Thursday, October 15, 2015

Scientists: Gravity crushed all dinosaurs – Express-News

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15.10 | 16:14

Scientists from Vladivostok have put forward a new hypothesis about the extinction of the dinosaurs. In their view, today’s gravity is not allowed to exist giant animals.

«There is long-standing paleontological paradox is that many biological organisms that have left undeniable evidence of the fact of its existence in a stone chronicle of the Earth, now inhabit on it could not just physically, “- says one of the authors’ hypothesis, chief researcher at the Institute of Marine Biology, Anatoly Drozdov.

Modern mathematical calculations confirm the impossibility of the existence today of such giants as pterosaurs, with a wingspan 12-15 meters, or dinosaurs weighing several tens of tons.

After analyzing data on the evolution of the eleven largest land animals for 150 million years, scientists have come to the conclusion that the dinosaurs lived in a lower gravity, which is a that time has increased 2,079 times.

The reason for the increase was an increase in the force of gravity due to the mass of the Earth falling on its surface a huge number of small meteorites and cosmic dust. This is possible, if we assume that the solar system came to a dense cloud of interstellar space dust. This process lasted several tens of millions of years, but the 60-100 million years ago, he was the most intense, resulting in a sharp increase in the force of gravity and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

«Based on our estimates, over the 150-200 million s area of ​​the Earth’s surface has increased by 4.32 times, that is, at 76.81%, and the volume of the Earth has increased by about 9 times, “- scientists say.


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