Monday, October 27, 2014

Heart that can not rot and wait – BBC

Resident of Australia became the first person to be transplanted deceased donor heart. The new technology will increase by a third the number of lives saved, say the authors of the new development.

The Australian physicians were the first in the world have learned to heart transplant for people already after it stopped in the body of the donor. According to doctors, a revolutionary technology will help save many lives. The first person in the world who transplanted alien “dead” heart, became a 57-year-old Michelle Gribilas who suffered congenital heart failure.

Two months ago, she transplanted human heart that has stopped beating before the operation.

«Now I feel like a different person . As if I’m 40 years old, “- says the patient.

Today, all heart transplants in the world produce with fence body in people who have confirmed the death of the brain. For this, the donor heart is cooled, preventing the destruction of its tissues until transplantation. However, this greatly limits the time required for delivery of the heart from the donor to the recipient.

So-called dead hearts were used in the early days of heart transplants half a century ago, but it is required that the donor and the patient is literally next door to the operating room.

To solve this problem permanently preserve the organ removal, physicians Cardiology Research Institute named Victor Chan (Australia) have developed a device that has already became known as “heart in a box».

donor heart is removed, keep warm, filled with a special liquid nutrient and forced to fight for a long time.

The technology has already allowed to withdraw staying 20 minutes ago heart and keep them viable for four hours.

«This is what we were working the last four years – to support the heart in the period when it stops beating. By doing this, we have developed a technique to restart the heart, “- said Professor Peter McDonald, head of the team of surgeons at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

« This was possible thanks to the amazing development of preserving solution, technology preservation of heart, the possibility of its launch and assessment “, – said his colleague Dr. Kumar Dita.

According to the developers,” Heart in a Box “will allow to solve several problems associated with the practice of heart transplantation.

Firstly, the new technology does not harm the safety of transplanted hearts, making it more resistant to transplantation. Second, it reduces the amount of heart muscle cells that die during transplantation, increases the ability of the heart to restart and minimizes tissue damage from lack of oxygen.

Earlier, similar methods of warming and supply special liquids used for the transplant lung and liver. The invention of Australian cardiologists welcomed around the world, though after Michelle Gribilas this operation successfully, spent only three people. The British Heart Foundation called it “a significant discovery.” “Amazing to see recovering these people that no such development could still expect a donor heart,” – Mourinho said Talbot, a spokeswoman for the fund.

According to the authors to develop such machines in future ability to increase the number of lives saved in applications requiring a heart transplant, 30%.

According to Bob Graham, co-author of the invention, the device not only can increase the delivery time within the heart of Australia, say from Queensland to Sydney. Increased time for transportation will transport donor organs in the country where a heart transplant is not possible due to the fact that people there are not presumed dead after brain death and cardiac arrest.


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