Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“VKontakte” turn into Instagram – Dni.Ru

The most popular Russian social network “VKontakte” prepares application for smartphones that allows users to take photos and process them with the help of various filters. Fotoprilozhenie will partially resemble the social network Instagram.

According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing sources familiar with the development, fotoprilozhenie create a platform for Android . Developer for iOS social network has not yet been found. When it will be published in the Play Market, is still unknown.

Fotoprilozhenie “VKontakte” will partially resemble the social network Instagram , but will take the best from Facebook, in particular, the application Camera. The user will have the opportunity to take photos, apply filters to them and do minimal processing on the basis of already established social network photo editor.

Note that the “VKontakte” have already been attempts to create a third-party services on the basis of a social network. For example, Search service work “VShtate” or video service “VKadre” . However, they found no support among users and the result after some time had been closed. At the same time according to experts, fotoprilozhenie created to hold an audience that takes an interest in other services.

Such an unsuccessful attempt has been made Facebook in 2012, when the social network announced fotoprilozhenie Camera. After the failure of this project, Mark Zuckerberg has issued the acquisition of Instagram. For photo service was paid about $ 1.3 billion – of which 300 million in cash. In addition, owners Instagram received 23 million shares of the social network.


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