Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roscosmos: The first launch “Angara-A5V” could take place in 2022 – Russian newspaper

The entire program is the creation of a new heavy rocket “Angara-A5V”, taking into account the construction and equipping of the entire ground infrastructure for the media, will cost 150 billion rubles. This was announced by the head of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Space Agency Yuri Koptev.

He explained that the project “Angara” is developing today in three directions. The first – is bringing today “Angara” – where, according to Koptev, there is still, something to work on. Second – this project, “Cupid” – a device “Angara” for launches from the Baikonur Far East “East”. Third – is the development of a heavy version of “Angara-A5V” in 34-35 tons and the creation of a second launch pad at the “East”. The first launch “Angara-A5V” could take place in 2022.

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I must say that it is with “Angara” Russian space connects the most serious prospects. Not by chance the creation of this missile system announced a special task of national importance. What is the most important thing? Start Flight “Angara” will allow Russia to launch space vehicles of all types from its territory and ensure the independence of assured access to space. To date, place one test launch “Angara-A5″. The missile was launched from the launch complex universal December 23, 2014. The payload was in the form of mass-dimensional cargo. Usually, when tested even the most recent version of heavy class, the same “Atlases”, “Delta”, “Ariana”, they are displayed just the low orbit. “Angara-5″ flew directly into geostationary. How Come? Decided to work once the whole route of flight. And that’s good. But, by the way, experts say that the time flew so high, it was possible to deliver and the real spacecraft.

As noted by Yuri Koptev, NTS Roskosmos called for the drafting of the launch vehicle “Angara-A5V” and its possible adaptation to future transportation and manned spacecraft for the lunar program. Moreover, it is possible that manned flights to the moon will be conducted in two stages – with “transfer” in orbit. Yuri Koptev said that during the launch for “dvuhpuskovoy scheme” astronauts in Earth orbit will change to the flight center, which will deliver them directly to the surface of the moon.

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The new heavy carrier capable in orbit up to 35 t payload – the development of a unique family of missiles, which are constructed in a modular type. This modularity and such a wide range of payloads for the family of missiles anywhere in the world. Only in Russia could do so: and that touch of class, and the middle, and heavy – what you want, and put this.

At the same time, according to Koptev, Scientific and Technical Council recommended Roscosmos to consider the possibility of public funding promising technologies of major systems and components to create space rocket complex with the launch vehicle superheavy class to explore the moon, Mars and other planets in the solar system.

Of course, journalists could not ask about how long Russia will still fly to the ISS. “I want to say that the cost is, of course, quite profitable. Over the entire period of work on the International Space Station, our contributions there, if money watch were 10% and 30%, we use resources” – gave figures for clarity Copts. Meanwhile, Russia is now considering the possibility of creating a national space station, if it is considered inappropriate to continue work on the ISS after 2024. However, as the speaker said, American colleagues have already said, let’s look at the same time in 2027. But it is seen to offer the most advanced plan. Detail nobody worked through. “And until 2024 so much uncertainty, and technical and political,” – said the Copts. At present, according to the Russian Federal Space Agency, the continuation of the ISS is advisable to 2024. After this period, Russia is considering the possibility of creating own national space station.

By the way, the new Russian Space Program must be paid before June 10 and approved this year. “If we do not approve it this year, we will have problems with financing,” – said Yuri Koptev.

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