Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Starting the LHC postponed: The beam will not be –

As a result, you have problems related to electrical wiring in one of several major magnets professionals involved in nuclear research in Europe, the date was moved to the next turn on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The commander said the publication.

«Judging from the situation that occurred some time ago, it can be assumed that the launch is carried around for a few weeks to complete troubleshooting” – said nuclear experts from European Organization for Nuclear Research.
say that in the middle of this week’s planned launch a restart of the Large Hadron Collider. This launch was supposed to be a preparatory stage for holding the main part of the project on the acceleration and collision of charged particles. The main part of the experiment is planned to take place this year in May.

Recall that in order to conduct routine inspection and repair, the Large Hadron Collider was stopped two years ago. Until that moment, he has worked non-stop for three years, and in intensive mode.

Over the past two years, specialists carried out repairs and preparatory work, which aimed at improving and strengthening the work of the LHC, given that now will be applied new higher capacity. Let’s say that this time the experts deliberately double the capacity of the collider, which would make fourteen TeV. Such indicators are still not once achieved.

As a result of the repair update got eighteen of 1232 heavy-duty magnets. Note that the main objective of these bipolar magnets is to keep moving and adjusting beams and particle accelerator. The remaining magnets update received from the cooling system to prevent, at the moment when they release tremendous amounts of energy. Also, data conversion, conducted with magnets contribute to a better dispersion, in order to avoid damage to the LHC. It is necessary to notice that the scientists were able to improve the function of cryogenic collider, which will enable the magnets do not stop working at low temperatures.

If in the near future again be able to run the LHC, it will not stop for three years, until the next scheduled inspection.
Recall the main task of the second start-up, is the detection of dark matter, which should solve the mystery of the hidden mass phenomenon.

In the creation of the LHC was attended by many experts from various countries, including Russia, and main supervising the project organization was the European Association of Nuclear Research. Is given to Collider, the area between France and Switzerland.


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