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Scientists: each person – his personal cloud of microbes – BBC Russian

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Image caption In the body of any person living tens of thousands of different bacteria, say scientists

Everyone shrouded individual “cloud” consisting of millions of his own bacteria, according to scientists from the American University of Oregon.

You can not go by another person and can not carry on their skin and in the lungs of his bacteria. Transmission also occurs by droplets or through skin particles left by each one of us.

It has already been proven that microbes person – set of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live on the skin and in the body – in numbers can larger than its own cells 10 times.

A study involving 11 people showed that people can be identified by their “microbial aura.” The results of this study are published in the journal PeerJ.

People for four hours was placed in a closed, ventilated room, and then the scientists collected particles so-called bacterial cloud settled on dishes and other household items.

“We expect the next microbiome will be visible in the air around each individual, but to our surprise, there was much more that we were able to determine almost all of [the participants of the experiment] only the particles that they left behind,” – said one of the researchers, Dr. James Meadow.

What’s on us the creeps?

“Everyone has their own special smell, it is due to the fact that for us the creeps . If you think about it, to live near other people is very disgusting, “- said in an interview with BBC BBC microbiologist from the British University of Reading Ben Newman.

According to him, the new data completely fit in what is already known about the microbiome, and show that by transferring bacteria people “all the time change each other”.

So should we often bathe?

“It does not help – said the scientist. – With such a situation, or should accept, or fly away to live in outer space “.

Meter microbial

Image copyright Thinkstock
Image caption In public transport we collect a large number of alien microbes

In each individual “cloud” contains bacteria group streptococci found in the mouth and respiratory tract, and skin parasites – propionic acid and Corynebacterium.

Results studies show that this combination of bacteria is sufficient to establish that someone was in the room.

Meanwhile, it is unclear how much “bacterial cloud” changes over time.

” Neat will be difficult to live with it, but we all need to understand that we are not sterile, and this is absolutely normal and healthy, “- said in an interview with BBC BBC Adam Altrihter of the research team.

On He said the size of individual “cloud” is not yet established, but perhaps it reaches the meter.


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