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In Primorye created chocolate with “marine vitamins” prolonging life – RIA Novosti

VLADIVOSTOK, March 1 – RIA Novosti. Scientists Primorye created chocolate isolated from sea urchin and starfish substances that contribute to longevity, according to the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

“Recently, scientists TIBOH FEB RAS and FEFU new functional food has been created. – chocolate “sea masterpiece.” to make the chocolate, which is already a useful, even greater benefits in its composition have been added substances isolated from sea stars, sea urchins, and lemongrass. These substances we call “marine vitamins”. Such a complex “sea of ​​vitamins “slows down the aging process and has a corrective effect on metabolic processes, which increases the quality of life and contributes to longevity”, – said in a statement.

The study of the structure and health of marine biological properties of natural compounds are held in TIBOH FEB RAS for more than 40 years. On this basis, we developed and successfully implemented in practical medicine drugs and dietary supplements.


Livanov wants to flood the Russian market robotic cockroaches – Federal news agency No.1

Livanov wants to flood the Russian market robotic cockroaches

Kaliningrad, on 26 February. Russian Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov praised the domestic robot cockroaches and even offered to run them in mass production. The authors of the unusual invention are scientists from the Baltic Federal University of Immanuel Kant in Kaliningrad.

«Cockroach that need to run in mass production, because this technological innovation is not only interesting, but also useful for children and adolescents, and the who are older. It can get them interested in the engineering business and programming “, – said Livanov during the inspection of the exhibits of scientific and technological park” Factory »

According to the university’s press service, the Minister could not resist the novelty and independently tested.. He ran a mechanical cockroach using a tiny keypad.

We add the Russian scientists prepared two mock combat robots, avatars called “Rescue”, who will be able to work in extreme conditions. Anthropomorphic machines that can be controlled remotely using a special suit, will be able to keep his balance, to block punches and rise after falling.


In Slovenia, await the birth of the rare “dragon” – GISMETEO.Novosti

In Slovenia, in the cave, which is visited by millions of tourists every year, is an unusual and rare amphibian guarding large clutch of eggs.



European Proteus ?? tailed amphibian that lives in underground lakes and streams in the Balkans. They are expected to live more than 100 years, but only one ?? multiplying 2 times in 10 years. Female in the aquarium in the cave Postojna postponed 50 ?? 60 eggs ?? and three of them are already showing signs of growth. No one yet knows how many young hatch and exactly how long it will take


© Postojnska jama

According to the biologist, working in a cave, Caco Veldt Township, female lay eggs beginning January 30 ?? 1 ?? 2 each day. Veldt Township and his colleagues made eggs pictures in a dark cave, using a long exposure to capture the tiny embryos and their development. In order to hatch, it takes about 120 days, but this is only a rough estimate made on the basis of Proteus colonies data created in the 1950s in an underground laboratory in the French Pyrenees. There, these amphibians were living in a little more warm water ?? 11 degrees, but the temperature of the water in the cave in Slovenia ?? 9 degrees, so the cycle may be extended.


© Postojnska jama

This event is unique ?? It provides an opportunity to observe the mysterious European Proteus (also called OLM, or “human fish”) during the breeding season in the same cave where they had lived for millions of years. According to a member of the Zoological Society of London, Dr. Dusan Jelic, this is a very significant moment ?? currently there is not much data on the reproduction of these animals. Jelic studies olmov wild, diving in underwater cave systems in Croatia.

If the young hatch and will develop properly ?? This, according to Jelic, is something incredible, because in the wild has not been able to find the eggs. Rather, they are hidden in the ground in caves slozhnodostupnyh. In Postojna ?? a whole system of caves where live wild population olmov, it is noteworthy that the brickwork has been delayed in an aquarium in one of the most passable places in the cave. This is an extraordinary event and the staff worried about the eggs as they are very sensitive.

Olma ?? the largest amphibians that live under the ground, and the only vertebrate in Europe, which carried out under the ground forever. Postojna is the longest cave system in Slovenia ?? 20.5 km. These caves were formed by the waters of the Pivka river that runs through the cave for 800 m. Olma is very well adapted to these caves ?? over 200 million years, they lived in constant conditions, but that’s because they are very vulnerable to changes in water quality and temperature.

In 2003, it laid eggs OLMA another female, but they are not hatched and were eaten by other olmami in the aquarium. all precautions have been taken at this time ?? left in the tank is only a female, it was closed to protect the eggs from the light, the water is supplied supplemental oxygen, according to “Bi-bi-si».

Using an infrared camera on the big screen, visitors and employees can see what happens in the cave.


© Postojnska jama

In general, there is no movement, but the female occasionally checks the eggs, lays one or more brushes off amphipods ?? hungry small crustaceans, which she can not see, but is detected by electrically sensitive organs on the face. The animal also has a powerful sense of smell, which helps monitor the eggs. Veldt Township noted that eggs have a smell, so the female can recognize which of them are alive and which are dead. Due to the scarcity of food in the cave system it feeds on unfertilized eggs. OLM is very popular in Slovenia, before the introduction of the euro, they even appeared on coins.

Hundreds of ice back when the floods washed out of the cave olmov lakes and rivers, the locals thought it was ?? Young dragon. In the last few weeks, “mother-dragon” has become a local celebrity, and biologists working in the cave, celebrate responsibility and the importance of this point.


A revolution in the world of computer technology – created a “living” bio-computer – Ghhauto: Russian top stories

01.03.2016 00:57

Leading scientists from the USA, Holland, Sweden and Germany have managed to create a prototype of a “living and breathing” biological megakompyutera, informs ” Science News ».

 regnum picture big 1456751649249240 08061 1

The researchers it took seven years of work that would eventually be able to describe in detail the mathematical model of a supercomputer, operating on the principle of a living organism. Read the seven years of operation of the business enthusiasts can in a paper published in the scientific journal «Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences». The authors report that after a lot of trial and failure, they were able to successfully create a functioning prototype that almost all indicators different from other prototypes. Its main advantage is the small size.

The processor supercomputer at times less than conventional processor computer, it is only 1.5 cm. Another important advantage is that it does not get hot and consumes a minimum of energy, such results have been achieved thanks to the use of proteins. The supercomputer runs on adenosine triphosphate, is the chemical compound that provides energy to the cells of living beings. According to Professor Dan Nicolau from McGill University, the work scheme is very similar to the scheme of traffic on city streets. Just as the city’s own fuel move cars through the channels of the microchip move molecules.

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But in cases of bio-computers, fuel for their movement is adenosine triphosphate, and the molecular mechanism of energy supply in the processor can be compared with the process of a living organism breathing. Due to the fact that all processes in the chip controlled biological agents, bio-computers does not heat up during operation. The study’s authors believe that their development is a revolutionary invention and the first step on the way to an era of “breathing” bio-computers, the basis of the work which are living cells. Over time, this breakthrough will help reduce the amount of energy consumed as well as the size of computers, significantly increasing productivity.

«Our main task is to develop ideas and to make all the processes more practical, for example, by using different biological agents », – says Dan Nicolau. – «We have to solve a lot of problems, the main of which is a combination of biological supercomputer with a conventional computer to create a hybrid computing system. The fact that only recently seemed unreal, becomes a reality. »

Create a full bio-computer is not feasible, but it is real, scientists say in the near future.

Note biocomputer is a computer that functions as a living organism, or contains biological components. Creating a bio-computers based on molecular computing direction. As the computational elements used proteins and nucleic acids, which react with each other.

When creating any technique, people always compared myself to her, I was able to look at themselves as if from outside. With the development of cybernetics and the creation of computer scientists have fantastic ideas about the creation of human similarity and machines capable of performing information functions, mathematical expressions, logic operations, accumulation of numeric, text, sound and art-graphic data. Artificial computer becomes man rival and ally intelligence.

In 1966, the book John. Von Neumann’s “Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata”, it describes the theory of cellular automata, which are capable of self-reproduction, similar to a living cell.

In 1994 Edlman the experience has shown that the DNA molecule can solve computational problems, and those that represent the greatest difficulties for traditional computers. Since then, the story develops DNA computing.


How to identify the cause headache pain in the scene of 3D-films – BBC

Many of us at least once in your life go to the cinema to watch 3D-film, and it is likely experiencing some discomfort while – headache, eye pain, heaviness in the forehead area. According to statistics, these problems are not uncommon. In 2011, the French researchers conducted a survey, trying to understand how people feel after watching of 3D-films. It was found that

Only one-third of the audience watching these movies, without experiencing any problems, 27% feel “discomfort”, 22% complain about the deterioration of health, 7% experienced severe headaches pain,

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the remaining 11% is also noted worsening symptoms well-being, but for other reasons.

This headache is a brain response to the “wrong” image, while coming in both eyes. To the viewer saw the picture in the volume you need to right and left eyes, looking at the screen, see different images, and the brain must combine them to get the stereo. This helps the brain special glasses, which are issued by the audience at the entrance to the cinema. The operating principle of these points depend on the manner in which the film was produced. Surround effect can be achieved by using different (for the right and left eye) color-coded images, alternately display images on the screen with a very high frequency, as well as through the use of linear polarization – that it is used in IMAX 3D technology

<. p> However, to successfully combine two images in the brain does not always work – in this case the person and headache begins

the research team led by a senior researcher. employee of MSU computer graphics lab Dmitry Vatolina more than eight years has been studying the problem of headache that occurs after viewing of 3D-films. In mid-February, the results of this study, the researchers told a held in San Francisco the 27th annual conference of the Stereoscopic Displays & amp; Applications , one of the world’s most prestigious conferences on this theme

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The researchers grouped the causes that lead to headaches (a total of more than 15), in two categories. The first category is primarily due to the natural tendency of owners to reduce costs, which inevitably leads to a reduction stereopokazov quality. Bad points, cheap projectors and other equipment of inadequate quality drastically reduce the quality of the film itself.

The reasons for the second category are more complex, diverse and yet, unfortunately, are not always available to fix or avoid. Among them, the most painful for the audience (but, fortunately, one of the most rare) “puncture» –

entangling the left and right video signals, it sometimes happens during installation even professionally made movies.

Scientists have developed a special software – metric – allows you to track these types of problems, while minimizing technical control while the quality of movies. Using this metric, the research team scanned almost all video products, manufactured in the Blue-ray-drives, and made statistics of these problems. Total using 105 metric stereodiskov Blu-ray, with 23 films of 65 has been found problematic scenes were analyzed. So, similar incidents of mixing up angles have been found even in top-rated movies like “Avatar,” “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Stalingrad” and other

<-.! place 8052761, /> science ™ / 2016/02 / 02_a_8052761 .shtml, nm2015 / v2 / article / incut, incut3_link ->

«It means, – says Dmitry Vatolin – when buying a 3D-movie on Blu-ray-drive with you probability 21% buy the film, which will have at least one scene with the problem of tangled angles. For sensitive people it is already noticeable. ”

A large number of these and other problems, according to Vatolin, was found in horror films, because of the small budgets of these films. “Stereofilms now going through a transitional period, – the scientist says. – Film producers are beginning to prefer the stereo, it has become particularly widespread phenomenon of “Avatar” after a stunning financial success. And, of course, the quality of the films and theater equipment quality improves over time, and now the quality is higher on average than it was in “Avatar”, but a significant reduction in the problems may take another two or three years. And if you want high-quality 3D now, choose high-budget movies and rooms with expensive equipment. I wish all the less headache! »


In Slovenia, await the birth of a mysterious young amphibians – BBC Russian

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Image caption Proteus lives sometimes more than 100 years and lay eggs only twice in a decade

in Slovenia, in the karst cave, which is annually visited by millions of tourists, a rare and unusual lizard, which has become a celebrity, hatches a few dozen eggs.

OLM – tailed amphibian family Proteus (also called olmom or blind salamander – by analogy with similar Texas amphibian) – inhabits the river caves of the Balkan Peninsula

it is believed that she lives sometimes. more than 100 years and lay eggs only twice a decade.

The female European Proteus, who lives in an aquarium karst Postojna cave in southwestern Slovenia, delayed 50-60 eggs. Three of them are already showing signs of growth.

No one knows how many amphibians can hatch from these eggs and even how long this process will take.

“Now it seems that there are three good candidate “, – says biologist Sasho Veldt

He and his colleagues made the eggs pictures with very long exposures in the dark cave to catch signs of tiny embryos

..” She began to lay eggs January 30 and still lays one or two eggs every day takes about 120 days to hatch offspring. “- he says

” amazing event “

This is a rough estimate, explains biologist, based on observations of a colony of Proteus, who lives with the 1950s in an underground laboratory in the French Pyrenees.

There they live in a little more warm water, its temperature is 11 ° C .

Image copyright Iztok Medja Postojnska jama
Image caption it takes about three months to brought offspring

“In our cave the water temperature slightly below – 9 ° C – so that everything can be slower, “- explains Saso Veldt

This is a unique opportunity to observe how the rare and mysterious amphibian produces offspring in the cave where she lived for millions of years

..” This is very important because we have little information about the process of reproduction of this group of living beings “-. says researcher of the Zoological society of London Dusan Yelich, student life Proteus in underwater caves in Croatia a system

If Young Proteus hatch and survive, says Dr. Yelich, it will be an amazing event.

“In the wild, we find no eggs or larvae. Perhaps, they are hidden in some specific places in the caves, “the system – he adds

In Postojna, located 45 kilometers south-west of Ljubljana, is a labyrinth of caves, where the population of Proteus dwells. but what is surprising is that in this case the eggs were laid in the tank, in the cave, which is visited by many tourists

“This is a very cool and very unusual, -. says biologist Primoz jacks working in Postojna cave. – But we are very worried that something will go wrong, because eggs are very sensitive “p>

figure class => “.” -copyright-container “> Image copyright Iztok Medja Postojnska jama

Image caption Proteus Eggs are very sensitive to temperature and water quality

OLM is the only cave vertebrate in Europe, it is very well adapted to life in a secure underground karst cave, which is formed as the water makes its way through the rock.

” 200 million years, they live in an environment that does not change, “- says Dusan Yelich

Even seasonal temperature changes almost not affect the cave waters.. As a result of these amphibians and especially their eggs are extremely sensitive to changes in water quality and temperature.

Young Dragons

In 2013, lived in the aquarium female Proteus laid eggs but have not hatched, no baby, besides many eggs have been eaten by other Proteus, who lived in the same aquarium

at this time, precautions were taken:. all Proteus other than the mother, was removed from the aquarium he was fenced to protect the eggs from light and oxygen

“Now it’s up to them,” was added to the water, -. says Sasho Veldt

Image copyright Iztok Medja Postojnska jama
Image caption Tourists and scientists can observe what is happening on the screen

a video camera to shoot in infrared light, watching the scene in the tank, and researchers, as well as tourists can observe the process on a large . screen close

There’s almost nothing happens, but sometimes the female Proteus checks eggs, lays another or repel amphipods – tiny crustaceans, which it does not see, but registers through sensitive to the electric field bodies present on its face.

Proteus also has an excellent sense of smell that allows you to monitor the eggs.

“We have the smell of eggs, so she can see which ones live and which are not – explains Dr. Veldt. – And as the food in the cave it is very small, she eats those that no signs of life “

Proteus is well known in Slovenia, his image even appeared on one of the coins before the country switched to the euro. .

Hundreds of years ago, when the rare floods carried Proteus from the caves to the surface, the locals treated them with suspicion and considered these small amphibians young dragon.

In recent weeks, “mamasha- dragon “in Postojna Yam became a celebrity and is on their fragile shoulders the load of high expectations.

Biologists working in the cave, fully shared this feeling.

” this is an important task for us, – says Sasho Veldt. – We are all excited “



Rogozin: in Tsiolkovsky to the end of the year will pass more than a thousand apartments – RIA Novosti

COSMODROME EAST (Amur Region), February 29 – RIA Novosti, Yelena Tymoshenko. By the end of the year in the city of Tsiolkovsky, which is being built near the Vostochny cosmodrome will put more than 1.2 thousand apartments, said . Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

“Who commissioned the two houses in the March holidays people get sight orders for two more, that four houses for 300 apartments till the end of the year so that will be put in 1206 apartments.” – Rogozin said . He noted that this will be enough.

Speaking of the situation in the newly built Baikonur East, Rogozin said that “self-testing the results are positive.”

“The results of the independent testing positive comments, but they are eliminated,” – said Rogozin

The construction of Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region began in 2012. He will become the first national cosmodrome of civilian, will provide full access to the Russian space. The first launch from the Baikonur has been scheduled for 25 December 2015, but later it was postponed for 2016.


Scientists have found proof of extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth – Rosbalt.RU

February 29, 2016, 09:24 | Science | space | aliens

 Russian scientists from the Institute of Paleontology. A.A.Borisyaka RAS found in the wreckage of a meteorite microorganisms, whose age is about the same as Earth’s. In their view, this is yet another confirmation of the hypothesis that life on Earth was brought from space.


 Under an electron microscope, scientists discovered protozoa, whose age is more than 4 billion years old, inside the meteorite, which is believed to be bounced from Mars.


 Cosmic distances bacteria can travel inside comets, frozen in ice. This assumption is confirmed by scientific experiments in Antarctica, in permafrost and in the open space. Microorganisms found in the cosmic dust that has settled on the skin of the ISS, pass “Vesti».


 Previously it was thought that radiation and temperature extremes are killed all living things. The space laboratory samples were compared with the earth: it turned out that in orbit, there are the so-called extreme bacteria that live on Earth in hot springs and volcanic lava

 The researchers concluded that our planet was planted protozoa under massive bombardment of comets at the very beginning of its development.


 Recently, European and astrophysicists have discovered evidence of the origin of life in space. The gas cloud, which is located in the center of our galaxy, at a distance of 26 thousand light years, they found special molecules that are part of the DNA.


The SpaceX again canceled the launch of the Falcon 9 – to Pravda.Ru

February 28 SES-9 next launch into orbit a communication satellite using the Falcon 9 launch vehicle was canceled during the countdown.

Both the company said, the reason was technical problems.

Let’s remind, the first run was to take place six months ago, but fell because of the rocket crash . Experts are going to put the first stage of the carrier rocket on a floating platform in the ocean. Earlier, three such attempts have failed, says Star.

SpaceX fulfills technology save the first carrier rocket stage for subsequent runs to reduce the cost of space flight.

True. Roux previously informed that the head of SpaceH Elon Musk said in his Twitter that the SES-9 will be displayed to a higher orbit. To do this you will need a high speed and, accordingly, greater fuel capacity. Remaining after the satellite’s launch into orbit is not enough fuel for the return of the first rocket of the foot to the ground. “It’s just physically impossible to return to the launch pad,” – wrote Musk

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It should be noted that recently in the mass consciousness persistently hammered thought The project mask – completely independent. With this brave man he found himself investors and invested in the project that’s the only way you need to fly into space and that is how to build a rocket. In the commercial and independent basis, writes Politonlayn.

And you can not even go into the documentation, and to remember that space exploration has always been in the United States in varying degrees of private and commercial. They have since built an economic model. But the fact that it is private, does not negate the public funding. “If we talk specifically about Elon Musk, its detailed space accounting is not available, but according to open sources, he personally invested in their offspring about $ 100 million, and about the same number received from venture investors

But it’s. – drop in the bucket compared to about 5-6 billion dollars, which Musk has received as a direct funding from NASA’s, as well as in the form of payments (mainly advance) for the delivery of cargo into orbit by the US government and private customers in the US and abroad . It is interesting that the cost of the launch of the Falcon 9 with a payload sostavlyaetprimerno as much for Russian rockets, -. The order of 40-60 million dollars »

Well, that is, is such a” private space travel ” which is funded by the state. And here again the question arises not from a series of space exploration, but rather from the sphere of drawing money. Look: the same “Falcon”, according to experts – is a kind of “back to the 60 th.” By all accounts, he is either equal or inferior to, or slightly superior to the Soviet “Proton M”, developed in 1965, the notorious reusable engines with the expectation of a tenfold use began to develop in the USSR in 1976 and ended in 1980. Well, that is, advertising around the “Falcon” mass, but it is “innovation” and “breakthrough” to put it mildly, not entirely untrue.

Pravda.Ru Read the latest news on today


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DS4 Crossback would be separate from the Citroen brand – REGNUM

Paris, 29 February 2016, 09:56 – REGNUM French carmaker Citroen DS cars provides the status of an independent production of the brand, according to “».

models DS3 and DS4 Crossback, which premiered in the fall of 2015, is presented under the brand Citroen, but their sale under the new trade mark DS will begin this year with Russia is to gradually accustom the customers all over the world to the independent status of the DS brand.

The new brand planning positioned as a luxury. Almost no different from Citroen DS4 crossover DS4 Crossback will be presented as a premium car. The only difference from a Citroen DS4 is increased by 30 mm ground clearance.

Models DS3 and DS4 Crossback sold in Russia in the official dealerships at a price of 1,126,000 rubles and 1, 294 million rubles, respectively. Both models already have the status of “luxury».

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On YouTube video appeared for a hearing test – Mangazia

Online test the doctor, of course, no substitute. But still good for the primary hearing test. Photo: freeze-frame of the movie The same technique allows almost accurately determine the age of a person

Popular Science Channel “AsapSCIENCE” on YouTube offers all Internet users free of charge to check your hearing. You can do this by viewing the video with sound, which is called “On how old your ears?” Test is intended for people aged 20 to 50 years.

Scientists claim that a person’s age and level of hearing loss can be determined by their ability to distinguish sounds of different frequencies. Thus, the audio track in the video includes audio with increasing frequency – 8 to 19 thousand hertz. On one of the test frequency ceases to capture the sound. That the frequency at which it occurs, and shows the age and level of hearing test.

On a scale of scientists, if you can hear sound at a frequency above 19 000 Hz, you are under 20 years old. If above 18, you are under the age of 24, more than 16 thousand hertz – you are under 30. If you can hear sound at a frequency of 15,000 Hz, then you 40, but if you see the frequency of 12 thousand hertz – that you are under 50 -and. And from 20 to 22 thousand hertz – only children hear.

How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

Alexander Lyabin


Sensation of Russian scientists: life brought to Earth from space – Express-News

Post Image



& nbsp;


The hypothesis that life on Earth may have a cosmic origin, was confirmed in studies by Russian scientists of the meteorite fragments. In these organisms, whose age is more than four billion years old were found. At this time, our Earth first formed, so to say, that at that time the microorganisms have been on the planet correctly, that is, they were introduced to us from outer space, and look for their “home” should be only in space. But there remains a major unresolved question – where exactly to look. This question has long been struggling astrobiologists all over the world.

«Not the planet, and, say, there were some bodies that had puddles, lakes, rivers, shallow seas, and lived there, these things’ – shared his thoughts Academician Alexei Rozanov, director of the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Borisyak

Inside the meteorite under an electron microscope, scientists discovered protozoa.. When Academician Rozanov presented his fotodokazatelstva, doubts about the existence of extraterrestrial life have disappeared without leaving a trace.

The bacteria can travel cosmic distances inside comets, while in a frozen state. This was confirmed by experiments in Antarctica, in permafrost and in the open space (micro-organisms have been found in cosmic dust settled on the ISS trim), although earlier it was believed that radiation and temperature extremes are harmful to all living things.

Samples Space dust were tested in the laboratory and compared with terrestrial samples. It turned out that in Earth orbit, there are the so-called extreme bacteria that live in the world in geothermal sources and even volcanic lava.

According to the academician Rozanov and his colleagues, the Earth was “seeded” by microorganisms as a result of massive bombardment comets still at an early stage of its development. Organisms from the weathering crust are older than 2.5 billion years. This suggests that the land was inhabited by organisms as soon as it was formed

Meanwhile, European astrophysicists also discovered evidence of cosmic origin of life. In a gas cloud, which is located in the center of our galaxy (26 thousand light years from our planet), special molecules that are part of the DNA were found.


The YouTube video appeared to permit inspection of hearing and takzhzhe age – Your city Pskov

On the video sharing YouTube videos appear for hearing tests and age. Video content from the corresponding audio track educational channel AsapSCIENCE recently put in a certain hosting YouTube. It is necessary to indicate that the sound of the video helps to determine the age of the people, but also the quality of human hearing ceychas. Professionals say that over the years people stop to capture the high frequencies, which makes it possible to determine their age. On the basis of the age of the test set. As writes, over time, people lose the ability to respond to high frequencies. Professionals have invented how to check the age of the person with sound

«Arsenal”:. The bookies do not see a favorite in the “Manchester United” match
> However, a factor of its field, it might seem at first glance, it was undervalued bookmakers. In the championship of Britain “Manchester United” match – “Arsenal” continues the 27th Premier League round

The soundtrack begins with a frequency of 8 thousand hertz, then it gradually increases and reaches the value of 19 thousand. . The test is recommended for people aged 20 to 50 years.

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