Chinese researchers expect to clarify and expand information on the chemical composition of the surface and the interior of the moon, its atmosphere and its impact on Earth.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Otherwise, everything falls apart what little is left" - BBC

RAS President Vladimir Fortov visiting American telescopes in Antarctica, spoke about the effectiveness of Russian science and stated that there are no problems with RAS Fano, but there are problems with the ministry.


2014 RAS President Vladimir Fortov spent in an expedition to Antarctica, where his companions became the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy, presidential advisor on climate change Bedritsky and presidential envoy for international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic Arthur Chilingarov. On Thursday in Moscow travelers told about his impressions of the trip.

– After the discovery of the South Pole scientific interest has traditionally been high, because we are talking about extreme conditions that are atypical for the majority of people on our planet and that, on the one hand, are difficult to study, on the other – promise a lot – said President of the RAS. – Study of the South Pole and Antarctica – it is always not only heroic, but the quest for knowledge. In this unique work groups.

The first extragalactic neutrinos opened without Russia

«Era of neutrino astronomy started»

at the South Pole for the first time caught the high-energy neutrinos, who arrived from outside the solar system. Why Russia remained on the sidelines … ?

Speaking of scientific problems that are solved in Antarctica Forts called to investigate the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth’s surface and drilling subglacial Lake Vostok .

– This (burenie. – “Times”) gives you the opportunity, moving into the depth of the ice base to move the timeline back, because when you take samples of ice, you can judge what the temperature was, how was up, and it is very important to answer those questions that concern all of humanity: warming, cooling, cyclic or non-cyclic climate change. This is the place where there is a “first-hand information».

RAS President lamented the fact that “American colleagues” have an ambitious program of research in Antarctica.

– I want to emphasize one thing. We were shown a neutrino telescope, allowing capture neutrinos – particles that interact badly with the environment, and through the body, almost without scattering. They carry information about what is happening in the galaxy, the early moments of our part of the universe.

For the first time in the history of recorded neutrino came not of the solar system, and from the far depths of the Universe

New Astronomy from Antarctica

the first time in the history of science to detect neutrinos, came not from the solar system. 28 neutrinos were born with superhigh energies … ?

It is an observatory IceCube, which work on “Times” recently told . Adjacent to this observatory on the U.S. Amundsen – Scott South Pole, there is another astronomical instrument – South Pole Telescope, plate receiving radiation in the microwave, millimeter and submillimeter ranges, ie between optical radiation and radio.

– Asked what scientific program on the telescope, we got the answer that we both pleased and disappointed – said Forts. – They said this: we check the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich theory. Rashid Sunyaev – our compatriot, a brilliant astrophysicist, winner of many awards. That is verified by the prediction of the theory, which is formulated by our scientists (more of the Sunyaev – Zel’dovich “” said Rashid Sunyaev himself. – «BBC»).
That equipment which they used partially established in the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics.

Astrophysicist Rashid Sunyaev of the award of medals Franklin

«First of all we need to think about young scientists»

On Friday night, April 27, the Russian astrophysicist, Academician Rashid Sunyaev was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal. In an interview with “” … ?

I say this to the fact that semi-conversations that we have science is inefficient, makes it impossible to be at a level – it is a lie and a lie.

In order to see this with my own eyes, it is necessary to go to Antarctica.

– About Lake Vostok drilling a lot said and written, I would emphasize that this is a priority of work that is not one, and in the field that have come up with our experts – continued Forts. – We must bow and take my hat off to those people who work for a paltry money.

Yes, I have to raise this issue: people get 70-80 thousand rubles. a month where the temperature drops to minus 80 degrees and the wind up to 200 km / h. I am convinced that the RAS should pay attention to it and to revive the program which we always were. We have the capabilities, support and interest. It is an effective height of 5000 m on me, it made a strong impression – although I was there for the second time. But I have a pride for our people, for our science. And we can not avoid to increase our presence and strengthen.

“Gazety.Ru” asked Vladimir Fortova specify which programs RAS Antarctica research question.

– We have several programs where the present Antarctic component – said Forts. – Now, as you well know, in the RAS is reform, a special agency – Fano. It now participates in the financing of different events. I just today was talking with the director Michael Fano Kotyukovym on how we run an errand Putin’s “North.” Indeed, there are indications of the country’s leader to develop work in the northern and southern areas – it’s all one unit, similar tasks. We are discussing that such a program has been put together academy program of high-tech medicine and mathematical modeling. This is what we are talking about.

Interview about how in the Alpha Centauri planet was found and how Russia could connect to such studies

«planets in the habitable zone are common»

exobiology soon to become one of the most rapidly developing science, and Russia should be actively involved in exoplanet research … ?

– Since we were talking about astronomy, at what stage is the question of Russia’s accession to the European Southern Observatory? Case after the reform of the RAS again “bogged down”, despite the fact that it was raised at last year’s meeting with Putin on Science?

– This question is complicated. Today reform – as it moves – reduced to the transfer of property and money from one institution to another control. But the question is deeper. Regardless of how to mark up the money – in Fano, academy or somewhere else – the objective reality is that the ability of the Academy of Sciences as research organizations are at an insufficient level. In each one of us is aging equipment, space age, there is a need for new measuring modern equipment, scientific fleet re-equipment – research ships. It’s all a lot of extra money. And this money is not allocated and not assumed. And then the connection with the Chilean telescopes: they need the money. Eventually guide Fano and RAS must count all that is, and see the money. Now I do not see them. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to achieve it. Must be sought, otherwise everything falls apart what little is left.

– Academy of Sciences will gradually prepare proposals for amendments to the law on the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the course of its execution. It is now clear what it will be amended?
– Generally clear. We ask and we will ask the part of institutions in general leave the Academy to perform the function that we have under the law. We will offer more interaction with Fano, on the one hand, a clear separation of functions between Fano – on the other, and the Ministry of us – with a third party.

Today there friction on the vector “Academy – ministry”. It concerns us, is unhealthy.

We have misunderstandings and difficulties in graduate school. We believe that the Academy should be postgraduate. It’s a long conversation, but that system of awarding degrees, which today is accepted, it will lead us to chaos. Plagiarism – including. Previously, there was some hierarchy, was the advice on physics, which included scientists recognizable, everyone knows that is worth taking into account and any moral qualities. This means that the bribe is impossible in principle. Now this is not!


“Gazety.Ru” said the chief of the Russian Antarctic Expedition, Valery Lukin Hydromet, at what stage is the study of samples of ice from Lake Vostok. He said that the first results can be expected by the end of February: “Now microbiological studies are in PINP. We hope that the findings of last year’s core we get at the end of February. This is a very complex technological research, very thin. Results will be presented in the form of scientific articles. Everything will depend on the level of what would be done. I already know what to do but do not want to talk. Well, now I am not authorized to make such statements ».

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84, died Academician Yuri Izrael - First Channel

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American owls overhear prairie dogs - newspaper Evening Moscow

Rodents, speak complex languages, birds warn of approaching danger.

North American owls rabbit , which often make their home on the outskirts of settlements prairie dogs overhear conversations of their neighbors rodents. Owls do not do it for curiosity, but for their own safety.

Scientists from the University of Colorado found that prairie dogs with special “words” transmit signals to each other about approaching snakes . Eavesdropping dogs, owls receive important information about the impending danger. Although reptiles predators in most cases do not pose a threat to adult birds, they can destroy the owl eggs, ruining the nest.

Prairie dogs , who, unwittingly, help neighbors, speak a complex language with the rudiments of grammar . Scientists have found that in their lexicon has independent parts of speech – nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs . With words of rodents squirrel family can describe approaching a living creature or object in detail. For example, scientists have found that person in a blue T-shirt with long sleeves they react differently than a man in a gray T-shirt with short sleeves. In the case of snakes, dogs stand on their hind legs and closely examine the terrain. If a predator approaches, rodents attack him.

Owls , which also have their own language, not react to all the sounds, namely those signals danger . Study leader Rebecca Brown said that scientists have conducted a kind of test, studying the reaction of the birds on barking dogs, mooing cows, and the sound of low-flying aircraft. It turned out that it cries dogs make owls react particularly active – birds tremble, rotating head and pressed to the ground.

conclusions that scientists have published a paper in the journal Ethology, once again prove that the animals that live in the neighborhood are in the complex interaction, helping each other to cope with all sorts of dangers.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Russian explorers collect motes "comet century» ISON - BFM.Ru

Antarctica is collecting cosmic dust left over from comet ISON. According to the press service of “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute,” work performed Russian explorers.

In the experiment, from 7 to 11 January was laid 150 square meters of ultra-pure polyethylene, which should serve as the working out of methods and data collection reversing. January 15 scientists spread this material over an area of ??45 square meters, to determine the background of cosmic dust deposition conditions. It is expected that it will collect when the tail of the comet enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Analyze the information entrusted to employees of the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics in Gatchina.

Earlier it was reported that Russian scientists decided to look for signs of cometary dust in extraterrestrial life. Researchers calculated found on microscopic particles of organic molecules.

In the astronomical environment was expressed criticism on the matter. In particular, it was noted that the chances of finding the remains ISON, needed for the experiments, are extremely small.

ISON opened in 2012: it did astronomer from Russia Artem Novichonok. She was named Comet century, as it was extremely bright, and it was assumed that since December 3, 2013 Earthlings could see it with the naked eye. However, on November 28 the comet should pass perihelion – the closest point to the Sun’s orbit – and since then researchers have lost her. It was assumed that ISON could disappear before the perihelion passage, unable to stand closer to the star.

"Russian virus" could be bought on the black market hackers - Russian Newspaper

Attackers attack U.S. retail chain Target using virus KAPTOXA, bought up a malicious program on the black market, and then created their own method of attack on the terminals to read bank cards. About it writes The Washington Post.

hacking terminals and credit card data theft American chain Target announced in late 2013. Recently in the press reported that penetrated computers of the virus was written “partly in Russian.” Malicious program did not recognize the existing anti-virus tools. So hackers who wrote the virus showed a high qualification.

  • Photo: ITAR-TASS data kidnapped 70 million banknotes virus written in Russian
  • Photos Oleg Kosov media reported on disabling” speed “cameras in Moscow

According to John Waters, CEO of iSight, specializing in issues of information security, the virus was found on the black market in June 2013.

“It’s not so much in the virus, but in the sophistication of the attack,” – said Waters.

According to a report prepared by the iSight, the organization on whose computers appeared the virus may not be aware that they are infected. Also they are unable to keep track of which data has been lost as a result of the attack. All the matter, according to experts, is that KAPTOXA able to “cover his tracks”, hiding their activities.