Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Roscomnadzor dissatisfied with how Twitter removes negative accounts: only 55 tweets –

A spokesman for Roskomnadzora Vadim Ampelonsky told the media how to build collaboration with agencies microblogging network Twitter, and expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the requests of the US authorities, the company owner of the service responds much faster than the demands of Moscow.

“I would say that Twitter has taken the position of the election, they are, for example, delete messages related to international terrorism, but ignore requests to block calls to riot. When that requests the US authorities about the removal of posts related to civil unrest in Ferguson, performed immediately “- quoted Ampelonskogo RIA” Novosti “.

So far Roskomnazor sent leadership blogging platform queries that require to disclose information about attendance of 108 accounts, and delete information that bears extremist. However, delaying the process of Twitter, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the head of department Alexander Zharov.

The head of the supervisory authority alleges that American service repeatedly ignored the requirements of Russian legislation, refusing to limit access to pages calling for riots and extremist information. At the same time in the Unified Register of prohibited information made only 55 pages in Twitter. This 24 entries about drugs, 20 – are associated with suicide, six – of child pornography, and so on. D.

Special contact address for correspondence with the Russian state authorities to Twitter appeared only in December 2014. After that response times were reduced from weeks to 3-4 days. Earlier in March, Zharov said that Twitter, according to published reports, performed 2.5 thousand requests from the US government to disclose information about users, while 108 requests were ignored Roskomnadzora.

Founder LiveInternet service and one of the founders of the Institute of the German Internet Klimenko believes that the problem – the lack of a cooperation agreement, and the problem is not political, and legal. Now, if Twitter will reveal details blogger counter to American law, the company can get a lawsuit and lose the case.

Recall from September 1, 2015 in Russia come into force law of personal data, according to which personal information about the Russians should be stored in data centers in Russia.

The document gives Roscomnadzor right to a court decision to restrict access to the information processed in violation of the laws of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data. The law also proposes the creation of so-called “black lists” of offending hosts – automated information system “Register infringers of personal data.”
 The authors of the bill argued that this measure will help better protect the rights of Russian citizens in terms of preservation of personal data and the secrecy of correspondence. In the State Duma said that the company, which after the enactment of the law will not be their own repositories of personal data of Russians in Russia will be able to rent them.

Immediately after the publication of the draft Law of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications expressed concern that if the bill Russians no longer be able to use many global Internet services, in particular services online booking of air tickets and hotels. In the appropriate committee of the State Duma information policy emphasized that innovation is not affected popular foreign services related to book hotel rooms in foreign hotels, taxi, tickets and so on. D.

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