Sunday, March 22, 2015

The area of ​​ice in the Arctic shrank to 14.54 million square meters. km –

Experts NASA and the US National Aeronautics this year, said that at the moment the maximum area covered with ice in the Arctic is about 14.54 million square kilometers.

Recall that the latest information on the maximum ice cover in the Arctic were reported in 2011 and then the area was – 14,650,000 square kilometers.

For information on this issue, scientists from the National Center for the Study of the snowy areas and areas with ice covering applied opportunities satellites orbiting the Earth.

«At this point in the Arctic observed the smallest area of ​​ice cover of all time studying satellite,” – said the representative of the group Scientists studying the problem Natasha viskarya.

«To obtain reliable data on the ice in the Arctic Centre uses only its own satellites in space, information specialists are not of our center are not used,” – added Natasha viskarya.

It is necessary to say that the expansion of territories in the Arctic ice cover occurs in winter, and the maximum period of increase is formed from mid-February to mid-April. Closer to May begins the process is reversed and the thresholds are marked decrease in ice cover in September of each year.

As for this year, it must be said that the experts have recorded the maximum rate of expansion of the area of ​​ice cover on February 25 and this date was fifteen days earlier than previously recorded.

Last time fixing this early peak was observed in 1996 – twenty-fourth in February.

NASA experts have estimated that this time, the area ice in the Arctic showed the result, which was less than one hundred thousand square kilometers.


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