Friday, March 27, 2015

Twitter can be turned off in Russia for extremism – Roscomnadzor – Club Industry Journalism

Sergey Grinsky

It is learned that Twitter refuses to implement the recommendations Roskomnadzora regarding the placement of extremist materials on the open spaces of his social network. More precisely, the silence and lack of response to requests from the Russian authorities, it was regarded as a failure, writes

Roscomnadzor strengthens control over Russian online space. The Office has already sent requirements to remove extremist and terrorist pages, ribbons, accounts and advertising of all the social networks within Russia. Understanding on the part of the owners of online resources has been achieved. The problem arose only with Twitter. In the microblogging service and have not appeared responding to requests Roskomnadzora.

The Commission departments required the owners of Twitter to show all the data regarding attendance ribbons around hundreds of different network users. Everything else, the staff of the online platform obliged forcibly removed from the tapes posts wearing extremist.

In Roskomnadzor tuned seriously and say that they do not tolerate vyhodki.Twitter going. According to Russian control service western social network does not violate the terms of work for the first time in Russia, in particular the removal of inappropriate content. Sotsset ignores all threats departments, and this is a direct violation of the laws of the Russian Federation.

According to the law of the bloggers who the State Duma adopted a year ago, every online resource with an audience of more than three million unique visitors during the day, must necessarily registered with the Office. This law also introduces “taste” of censorship, because it is just a huge number of restrictions on the theme of blogs.

At the same Twitter account for their actions of freedom of speech. There argue that this privilege is dying in Russia. The information requested in the state structures, they are not obliged to provide. Traffic data accounts must remain accessible only to registered users.

But where it comes to violence, terrorism, pornography Twitter always always go towards the state. But US law, no concepts of “insulting a government official” or “blasphemy.” And this means that the social network is not obliged to deal with them.

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