Saturday, March 28, 2015

Russia and the United States signed an agreement on the ISS until 2024, and agreed to create a new space station –

Representatives of the Russian Space Agency and NASA signed an agreement to extend the operation of the ISS until 2024. The parties also agreed to create a new space station after the operation of the old. This at a press conference in Baikonur said the head of the Russian department Igor Komarov. Previously it was assumed that the work station will be extended until 2020.

“Here, at Baikonur we had with my colleague from NASA first talks. Accepted agreement to extend the operation of the ISS until 2024″ – quoted the head of Roscosmos TASS. According to him, it is expected that the project space station in the future will be more open, and “the door will be open to other participants.”

Thus, the work on the program will be able not only to its current 15 members. In addition to Russia and the United States, we recall, the project also involved Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan.

“We have agreed that the working group of the participating countries
 ISS project on the future of the project of the new space station. The first step
 was that until 2024, the ISS will work, and in the future period it
 existence will depend on the realization of our joint projects “- quoted Komarov ” Interfax “.

The head of the Russian Space Agency also said that the Russian side is now discussing the possibility of extending the program with Ukraine, but there are some difficulties. Among them – the lack of guarantees on the supply of Ukrainian equipment for a variety of projects. “We are discussing the possibility of extending these programs, it all depends on the ability and willingness of our partners to continue this cooperation,” – said Komarov.

His American colleague Charles Bolden meanwhile said that the next target will be the Russian Space Agency and NASA Mars. “We are discussing how best to use resources, finance, define the time frame and how to distribute efforts to avoid duplication of activities,” – he said.

The press conference was held after the ISS successfully docked Russian manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-16M”, on board of which are cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. ISS, they will join their colleagues Terry miles, Anton Shkaplerovu and Samantha Cristoforetti.

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