Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tri-color snowman for the fourth time flew to the ISS – BBC News

Twenty years did not start from Baikonur of the crew, like the one that this time went to the International Space Station. At the head of the crew – Gennady Padalka. He will stay in space just before the fall, but so is a new record for the total duration of stay in space. And his comrades – Mikhail Kornienko and Scott Kelly – flew on March 28 in the space for the whole year. This has not been seen since the station “Mir”. But since then, and science strongly stepped forward. It is believed that this is – a rehearsal flight to Mars. At Scott Kelly stayed on Earth’s twin brother. It will be very interesting to compare how this year will change the brothers.

The ignition occurs exactly at the appointed time. Carrier rocket “Soyuz” slow off the launch pad. Its speed will increase continuously. Just two minutes will work first-stage engine, and another eight “Soyuz” will begin its autonomous flight to the International Space Station.

The biggest crew overload test in the first few seconds after the start. Continuous communication with the crew during the flight to the station is supported by television and radio channels. That came weightlessness, the crew learns to kind of indicator – hanging in a prominent place the toy pops up. This mascot commander of “Soyuz” Hero of the Russian Gennady Padalka.

One of the most experienced Russian cosmonauts explains why, after his fifth flight decided to leave their mascot to the ISS. “For the fourth time with me fly snowman, whose daughter gave me. He’s red, blue and white. They ask why, you’re flying in the summer. I say, the guys there are winter, will celebrate the New Year, so the mascot will be just in time . I’ll leave it there, “- said Padalka.

This is not in the least, and medical doctors perform an experiment in preparation for interplanetary missions.

“During my prebyvarniya at the station will be replaced by four crew. I must with all ottrenirovatsya including for emergencies. I was, of course, has laid down a lot more load and scientific experiments and training” – flight engineer said “Union” Mikhail Kornienko.

The flight, as planned, went through a short circuit. Six hours after the start of “Soyuz” docked with the ISS, which is the whole year will be home to Russian Mikhail Kornienko and American Scott Kelly.

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