Monday, October 27, 2014

In the exploration of the moon will begin intense rivalry – IT News

According to the assumptions of Russian developers Concept development Moon , in the coming decades will begin intense battle for the development of the satellite. The developers made a proposal for consolidating Russia the most interesting areas of the lunar surface .

The concept indicates that in the first half of the 21st century should expect competition for space powers right to possession of the lunar bridgehead, which will set up a research station. The most attractive in terms of building the station will be those lunar areas which have the most long lighting and sufficient deposits of water ice in the immediate vicinity.

On the basis of these criteria, the most valuable springboard is the south pole of the Moon , and offer it without delay to secure for Russia. With suggestions about the development of the Moon by a number of organizations – participants of the space program, including Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, Space Research Institute, Central Research Institute of Machine Building and Lavochkin.

A representative Roskomosa Yuri Makarov stressed that the issue of Moon exploration – a “cornerstone” of deep space exploration program, which was prepared in cooperation with the Russian Space Agency of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The deputy head of the Russian Space Agency Dennis Lyskov reported that the project of the program start manned spacecraft to the moon scheduled no earlier than 2030.

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