Monday, March 23, 2015

Scientists are preparing to resurrect mammoth – Utro.Ru

Genetics have taken an important step towards rebuilding Mammoth . They managed to enter the 14 genes of extinct animals in the cell of a living elephant, writes Daily Mail.

According to experts, third-party DNA functioning normally. George Church, a professor of genetics at Harvard University, used a new technique known as Crispr, which allowed to replace part of the DNA of an elephant mammoth genes.

“We have focused on the survival of the organism at low temperatures, in particular – on the coat genes, large ears, subcutaneous fat and, above all, hemoglobin “- told the Church.

” Now we have the healthy cells of an elephant with mammoth DNA fragments ” – said the scientist. He also said that genetics is not yet presented their achievement in the pages of scientific journals, as work on this is not finished yet, but plan to do so.

If the experiment succeeds, then in the near future it will be possible to clone the ancient species by DNA derived from their fossilized remains.

According to the newspaper, now at least three teams are trying to restore the entire genome of a mammoth. But not everyone supports the idea to resurrect the Giants. Professor Alex Greenwood believes that it is necessary to expend energy on protecting endangered animals than mammoths that became extinct thousands of years ago.


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