Monday, March 23, 2015

Scientists have found a justice on Alzheimer’s disease – Dni.Ru

American company Biogen Idec Inc have begun clinical trials of new drugs from Alzheimer’s disease. Effect of the drug is to slow cognitive decline and reduce the risk of protein in the brains of patients with early to moderate forms of the disease.

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The test of a new drug have been conducted on 166 volunteers, according to Reuters. They were divided into five groups. The first took a placebo, while the other four had used the drug in different quantities – from low to high dose.

It was found that the drug in patients with started getting rid of amyloid deposits , and the effect of admission depended on the amount of drugs – more than the dose, the greater the treatment. In this case, the first positive results of the drug were found after 26 weeks – at this stage the concentration of deposits began to change. Despite this, high doses are too dangerous for the body. It turned out that they can lead to brain edema when a patient has any genetic mutations.

During testing the drug in volunteers assessed cognitive ability. In the group receiving placebo, results were at times below compared with those patients who took the drug. This confirms the efficacy of the drug in treating Alzheimer’s disease. In this study will continue for several years. In this way if all the tests are positive, the drug may be marketed not wound in 2020.

The World incidence of Alzheimer’s is about 26.6 million people. At the same time, according to scientists predict that by 2050 the number could rise fourfold.

As previously wrote Dni.Ru , American scientists have developed a unique method of destruction of amyloid plaques , causing Alzheimer’s disease. A new treatment was tested on mice, and is capable of preventing memory loss and nerve cells of the brain, which is characteristic for this disease.


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