Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vladimir Putin proposed to build a new railway across Siberia – BFM.Ru

With the proposal was made by the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Forts

The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Putin handed Forts project proposes to build across Siberia new high-speed railway, reports Tass to interview a scientist “Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

«I gave Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin four large project. One is called “Development”. He involves the construction of a modern high-speed railway, in fact across Siberia with access to the Bering Strait, “- told Forts, stressing that despite the high cost of construction, it would solve a lot of problems in the region.

Another project passed Fortov President related to energy. “This is the so-called combined-cycle plant. Their efficiency once in two times higher than the current systems, so the introduction of promises huge economic impact. Similarly, as the project “Smart Grids”. Now it is a boom in the global electrical engineering. Such a system is two to three times lower losses in electrical networks, greatly increases their reliability, make it easy to adapt renewable energy sources “, – explained the Forts.


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