Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hadron Collider woke up! –

This is worse volcano that had hibernated tens of thousands of years! Only two years after stopping the Large Hadron Collider started again. Scientists are determined to continue the study with its use. At this time, the experiments will be devoted to meticulously study the so-called dark matter. If the experiments will lead to the expected results, it is a couple of steps closer to solving humanity origin of the universe.

What is the Large Hadron Collider? This is a super artificial particle accelerator. Its main purpose – acceleration of heavy ions and protons. This is important in order to have the opportunity to study the products of their accents each other. Collider is located underground at a depth of the subway station, about 100 meters. Its exact location – under the territories of Switzerland and France, and the shape – a closed tube, total length – about 30 kilometers away.

Once in 2012 were carried out all the planned experiments Hadron Collider has been completely stopped. As a result, studies have found a previously undiscovered elementary particle with zero spin and gravity. Then many scientists called this event to as “God’s discovery».

At this time, the scientists truly Napoleonic plans. They are keen to “dig” to the bottom of the appearance in this world of so-called black substance. If all goes well, the first time, new discoveries have to bring them closer to the realization of the origin of the universe is still a few steps closer.

The first experiments with the Large Hadron Collider scheduled for late spring of this year. Collider itself is already running, but until debug and tune after two years of sleep.


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