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"Progress M-18M" ceased to exist in the Pacific Ocean - Reuters

International Space Station. Archive
International Space Station

© Photo: NASA

“Progress M-18M” sent to the “graveyard of spaceships”

MOSCOW, July 26 – RIA Novosti. of the fragment undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) cargo ship “Progress M-18M” splashed on the “graveyard of spaceships” – in the non-navigational area of ??the Pacific Ocean, according to RIA Novosti representative of the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

“Fragments of the space truck to 4.42 MSK fell into the Pacific Ocean about four thousand kilometers from the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington,” – said the source.

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© Roscosmos

spacecraft “Progress M-18M” went to the ISS. Scenes from the Baikonur

on to replace “Progress M-18M” will be sent to the ship “Progress M-20M”, the launch of which is scheduled for July 28 at 00.45 MSK from Baikonur. Mooring will be made to the docking station “Pierce” in the same day at 6.26 MSK. “Progress M-20M” will revert to the flight to the ISS on the “short” a six-hour scheme. It was tested on cargo ships, then to test it during the flight of manned spacecraft “Soyuz”. To date, two manned “Soyuz” successfully flew to the ISS on a “short” circuit.

watch on the ISS are Russian cosmonauts Pavel Vinogradov, Alexander Misurkin, Fyodor Yurchikhin, U.S. astronauts Christopher Cassidy and Karen Nyberg, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano.

Features eliminate spacecraft

Space agencies around the “bury” the spacecraft in a deserted area of ??the Pacific Ocean. Subject to flooding overage stations and ships loaded with their various compartments of garbage and waste life space missions. Read more >>

Roscomnadzor reconciled with the rights holders and operators of "pirates" - Ferra

26.07.2013, 14:10 Ferra,

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Find frequencies for LTE networks in Russia - Telekomza

LTE in Russia without problems is not built

Company “MegaFon”, thanks to the close cooperation with the “Skartel” his situation with the radio frequency resources for the deployment of LTE networks can be considered safe.

However, the introduction of new wireless technologies in Russia is complete without external “stimuli.” After this statement – one of the recipients of competitive licenses, the terms of which must comply even with the liberal attitude of the regulator and the industry ministry. However, unexpectedly in the Ministry of Communications decided to show concern and threaten with a “sampling frequency”, but a few days later changed their minds.

This public display of disregard of legal norms like thing of the past, when another authority (FAS) has decided to remind myself – the head of the antimonopoly authority for some reason decided that the “problem” is not in the frequencies, fair distribution of FAS which can not achieve for many years, but the licenses. It is necessary that the operator for some reason still further concluded that a bilateral, or trilateral agreements with FAS and with someone else, in which the “swear” to comply with the license conditions. “Pebble” in the direction of Roscomnadzor or just said it without thinking?

But apparently, this noise is still “scared” of license holders and we learned about the plans to install 7,000 BC to support LTE.

This month went by and news of “Union LTE”, which tries to hold in their hands the process of conversion of the spectrum and has repeatedly defended his approach, involving the implementation of license obligations, so to speak, “little blood” – more precisely with minimal cost to the operators .

Leaving alone for the Ministry of Defense, in the “Union LTE” carried out an audit of the frequencies that were in use in WiMAX-providers and operators MMDS-networks. In the spring of this year it was reported that in the frequency range of 2.5-2.7 GHz, subject to conversion, MMDS has 38 companies in 43 regions of Russia, as well as WiMAX operators in 390 localities. This data Roskomnadzora at the beginning of 2013. Negotiations with them and engaged in the first place.

First there is information about Khabarovsk, where the disposal operators will 2h48 MHz band (2524-2572/2644-2692 MHz), and then the news of the agreement reached with the company “Prestige-Internet” (“Enforta”). WiMAX-provider gave for a fee in the radio frequency resource of 102 villages with a population of 50-100 thousand people.

quote from the press release, “Union LTE”:
“According to the contract, LLC” Prestige-Internet “committed in the course of 45 business days to stop the use of radio frequencies 2530-2570 MHz and 2650-2690 MHz, members of the range of frequencies allocated Decision ? 11-12-02 SCR under the standard LTE, which at the time of the contract have been used to provide services to subscribers in the territory of the Russian Federation on technology WiMAH “.

Both events can be considered significant, at least based on the detected band – 2h48 MHz, liberated Company “TV network” (Khabarovsk) and 2×40 MHz – LLC “Prestige-Internet”. This will provide an opportunity for participants’ Union mobile operators LTE “run in these settlements network 4th generation and offer residents high-speed mobile Internet access.

“Union LTE” will continue to work – according to the company “in” another 10 potential contracts with the users of the scarce spectrum. It can be assumed that the question of conversion of frequency in the low range will not go up next six months – the operators have a “reserve”, and the Ministry of Communications, trying to get out of the situation, issuing stupid (the main thing being equal) strips of “7.5 MHz” until the end reinforced their proposals relevant PPA.

fall (and beyond) are waiting for the meetings of SCR, the members of which can still pay attention to the dynamics of LTE in the 1800 MHz band in the world and allowed refarming, whereby part of the Russian population will have access to the LTE network noticeably earlier.

Otherwise, we will not hear for a long time the news from Russia about overcoming ordinary millionth “marks”.

"Progress M-18M" sunk in 4 thousand miles from New Zealand - Proceedings

Russian cargo spacecraft “Progress M-18M” successfully undocked from the ISS, after which he was sunk in the Pacific Ocean. Itar-Tass Russian Space Agency.

The whole operation took about four hours. Fragments of “Progress” is not burned up in the atmosphere, fell to the so-called “graveyard of spaceships” in the non-navigable area, about 4 thousand miles from New Zealand.

on board the equipment was spent and about a ton of garbage.

next truck will travel to the ISS on July 28.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Progress M-18M" sunk in the Pacific Ocean - BFM.Ru

space truck “Progress” sunk in the Pacific, told the Roscosmos, said Russian news service.

According to the Russian Federal Space Agency, coving ship from orbit for further flooding began at 03:53. Vody have reached only the high-melting the elements of, do not burnt-out during the passage of of dense layers of of the atmosphere.

The transport cargo ship of «Progress» undocked, from a docking compartment cover «Pearce» of the Russian segment the ISS in 00:44. Launch of the “Progress M-18M” to the ISS using the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U” was carried out on February 11 of this year. Six hours later, the ship docked to the station. He delivered to the ISS more than 2,600 pounds of cargo. In the a part of station the cosmic truck spent five months of, and 14 days.

July 28 to replace the “Progress M-18M” from Baikonur launched a new cargo ship – “Progress M-20M».

A space truck "Progress M-18M" undocked from the ISS - Reuters

International Space Station. Archive

© Photo: NASA

MOSCOW, July 26 – RIA Novosti. space truck ‘Progress M-18M “undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and left for his final journey to the” cemetery of spaceships “located in the Non-Navigational area of ??the Pacific Ocean, told RIA Novosti the Mission Control Center (MCC).

cargo ship “Progress M-20M” will start on time, said Popovkin

“Engines cargo ship 03.53 MSK will be launched on braking.” Progress M-18M “, gradually reducing speed and orbit flight today will enter the Earth’s atmosphere, where it will burn. Fragments space truck in the drive at 04.42 MSK non-navigational area of ??the Pacific Ocean “- a spokesman said.

on to replace “Progress M-18M” will be sent to the ship “Progress M-20M”, the launch of which is scheduled for July 28 at 00.45 MSK from Baikonur. “Progress M-20M” again will revert to the flight to the ISS on the “short” a six-hour scheme. It was tested on cargo ships, then to test it during the flight of manned spacecraft “Soyuz”. To date, two manned “Soyuz” successfully flew to the ISS on a “short” circuit.

In Moscow schools will not impose a single form - RBC Petersburg

In Moscow schools will not impose the mandatory wearing of the form. This was announced by Acting head of the Moscow Department of Education Isaak Kalina.

According to him, the introduction of a mandatory form – this is a “case of each educational institution”, not the department.

should be noted that, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education to the form, the school may establish forms of “front, casual and sportswear.” Ministry of Education does not recommend students to wear the school logo clothing “asocial informal youth associations, and promotes substance use and illegal behavior”.

In a special “model regulatory act” the ministry stressed that “the appearance and clothing of students of public and municipal educational institutions must conform to generally accepted social norms business style and be secular”.

Recall that in April United Russia deputies Michael elders and Olga Timofeeva made to the State Duma a draft amendment to the law “On Education.” Under the bill, students wear a uniform should be mandatory. In addition, to support the return of uniforms and spoke Russian President Vladimir Putin, who suggested that the details of the issue to solve the regions and municipalities.

July 25, 2013

Russian scientists proved that dogs see the world in color - Russian Newspaper

Russian scientists set up an experiment, proving that man’s best friend – dogs – are able to distinguish between shades of color and brightness.

However, as it turned out, pets perceive only a limited color range, but it’s better than to see the world in black and white.

Previously, scientists from the University of Washington found that dogs distinguish blue and yellow colors (red and green and there).

team of researchers from the Laboratory of sensory information processing in the Russian Academy of Sciences has decided to continue the study of American and colleagues conducted a new experiment, which involved eight different breeds of pets, reported

researchers placed a bowl of food in individual drawers, and above them hung the leaves of certain colors: dark yellow, dark blue, light yellow and blue. Dark and light shades were used to test the theory, which states that dogs distinguish objects only in terms of brightness.

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over a bowl containing raw meat hung dark yellow sheet. In the three experimental approaches have learned to associate a dark yellow color with meat and already knew exactly what to choose a bowl.


dogs offered a choice between light yellow and blue colors to find out whether they are guided by the color or brightness is still on. As a result, dog selected light yellow, indicating that they are primarily responding to the color.

According to the authors of the experiment, the dogs distinguish the brightness of objects, but the ambient light is more focused on the colors.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Google introduced an operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean - ITAR-TASS

LOS ANGELES, July 24. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Urusova /. The American company “Google” / Google / presented today at the San Francisco / California / two new products – a mobile operating system “Android 4.3 Jelly Bean” / Android 4.3 Jelly Bean /, as well as tablet computer “Nexus 7″ / Nexus 7 / second generation.

The updated “Androide” developers have significantly improved the graphics settings – mobile platform now supports Open GL ES 3.0. To communicate with other devices in the software adds support for technology “Bluetooth Smart” / Bluetooth Smart /. “Android 4.3″ offers enhanced input features.

New Tablet PC “Nexus 7″ received a 4-core processor “Snepdregon Es4 Pro” / Snapdragon S4 Pro /, a 5-megapixel primary and 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, as well as 2 GB of RAM memory. Screen size has remained the same – to 7 inches, but its resolution is increased. Tablet PC equipped with a wireless charger, it supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE network. The new device runs on a platform of “Android 4.3″, its price in the U.S. market will vary in the range of 229-269 dollars excluding taxes.

Google unveiled a new operating system in the United States and Android tablet Nexus-7 - Sight

Internet, Google unveiled on Wednesday in San Francisco (CA), the mobile operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, as well as tablet Nexus 7 of the second generation.

The updated Android developers have significantly improved the graphics settings – now mobile platform supports Open GL ES 3.0. To communicate with other devices in the software adds support for technology Bluetooth Smart. Android 4.3 offers enhanced input features, reports ITAR-TASS .

New Tablet PC received a 4-core processor Snapdragon S4 Pro, a 5-megapixel primary and 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, as well as 2 GB of RAM. Screen size has remained the same – to 7 inches, but its resolution is increased. Tablet also supports wireless charging, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE network. The new device is powered by Android 4.3, its price in the U.S. market will vary in the range of 229-269 dollars excluding taxes.

NASA released pictures of the Earth taken from Saturn - Asian Reporter

MOSCOW, July 23 / Asian Reporter /. NASA scientists have obtained new images of Saturn’s rings. With the automatic interplanetary station “Cassini” the researchers photographed the ring at a time when they are located between the satellite and the Sun. It is possible to obtain images of the rings, the sun shines through and through at the same time to take off our planet, along with the moon. About the work performed according to the website NASA.

The pictures “Cassini” our planet and its natural satellite, look like two distinct points of light: the Earth – a large light blue, and the Moon – a small white. And both objects were actually filmed through the rings of Saturn, which gave the pictures quite a fantastic view. Incidentally, the wide angle images were taken as part of an experiment on the compilation of a large panorama of Saturn’s rings.

“Pictures from the” Cassini “remind us that no matter how negligible our home planet compared to the vast expanses of space” – commented on the results of a survey of the participants of the project “Cassini” Linda Spilker.

The pictures Cassini Earth and the Moon looks like tiny dots. In the photo with Messenger celestial bodies appear to be a little more, thanks to a special setting that is applied when shooting.

According to NASA, the first time humans were able to see pictures of the planet made from such great distances. Space Agency offered to people all over the world to participate in the interplanetary “photo shoot”: July 19, when these pictures were made, were wishing to find Saturn in the sky, waving in his direction, and share the photos of the sky over the Internet. It joined the action for more than 20 thousand people.

Station “Cassini” was built by the efforts of NASA, the total cost of the mission of higher than 3.26 billion U.S. dollars.

-0 –

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Watch space scientists ISU will be a gamma-ray telescope in Tunkinskaya Valley - TVNZ

TUNKA was chosen by chance: in this area clear nights that are perfect suitable for research
TUNKA was chosen by chance: in this area clear nights, which are ideal for research
Photo: Julia Pyhalova

from plans into actions. Finally, the construction of the world’s largest gamma-ray telescope TUNKA-HiSCORE . As expected, it will be located on astrophysical range of Irkutsk State University , which is in the valley of Buryatia Tunkinskaya.

– unparalleled in the world of the installation will detect high-energy particles coming from the Universe – tells project manager director of the Institute of Applied Physics, Irkutsk State University Nicholas Budnev . – In Tunkinskaya Valley will have the opportunity to study the particles whose energy is much higher than in the famous Hadron Collider.

This is a real breakthrough, not only of Irkutsk, but the Russian science. Event for our country akin to the first manned flight into space. Ultrasensitive, a super gamma-ray telescope, surpassing the capabilities of all existing settings in the world will be present, construction of the century.

project is for three years. The forerunner of this important event was the introduction into service in 2009 in Tunkinskaya Valley unique installation TUNKA-133 for the study of cosmic rays. TUNKA was chosen by chance: in this area clear nights, which are ideal for our research. But the existing facility lacks sufficient sensitivity and accuracy to allocate relatively rare and mild outbreak of gamma rays on the background of other events. We do not see the stars during the day in sunlight.

– Large gamma-ray telescope TUNKA-HiSCORE will be ten times higher sensitivity and resolution – continues to Irkutsk physicist. -This will allow for the first time in the world to observe and investigate the so-called pevatrony – astrophysical objects that emit gamma rays with an energy of a million billion more than the photons of visible light. Installation will include about 1,000 detectors distributed over an area of ??at least 10 m. km.

will supervise the project director of the Institute of Applied Physics, Irkutsk State University Nicholas Budnev
will supervise the project director of the Institute of Applied Physics, Irkutsk State University Nicholas Budnev
Photo: Julia Pyhalova

now on the range of new optical set 10 stations and 20 stations for the detection of charged particles that are produced in the interaction of cosmic rays with the atmosphere.

– During the construction of these detectors will be using equipment which has arrived from Germany – reported in the press service of the ISU. – Recall that in April 2013, Irkutsk physicists have won the grant the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 90 million rubles . It is this amount spent on equipment.

In our scientists to work on the project will be known German astrophysicist, project manager and MAGIC research group at the Physics Institute of the Max Planck (Germany) Razmik Mirzoyan . He already has a lot of experience in building large facilities and for himself a huge interest to create something new and different, that has not happened in the world. He was the first overseas will arrive in August, and that’s when he will visit the space in the landfill Tunkinskaya Valley.

– His visit will be the beginning of a new era – adds Nicholas weekdays. – Now to visit us will be coming foreign scientists and work on our setup. In addition, Russian physicists will not have to travel abroad to study particle accelerators, because now there is a huge telescope in Russia.

"Cassini" shot view of the Earth through the rings of Saturn -

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R?R?R?R ° R?R? ft R?R?S ‡ <‡ R? R?R?R?S R?S?R?ReR?R ° S?S,, C ‡ C, the PS R?R ° S?R?R?R?R?R?S?S € R?ReR number R?R?R?S? S?S, the PS P "ft C ‡ € R?R? pep · R?R S?R ± ° Ð ¶ R?R?ReR? R?R ° C € R?R R?R number "P ° R?R?S, C

R?R?ReR?R?R? Re R?S?S?R?R?S

P ¤ R?S, the PS: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute and NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington

P “R?R” S?R ± S? R?R?R P ° “° R?S?R S?R?ReR · S? S?R?R” S?R?S, S?S? R?R?R?ReR? pep · R?R?R “R?S † R?R ° C, S?S?R?R °. P • R? R?R?R?R R?R ° ° ° R?ReR? PI R?S?S?R?R?R?R?R ft € C, F ° F ± R?S

1 / 4

R?R?ReR?R?Re P R?R?R “Re pep · R?R ° P” S?R?R?R?R? R?R?S?R?R?S?R °, R?R ° R? R?R?S?S?R?S?S?S, S?R?R?S PEP † ° P “ReS?S, C

Scientists have discovered that dolphins call each other by name - - latest news

Science. Scientists in Scotland have found out – Dolphins, as people give the names and speak to them.

specialists studied issued dolphins whistle. They recorded acoustic signals and found 32 different species of dolphins perform for the whistle “names.” Scientists are putting in a pool with dolphins sound reproducing device saw dolphins responded only to their names. As a result, the experts were able to calculate the whistles of dolphin whistles, acting as personal names.

One of the scientists said – “We know that animals are alert each other about predators or food, but the cries of the thing or the names – is the evolution of language ».

Whistling heard in the water up to about 20 kilometers, the dolphins use them inside the pack. “Usually in the movies we show that dolphins live in the clear water, but this is not true. More time they are in the dark, and thanks to whistle do not lose each other, maintaining strong relations in schools “- said Vincent Janik, a colleague of King.

This Janik said that the ability to give names – a sign of the great apes. Most researchers believe dolphins have their own language, but the full transcript of his remains for the future.

Near Irkutsk began building the largest telescope in the world - Moskovsky Komsomolets

In astrophysical site in Tunkinskaya Valley (Buryatia) is building a telescope TUNKA-HiSCORE

unparalleled in the world of the installation will detect high-energy particles coming from the universe. Currently under construction are 10 optical stations, and 20 stations designed to capture high-energy particles that occur in the atmosphere during the last interaction with cosmic rays. This will draw high-tech equipment from Germany, a total value of 92 million rubles.

“unparalleled in the world of the installation will detect high-energy particles coming from the universe. Tunkinskaya in the valley will have the opportunity to study the particles whose energy is much higher than in the famous Hadron Collider”, – stated in the university.

Back in April, Irkutsk physicists have for the project “Gamma-ray astronomy multi-TeV energies and the origin of galactic cosmic rays,” Russian Ministry of Education grant for 90 million rubles. These funds have already started the construction of new optical stations and stations for the detection of charged particles.

value of the project for Russia is that our scientists do not have to travel to other countries to work on accelerators, and leading European research centers will make a huge material and intellectual contribution to the creation of astrophysical settings.

At present, 25 students and staff Institute of Applied Physics and Physics Department of the Irkutsk State University are working on astrophysical range.

– The construction of ten new optical stations and twenty stations for detection of charged particles produced by the interaction of cosmic rays and gamma-rays from high-energy atmosphere. With the construction of these detectors will be used in equipment worth 92 million rubles, arrived from Germany, – the co-director of the project, director of the Institute of Applied Physics, Irkutsk State University professor Nicholas Budnev.

Head “megaproject” is a well-known astrophysicist at the Physics Institute of the Max Planck (Germany) Razmik Mirzoyan. He has extensive experience in the field of large facilities, as in the creation of industrial designs of new devices with unique characteristics.

Within three years Mirzoyan will work in the Irkutsk State University for at least four months a year. In mid-August, is expected to arrive in the first Tunkinskaya valley on astrophysical ground, said the ISU.

aim of the project – search and study of galactic accelerators by gamma-ray astronomy and cosmic ray physics at record levels for this time of sensitivity.

In recent years, gamma-ray astronomy has become the most rapidly developing area of ??high-energy astrophysics with many of the major fundamental results, experts say.

Dolphins are calling on behalf of - BBC

Dolphins – the only mammals other than humans, who call each other by name. These unique whistles dolphins can not lose each other at a distance of up to one kilometer.

July 23, environmentalists all over the world celebrate World Day of whales and dolphins, holiday established in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission. On the eve of this holiday Scottish researchers published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences an article that proves that each dolphin has its own unique name.

This name – a characteristic short whistle, the so-called “whistle-signature”, often published by the same dolphin.

Whales and Dolphins lost their fangs through a single mutation

disappearance of canines

A mutation in the gene that controls the growth of bone and tooth tissue, which appeared in the genome of the ancestors of whales and dolphins around 30 million years ago … ?

He has been seen by scientists for a long time, it is believed that dolphins use it for self-identification. So, a few years ago, it was found that mothers patronize dolphin newborns in the first week publish this whistle a few times more than usual by teaching the kid to the fact that it was she, and not someone else – his mother.

now proved that the dolphin is not only self-signature whistles, like the name, but also responds to it.

Scottish biologists – Stephanie King and Vincent Jenik from the University of St.. Andrew – spent a proof of two summer seasons in 2001 and 2011, the years of watching the different groups of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) off the east coast of Scotland. They wrote peresvistyvaniya dolphins, and then reproduce the sounds with special underwater speakers. Play different sounds – whistles, and signature of the dolphins that were part of the group, which was broadcast, and other whistles that the signatures were not known, as well as signature whistles, dolphins from other groups with which dolphins and listeners have never met. The results showed that the dolphin responded to a whistle only when he was at his own whistle-signature, uttering at the same exact same whistle.

Staff from the U.S. dolphin presented their research beluga who spoke with a human voice

uttered in a human voice

Staff from the U.S. dolphin presented their research whales, who spoke with a human voice. ?

In short, there was something like a communion of people – when you call, you respond.

Dr. Jenik believes that perhaps such communication is necessary for the dolphins to keep the group at a distance sufficient for the negotiations. In the case of the Scottish dolphins scientists estimated the maximum distance of a kilometer.

«Most of the time they spend, seeing no one around, they do not have nests or burrows, where you can go under water, no smells, for which land mammals to know each other – says Jenik – so the ability to recognize each other characteristic sound is their only opportunity to not lose acquaintances ».

According Dzhenika, art naming develops in parallel in different groups of dolphins, and just as in different human groups were born different languages.
Despite the close attention to these unique creatures, scientists still do not know whether there is dolphins have a language (or languages ??of their own.) Until now, their whistles, unlike the whistler-signatures remain undeciphered – that they can be compared with the “junk” DNA is a part of that for a long time, scientists believed not the carrier of information, only recently found out its important function in the regulation of genes.

Listening to the sounds, the Scots in his article defined them as “uncharacteristic» (undistinctive) – that is, it is either very complex language, or (more probably) not a language at all.

The human ability to create custom tones for self-designation and remember similar signals generated by other members of the same species is very rare in animals. Perhaps, say the researchers, this ability is inherent in songbirds, but at the moment it is very poorly understood. In addition, they sing their own songs to encourage the female, sending an alarm or convene a school where food is found, not in order to say to the other: “I’m here!».

Scientists remind us that earlier in some species of parrots ability to communicate certain unique sound was also found, but so far it remains unclear whether these sounds are used for self-identification in his pack. They insist that the dolphins – are the only representatives of the animal world, except the people who are able to communicate in this way.

Monday, July 22, 2013

"VKontakte" would not arbitrarily delete content owners - Digit. An online magazine about technology. Deeply about high.

Rights holders will not be deleted in their own social network “VKontakte” illegal content. This is spokesman “VKontakte” George Lobushkin.

MOSCOW, July 22 –, Marina Kirpichevskaya. The right holders are not manually delete a social network “VKontakte” illegal content. This is spokesman “VKontakte” George Lobushkin.

Earlier Monday, about such a possibility, some media reported.

Lobushkin explained that the moderator accounts from large holders have long existed. The first of these in 2010 appeared in the online theater But these accounts are used and will be used only to replace the legally pirated content. Replacement is done by removing illegal content and redirect the user to the player holder to the same legal content.

«Require content removal without replacement of the right holder, as before, can be a special form in the” VKontakte “. Each such request is checked by our lawyers, after which the content is removed administration of social networks, “- commented Lobushkin.


holders owning moderator accounts, it is technically possible to remove the content. It is necessary for its replacement. And by the rules of social networks can be used for this purpose only.

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Technical Director “VKontakte” Nikolay Durov explained, that if the holders properly exercise their right of substitution of legal content, they are deprived of it.

«After such incidents, they are deprived of the right to delete,” – said Nikolay Durov. Earlier, the delete function of pirated content at the request of copyright holders and the company acted Web Kontrol, cooperation with which “VKontakte” stopped last week. The reason for the gap, according to Lobushkina, that simply eliminated the need for mediation. Now, according to the rules of “VKontakte”, this can be done only after consideration of the resource requests.

Turkish programmer to break into the site Apple Dev Centre, did not want to cause harm - 3DNews

Following the message about hacking Apple developer site has received recognition culprit of the accident. It turned out to Turkish programmer Balik Ibrahim (Ibrahim Balic), who calls himself a security expert. He said in the comments to the article resource

Turkish programmer to break into the Apple Dev site Centre, did not want to cause harm

According Balik, he advises a number of companies on security issues. Exploring the site code developers Apple, he found 13 bugs, one of which allowed him to gain access to the database. This was immediately notified the hacker group.

In support of their authorship Balik personal data showed 73 members of the community of developers (all of them are employees of Apple). Four hours after receipt of his communication company disabled the website developers.

According to the hacker, he did not want to cause harm, and now fear of prosecution. “I have not tried to publish the data or tell anyone about the situation – writes in the comments Balik. – My goal was to find vulnerabilities and collecting information in order to see how far I can move forward in this area.” Balik also posted a video on YouTube with information about some of the e-mail addresses, but is currently limited access to it.

Turkish programmer , to break into the site Apple Dev Centre, did not want to cause harm

 Turkish programmer to break into the site Apple Dev Centre, did not want to cause harm

Hacker recorded personal information about 100,000 developers. Apparently, this information he destroyed, although evidence for this has not yet been.


Comment ()

Copyright holders were allowed to moderate illegal content in "Vkontakte" - News News SPB Petersburg

Up to 10 thousand files of illegal content was removed daily by representatives of copyright holders in the network “Vkontakte”. Now the leadership of social networks has proposed a new scheme. The largest holders of issued moderator powers.

They will be able to track the pirated video and replace it with a link to its players with legal content. But to remove anything from the site holders will only be able on request.

Denis Lumps, head of Telecom Daily: «If we remember that” Vkontakte “and it went through the placement of user-generated content, we can soon watch some outflow of people».

According to recent reports, “Vkontakte” significantly slowed development in comparison with other social networks. The leader of growth became its chief competitor – “Classmates” for the month increased the audience of nearly 9%. The number of Twitter users has increased by 6.5%. The “Vkontakte” growth – only 2%. However, this does not prevent the network to remain a leader in the number of visitors.

Turkish hacker checked Apple's strength, cracking a site for developers -

Turkish hacker checked Apple's strength, cracking a site for developers
YouTube / ?brahim BAL?Ç

Apple has once again become a target for hackers. This time the site was attacked for developers, which have been registered several hundred thousand people. In Apple admitted that some of the data on them could fall into the hands of hackers.

According to the newspaper The Financial Times, the incident occurred as early as last Thursday. Portal was disabled without explanation. The official statement from the company came in the second half Sunday. It Apple executives acknowledged that we are talking about hacking and developers to bring apologies for the “serious inconvenience”.

Representatives of the brand said that the work on restoring the functions of the site is “round the clock”. Do any harm to users or applications to Apple hackers do not seem to have time. At the same time, the company recognized that in the hands of hackers could get some data (such as names and e-mail addresses) of some developers. At Apple, however, argue that the information was encrypted.

The Financial Times notes that the attack on the Apple occurred at a critical time for the company. Soon, plans to launch a new operating system for mobile devices brand.

According to The Guardian, the responsibility for the incident took on the Turkish expert on cybersecurity Balidzh Ibrahim, who called it a security check of the site from outside intrusion.

According to the hacker, he told us about all the vulnerabilities and even posted the corresponding video on YouTube, but no response did not wait.

In turn, Apple announced that performed a complete re-installation of all systems, and the software is updated and restored the database to prevent a repeat attack.

Earlier in February cyberattack suffered internal network Apple. The company then assured that there is “no evidence” that this was stolen someone else’s personal information.

Apple's developers have closed due to hacking - BBC News

Became known cause malfunction Site Developer Center, designed for developers of software for operating systems Apple. As a recognized company, the site was hacked attacker.

happened on Thursday last week. It was on Thursday access to the site was closed with a message that it carried out the technical work. In a message sent out on Sunday to all registered developers, the company does not rule out that the “intruder” gained access to their names, home addresses and email addresses. This data is not encrypted, acknowledged at Apple, in contrast to other “sensitive personal information”.

The company said it will now have to completely rework the system for developers to rebuild the database and update the server software. While these works are completed, access to the site will be closed. An Apple representative said in an interview with All Things Digital, that these regular Apple users were not addressed burglary. Website Developer Center has nothing to do with these data, in addition, they are securely encrypted.

Developer Center provides developers with early access to the developed by Apple UE for example, the beta versions of iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks. In addition, developers can use it to organize the distribution of beta versions of their own programs. Finally, the site hosted popular among developers private forums where they discuss work on the software, and other issues.

responsibility for what happened later took over the British Turkish origin Ibrahim Balic. However, he argues that just researched vulnerabilities in Apple systems and to find as many as 13 “holes” in the Developer Center, notified the company. Balic Apple posted a list of employees of the company, these accounts which he received. In addition, the researcher admitted he did get access to the names and addresses of about 100,000 registered developers. It happened on Thursday, and that’s when the company closed the site.

Source: All Things Digital, The Next Web

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Giant viruses are forced scientists to change their outlook on life - NIA-Kuzbass

22.07.2013 10:19
Giant viruses are forced scientists to change their outlook on life

Scientists have discovered new giant viruses that will point to the infinite variety of life forms.
Specialists share life on Earth superkingdom or three domains: bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. Thus, for viruses living organisms, scientists have never considered writing But the recent discovery made them change those views.
So, off the coast of Australia was discovered megavirus size of 1 micrometer in length and 0.5 micrometers in width, and its genome is composed of 1.9-2.5 million bases. Most surprising was not the size of the virus, and in that only 7% of the genes have been previously unknown to science. The discovery of giant viruses compared with the opening of Pandora’s box, scientists say.
Of Parasitology of the Central Institute for the Health Service of Germany Rolf Michel discovered the virus inside a giant amoeba on a contact lens women.
In the future, scientists have to figure out how to appear these viruses.

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On Earth, found a giant virus from Mars - Rosbalt.RU

PARIS, July 21. Researchers from France have discovered a giant virus alien origin. He was in one of the deep-water amoebas and amazed by its size, ten times exceeding any of the existing on Earth.

Giant was given the name “Pandora”. Discoverers of the virus claim that it is completely safe for humans.

It all started with the fact that a group of researchers took samples of water off the coast of Chile and from the pond in Australia. Then the water added antibiotics to kill the bacteria, and in samples where no more bacteria, amoebae added. When single-celled organisms died, the researchers saw that the samples remained something of non-bacterial origin. Thus was discovered unikalnyyvirus. The composition of its genes by only 6% identical to the earth, the other 94% – clearly extraterrestrial proiskhozhdeniya.Vsego virus contains 2,556 genes.

“Pandora” is so large that it can be viewed even under a microscope school – virus dimensions exceed 1000 nm, whereas viruses of the earth are within the range of 10 to 500 nanometers.

According to scientists, the virus is likely to have an extraterrestrial origin. It can only reproduce inside a “host.” In the course of the “life” viruses devastate cells, absorbing proteins and DNA. With the destruction of the core “besieged” cells “Pandora” is reproduced in hundreds of copies.

“The discovery of giant viruses compared with the opening of Pandora’s box. We can not even imagine what will happen after the biology of how we study them more”, – quotes the discoverer, Dr. Jean-Michel Claverie Israel’s Channel Nine television.

Currently, researchers are trying to find out the origin of the “Pandora”. Most of them believe that the giant virus could be brought to Earth from another planet, such as Mars. The skeptics are inclined to believe that the virus is actually not new, but very old. It was his ancient lineage explains the fact that scientists can not yet explain its genetic makeup.

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