Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Roscomnadzor: We are tired of enduring the antics Twitter – Ghhauto: Russian top stories

26.03.2015 01:01

Roskomnadzor announced that the social network Twitter has once again ignored their requests. Twitter will promptly remove content that violates the law of the country. However, the social network administrators ignore instructions Roskomnadzora.

Roscomnadzor stated that they do not intend to continue to endure the antics of the social network Twitter. According to them, the American social network is not the first time violates all agreements on the removal of content at the request Roskomnadzora. Twitter has repeatedly delayed the execution of instructions of the supervisory committee. These actions violate the laws of Russia and Roskomnadzor said that in this regard, they have every reason to take certain “measures”.

According to Roskomndazora administration Twitter too is considering the application to remove content that violates the law of the Russian Federation. The process of removing inappropriate content could last from three to seven days. While US authorities indicate the company acted immediately and unconditionally. Of course, as the social network is in America, they must adhere to the laws of this country in the first place. But if their activities are held on the territory of another state, they are also obliged to respect and adhere to the law and the country too.

Despite the delay, the information that is extremist, social network removes quickly. Even at the request Roskomnadzora. From this it follows that the company can operate normally. Why, then, it does not comply with other requirements of the committee as quickly? Perhaps the company does not consider their legal requirements? Roskomndazor argues that they act within the law, and if the social network does not support their laws and violating its own, it should not continue to carry out their activities with impunity in Russia.


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