Friday, October 31, 2014

Scientists have discovered yet another threat to Earth asteroid – TV Center – Official website of TV channel

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Russian scientists have discovered an asteroid that, in their opinion, can be dangerous for the Earth. At a diameter of 370 meters it more. How dangerous it is for our planet, will show up.

 Russian scientists have discovered another asteroid, which, in their opinion, can be dangerous for the Earth. In size it surpasses the famous asteroid Apophis, which can meet the planet in the coming decades.

 At a diameter of 370 meters it more. The meteorite has one of the telescopes, the scientists designed the University of Moscow. The telescope is part of the global network, which involves five observatories in Russia and several abroad.

 Over the past two years, robotic telescopes have opened 600 new objects. Following the Russian scientists, about 100 astronomers tracked the trajectory of the world discovered asteroids. And found that it moves between the three orbits – past Venus, Earth and Mars. Past our planet it takes place every three years.

 “It seems that this asteroid many billions of years ago was thrown from the asteroid belt, and now crosses three orbit – Mars, Earth and Venus. This is a group of asteroids. It is called the group of Apollo. It is surprising that it missed, so far no one has found” – said project director of the Global Network telescopes bots “Master” Vladimir Lipunov.

 How dangerous is discovered asteroid to Earth, will show up. However, for Apophis observed for 10 years, and still do not know at what distance from the Earth, it will pass – 5000 or 50 thousand miles.


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