Friday, March 27, 2015

Scientists describe the true causes of autism in women – N4K

Scientists describe the true causes of autism in women It is known that autism is often referred to as a male disease, as it occurs four times more likely to have representatives of a strong half of mankind than in women. Interestingly, the causes of this disease in men and women are completely different. Only recently found out what causes autism in the beautiful ladies.

Scientists have conducted several studies on this issue, the results of which are published in the journal Nature. During the study of women’s autism revealed that it is caused by a mutated gene CTNND2. Careful attention to the problems of female scientists autism forced by the fact that it occurs in women in a much more serious way than men. In addition, the disease also often have atypical forms.

After a long-term analysis of the genetic material autistic women, researchers found that there is a relationship between the presence of the mutated gene CTNND2 and severe disease. These data once again were confirmed during the scientific experiments on mice and small fishes.


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