Friday, October 24, 2014

Britain’s Queen checked on Twitter – Rush Hour

In London’s Science Museum, at the opening of a new gallery that it is devoted to the history of information technology, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II wrote his first tweet.

Tweet published on Friday, October 24, the official account of the British monarchy, according to ]] & gt; Espreso.TV ]] & gt; .

” It’s a pleasure – open today the exhibition “The era of information” at the Museum of Science, and I hope that people will enjoy his visit, “- wrote to the Queen, by subscribing as Elizabeth R.

A new gallery of the Science Museum in London, devoted to the history of communications in the past 200 years. Its permanent exhibition are 800 exhibits. Gallery opening cost the city authorities to 15.6 million pounds.

The exhibition is dedicated to the six types of communication that they have changed the world: the telegraph, the analog telephony, radio and television, satellites, computers and mobile phones. Among its exhibits is a mock-Russian Shukhov Tower, which was built in 1922, and the Soviet supercomputer BESM-6.


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