Thursday, March 26, 2015

In NASA determined to make the asteroid lunar satellite – BBC

The guide NASA revealed plans for a future mission to an asteroid, announced several years ago. Scientists have abandoned the idea of ​​capturing a large asteroid – instead, automatic probe that will go to the selected asteroid after 2019, taking with him a small cobblestone surface, and dragged him to the orbit of the Moon, making her companion.

For this mission have already been selected and at least three suitable candidates – the asteroid Itokawa, Bennu and 2008 EV5, although as we approach the launch may appear and new candidates. It is planned that in 2025 about this “moon” will be able to send two astronauts on the ship Orion, to study the asteroid and the possible delivery to the Earth orbit. The total project cost is estimated at more than $ 1.25 billion.


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