Tuesday, March 24, 2015

US and Russian cosmonauts will stay on the ISS until 2027 – Russian Dialogue

Scientists United States and the Russian Federation agreed to extend the operation of the International Space Station until 2027.

United States has invited Russia to extend the work of the International Space
 Station (ISS) until 2027. This was told the head of the media
 Scientific and Technical Council (STC), the Russian Space Agency Yuri Koptev.

«Today there are some proposals of the preliminary plan
 by American colleagues: “Let’s look at the same time in 2027″.
 There are some suggestions, but details were never worked through. And until 2024
 so many years of uncertainty, and technical and political “-
 commented Koptev.

NTS approved
  the use of the ISS until 2024. After completion of the use of the station
 based on its detachable modules is planned to create a Russian
 orbital base. Detailed study and the final decisions
 planned after the synthesis of reports business leaders
 rocket and space industry in subsequent meetings of the board.

In the ISS project involved more than a dozen countries. The first module of the station
 Russia launched into orbit Nov. 20, 1998. At present
 Station has two segments: the Russian and American, which differ
  other technologically, but related infrastructural. In the segment of the US
 also implemented Japanese and European space programs.

As reported by “Russian Conversation”, Roscosmos plans in 2018 to resume tourist flights
 to the ISS in order to compensate for the drop in demand for ships “Soyuz”
 According to the head of Roscosmos organization in the field of manned
 Space “RSC” Energia “.

” compensate for the drop in demand for manned transport ships
 such as “Union” after 2018 is expected due to the resumption of
 short-term missions to the Russian segment of the ISS on a commercial
 basis, “- said in a quarterly report of” RSC “Energia”.

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